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Al Hasan Al Basri was described as someone who has the speech of prophets and was willing to say the truth, no matter how hard the circumstances were stacked against him.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh has an embassy. Everybody knows or has embassy. Everybody heard about him a whole lot. That man never left his circumstances to control his life. He was in control of his life. He knows what he wants to be. Nina what he managed to make a name to his name that is recognized each guy logged on until the day of judgment on him a whole lot higher than it used to be who kurama who can I'm an MBA app. This is the one that has speech sounds like the speech of the prophets. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW them to be specific. That's how this color described him, let him allow DOD. He was a person who is willing to say the truth, no matter what the cost is,

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and he always get the best outcome of that

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has saved him a whole lot. He lives during a very tough time. And in his time, the governor of Iraq

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had been hubiera he have been hobeika he was under that ruler is he had been Abdullah medic in Damascus. At one time, I've been hobo at all ask, I've been city and the shabby and hustle and bustle to visit him. So he asked them to give each one of them to give him an advice. So I've been sitting in a shabby give him very tactful, you know, advice and words and you were very careful with what kind of message that he sent. They basically delivering to them.

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But to hustle and bustle Rahim, Allah wasn't like that. He said the truth. He said, Oh son of phobia.

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Fear Allah more than easy.

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And don't fear yazeed more than Allah.

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Allah can protect you from yazeed. But yes, it cannot protect you from Allah.

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Very soon, Allah will send to you an angel, who will strip you away from your kingdom, take you down from your throne, from your white palace to a tiny hole, which is your grave.

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And in that grave, nothing will help you. Nothing will benefit you. Nothing will protect you, except your good deeds.

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These words were like,

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like healing to the heart.

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They were very powerful. That may have been who they are very satisfied with that device of it has an impossibly large human load to honor and even doubled that he worked for a hustle and bustle. When they've been sitting in a shabby saw that they looked at each other on the side. We gave him cheap advice. That's why he gave us cheap cheap gifts, but that hustle and bustle to give him very valuable advice. That's why he got very valuable gift. Rahim Allah Allah is live filled with stories and inspiration stories and lessons that were in great need for today. Because he dealt with society and community, very materialistic. And that's why he focused a lot on the concept of brotherhood,

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and the concept of Zoo being ascetic being this attach yourself from the dunya thinking about the ophira improving your character when it comes to dealing with a lock or dealing with the creation of Allah. Join us in our scarves, to learn more about celibacy, and to learn from his wisdom and to see how can we see in his life, so many lessons that had benefited us today in our life. I torchbearers with Santa Monica mama to lie on a couch.