Yasir Qadhi – Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 18 Yajuj Majuj

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a legal event that is expected to happen before the Day of Justice. The Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam's predictions of the Day of Judgment have been discussed, including the construction of tall buildings and the arrival of Jesus Christ. The speakers also discuss various legends and legends related to various cultural events, including the birth of Jesus Christ, the rise of Islam in the Middle East, and the discovery of the Great Wall of China.
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smilla hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was so happy when water hammerberg so we were discussing the story of the coronation and yet jujin judge, and the people asked to coordinate to build this barrier, he built a barrier made out of iron and copper. And instead of taking any money from them, he thanked Allah subhana wa Tada. And he said to me, Robbie, this is a mercy from my Lord, that I was able to protect you from Jews and Jews. And then he said, for either john or Dora be Giada who that

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when the promise of Allah will come, and the scholars have interpreted this to mean the day of judgment and the signs of the Day of Judgment, then Allah subhana wa tada will cause this massive barrier that is impossible for humans to penetrate. Allah subhanaw taala will cause this barrier to crumble and fall flat it will become leveled to the ground work on wire Dora be haka and the promise of Allah is true, this is going to happen. And Allah says what's rockin Baba homea mo Yo, mania moved up bow and we have left them, we have left them meaning Juju, Juju, Baba homeodomain Zinnia moved up about that there are the it's as if Allah is saying there's a huge quantity of them and

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they are swarming over one another, like waves on top of one another. Yeah. jujin merge are swarming over one another. So I want to pause here today go into a tangent of Yeah. Judge and judge. Yeah. Judge and judge I mentioned only twice in the origin. This is the first time they are mentioned. And in this time, Allah Subhana. Allah mentions the origin. Where do we do genma Jews or what was their story, though codenamed block them up, though codename trap them, and the law says we have left them in this trap. And they are so many in quantity. It's as if they're like wasps like these like bugs like swarming over one another, but they are isolated from mankind. We're talking about Romeo made

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in a movie about one officer when the day of judgment will come. That is one for Gemma and now from Gemma, we will cause them to come out come out and they will meet others and they will meet everyone. So in the story of certain Caliph, Allah says yeah jujin mo Jews are trapped up. So tell me up Allah subhana wa tada says, what how long would I Laconia Tina alaknanda. Home la your June it is impossible for a town that we have destroyed that they overcome ever come back. A law has never destroyed a city and that city has regained civilization. Allah has never destroyed a civilization, a town a nation except that that nation call us is the end of it. Well, how long

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and the Himalaya has had until this will be a last law until when? Either footie Juju Mr. George, when we let go of Yeah, George and George, we will open up the doors for George and George Will home in cooler Heather Binion saloon, and they will be descending from every mountaintop. So literally, they're like a wasps like bees like ants everywhere. And these are the only two references in the Quran to Georgian Jude, there is no other reference to the Jews and Jews. How about a hadith? What do we learn from the Hadith? I had, as I mentioned only a few details of your jujin module. And the bottom line really, there's a lot of cryptic issues here. There's only so much we can do but what we

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know let's mention it. What do we know from the Hadith? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us of the jujin judge. And one night he awoke frightened. And his wives asked him what is the material rasulillah so he said way Lulin out of the Manchurian Arab world to the Arabs from an evil that is very close to the Arabs way you know that out of Manchurian Arab from an evil that is very close to them, they said what is the matriarchs with Allah? So he said by the foot he has been Rodney judge, Judge from the from the dam of your judgment judge there has opened up a small hole the size of this and he made a round circle with his forefinger and his thumb. So he said for the

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first time this much of a hole has been opened up, and I am worried now that the evil is near Julian module, the impending doom is near in another headies we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came up amongst the Sahaba and the Sahaba were talking and they seemed very scared. So he said, Marcia Newcomb, what is the matter with you? So they said, Yeah, Rasulullah tada Corona, sa, O Messenger of Allah. We talked about the day of judgment and we became scared of the Day of Judgment. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Count 10 things that will happen

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Before the Day of Judgment, Count 10 major signs that will happen before the day of judgment, meaning until you see these 10 signs, you don't have to worry about the actual day of judgment, and he listed 10. Now pause here, these 10 signs are called the short sell. I tell Cooper all the major signs of the Day of Judgment. And our Profit System said when one of them happens, the rest will follow immediately like dominoes one after the other, while hidden till will occur. When one happens, the other nine will simply just come about. And these are the 10 major signs, and we seek Allah's refuge from seeing any of them. This is the very end of times before these 10 are many, many

