Adnan Rajeh – Reflections on the Farwell Sermon and the Rituals of Hajj

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history of hedge culture and the importance of valuing one's actions and learning from them to make a better person. The speakers discuss various stories of Islam's supposed "naughty son" and the importance of numbering in Arabic to symbolize continuity. The conversation also touches on webinar topics and potential webinar events.
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Edwin Mohammed or was Zulu or

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah you want to study you want to study he want to still feel who want to stone settle, but now we will be learning in shadow fusina Women say Dr. Molina Yeah, for

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women you're bleeding for her the Allah what shadow Allah Allahu wa shut Iike

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hidden hidden somewhere other than yet for Hilton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who and watch her do Ananda Jana Are we mad, mad and Abdullah he was soo was Sophie you home in holiday you are Habib Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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Jalla Jalla

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Kitabi Alia women are committed to the community and

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to our economy and mighty were only to the Kumu Islam Medina, he says Subhana wa Tada and I am number five or six and

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today I have completed

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your faith or your religion for you. And I bestowed the full bounty of mine upon you or full favor upon you. And I have accepted

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Islam as a way of life for you. This was revealed on a day similar to to today.

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Many, many moons ago. So I'm gonna hop out of the lava and who tells us it was revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam on the day of alpha or the day of Nevada, and he was standing on the mound about to give his hotbar sort of Allah Hi Lisa, have you sold them?

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In New Orleans, salatu salam at that moment

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that he would pass away soon.

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As once

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his message or his job is done. And there's nothing left for him to stay for actually had a different prepare today. And then in the morning, I spent the majority of it watching the Hajaj throw the Jamaat

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as we come towards the end of a Yamagishi

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as you come towards the end of Hajj, and it occurred to me I think it's really worthwhile take a moment to reflect upon why it is that they do this. Why do they throw the Jamara to begin with, actually the longest ritual of hedge out of all the acts of that you do and how just the longest out of us from your angel Magnum of the dam out of Yeoman.

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Once you slaughtered your hoodie,

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you, you're almost basically done, you can go ahead and do 200, you spent the majority of time throwing Gemballa to October, the first day on the day of now and then the other three Gmod afterwards for the next three days. So I am Paula put together can take maybe an hour and a half, but you're there for three days. And a lot of it is just trying to throw the Jamaat throughout. Throughout those days, as you've seen me know, let's take a few steps backwards and kind of understand why it is that we do this.

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It is a journey of symbolism. If you don't understand the symbolism, it makes very little sense to you. You can go and do it to not really benefit at all, as I've known. Hundreds of 1000s of people have gone for hajj and they went and came back and it really did not fully understand the experience that they were that they were just in the middle of the embarked on Sunday did not comprehend. But the symbolism of hedge on all the actions of hygiene, the rituals of hygiene is extremely important. Let's talk about two incidents that occurred

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after making the mistake and by the way

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stories of other Malmstrom in the Quran are very much attached and affiliated with Hutch even the one in gender where he ate from the even that very much so attached to Hodge because the stories that we have had them come down to this moment, he made a mistake. I know he said, um, he and his wife, or their mother, the men who stick, they gotta be held accountable for it. They were new in terms of understanding what it meant to have a soul what it meant to follow commands, what it meant to be to have a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala what shaped all of that was just way too new. New to it all. And they fell for their whims and desires.

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Give them a little bit of hope we told them up you can be upgraded.

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Coonamble again, you can upgrade you from humans from mortal to immortal or something that does not die as quickly. It didn't like the idea of death, Adam and Eve, it was something scary as it still is today. Or the idea the illusion of immortality. I'm takuna aminos Holly Dean.

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We gave them an illusion. And they couldn't help it. They were weak. They did not didn't know how to do this yet. He didn't understand what it meant to actually strive against yourself. That wasn't a concept that they had clear yet in their mind. So they made the mistake. And they lost everything. Our parents lost everything. It was all stripped away in a second. They went from being in a place where they were safe, provided for taking care of everything they wanted and needed was there for them. Then it was all taken away. And they were told to leave, leave, leave. So they left, they left, they got lost for a while. They got lost for a while.

