Reda Bedeir – Fiqh Of Salah, How Loud Shuold You Be In Salah

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The speaker shares three news stories, including a young man's prayed recitation in a salon and a woman who talks about losing her "has lost her" feeling. They emphasize the importance of not being loud and the need to act slowly when praying. The speaker gives advice to people who experienced similar experiences, including avoiding recognized as foreign. They also share three news stories, including a woman who talks about losing her "has lost her" feeling and a woman who talks about losing her "has lost her" feeling.
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I'm going to share a story that happened with me it's a funny one to start with a smile, and then we're gonna go into the Holla Holla. Back in the days, I was very young and I went to the masjid to pray. And

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there was

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a very old man. He's like, it was almost like in his, like 80s 90s.

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And when I joined the salon, I was standing next to him.

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I know sometimes some people when they pray, they're allowed in their Salah. Right?

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Sometimes, for example, say some Alhaji Mohammed I hear somebody behind me is like no

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is not going to believe. You know, like, there is no luck and hamdullah we have a mic everybody can hear me right? But this is the way they will do things like they are. They're a bit loud. What should we do? Should we be very silent? Or should we be too loud? Or should you be in between?

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That's what the prophet Allah subhanaw taala revealed as for iron, when the porcelain passed by Abu Bakar book, you could hardly hear him when he's praying.

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And when he passed by armor armor was loud.

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So the process lm sipto, vakre abubaker. Raise your voice a little bit, at least you could hear yourself, you see, this is the maximum. So when you say something in Salah, you should be a look, you have to move your lips if you don't move your lips, your Salah is invalid because somebody will go into the soil this

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now, at least you have to go like this.

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So your lips should be moving. And you should be speaking in a way that you can hear yourself. If the person standing next to you could hear you You're distracting him from his salah and he shouldn't be doing so. So it's all

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over your face. And he told a worker you know raise your voice a little bit Obama Allah subhanaw taala said wala who can give me the

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Walla to have it be will be telling the inner danika sebelah Don't be too loud. Don't be too

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low but just be in between in between means you can only hear yourself but don't make it like you know loud to the person next to you can hear you. So anyway, I joined this a lot. We missed America, me and him we came from Russia. We missed America behind the IMA. So now when we joined the Imam the Imam was playing with Chaka

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Khan. For us this was the first circle. Okay, so after the meme finished, we continued and he started you know, we started our third,

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third and fourth law it should be silent right? Even we are alone now we shouldn't be loud, right? So this is how you know the uncruise spraying hemley

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Maliki homendy so I'm standing next to him and I could hardly focus on my salon so I moved three steps This is the maximum I can do away from him so that I can have my own concentration who sure yet I still could hear him

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and I'm like okay

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for a while

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and he's still going like this

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and I said no.

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There's no way I can I'm not gonna be able to talk to him right? But guess what, somebody walked in front of him

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a young man

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is what did he do? He's in the shadow

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So when the when the guy just walked in front of him he holds him by his toe

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a lot of muscle Liana Mohan man

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and the guy poor guy he doesn't know what's gonna happen to him because that dirty look means he's gonna be beaten up after that right? So he's trying to loosen the his hand but Lucky's has a titan grab a physical things like you know

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going on. I finished my salon I'm watching this drama like you know, I want to try to release the guy but like you know, I know what's gonna happen to me.

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You know Huncles right.

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So, the He finished the salon know, like once he reached the end of the show, it is like an all

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metal law.

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Do you know the punishment of someone who walks in front of

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Somebody's praying.

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How come Did you come to the mesothelioma even the etiquette of Salam

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ala go a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Question is I'll tell you something.

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Is his law valid?

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Why? Somebody like he talked before he finished Listen, the first is Lima is formed. The second slim I assume.

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So let's say for example, if you are praying, you know, and you know some people eat spices with food, not food with spices, and you lost your although, after the first asleep, I said Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and then he loves to do. It didn't say the other one.

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Is your Salah valid? Yes. Because the first one is follow. The second one is, son. Okay, that's enough. Now inshallah, I just wanted to share something new. So we learned three things, right. Number one, when we pray because I could hear some of you there a bit loud. So I'm just trying to send an indirect message, please. When you pray, just be loud enough to hear yourself. Okay, if I can hear you and I'm the Imam. There's something wrong. Okay. When you come late, don't make any noise. Just walk slowly. Join the Salah.

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Number three, we learned that the first disclaimer is foreign. And the second disclaimer is sooner that we learn something else. What is it?

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Like holding the guy that was wrong? Of course.

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Don't hold the guys. Okay. Don't act like that. In fact, after I finish this a lot, would you like to know the end of the story?

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Telling stories, man. Okay, I'll tell you the end of the story. After we finished I wanted to give him advice. You know, because he was very loud, right? And I was trying, how can I do it? Because I have seen a victim before me right?

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Now, I'm going to give advice to somebody who was almost like, you know, my age like four or five, six times at that time, I was like 13, or 14. So what I did, like, you know, I like I moved a little bit away from him. And then I try to just be very gentle and nice with him first, I remember what it hasn't sent it to them. I remember when they saw an old man he doesn't know how to make although he didn't go and say hey, uncle, how come that you're, you're like almost 70 don't know how to make it or not. In fact, they told him uncle, we don't know who you know, who is missing up when they make the rule? And who is doing it right. Can you watch us and tell us who's right and who's wrong, and

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so validated perfectly. And the man got the message indirectly. Okay. So I said to him.

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I said, That's not good.

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I can give you advice. I try to make an introduction, right. Then I said,

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my name is so and so he said, Oh, you're the son of a shave. I said, Yeah. It's like, Oh, yeah, that is a good message is like a lucky. I am the classmate of your son, your son in the village would mean the same class. And like,

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how does he do in the class? I say he's good. So it's more or less, we'll handle that. Now it can take the injection now.

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But I said like he was like, so I felt like no, it's not right. I said, How is your older sons like, Oh, he's in Saudi Arabia now, Mashallah. And he built his own house. He had three kids use money. I said, Give him the injection now.

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I said, Uncle when I pray, should I be loud? Or should I be silent? And Subhanallah he understood the message right away. He's not even like he doesn't want to send to that place. He said like

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How old are you? And I'm like, I'm 13 he said I've been praying before your dad was born. Go home I said okay, okay.

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I couldn't even just advice I just wanted you know, I even gave him that advice in the form of a question right? I'm waiting for him to tell me what's the

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but anyway

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Don't lose hope inshallah. Duncan zero nicer okay.

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