Waleed Basyouni – The Virtues of The Month of Shaban

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during Shabbat, as it is the eighth month, is discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of fasting during Shabbat, reciting the Quran, and avoiding fasting too late. They also emphasize the need to practice fasting and not fast before reciting the holy month. The importance of forgiveness and protecting everyone is also emphasized.
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hamdulillah Muhammad who want to stay in who want to study on a sofa Ronaldo Villa Himanshu rhodium Pacino's sejati Molina De La Villa mobila Alma you will fellow Hadiya who are shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu wa the hula Cherie Cara, wash Madonna Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah masala wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Baba he was asked me he was telling me Lahoma, the Sleeman Kathira about or praise due to Allah His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad Salah Solomon's family's companions and his followers until the Day of Judgment, I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Mohammed Salah Salem his last and final messenger. I just

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noticed several people came to the masjid and they did not pray the tour rock as of Sunday, before setting and you should not and if you did not pray the Torah of the Sunnah, stand up and pray right now.

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Because that's what the Prophet SAW salem said when he saw a man walk into the masjid. And he said, he said stand up and pray to a rock as before you said. So it is highly recommended for the person who entered the master to pray the tour archives before setting. Today I would like to speak to you about a month that a lot of people don't pay attention to the value and the virtue of it. And because it comes between the two great months, the month of Rajab and the month of Ramadan, these two great months Raja because it's one of the four sacred months asuran harem and Ramadan we all know about it. So Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to give much attention to this month, the

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month of Shaban, that's why some have been Zaid said yeah Rasul Allah, Mati. Arakata. So Moshe, Mary Urraca de su shahada miniature, not Asuma Ramadan, I noticed that you care so much about fasting during the month of Shaban more than any other month in the year than in the be salatu salam said dally Kashia Hello Nilofer Nasaan This is a month what a lot of people don't give it its appropriate attention. Which is month of Shabbat comes between Rajab and Ramadan comes between Roger and Ramadan. And that's one of the reasons though. It was said that cold shot ban SHA ban comes originally from a shared a shared with means Valley something between the valley which is between

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two mountains because it comes between these great monks brought up and Ramadan and also because they are have been that month used to go all over the valleys of Mecca to collect water can we have an official Abbey Makkah, they will go all over the valleys of Mecca and outside Mecca to collect water is for the month of Ramadan. That's why it was called Shah ban later for him for Shabbat

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and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam used to care for this month so much. There's a lot of

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Things happen during the month of Shabbat as you know the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar calendar so we have exactly 12 months and the month of Shabbat is the eighth is the the eighth and now we are in this month. Okay, we started last week last Saturday and by the end of this month Ramadan will start inshallah Tada soon. So, this month of Shabbat, you know, great things happen for example, in the second year after the process of migrated to Medina.

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The obligation of fasting Ramadan actually took place during Shabbat. The verses that talk about the obligation of fasting came during the month of Shabbat. Also, one of the things that we know that happened during this month that the Muslims were ordered to direct their face to Qibla to Makkah during the month of Shabbat and the verses that talk about, you know, the obligations of facing Jerusalem and start facing Makkah, that took place during the month of Shabbat as well. In the case of Salah married Hafsa during the month of SHA ban, the Battle of taboo took place during the month of Ramadan so many things I've been doing this month but what's so important during this month that

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didn't be so solid news too fast a lot. That's why some have been Zaid. Notice that an eye shadow Allah on her she said I'm this handy little Sahadi he she said yes, she said my right Rasul Allah wa sallam is stuck Molossia Masha honey got bad Ramadan Illa chabanne I did not see the process of the mood fast a whole entire month other than Ramadan except the month of Shabbat.

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But what she meant are the Alona here, she meant the tea fasted most of the month of Shabbat because in another narration, she said what kind of assumable Illa kalila he would fast it except just few days in it. So but the prophets of salaam will fast most of the days of Shabbat. That's why there is a narrations famous people use it even does have a shadow. Shaban ferrata Sumo, after the middle of chabanne don't fast, and that's something the Shafi scholars have used as an evidence that after the 15th of chabang We should not fast but this hadith is handy to mooncup had eaten very weak as the great Imams of Hadith Allah cubemap do Muhammad Rahim Allah, how can we have been the kind of

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Shalida he said it's very weak generations. But the NABI SallAllahu Sallam in multiple Hadith in Bukhari and others that he used to fast most of the month of Shabbat that there is a rules in Sharia. The only month you fasted completely from beginning to end is Ramadan. To keep Ramadan especially but other than Ramadan, you must break you must have a break and unless you have another that you made another or it's a penalty for fasting two consecutive months, that will be a different case. But just as a volunteer No, you can just volunteer a whole entire 30 days is straight like that. And I saw the Allahu Anhu also when she said that OMA selama also said I have not seen the