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Whatever that means even whether that's physically lost on Earth, or they just got lost in terms of they weren't sure what to do, or how to fix this anymore. And it all came to a moment of clarity.

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And nominees are out.

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That's where

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he knew that's what it's called the Alpha. He knew. He learned. He figured it out. He found out why he was there. Why Allah subhanaw taala created him when he was supposed to go with the story of his why he made that mistake, what he was supposed to do from that moment forward, what it meant to be an ephah the fact that he was going to be the father of all human beings to come Allah Safaga showed him his the Ria, all his descendants, he's

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authentic. He showed Allah showed him here's your three year and he spoke to them subconsciously, unless you become better to hidden

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in 3d in

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real time embody him.

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It wasn't going to work that way. Allah subhanaw taala was this, this was a story. Just not working outside.

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So either My name is salatu salam, he learned this.

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And that's what is called the Alpha. He and his wife they knew. And then it was deliever. That's where they came closer to Allah subhana wits and they repented to God. And then a minute they made their plan. That's why in the narrations, you've been asked them, What do you want? What do you hope for and they said Jana wants to go back. They figured it out. They had clarity on what it was that they did, what they were supposed to do now and where they were going. And that was that's why we go there. And we walk this route every single year. We walked out route, we started there and you keep on walking

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to immortalize that moment, something that unites all of us as human beings. But then at the money Saddam was making his way out of minutes just as he was leaving minute towards the land Allah spy told him go there, I want you to do something for me. So he goes up to a cell but before he makes it there before he makes it there shape on comes to him, don't say one is late to us. Ship on it's something unseen to us, despite the many YouTube videos of shale is not their thing to us. They're not they've never been caught on camera ever before. But they're not saved to the prophets of God, the prophets of Allah Subhan Allah is different because the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala

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actually are in touch with labor. That's how that's how they speak to you believe that's how we have revelation. That's why revelation is a thing. And that's why prophecy is an important thing. That's why we can't just go around claiming these things. But for us, it's made chip on came to Adam, because she thought to him, he'd already fixed done what he was hoping to do. He proved to God that Adam and Eve were not worthy of His love, not worthy of the rank that he gave them. subhanaw taala when he told them, it was God, Adam showed him respect. I have ranked this creation higher than all he has done nothing yet. But the potential in him. The potential in her is what you're going to what

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you're going to appreciate that she had been said No,

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they haven't. They haven't proved anything yet. I don't I challenge that I let you down until he challenged it. And then he proved it by being able to actually get them to do the one thing they were told not to do. I'm not gonna go to the symbolism of that story that's too long. But it's important to understand what that actually means. It's not just about eating an apple is way more it's much, much more profound than that. So once Adam and Eve they they learned and they figured it out and understood what they were going to do and they changed their ways. And they came to that conclusion

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At least felt like he was losing the battle now. No one just said no, you're not supposed to do this. You're supposed to continue just to be disobedient and last and unclear. So I don't know the shape on them so we can do them were and John Walton aka Bill Cobra. That's where we go there. And you're trying to get them to read. He tried to do it again. He tried to perform what Switzer again, follow Gemma who Bisabolol associates. So Adam picked up six, seven pebbles from that land, and he threw them out go away.

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And Adam would go and put the foundations of the Kaabah. Bay to Lloyd home in Oh, Willa Baden will the idea naskila The buckeye. That's the first story.

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The second story came many, many, many years later.

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There's a good story is one of the most difficult stories to tell, to think about to contemplate. But every year, we're obligated for at least one day to think about it. Are there stories that don't have a day? Where you have to think about it? No, but this one does. This one has a day a year where you have to think about it. And then you have to go do something to even to make you even think about more profoundly. Not anymore. We just pay the money for the elderly and it just comes right arrives at our doorstep. But technically speaking, that's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to go slaughter a buddy and feed and think about what Ibrahim How do you sit down saw in

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his dream. Ibrahim Ali salam after

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leaving his wife and his son when they were young. And then coming back, years later and building putting the foundation of the Kaaba again, as he was being taught his monastic as he was being taught how to perform Hajj. You saw in his being during that period. During that period, he saw in his dream that he was slaughtering his own son.

