Bilal Assad – The Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) – Episode 35

Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet sallam's victory in the Middle East is discussed, including his desire to protect his land and be proud of his accomplishments. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of symbolism to indicate the direction of the sky and not acting on assumptions. The loss of women and children and the importance of not giving up on others is also highlighted. The negative impact of the implementation of Islam, including the loss of life of Muslims and the negative impact on personal health, is also discussed. There is also a mention of upcoming lectures and class events.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edgey my

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We arrived now at lesson number 35

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on the Syrah the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Last week we spoke about the first part of the conquest of Mecca. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam finally enters Mecca, and the last panel what I like grandson and his companions, especially the more has your own, the more has your own because the more has your own, if you remember, are the people who were kicked out of their home in Mecca.

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And I migrated for the sake of Allah to Medina.

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These Mahajan

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are the best and the most elite of sahabas that you could ever hear about or know about.

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And the answer of the first people who converted to Islam in Medina,

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they are the ones who gave up their property, their life, their wealth, and their family.

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They sacrificed themselves their blood, pledging to protect the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and to protect this land

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so whenever you hear the word Mohammed, you don't end on Saul. Always remember, they are the best creation in the universe. After the messages in the prophets, the best.

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Allah subhana wa Taala gave him the entrance finally into Mecca.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if you remember, he entered on his camera while his head was dangling down in absolute humility. Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam did not enter with his head up high. But he entered with humility,

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which is quite odd.

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Because here, Allah, Allah has given him the ultimate victory

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against the very people who were the cause of kicking him out of Mecca, persecuted him, killed a lot of his companions. Even his daughters of the law, Hannah, they killed her.

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They are the people who tortured the Muslims.

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The ones who caused the process are selling them the worst grief.

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And now, in the eighth year of HRM.

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We are talking about

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we're talking about

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nearly what 13 plus eight years

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21 years, the province of La Selim finally comes to where back home

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and by the will of Allah He has entered.

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And no one can face it.

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With more than 12,000 soldiers converted to Islam,

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about nearly 7000 of them only in the last two years.

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The problem the last element is with his head dangling down and his beard touching the subtle of his camera.

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Some other companions, however, entered with their head high

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in a sense as though they deserve to be praised. They entered with a feeling of a little bit of pride, not pride in their own way, but pride in the sense that this is deserved to be proud of themselves. However, the promise of the law that you're sending them doesn't look at victory from a last kind of dial as something for you to rejoice over and celebrate in the sense that you know, you get over celebrating because when you start doing that your emotions start making you feel as though you did it all.

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And you forget that almost banter is the one that gave me this. So you got to humility. humility, is this is the way the minute celebrates the victory of a loss penalty.

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So we talked about how the promises are set and entered what happened with some of the people of America and how some of the enemies ran away and how some of them the promise the law seldom freed and forgave. We also said that whoever enters their home is safe. Whoever is around the Kaaba is safe. Whoever enters the house of the great leader I was gonna say

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they thought that the proxy Law Center was gonna kill them, because they knew that they deserved it. They felt guilty. But the professor La Silla mentors, and not a single person is killed except those between

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tried to fight harder than anybody.

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And obviously they fought them back and in a fleet

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a lot of the Muslims went to the the last segment to give protection to some family members or friends of theirs that were in Mecca. We talked about that last week.

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And we kept going on to talk about how the Proxima said Lem did a few miracles in there.

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Until I was again himself the religion really entered into his heart.

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And as the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam circumambulated around the Kaaba doing

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he called upon

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the people of the Mecca, and he stood up on Mount soft, you know, soft armor. He stood over there.

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sorry, this camera is playing up just a second.

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And then what happened? Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam then enters, it goes on to software and starts to tell the people what do you think I'm going to do to you? And they sit down we've only known you to be merciful. So we said to them, it have more fun to go for your free.

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Happy, can I get you to sit over here?

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Thank you.