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process of the more fast these two consecutive months, any consecutive months, except Chai ban and Ramadan again because he fast most of the days of SHA Bansal Allah Allah you Ali was Allah when the prophets of salaam was asked why do you fast so much he said this a month would people pay not paying attention to it? Any people when you tell them hey, you're going too fast this month? I'm gonna like this coming chef. You know how I'm gonna save it for Ramadan. You know, which is not a good attitude that's not the right attitude you should take advantage of you know the Salah, you should take advantage of any opportunity that it is there for you and him the process of him saying

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how the shahada on the other foot are unnecessary is a very good point to be learned here said that's a month what a lot of people don't pay attention to it. That shows us that any time or any place or any kind of a bad act of worship, people don't pay much attention to it. It is highly recommend for you to pay much attention to it. You start practice it yourself to revival that to occupy that time. That's why many of us Sella Rahim Allah used to pray a lot between Melbourne Isha Prayer lot a 10 to like 12 Raka. There's a lot of durations like that. Why? Because between mother and Aisha, it's a time we're not people. Many people care to pray. People either busy with their

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family eating dinners, and they don't pray they used to specifically pray at the time. Also the last third of the night, most people sleeping but that by that time, also one of the time that this the early generations of the prophets of salaam used to care for so much rafter fetcher the Sahaba they will stay after federal in the masjid and

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then the sun comes out, or the process LM as well. Why? Because after fajr a lot of people busy with their daily activities, they want to go start work. So when there is a time where people kind of didn't give much attention to that a bad the actor for sure that's the time you should take advantage of the most because you seem very special in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala and all of them in Latifi any Maluka if you had that one of the nice stories was documented for us by the heavy Rahim Allah that Mujahid said one day, the Kaaba was flooded in Mecca, and nobody went to make off except Abdullah have this veil. Then Mujahid said Well can I have the lightness of a lie or

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Ababa min avoidable rebel the hydro naskila Taka lava Abdullah disappear anytime you see people not practicing something from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem, he will care to practices first and to basically to revival and that day it was flooded. The cabinet was flooded. He said my job I saw him making the life around the cabin swimming every time he will come by the Blackstone yellow toes for your convenience who may watch out for your booth. He will go down dive kiss the Blackstone go up basically continue to slow off swimming. And by the way, that's not the only one the historically there is several people did that as well.

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Anyway, so here do you see that this is something that you learn from this hadith in your life in general. One of the things as well that

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to know that one of the great things to do in this month is to fast and to prepare yourself for for the month of Ramadan by practicing it what else we do Ramadan, we do pmla We do reciting the Quran. So we do fasting so actually if you look a lot of the or we give charity so that's one of the things that you should start practicing it now. So and you do it often so one of them avant comes as we say you hit the ground running, you're ready you're ready for it and you'll be strong and so used to it. And it's interesting to know that as an eBay seller I'm used to fast a lot during this month as well the the reciting of the Quran was something to be known among the early generations had the parent

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half of the raja Rahim Allah kind of shy man who said mashallah, our shadow Quran shadow era that will have the barrage of said the early generation used to call the month of Shabbat is the month of reciter the month of the race citations because a lot of people started reviewing the Quran and those who are memorizing the Quran or parts of the Quran or want to practice reading so in the month of Ramadan comes they can go faster I think that's a good idea for us, especially for our children to get used to read so they can read smoothly faster and also when more readable so of Ramadan comes it became easy for them to read the whole entire Quran

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for fasting the month of Shabbat you can fast as many days as you want during the month of Shabbat but you have to avoid fasting Saturday by itself because it'd be so southern generally speaking, you know said don't fast Saturday by itself. Another thing that you should not fast the day before Ramadan. The one day or two days before Ramadan is specifically the day which is we call it yo mas check if you heard it. Amara Yasser mon Samia machette fucka dasa al Qassam those who fast the last day of Shaban, which is we don't know is this is the 30th of Shama or the beginning of Ramadan you know, when all of us waiting to see the moon that we did not are we going to finish Shabbat there

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today? So we're gonna start on that last day, the process Salim said don't fast, unless it comes as a Monday or a Thursday and it is your habit that you fast every Monday and every Thursday. That's the only reason you fasting that day, but too fast because somebody will say, let me fast this day. What will she do her wrong? You know, just to be on the safe side, let me add one thing that's not allowed in Islam. And also it's interesting that also learn you learn from this another principles on life are many principles. One of them is a Shetty asking you to do your best. You and you try your best and that's it. And the last one I thought I would accept from you. A lot of Allah smart

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Allah does not judge us based on the action in itself. It's 100% Correct or not? Any you might start your fasting one day wrong. Maybe. Logically, there is a possibility. But it doesn't matter. So we all have the standard and we didn't we were Hamdulillah we did our best and that's the first thing they have