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Sorry, his only son, his only son, a son that came after many, many years of waiting many years.

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And it wasn't like he was young. And it wasn't like he's one of those sons where the father is happy to do it. He was a son who was actually of an age where he was able to help his father. He was about he was a good boy. He listened he was close to Allah subhanaw taala. And every

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the more you go into the story, the more difficult it becomes. And he's seeing in his dream the first time he didn't ignore it, but the first time it doesn't count fully. So he waited. Maybe this was just a Televisa bliss. Maybe this is just a fluke. But then he saw it again. And then he saw it again. And then he knew that this is what Allah subhanaw taala wanted him to do. His only son.

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So he told him,

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Pollyanna you're in near our office in Miami and the battulga fumble murder Tara, I saw that I should I am commanded to slaughter you. So tell me what do you what do you see? What do you think? Well, yeah, but if Alma took more,

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this is a son he had. His son heard him and he said yes, do what you are commanded to do. Set did you do need in sha Allah who you know saw but in sha Allah, you will find me a patient and persevere at one. If that's what God told you to do. Then I accept it. He said him I didn't hear my salatu salam,

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the ayah in Surah Tilden, Salford for lm a slimmer when the fully submitted to God, the fully submitted to God they weren't like it doesn't I slim, I didn't mean they accepted Islam. They were Muslim before that, obviously. But as lemma here is not the action of accepting is the full act of submission, where they gave up their own role for the will of God will tell you the Hulu Jabeen he took his son and put him forehead first on the place where he's going to slaughter him. Were also in Mina. But before he did that,

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as he walked, imagine this walk, imagine this silent walk to he and his wife and his son took towards the area where he was going to be slaughtered. I want you to think about it. Actually, you don't have to sign up for Hajj next year and go walk it yourself. Go walk it yourself. Go walk in those footsteps, as Ibrahim Ali on Instagram was going to do something that made no sense to him.

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It's okay to say that it made no sense at all.

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Ibrahim was someone who's extremely logical. He was known for being a critical thinker and he said um, he he questioned everything which is why he became the father of Prophets, which is why he is the person Muhammad said Allah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was told to follow in his footsteps. And Debbie, I'm Elijah Ibrahima, I need to be told to do so we asked every question. And then he's told start on your son, who's the wisdom in that? What is the benefit of me doing that? He's my only son. It's not like he's, he's someone who's disobey in Europe. He's no, he's a he's a believer. I don't have anyone else and he's innocent. He did nothing. Telling me to start on myself. It's

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easier. Every parent knows that. You're telling me to start it myself. I'll do it. I'll rip my arm off, or God's my out but not harm my child. No harm. My child is how we live. It's our children. He's told slaughter your son. There is no wisdom in it. But that's why it didn't actually happen as well.

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But that's why it didn't actually happen. You see Allah subhanaw taala was teaching Ibrahim and then teaching everyone after April.

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I think that till the Day of Judgment, when Allah commands you will be, there is a lot that you do not understand in this world. There is there is the unseen, there is the hype that you do not comprehend. You were not owed an explanation by God every time we're not. We're not owed anything. We are not owed by Allah, anything. We owe him everything. Suppose that as it stands, so what He commands us to do something we do it, we know that within his commander is wisdom. We know that. So we do whatever it is, He commands us to do. Ibrahim was put to a test go do it, slaughter him. He didn't question. It's really interesting. Actually, the most interesting part of the story is that

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he did not question it. He didn't say no, I'll do it. Both. But why? Because he did that. Why don't you sit down? He did the exact same thing in the Quran. In any case, in Motor Show me, how do you resurrect the dead? So you asked him Oh, and I'm telling him, don't you believe? And of course I do when I can lift my knuckle but my heart is not. I don't understand it. I can't imagine it. Can you show it to me so that I have that clarity in my heart so that my heart stops giving me a hard time I want to see it. So he showed him. When he told him started his son he didn't. He understood that he understood what he was being tested to do. For them slimmer, they fully submitted both of them what

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Hola, Julio Jabeen. He put his head on the slaughter stone, and he took out the knife, and he hit him with the knife, but the knife didn't cut.