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That's the way

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because the cameras seeing your faces following you. You must be very special.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Go for your friend after all what they have done. And no one can do that except for a messenger of Allah. No one can do that except a prophet of Allah to forgive from his heart. None of us can do that. My brothers and sisters in Islam, and so he offered the people to come to him to pledge allegiance. Before he did that. We all we said last week that he got the key and there was a miracle story about the key of the cabin, which remains still in that family till today. I also saw a settler enters the car and starts to destroy whatever idols were in there.

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He brings home the loved one inside the cover, and the carpet has six pillars.

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He sees on the cover that they have drawn the image of Marian Malaika center, married the mother of Jesus Christ Alina center.

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And he told on one of their loved one or to wipe off the image, for there shouldn't be any images inside of the Kaaba. In fact, there shouldn't be images of faces in our homes, even brothers and sisters Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that the angels do not enter a home that has images of faces, or a dog in the angels don't like to enter a house with images of faces of human beings or animals. Some people say commodifies your family, even family. The idea is images of faces because of its origin of idolatry. And the loss in the angels don't like 10 to 100 has a dog in there or images. They are disgusted by the dog saliva although the dog is a nice animal, and whoever looks

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after a dog gets rewarded. However, angels don't enter the house with a dog inside. So Rasulullah saw someone told him to wipe off what Miriam's image, and Jesus Christ they had in there. And they also had the image of what they thought was Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and his son is married. And I showed an image of Ibrahim and his name as though they were gambling or not gambling, they were picking arrows in those days to call it as man, which means calling shots to see your good luck. What they used to do was they used to put arrows, and one of them had a ribbon on it or seminar inside of something, and then they would pick out the arrow. And if it turned out with the mark, it

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meant some good luck. And if they turned an error around on a rotating thing, it will turn around and if you whatever space it's direct, whatever it was, any direction was facing, they would follow in the harrows direction. So basically they believed in Good luck, gambling and superstitions.

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam looks at the image and he says my Allah Kirsten will lie in his shape, meaning Ibrahim Ali Salim the show never practice superstitions and good luck gambling.

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So he cleaned it off with his own Blizzard clothes the proper lesson.

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There was a bird in there and some tears made out of gold possible. Arsalan broke them as well. And then he brought in Bilal and Osama with him from Salah Salem prayed at one of the pillars. He prayed inside the Kaaba, which phase three, which direction did you face? Which direction do you think you would face if you went inside of the Kaaba

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any direction? If you're on the roof of the cabin, which direction?

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any direction by you? Is that little semicircle around the right side of the cabin? you seen it? We call it vision, isn't it that used to be a room points made on the center? If you prayed inside of that, which direction do you face?

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any direction? Because that's actually part of the color.

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It's amazing, isn't it? But you don't know where the carbon is. Let's say you're in the desert, and you don't know which direction the equivalent is. Which way do you first

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you don't know

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where any direction

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because the way you pray to the government.

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Now, what does the law say? Fair enough? Well,

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then if you don't know the context of if you don't know where it is, then wherever you face,

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you are facing a lot.

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A law is not bound by space, or time or direction.

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And nothing can explain a must for is different to everything. And that's what makes him a law. For if he was to be described like anything, then you are making him similar to creation. He will not be alone. He has to be outside of his creation. So we worship a law we don't worship the Kaaba. If we worship the Kaaba, why would the proxy Law Center a Muslim to Allah give him the law of changing the direction from Jerusalem to the car? Why would Allah subhanaw taala say anyway he faces that is you are facing? Why is it that if you're printing inside of the cabinet, you face any direction? The camera is just to a symbol of unity for the Muslims because along is one that the Hadees one

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worshipping Allah is one religion of Allah is one it says never changed. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, it had all the way to the beginning. It has never changed. A lot religions always been one type of religion.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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called Bilal to make the event on top of the roof. We said this last week.

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And he says off some companions outside of Makkah to destroy whatever remained of idols that were around. So medica is huge. And Arabia is huge, and there were hundreds of idols everywhere. Rasulullah saw Selim sent his companions to break whatever idols they were. Why? Because Allah subhana wa Tada, the creator who sent his messages and prophets, he sent all these messengers and prophets to worship.