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what are called a short assata surah minor signs of the Day of Judgment. And these minor signs, scholars have written many books about them, and some have made them up to 100. Some have said 150. But there are many studies that mentioned of the signs of the of judgment is this is that is this is that and I think four or five months ago, here in MRC, I gave a very detailed lecture about the minor signs and the major signs of the Day of Judgment. I don't know if they posted it online, but you will find all this information there. And what we said in that lecture was that if you look at the minor signs, pretty much all of them have occurred one after the other. If you look at the minor

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signs of the Day of Judgment, the prophet has been predicting things that were absolutely surreal for his time and place unbelievable. He is telling the Arabs of the Muslims of Makkah when they're being persecuted, he is telling them you are impatient and and hasty. For verily a time will come when a lady Shepherd will go from heaven to Sunnah, and have an emoticon son are in Yemen. And the process of is not even powerful in Makkah right now. He does not even have a man in Makkah. And he says the time will come when a lady Shepherd a female shepherds will go from how Bromo to Sunnah. And the only thing she is scared of is the law. And then the wolf attacking her sheep. You're being

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impatient here we will have ultimate security. He told them the Muslims when they're being defeated by the operation others he said, set after who knows you are going to conquer a village, a sham, you're going to conquer village, a sham, you're going to conquer Damascus, you're going to conquer Jerusalem. And indeed Jerusalem was conquered in the hereafter Abu Bakar the final day of the death of Abu Bakar that was when Jerusalem was conquered. The Prophet system sent his only army to other nations The only army that was sent to fight other nations was to beta muck this and it was a successful one in the Hinata obika. The Prophet system told us that we will distribute the treasures

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of Caesar and the treasures of kitzur ah and kisara is the leader of the Persian Empire and Soraka and Mary could not believe his ears when the process of him said you are going to wear the bangles of kisara you will wear them on your hand the bangles of kisara and Soraka said the bangles of kisara the emperor of Persia and he said yes the bangles of kisser the emperor of Persia and during the falafel top when Persia was conquered, when tested on the the capital of the Persian Empire was conquered. And the treasures came and saw in front of him the gold piling to the ceilings he himself took went to that gold and plucked out the bangles of kissa. And he said Where is Soraka in magic

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and he calls Raka, Eben Malik, and with his own hands, he put it on the hands of Soraka even Malik and he said this is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam predicted. Our Prophet system predicted that you are going to conquer Egypt at a time when the Muslims didn't even have a caravan to go to Egypt. He said you are going to conquer muscle and so be good to the people of muscle because you have Scylla you have Rahim with them going back to * Ali his sallam. 50 generations 40 generations ago, you have some blood relation be good to the people of Egypt, he predicted the conquering of Egypt. All of these ahaadeeth are found before the conquest occurred. These ideas have been

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recorded. You cannot deny these ideas and so many other predictions knowledge will spread. He also predicted via fax Richard alluded to lewdness, * will become prevalent. And this is the reality of our times. He predicted so many things and will law he go down the list and you keep on saying Check, check check check one after the other of his most famous predictions, a hadith we memorize as children and we thought when is this going to happen? And we see it happening in front of our own eyes in our own generation and decade. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and you will see

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a sharp the shepherds the poor people yet tell tall one owner Phil bonyen competing with one another to see who can build the tallest buildings and will law he with our own two eyes in our generation in this decade. 50% of the 10 tallest buildings are in the Middle East. And every time one prince or one ruler bills one another one says law I believe in the Hadith more than you I'm going to make it even he doesn't actually say that. But it's as if he believes in the Hadith more and I'm going to move short.

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happens. And so when one print says he's going to build the tallest hotel, the king says I'm going to build all the right in Mecca. And then the other print says I'm going to go taller. And then his cousin or his nephew says in Jeddah, I will build the one mile. This is literally I'm not making this up one mile high building the tallest in the world. Then the prince of Dubai in the back and forth and back and forth. Literally, we see it in front of our eyes, and we scratch our heads wondering we see the shot the setup, one after the other. Nonetheless, all those these are the minor signs, the profitsystem said there are 10 major signs I want to catch up with the major signs went

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to to the to the minor, the process of that said, Count 10 things number one,

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the coming down over the judge.