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Just like the fire didn't burn. Just the sea parted. It didn't happen. And once he did that, now that you know he was called upon Yeah, Ibrahim, other sadaqa tell Rukia you have indeed fulfilled the vision that we gave you. He said that what you did patella Ibrahim or boohoo because imagine that a Timon and do your Lord tested Ibrahim with certain situations, and he aced it. He aced it. But before he was able to do that, on that very sad, scary walk where they were going from was delissa to the Manhattan at the end of Mina right before the Haram

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What do you think Ibrahim was thinking of? What you think is my Eid was thinking, what do you think, Oh, God was thinking, what were they thinking? There's a million things to think of. If you're told to slaughter your son, there's a million things to come up with. There's a million rise and a million objections, and suddenly you feel very righteous and right. You feel very powerful. This is where's the sense of this? Why do I need to listen to this what

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she thought I knew it. So he came up to them three times.

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pointing it out to each and every one of them pointing out Ebrahim What are you doing? Karina slaughter your son? Are you serious? Are you actually going to do this? What are you calling, calling his bluff? He's telling you to do it. What are you doing? How could you do this? To Abraham took seven pebbles from the law he has picked up whatever's under him. He threw it.

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Your time couldn't No, this is too much. This is too easy. This is too easy. I can get Ibrahim to I can get him to disobey. It's so easy. He did they've been given the one command that's impossible to do. So he goes to smile and same thing. It's madness the same he goes to has your same thing. She does the same. And he fails and they make it to them and how and he hits it with a knife and doesn't cut and Allah subhanaw taala Subhana wa Tada calls upon him or her they know who we did the hidden Aldini, who was given a kibosh given it a sheep, slaughter the sheep instead, Ibrahim so that you fulfill your vows. So he did. And every year we do the same to be reminded that you were never told

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to do something that had no wisdom in it. You were never told to do something that was harmful ever. He never commanded you not even once to do one thing that was not in your best interest he could have. And if he did, you will still have to perform it. And if you didn't perform it, you'd be punished for it. But he didn't. He could have but he didn't. So every year we praise Allah and we slaughter a sheep and we feed our families, we praise Him knowing that he never commanded us ever to do anything that was not in our best interest, and we still don't follow and still don't listen. And we still don't take it step by step, even though we know that he never told us to do anything that

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was not going to serve us in this life before.

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But he could have and he told him, he never will. He did it anyways, Ibrahim did it anyways. It's not like he called his girl, he took the knife. He said Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And he went through with it because Allah told him to and he listened. And that's how a Muslim performs. We do what Allah subhanaw tells us to do this say it is for us to remember to remember that he was never, never told to do anything that was not beneficial. And why do you think is not? You throw them off as a symbol. See, listen, just they're small. They're not like big rocks. You don't take a big boulder and throw no big and it doesn't help their seven seven. The numbering in Arabic symbolizes

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continuity. That's what seven means in Arabic. And by the way, every number in Arabic has a meaning that the Arabs understood. That's why they they'll use things I hear parents will say, city in this sense of English

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you'd like why? Because Aaron's understood numbers to actually symbolize something seven symbolizes continuity. That's what the seven days a week, whereas the seven day comes, what happens, life ends, No, we just start all over again, seven symbolizes continuity. So when you pick up seven stones in the small, it's not about the big blow against the bliss, it's the continuity of it, it just will never leave you alone, ever, He will never leave, you will not a moment of rest until you're dead. Never he will continue to come at you, he will continue to find ways he will look at your weaknesses, he will look for the whims and the desires and the arrogance and the vanity and the