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Allah Who is the owner of the universe, Allah Who has the right to say who you worship Allah, He owns everything. So Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered all of his prophets and messengers to break the idols and deities, because they are not worthy of worship and they are lost and Allah is worthy of worship. Jesus Christ alayhis salaam is a prophet of a law, those who worship him on the Day of Judgment, he will be innocence from them, he will say, oh my, Allah will say to him, limit and Taku Tell

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Are you the one who told the people to worship me as in Jesus Christ, and my mother Mary instead of Allah, and he saw a salon himself will say, Oh, my lord in Kentucky, tufa and the Dalai Lama, if I said it, you know, it gave me an opponent and he said he needed a How can I say something our law which I have no right to, he has no right to be worshipped.

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For in the law, and in the Bible for ancient wordings, the Father in heaven, He is the creator of everything.

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So my brothers and sisters, it was the right of the prophets of Allah send them like every other prophet before him to break the day it is an idols, which men invented.

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And so he returned the people back to the oneness of Allah, worshipping Allah, Allah rocks and stones cannot benefit you.

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The priest in the church cannot forgive you and that alone can forgive you.

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Your father and mother can do nothing for you without a muslin. Oh,

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my brothers and sisters in Islam, though he was established once again.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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ordered that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called whoever wants to, to give them the option of coming and pledging allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So all the people in Mecca there was about 1000 of them a little bit more, a little bit less women and men, not the children though, the women and the men. What happened?

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He said to them, anyone who wants to embrace Islam, you have the freedom to come to me and pledged allegiance, meaning they have to come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, shake his hands and say, we bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah and His messenger and

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We vow not to worship any other God, a deity beside Allah, and not to commit adultery,

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fornication Zina, and not to kill our children.

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Because some Arabs is to kill their baby born girls and some who is to kill the boys as well.

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And in today's time, this will be equivalent to abortion, that is murder of your children

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and not to kill your children

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and not to do a dirty indecent act

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and a knock to bear witness to false.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them to do that, and obviously to obey the law and His Messenger. So the men and the women started to come to the province of the law while he was sitting down in groups, pledging allegiance and embracing Islam out of their own world, out of their own will, because most of us lm did not force anybody to do it.

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As the people were coming to embrace Islam,

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a woman who has her face covered,

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arrived with a group of women, she's trying to hide among other women. She doesn't want to reveal herself.

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And she was one of the women in the senate sentenced to death.

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So she spoke and she was a very vocal woman will know who she is in a minute. She said

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these gods did not benefit us anything.

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The promise the law seldom recognized her voice. And immediately he said, Hint,

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Hint, the killer of his uncle Hamza.

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Before he could say his next word, hint immediately says a shadow Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Muhammad Rasul Allah wa.

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Why? She knows, she's afraid she might get killed. So she embraces Islam, and saves herself. But she embraces Islam sincerely and properly.

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And then the prophet SAW Selim sitting there, Omar have a lot of animals sitting there, Omar. And suddenly you hear the alarm on her laughing started laughing at what he did. Because she's amazing.

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comes and saves herself with that.

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So the process a lot of Selim said okay, okay. So, put your hand down.

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The women put their hand out, but the prophet and he put his hand out, but he did not touch their hands.

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Another way to conserve some pledged allegiance with them was that he had a bucket full of water. And the women would place their hand in the water, the process on places hand in the water, and that would be considered like shaking hands. And another narration in urbanists hub. Remember in the beginning when I first started is because I told you which references I'm using a bit of a new shampoo and massage some from other numbers from Korea and Muslim This is where I'm getting all my information from. And another narration, which is a weak narration, it says that the province of the law lady was seldom used to put a cloth between him and the women and shake hands. But that's a weak