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The whole sorry, the exposure of the agenda coming out of Risa, the the coming of the jar and the descent of Risa. Number two is the dissenter Risa. So the first of the 10 major signs is the coming of the jar and that is a whole topic we don't have time to get into and the jar will cause fitna and facade like the world has never seen and no one will be able to harm him because Allah has decreed only one person can kill him and that person is not on Earth right now. He will come down after that john has been here for 40 years as the process of upset and he explained what how long is that 40 years, then he said Imodium will come and Isa will kill him at Baba loot, which is the city of large

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Elodie, there's a city of large right now still, there's a city of a lot and it is an outlet fell asleep and it and that is where the digelar will be killed by a 17 volume. And the prophets of Salaam said Lisa will then gather all of his followers and allow will tell him that there is now coming a group your followers have no power to fight them. So flee to the mountains. They are yeah judging by Judge. So we know then that the third of the 10 sciences Yeah, judging by Judge and yeah, judge and judge will come out to a home and curly headed Indian saloon. And the profitsystem describes so many things about them. He said that their faces are so hot that they have small eyes.

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And it is as if their faces are like a like a shield that has been hammered like a shield that has been hammered. So the descriptions that he gave have led to many of the earlier Muslims to think that they are a race of the people of the Far East and Allah knows best. And he said that their clothing is made out of wool or fur. And this is something also a hallmark of the people of the Far East. And he said that their quantity will be so much that they will pass by the river and poverty which is one of the famous the the lakes of that land, which is in our transport zania far away in the Far East, they will pass by when the first of them passed by they will begin drinking. By the

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time the last batch of theirs passes by, they will say there used to be water in this lake, meaning there's so much quantity, they will finish up the entire water. So the Process Center, this is the third of the 10 signs quickly the other two sides 10 signs before we get back to the image. So the first is the job. The second is Jesus Christ. The third is Julian George the fourth, fifth and sixth are earthquakes in the east and the west and in jazira 10. Out of these are massive earthquakes the whole world will feel them one in the east and one in the West and one in the Arabian Peninsula. That leads to six the seventh. And the seventh is to honk the horn is a type of smoke that will

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happen. We don't know much about it other than there will be a smoke the eighth is that dabba dabba is a beast, and it is mentioned in the Bible as well, the beast, and the sign of the beast is mentioned in the Bible, and the Quran mentions Fado, da da, da da, da better minute out of that when the fate has been sealed, we will cause a beast to come out from the earth. This is the beast. This is number one. Now Number Number seven, this is eight, the data is eight. The number nine is the total human mokuba. The sun rising from the west, the sun rising from the west. And then the last of these 10 is a fire that will gather to people to Russia, which is Syria or the banana Sham or

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Jerusalem in that area. So these are the 10 major signs now, what else do we know about GMO do there's another interesting Hadith. This idea Jordan Timothy, that the Prophet system told us when I went up to Israel when Mirage I met Ibrahim and Moosa and your Isa, and we started talking about Allah right here, just pause. Can you imagine the conversation they're having?

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And one of the things we mentioned is the day of judgment. Allah knows how long that conversation was. A lawyer knows what they mentioned to one another, but Ibrahim and Moosa and irisa and the Prophet Mohammed sysm. They all met together in the night that is our Mirage, and they are talking and one of the things they said, We mentioned the Day of Judgment, and Ibrahim said, I have no knowledge about it. And most I said, I have no knowledge about it. And he said, I have no knowledge about it, except then he mentioned a number of things that allowed

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We'll send me back and I will kill the job. So Lisa knows this, it's in his to do list, right? That's what he has to do. I have to kill the job, check and move on. So he knows what he's got to do. So I will kill the job. And in this Hadith, he says, And Allah will send you Julian, Matt George, so he said, No Juju will come, and I will flee with my followers to the mountains, and we will make dua to Allah to protect us they cannot even fight Subhana Allah, they have Allah has allowed him to kill the jungle, but not yet jujin which shows you about the quantity and the fear of the Jews and Jews and we will make dua to Allah to protect us from Yeah, Julian George and yeah,