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jealousy and the indifference and the hatred and the selfishness, all of that you will look to find ways through and you will continue to come out you. So you have to continue to fight back all your life, you throw seven as a symbol of continuity, and then the number that you throw all together with the number altogether at the hostel. Yeah, so there's three of them that you have to three, those three times, right. So three for one is 21. So seven times 321. And there's three of them. That takes us up to 6063. And then you have to throw the jammer to October the first day 70 We're back to number seven. Again, the concept of continuity you do it's about repetition, you see, you do

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pull off seven times, and you do Satsang seven times, because these days, you're going to do them whether you like it or not, you're going to have a center that you will rotate into circumambulate around all your life, either make it a lock or hoping something else you will work towards something, either make it a lock or it will be something else and you will fight against something, make it shape on or it will be something else it will be you're going to do it. You're going to you're going to rotate around the center, you're going to work towards the goal, you're going to fight against something that's bothering you. You're going to do these three things all your life

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whether you like it or not to make the right choices. Just make sure your your center is the right one. And you're striving for the right one and you're fighting against the right one because he's gonna keep on coming. He'll never stop. He will never stop a hula Ollie. Hello, associate Hola, honey. Welcome. First off, you'll be able to Camilla Fosun was takfiri unistalled federal law

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hamdu Lillahi wa wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Allah may Allah be about the why early he was so happy when when he said that I know Jehovah. When you are karate

00:22:23 --> 00:22:31

rolling you will GEOMAR build your Murat tell me show you mean juicy he Bersatu Sahiba

00:22:32 --> 00:22:44

the alum Xia te monastic al Hajj man in Geneva, Allah muslim Yanni of hammerheart either Allah Aeneas defede And yes defeat them in Hajj G. Adam Alayhis Salam Hello, Jamie bliss

00:22:46 --> 00:22:51

acaba. Brahim was ojeu webinar who Roger Moore will repeat what he

00:22:53 --> 00:23:07

had to tell Moodle Jabeen when I forgot Amara be here hello so over here, Allah Who Danika call in heard nothing well Bella will be in lecture tonight Tabouleh on Mr. hurdle, Bella and Anton Hara Ibaka de yedek

00:23:08 --> 00:23:49

Fernanda bucola, Amin when eligible Gmail Raja Murat, Lally under shaytaan. And will to just see them in this particular unit for whoever you will only have your hustle yet to Sergio who when I came to her Talia Moon Vanessa te Lena how the work you will be harmful center and now and Allah Mozilla Nozomu IBLEES Mozilla nano Haribo Bishop and Mr. Marin had ternal qurbana now if he has your own video and projects you will be here when the Messiah to Sahara in April two will be similar in April two with the Crown IBLEES Lionel, Emily say up to you how you and your busy I'm in case law suck and you're busy. I mean Kaffee and Makoto Halima Kadena well

00:23:51 --> 00:23:54

I mean Allah Allah will let me know but let's terminal

00:23:56 --> 00:24:01

LEM Taxila let me explain capabilities. Let me explain this

00:24:04 --> 00:24:18

topic but at the hub let hedge which will help you will have soccer behind animonda And how do you mount like a clock EMA in the shape Ornella can I do test you do I do? Well I do work. Yeah, I didn't foo Murphy the knifes

00:24:22 --> 00:24:33

Jamil suit is how if you see that a wheeler Jamelia a soft I believe so filled with swsc for our domain can be heard and see a wave attorney await any

00:24:34 --> 00:24:37

member Member ID Mr. The ledge attorney.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:41

Mr. Comey then had Isla and forsee

00:24:44 --> 00:24:45

a shadow attorney

00:24:46 --> 00:24:50

a shadow attorney Bucha Merli ma

00:24:51 --> 00:24:52

Subhan Allah

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

Well, the mum does or Justin EDA or Josie I will do

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

hunched over, but our tennis shoe Coco

00:25:04 --> 00:25:08

for Dotto, first our acne bill will sell we see shoe Kokoon soon

00:25:09 --> 00:25:12

at the IFA to Nigeria ch Alessi

00:25:15 --> 00:25:41

murli see them on your field when a damn button. merlis Seiwa good to be idle. Bossy kamikaze Bernie lujah philony haga Hema Giada hula hula subhanho wa Taala followed by Alina if you had the head and mashallah, if you heard you had your Rockman only looking at hedger and now oh definitely Akira and fusina be my father who I'm gonna with my father who MBA. Ibrahim, how do you handle Salatu was Salam