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narration, we're not sure of its authenticity, what we're sure of is that used to put his hand out, they put their hand up, they wouldn't touch or put it in water. And I shouldn't be a long one has said by a lot of money, the hand of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam never touched the hand of another woman, which which is not highlighted.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam are solo Sam also said in in the Hadith, which is to say Muslim that for a person's for a man's hand, a woman's hand to touch each other's hand over that are not lawful for one another, is easier for to be hit with an iron thread, or iron needle or something like that is easier than the man and a woman to touch each other. Now there is a difference of opinion about that in cases of necessity, where the men and women can shake hands or not, how leave that to the whole amount, but the majority of them say that touching is not allowed. Obviously in necessity, everything becomes okay.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, what happens next? He comes into pledge allegiance and what does she do? She says that also says that and says, you pledge allegiance to not do shit. She said, my idols did not benefit me anything. I pledge allegiance not to do shit. Then he said to the women pledge allegiance not to commit Zina

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not to commit adultery. Now the women are saying we pledge allegiance not to commit adultery, but about him doesn't like this. She says, what are the women that dirty and that alone that commit adultery and fornication. We don't do stuff like that. This is what other women do. Like she's and she says it's slave women, or women who don't have a lineage as for us, we don't do such a thing. So adult

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fornication was not known to the elite people of the Arabs.

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The law said that it looks at it says just say it. She says we pledge allegiance not to commit Zina.

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And then he said pledge allegiance not to kill your children. She said, We gave birth to them and you guys killed them in butter.

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killed her children and your loved one who's laughing at what she's saying pro solar cell and then said, okay, you are now a Muslim. What is halal for us how it was handled for us was haram for us is haram for you.

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Omar Abdullah was laughing at all these things. And Hindi is very vocal. Obviously she didn't know that there were women who are committing Zina. There were men who will be committing Zina, there were children were being killed.

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But obviously, she had to learn a little bit more about our society and people around it bit more open mindedness. Because Ramadan is laughing at how close mindedness she doesn't know much about life. My brothers and sisters in Islam,

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then after that, pledging of allegiance happened and over 1000 people converted to Islam.

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Remember software, he was the son of omega omega mohalla is one of the worst enemies to the formula seven was killed in better. So so far, he still doesn't want to embrace Islam. And remember we said the professor he asked for two months to think about if he wants to embrace Islam. So probably the last seven gave him four months to think about it. So he comes back and so fine has given amnesty for four months to be in peace, it wants to think about them converting to Islam. And then what happened

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are Susana la Marina Salah,

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then said to Khalid and valiant, he said to him, there is a tribe nearby.

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And they will call God.

00:21:55 --> 00:22:15

He sent him saying to him, Go and call them to Islam in peace, Angeles, this careful Go and call them to Islam and peace your heart and do not fight anybody. So he goes with a little group of soldiers just in case with their swords. And they arrived at this tribe called venom called beneficial they are.

00:22:16 --> 00:22:18

These people had already

00:22:20 --> 00:22:29

embraced Islam, but not officially with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they were coming out to go to the province of Arsalan to find him to pledge allegiance.

00:22:30 --> 00:22:44

Call him when he didn't know about this, okay, he didn't know about this. So he arrives and he sees a group of them with their leader coming out on their horses with the swords unshaved

00:22:46 --> 00:22:51

it was the custom of that tribe that when they meet people who are coming in, they come up with their swords.

00:22:53 --> 00:22:59

At the same time, they didn't know it was highly determined well either the messenger of Mohammed Salah

00:23:00 --> 00:23:07

so they were also careful, just in case they attack them. They don't understand what it is. So they really as well.

00:23:09 --> 00:23:28

Holic Murray's on the other hand, he's thinking the other way around. Why are they coming out with their swords? Did they want to fight us? Now Khalid is used is a woman is a warrior. He knows about wars, never in his history that you see people coming out with their swords before anything has happened. He thought that coming out to fight them.

00:23:29 --> 00:23:33

So before that, he said to them in hastiness,

00:23:35 --> 00:23:36

who are you?

00:23:38 --> 00:23:42

And I said, We are people got sober.

00:23:43 --> 00:23:47

We are people who have left our religion.

00:23:50 --> 00:24:23

Now the Americans and the people around us to use that term when the process allows them to learn first quarter Islam, they used to say, anyone who embraces Islam, they used to say he or she is a solid, it means they left the religion meaning they left paganism and then entered into Islam. So these people are saying we saw back now meaning we lift our old religion and embraced Islam, but they didn't know how to say they said in a way that they thought all the Arabs would understand. Khalid noted on the other hand, is now used to the Islamic terminology. They're supposed to say Islam then we have converted to Islam.

