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AI: Summary © A man named Anna calls on his brothers and sisters to support the upcoming victory of Pakistan in the upcoming quarter. He advises them to make time and dedicate their time for Islam, and to encourage them to learn more about Islam. He also encourages them to make time for peace and achieve their goal of being a Muslim country.
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It's been a while. So that's why I said, I'm Anna Rasulillah. My dear respected brothers and sisters Today is Monday, the eighth of Jumada ascending 1441. And it is the third of February 2020. And tomorrow I am leaving this beautiful country, Pakistan, back to my home country, and back to my family, to London Subhanallah it was one of the, if not the most successful trips in my life. And to Allah He, I was so impressed with Pakistan and the Pakistanis. I have said before that Pakistan is one of the key Muslim countries. And what I have seen in Pakistan, confirmed that there is a big hope, on Pakistan or in Pakistan and Pakistani people. And I think if they continue what they are

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doing, and they remain united, and they fix some problems in sha Allah, Pakistan will make history and my advice to people outside Pakistan, whether they are or business people, whatever, to support Pakistan as much as they can get, especially those who speak in English, that they should make time and dedicate that time for Pakistan. It needs you and the Pakistani people are very welcoming. But once you come, be careful, respect the people respect their culture, respect their mind helps, don't be divisive. Encourage people to learn more about, about Islam to practice Islam more. And to be more united. This is a key message. What does it mean to have any like any our government, don't be

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divisive whatsoever. My dear respected brothers and sisters, those who are giving Dawa in Pakistan, respected scholars of Pakistan as we said, they respect the culture of Pakistan and also guide people empower them so they can know their position in the world. They are not working for Pakistan only they are working for the Ummah because the victory of Pakistan is the victory of our own man. And help them to get rid of corruption because it is one of the main problems. And my message to Pakistan is work together, improve your country, fight corruption, this is message number one, fight corruption. Love you the more I understand you the more and fix the problem of this unity, there is

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a problem of this unity, you will not be victorious if you are this united, relying more on Allah, Allah, Allah Allah find the formula to work together to build up your country, and because it will build the Muslim ummah, beautiful country, Muslim country, you will see Islam everywhere, amazing projects. I have never seen projects like this in my life in any country, including Turkey. Look, you will hear that and everywhere you go in Pakistan, look at the musket behind the US. Why sell about Masjid in this beautiful city, the capital of Pakistan, Islam about brothers and sisters. Just say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And make dua for Pakistan and Pakistan is to be one of the leading

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countries in the world to be a leading country for our Muslim Ummah. Desikan Allah. Hi, Ron. Well done Pakistanis. I'm really very thankful to you may Allah Allah Allah help you may Allah Allah Allah bestow His Rama, then he's going, Muhammad Allah Allah make you stronger and stronger, and peace, bestow His Rama on this blessed country, make it a country of Islam, make it a blessed country. Allahumma salli wa salam ala Rasulillah