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Jews and Jews will conquer the world. They will cause fitna and facade and they will kill everyone, until finally they will say, we have killed the inhabitants of the world. They don't know that he says hiding with his followers, we have killed the inhabitants of the world. Let us now kill the inhabitants of the skies meaning the angels and they will take their arrows and they will start shooting into the air. And Allah azzawajal will cause their errors to return with blood on them to give them the assumption that they have genuinely killed everyone. And then he sadly his tenant will make a duel to get rid of them. And so Allah will send a disease according to this Hadith, and this

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disease will inflict them in the neck and will cause them to fall dead right then and there. And the earth will stench up with their corpses. And the prophets of Salaam said the animals will fatten up eating their bodies, but he's dying, his followers will not bear the stench so they will make dua to Allah and so Allah will send fire maybe even play about being the same ones that came Allah will send to your Allah will send birds and Allah will pick up or cause these bodies to be picked up and throw them far away. And then Isa will come down with his followers. And this will be the very final time Muslims are on earth. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there will be nothing

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but happiness and joy, there will be no backlog no idea what no hatred, no two people will fight the sheep will play with the wolves the snakes will play with the children. This is that time this is after jujin McGeorge towards the very end of times that will be the glorious time of humanity really on this earth where there will be no fighting and animosity, but it will be for a very short period of time alone knows how long and then the wind will come and will cause all of the believers to pass away and then only the non believers will be left and that will be the worst of the worst then the data and not will come forth. What else do we know via jujin Jews so this is honestly all that the

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Quran and Sunnah tells us but we have a little bit of Islamic legends if you like some of which comes from folktale some of which comes from Jewish and Christian sources. Yeah, Juju, Juju, of course are mentioned in the Old Testament gorg and Magog. They're mentioned in Genesis, they mentioned in the book of Ezekiel, and they mentioned in the book of jubilees. They're mentioned in three places in the Old Testament, and in all three of them. They're very cryptic references, there's no detail and there is a reference of them being towards the end of times the Armageddon that they shall cause fitna and facade. And in the book of Genesis, we learn Well, again, we cannot

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say for certain Allah knows if it's true or not. But our scholars have taken this as Islamic legend, the book of Genesis, we learned that Gorgon Magog are from the children of Yeah, fifth. And yeah, fifth is the third son of Noah. And no Holly Sam has three children, Sam Ham, and Japheth. And from Sam, we get the Semites and we also get what is called the Caucasian races. So this is Sam from ham we get the people of Africa from Yeah, fifth, we get the people of the Far East. This is Christian Jewish legend and our Islamic scholars have also taken this as pretty much of a folklore or a tale that is that has facts to it, even though there's no Hadith about this, but this is something that

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nobody even can hear. They all mentioned this as if it's a part of our natural history and there's no reason to deny this. According to Genesis, the book of Genesis, Gorgon Magog are of the children of your faith. And this fits into the Islamic a hadith that they are of the Far Eastern race and Allah knows best. This fits into the Islamic idea that they are from that race. Now interesting point here in the year 624 hijiri when Chang is Han gang GIS con. When gang GIS Han started the Mongolian expansion of his kingdom. And human history saw a type of barbarity they had never seen before. They saw a viciousness that had been unprecedented. And they began conquering one land after

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another. And this is the invasion of the tatara the Mongolian evasion gang GIS con we've all heard of his name Cengiz con we call them and in some languages when he began conquering lands after lands in concrete solid and and literally he walked into the masjid. This is Islamic books tell us this he walked into the big mustard of summer and he said to the Muslims

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There, this is because of your own sins that your God has allowed me to conquer you. He told the Muslims this that because of your own because they were living luxurious lifestyles far from the dean, this is the way and he told them this this is because of your own faith lessness that your God has allowed me to concrete he said this on the members of the masjid in summer, can you believe this? So anyway, the invasion kept on going and one after the other. The Mongols conquered almost every single civilization and land and sold on it known to man and they reached the gates of Baghdad in 1258 ce II, and they surrounded by that, and they killed the halifa and his family in front of

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his eyes, and they massacred over a million people have bought that it has said this streets flowed for blood for months and the river Tigris was full of ink for over a year because they had thrown all the books in at that point in time. The Islamic scholars said these must be Jewish and Jewish. because how else can we explain this? And they said that gang is con in the Mongolians in the titles or Yeah, Juju Juju, but it turns out, they were not yet European Jews, rather, that was just something in the passing. But if you read books, they say that is yet. Now to conclude. Yeah, do genma Judas, somebody were to say, if somebody were to say, Where are they? Now?