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Hamdulillah you are accepted, and it's acceptable. Let's say somebody comes now and I tell him hey, by the way, this way of praying that you praying is wrong. Your Salah is invalid, correct your Salah, does he need to go back to every salon, the pastor to repeat it? No, because he did that salah, according to his best ability. Holosun hamdulillah but how Allah will accept Salah that is incomplete? Yes, because Allah will not judge you based on the action itself, it's 100% Correct or not? It is about your effort. It is correct. But that doesn't mean that you just do anything you've been asked to learn. You've been asked to ask, you've been asked to seek knowledge. Okay, but if you

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do your part, and it didn't come as Allah smart, Allah wants it to be used to reward you for it and accept it from you. Another thing also, the reason that the process of them said don't add to it one day, don't add to Ramadan one day just to be on the safe side. Because that's how the nation's before us, Jews and Christians and other religions before us went astray and the religion change over the course of years.

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Why? Because they start adding things from their own. They think that they can protect the religion more than God. So they start adding this taking this out and changing the rules. So Islam doesn't want us to be involved in this process at all. What the process of me said, Ramadan, it means Ramadan, you don't add to this one day or just to be on the safe side, you're not going to care for the religion more than Allah subhanaw taala himself. So if he said only Ramadan means only Ramadan don't fast the day before Ramadan don't pass the day of Ramadan.

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One of the things also we know about the month of Shabbat, which is interesting, one of the reasons Shabbat is so important, it is a month where the deeds and the record of our deeds presented before Allah subhanaw taala by the angels and the records of the humans deeds, all our action which we do are recorded these recording of the deeds and the actions of people presented before Allah subhanaw taala in three different ways. One of them daily, every day, twice, the angel will go every day, present before Allah what all humanity's have done during this day, during the daytime, or what they have done in the nighttime,

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every day twice. And in the one at Voyager, which is basically to present the angel who in charge of the whole night, they witness Voyager then they go up and they go up to show the record of the night. Then they meet again, you know, also to show the record of the day what happened during the daytime, then they go to LA Swatara after that, that's why the angels they meet each other's every day in federal and and awesome and that's why these two Salah are very special because witnessed with by many of the angels as came in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and in multiple Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and others, so that's twice a day. Also, we know that it's every week, twice the deeds will be presented before Allah. And the Prophet SAW Selim told us it present before Allah every Monday, that's another presentation. What's the detail of every presentation we don't know. But the process I'm told us every Monday and Thursday, deeds will be presented before Allah. That's why I would like my deed to be presented while I am fasting while I am fasting. That's why he used to fast these two days sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that meant a lot to the Companions and to the successors of Behat, one of the successors, he used to any Bing tears

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at the end of the day, and he would tell his family when they asked him why, why are in tears he said, you know my day is gone. And what I have done today everything I have done during the day now in the in the record, and now it presented to almost Panadol

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and I'm not sure if I'm proud of my record of the day,

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just that feeling any one of the benefits of knowing that these twice presented before Allah, many benefits. One of it is to feel shame.

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You know, whatever you don't Can you imagine the record of your deed goes up today. From the morning

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one hour and bathroom

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2030 20 minutes on front of the mirror.

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Then changing clothes 20 times or 10 times. Then, you know eating then drinking coffee and drinking coffee that

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then drinking soda then eating lunch then Okay, that's it

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there is nothing to be any nothing in your day that something could they any can as we say, you should have soda yeah and it's something to be proud of.

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He pray a very fast Salah he didn't even make the son of the federal, he missed federal

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that just the concept of twice been presented before make you think of what is now been presented before Allah? How many of them are Bahat this permissible? I'm not saying it's a bad things to eat this or to drink that now. But if that's what occupied most of your record of deeds, that's something maybe you should think twice about.

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For me to be changed.

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Versus sins and missing obligations. That's even another problem.

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And not only that every week, that's why Ebrahimian No, hi. Can you call can Yep keyamo homies in Thursday, he will be will cry. And he said today is the deeds of the week presented before Allah

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and also yearly.

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And in the be salatu salam set, SHA ban shahada on tour Fofi Now do you know Rob Bella mean? That the month of Shabbat is what these will be presented before Allah subhanaw taala of the whole entire year from the last Shabbat

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and in some of these narrations, any

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we'll come to this in a little bit. One of the things that

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it's it's an opportunity for us to know that you know, if this is the end of my year, basically calendar according to the way they present before Allah, I make sure that I fill it with a lot of good deeds. That's why nobody saw salaam filled it with fasting. And if you notice he every day there is a presentation of the deeds in episode and we'll be fasting because that's one of the most rewarding things one of the things that cleanse you from your sins. And make sure that when the month of Shaban end and the beginning of Ramadan and that's a new beginning for you. And let's make things a prospective Ramadan is just a new start a new beginning and how you start your year strong.