00:25:43 --> 00:25:57

Emery from my way, Brahim? Lemurian Hasim EMAT an hour and for the mount raka Allah Allah subhanahu wa taala brothers and sisters I'll end this football with reminding you of what he said in his talk with Sam during his final sermon regarding this here's what he said.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:04

He said in the seventh paragraph of his final sermon he said I hear your head nurse in the photo commerial hold

00:26:06 --> 00:26:13

in the four ACO model holy one will care a feeling be como una yo multi motif Allah to so we do what you he

00:26:15 --> 00:26:26

wouldn't name was stunted on your multi Yama, Tina Nari una son almost unplugged on mini gunas. Bakula be also hobby also your hobby for your poly in color eternity.

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he said Indeed I am waiting for you on the basin. And I am hoping to show off the numbers that followed me on that day. So don't make me look bad. And I will fully on that day to save as many people from Jahannam as I can. But some people will be ripped away from me and I'll say Oh Lord, they are my followers. They are my companions. They were with me and then they'll be told you don't know what they did after you left. You don't know how they deviated after you left and then I'll say good riddance. Good riddance.

00:27:01 --> 00:27:31

Your Macmillan will come Dina come he perfected this for us. You don't need anything else. We don't need to look elsewhere. Anywhere we're looking we're just looking for those who can give us better insight on what he said subhanho wa Taala and what he did so Allah Hi. So I'm that's it. We're not needed anything else? Everything we need was offered to us. If God perfected it, what else am I going to be looking for? What is what else do we need? You need other values need to change your values? Change the teaching change the laws or the rules? Why?

00:27:32 --> 00:27:54

Well, so you're going to go, who else is going to offer you anything any activities you have that you have ever heard of in Islam is not to change the deen it's just so that we can better understand his ruling within the current context. Lght herd is just trying to understand a ruling or Allah or a value within the current context so that it could continue to serve its initial purpose that's all it's all it is.

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Remembering that is important because he explained to us all your thoughts you don't at least if this is going to try he's gonna try and get some of you to change and to walk away the sell out and to compromise your basic ethics and your basic values. So it's totally up to him it's halal and haram and now we don't know anymore what's right and wrong. No we do because he explained it to us subpoena was so there's no there's no question about it. And he takes us back to that basic. I hope that was a benefit to you. Why didn't what in the law How am I gonna be somebody and I'll even call in Allah How am Allah you gotta who use Aluna Allah Nabhi Yeah, you will Avena SallAllahu ala he was

00:28:30 --> 00:29:09

selling with a slim Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar early Muhammad namaz Aleta Allah Ibrahim on early Ibrahim barbaric animal from Medina, Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Amin indica hamidou Majeed what Allah who manage or bottle hola for us that the battle for Amara la semana y li one of the loving minds of Jetty he hurt any movement in one early hippo up and upon hitting around Sahaba to Hill heard in Miami one attorney in elementary our home BSN in Isla Yama Dean one nama homeopathic Al Hamra Haney, Allahu Allah, Muslim you know when a Muslim as well meaning in our minute Allah HYAH even when I'm watching Allahumma verbage bloomin Muhammad Amin when our fiscal rubella Macrobius

00:29:09 --> 00:29:36

what available manual Naga Mooney what by volume and in more volume in weapon Dima and our Dima and Muslimeen Allahumma Federico mateesah You know Mohamed Salah Hardy he was sitting with the machete a lot of your team have already been vetted by fina equally mccannon yarrabilba al Amin, Allahu Germaine had done marudhara Allahu Allah is open energy Marina Hagen remember aura or secondary * Jihad had an army or not but I mean, what Dr. Berman gnome and homea economic Academy What are How

00:29:38 --> 00:29:39

about Allah in Allah?

00:29:40 --> 00:29:44

Certainly what he even went hand in fascia you will move

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on to the Kuru nothing salah.

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