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There are some modern scholars and I'm just gonna mention this in passing, who say, yeah, Julian Ma, Jude are not hiding in some cave or someplace. They're actually living in the lands of the Far East. And this wall is the Great Wall of China.

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Now, this is something that some people have said, that's the only reason I'm mentioning this, right? But the fact of the matter is that that doesn't explain anything. Because the Quran tells us this wall was made out of what what are the two materials that are mentioned? Iran and copper, the Great Wall of China is not made out of iron and copper. Right. Another thing is the ahaadeeth clearly indicated dujon Jews are not right now mixing with people. They're in some place separated from mankind. So if somebody were to say, How can we believe these ahaadeeth when Google Earth has mapped the whole world,

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we can zoom in and see everything around us. And there is no massive land hidden from mankind. The response is a lot larger than if we believe in the ahaadeeth this is what the ahaadeeth tell us. And there is a simple rule that had been Tamia mentioned memorize this rule. The Quran and Sunnah does not bring the impossible, but it does bring that which astounds the mind and silences the intellect. It brings amazing things, but it does not bring impossible things. Is it impossible that somewhere underground Allah has 1000s of people living it's not impossible. It's strange. It's bizarre, but it is not impossible. Well, Allahu Allah cliche in the Quran and Sunnah will never bring something that

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contradicts intellect or contradicts science. But it can bring something that astounds intellect that challenges that broadens that only a believer will believe, but it's not impossible. It might be implausible, unlikely, but it's not impossible. So the believer will believe, and the skeptic will be skeptical. And the response to this is that honestly, Allahu Alem, the final Hadees that we have here are the authentic hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. The Prophet system told us that every day Yeah, Jews and Jews are trying to dig out. And every day when they come very close, and they're just about to get out. The person in charge of them says, okay, your shift is over, come back tomorrow.

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And when they come back tomorrow, they find that the wall has been rebuilt by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then on the very final day, the one in charge of them whether it's an angel, whether we don't know the one in charge of them, so there's some being in charge of them, the one in charge of them will say that,

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that your shift is over and come back tomorrow in sha Allah, you will dick and he says in sha Allah. So when he says in sha Allah, then the next day they will come and lo and behold, the dam has not been rebuilt, it is where they were yesterday. And so they managed to dig themselves out and then they start spreading their facade. And this hadith is significant because Surah tilaka is linked with inshallah. Surah tilaka is linked with insha Allah, Allah azza wa jal tells our Prophet system don't say anything in Sharla. Tomorrow unless you say insha Allah. Moosa says the hidden, you will find me in sha Allah, patient. And here we have the third in sha Allah of the surah, even though

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it's not in the surah but it is in the Hadith literature that the Prophet says and mentions to us. Yeah, jujin modules will only be left out when the one in charge of them says insha Allah who to Allah and Allah knows the secret of insha Allah link to it. So

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teleca nonetheless This is in a nutshell what we know about jojen modules, it is of the mysteries of Allah it is of the major science of the day of judgment and only Allah subhana wa Taala knows one final point that I forgot to mention. So hello when it came to the Prophet system they asked about the Quran and the story of Luke are nine linked to your education module which is not found in the Old Testament. Even though yeah Judo Judo is found but not those are named blocking them up. So it is as if Allah subhana wa tada is showing the hood that I know and you do not know you're asking about this I will tell you something even you do not know you wanted to challenge him Okay, these

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are the one or two stories that you know now let me tell you that which even you do not know and Allah subhana wa tada tells us a story that is not found in any of their sources because will law we want to latch on the moon inshallah we will continue tomorrow inshallah maybe conclude on Monday, so it says GitHub, which is akmola hyaluron was set on wanting more hammer to law

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses verses that relate to Ya’juj and Ma’juj, their story and the 10 major signs of the Day of Judgement.

Who were Yajuj and Majuj? Yajuj and Majuj are mentioned in two surahs of the Qur’an – Surah Kahf and Surah Al-Anbiya. We gather numerous insights into the two in this lecture and should be listened to intently.

There are 10 major signs of the Day of Judgment:

  • Coming of Dajjal
  • Coming of Isa AS
  • Coming of Yajuj and Majuj
  • Earthquakes in East, West and Jazeerah Arab
  • The emergence of Dukhan – The Smoke
  • The emergence of Dabbah – The Beast
  • The Sun rising from the West


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