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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Day of Judgment and how a person will see Johanna. They also mention a person who sees Johanna and says "Ok, maybe my child is in there." The speaker describes a person who changes the term "slack on his head" and says "Ok, maybe my child is in there." They also mention a person who sees Johanna and says "Ok, maybe my child is in there."
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So Anglia keen on the Day of Judgment, when you will, a person will see Johanna

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Allah subhanaw taala now called records when a person is going into Johanna, Allah says, You're what good would you remove? Lo yesterday may either be Yomi he didn't believe he

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was so high but he was

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there on the Day of Judgment. When a mu dream when a disbeliever or a person who's a believer is going into Johanna.

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He sees Johanna.

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When he sees Johanna, he will say Oh Allah,

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place instead of me.

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Place in mice instead of me. What does he say? This is really interesting.

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You remember the TR T Allah say yo Maja federal Moromi eg sibling, parents.

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Then a spouse saw him at work, but he now when he sees Janome now is Angel yaki. Now you see it with your own eyes. Now you know it's a reality.

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Now he knows that the next stage is hopefully a kid where he enters into jahannam. Now he says, Oh Allah,

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before you throw me

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Can I please ransom my own child? Can I send my child into Johanna?

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And then he says, oh, maybe my spouse.

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Oh, then he says maybe my sibling, my brothers, my sisters. You see, how Allah in the beginning of the day of judgment, He brings the 13 the 13 his brother's siblings, parents,

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wife, spouses, and children. Now when he knows is a reality, he changes the entire term deep on his head.

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You know, it's like when you bet something you you want to get that thing. So you will give anything that you can so you start with your highest bit.

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So the most beloved person to his siblings, he says Allah first he is my siblings to pay my child. Take my wife you know take my brothers and sisters all have put them on Jan number please. Don't throw Minja

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what's missing?

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What's missing?

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Even a coffee? Who knows is gonna dwell in Jahannam for eternity will not have the guts to say to Allah, Allah put my parents piece of meat in sha

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Allah put my piece of meat in Japan.

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And this is why

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you know the Day of Judgment. Allah ko called, he calls it yo Maheswara.

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The day of regret. What Annville

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yo, Maserati Allah says, scare the wallet of the Yeoman hustler the day of regret. Because there's no coming back. He's done and dusted. That day is done and dusted. What you do in this world is what you reap in the hereafter. A dunya Missoura.

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What you do in this world is what you reap in the Hereafter.

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And nobody knows what tomorrow holds for us.

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But brothers and sisters, don't make it too late.

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No, make it such that it's too late.