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You know when you start strong, you continue strong. One of the thing also during the month of shaman that's known that the month of Shabbat is a preparation for Ramadan is that early some of the scholars said and I think an imam Abubakar Belfie said that he said the month of Raja is like the month where you put the seeds and that which is before Siobhan and the month of Siobhan when you water the seeds so the plants start growing and the month of Ramadan will you collect so if you think you're gonna be putting the seeds and watering the plants then collect in the month of Ramadan, you're wrong.

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You need to start early you need to start from now and to work in your soul from now so in the month of Ramadan comes, it will find you're ready to take full advantage of it.

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That's why Raja Rahim Allah said if you never planted the seed, you never water the plants. You'll never collect anything afterwards. Sha Sha bound Chateau pura is the month of reciting that are on the month of sadaqa people used to give a lot of charity, you know, they used to feed the poor and the hunger hungry and help the needy the needies a lot of narrations came in regard to that as well. All this is just to prepare you from them for the month of Ramadan. And that's why many of the scholars even said that zakat should be giving in the month of Shabbat. And a lot of scholars talk about giving the cat in the month of Shabbat so purify your money purify yourself before even

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Ramadan started. But he doesn't matter on Shabbat. I'm just telling you what chatburn meant to the early Muslims and what it means to us.

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A big difference

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and I hope this just the whole hotbar is to create that sense of awareness about the value of these days that you're living in today. May Allah Spano Tata, help us to do our best during the month of Siobhan and the month of Ramadan. Allah wa salam ala Muhammad

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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it came in also in one of the Hadith in the month of Shabbat and in the middle of Siobhan just came one Hadith some scholarship editors sound some acceptable some said the week that in the middle of SHA ban, that Allah subhanaw taala forgive so many people doing that that night

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except the two who they have hatred towards each other

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people who bike Guinea cut off each other's

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for the dunya for worldly matters, especially if they are brothers, sisters, family members, if they are relatives, neighbors, you know, or as an old good relationship before, between them, like used to be partner and stuff like that, you know what, it's the time for you to forgive and forget. And as always say, if you can do both do one of them, either forget or forgive, you know, by the way, forgiving doesn't mean that he becomes your friend or she become your friend.

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It doesn't mean that I just call us and let it go.

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Maybe it's an ex, maybe it's an ex wife, ex husband, ex partner, whatever it is, has just forgiven them. Because holding into that hatred is not in your best interest. It's actually you set yourself free. So one of the things that He tells us to do them and to encourage you that Allah smart Allah will say, exception. So they are the angel will say so and so they have this hatred between each others, Allah says it was said, Hold into them, not giving them the forgiveness yet until they forgive one another.

00:26:20 --> 00:26:23

It will be held back until they forgive one another.

00:26:24 --> 00:27:12

And one of the reason that I found it so interesting, as well, is because you want to empty your heart from all this negativity. So when the month of Ramadan comes, your heart is open, there is a space for it to be filled with goodness, with love and forgiveness and caring. And and that's it will not happen if it's already filled with hatred and anger and frustration. So, I asked Allah Subhana Allah to help us to, you know, to take full advantage of this month. And in the middle of Siobhan, there is no any act of worship was legislated. A lot of people have a prayer to go salata rehab, and it's one of the bids that people made. And then in the middle of Shabbat, there is no any

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authentic narrations or any fabricated narration even about any the process of them used to do a special a bad in that night. You know, it just a night of forgiveness, such as the only thing you need to focus on is to cleanse your heart and to forgive people.

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And in the end of the day, I want to say make sure that you learn about Ramadan, get ready for Ramadan, and take advantage of you know, having this intention to do your best to Ramadan. So even if you didn't do as you intend to do, for whatever reason, you still get the reward for it. You're sincere but you know something happened. I mean, COVID have taught us a lesson that things can change quickly. I may also want to protect all of us. But when you have the good intention you get that reward Allah MOFA then I'll have no if you know if I know I could have listened to Noah semolina, Allahu manana silica who dealt with our FF o Lena at Universidad de quoi house okay and

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developments occur until you have Mola Loma Fridley I bet you no matter no one you know a Latina mean you know me not even human a mutt Allahu manana said okay other generic econ and Pianola Donna Sharon feet any Mahara I mean, how am I baton on to a Serena Heather gelato economic management Anabaena hurray dunya and alpha one to hear another Islam with the meeting Allah Eman want to live on Ramadan with a better woman now enter all the knanaya for you. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins and raise our levels and jedna forgive our parents and all the believing men and women living or dead. I ask Allah Subhana Allah by His names and attributes to make us among those

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who are always conscious of him, fear Him, love Him, depend on Him, trust Him, turn to Him and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who witness the month of Ramadan and do our best during that month and to be accepted from all of us. Some Allah who was in the Madame Hamad a woman's Satya Hungama

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