00:24:25 --> 00:24:49

So he thought they left Islam, they apostate it, and now they're coming with this source to fight all Muslims. So he took it as hostility. These are coming out to fight him. So he boarded his army to capture them. And if they resist to fight them, he came to capture them they tried to resist to explain themselves, but instead he killed some of them and took some of them hostage. So Pamela was a big mistake.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:52

Big mistake misunderstanding.

00:24:53 --> 00:25:00

And what made it even worse is that some of the sahabas that was Holly didn't know what they were from the elites. The senior of the Sahaba is the Mohammed

00:25:00 --> 00:25:02

Rwanda embraced stem beforehand.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:10

And they did whatever he said. So he found that also as though he's made the right decision.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:20

But obviously it was the wrong thing to do. They took hostages and they returned back to the province of Elias Allah, and they took over that tribe they settled in there.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:28

When the news reached the province of allies send them home when it comes with these hostages the proximal Arsalan asks him Why did you do that?

00:25:29 --> 00:25:34

Why did you kill them? Why did you attack them? And they, you didn't try to find out beforehand.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:38

And hard knowledge said you're a solo. This is what they said. This is what they did.

00:25:39 --> 00:25:49

The last segment then put the hand the fragmented upwards. And he said Allahumma in the Abra masala, Hadith, Allah I'm innocent.

00:25:51 --> 00:25:56

I'm innocent from a hadith did he sewed, it has hostas in it, it kills too quick.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:03

And Harlequin, well, it became so sad and depressed about that he cried and repented to a loss on the island.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:24

But we can understand what he did how he was confused. And so it was a sincere mistake. But look at the prompts on the bottom and send them what he did. He had to still declare an open the mistake so that people don't take this as a role model because if he left the people will do without him. And what that teaches us brothers and sisters, and I speak especially to the young people.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:42

Never ever be hasty in fighting someone. Never ever be hasty in judging someone. Do not ever ever act. This is this careful, carefully read the sisters, never ever act on an assumption. Even if you have signs in evidence, never act on assumption.

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Because there was a story of loss where there was a companion in front of him. And he killed him even though the companion said the Shahada. And he said there are so Allah, he died. He said the shadow out of fear. He was just afraid because I was going to kill him. The process of I sent him sent him a shock.

00:27:02 --> 00:27:16

Did you open up his heart to see if he meant it? Or didn't mean it? If he was afraid, or he didn't? wasn't afraid? What did you open up his heart? Okay, it's all clear to you on the outside. But you cannot make this judgment of Cooper just like that, did you open up his heart?

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So on assumption, we cannot do that. And this was obviously that's an assumption.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:49

Some young people that go out and they fight to me call for this and go further based on assumptions. Without And furthermore, if you wanted to attack them, why don't you give them the option of converting to Islam, or the option of paying the what they call the arms giving the jizya He didn't even do that. So the proposal I sent an order that the army get out of the tribe immediately and give back all their belongings.

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And also, as I said, I was a just prophet of Allah. So that was the story of how they didn't when he wrote Aloha. Now the Prophet sallahu wa sallam he is remembers the revolt of the people of bife. Do you remember the thought of people, they're the ones who broke the law send them winter, and about the 10th year of prophethood. And they treated him so badly. Remember, their leader was called Abu Abu Laila who who abused the province of Barcelona. And he went and gathered people against the men and women and children and start throwing rocks at the boss La Silla Macedo delana was within Remember, we talked about this a few lessons ago, and from saw some blood from his feet. And he

00:28:33 --> 00:29:09

said, under the grapevine, and he called out to a lower level, you leaving me to a very, very sad story. When I lost my Alison zebrina, they sent him to him. And he said, I have the angel of the mountain who will crush these people. I've got it for what they have done to you yet also the law and the law. salamati said, he said no, for maybe from their loins don't have children and will convert who will worship Allah alone, don't touch them. And only a messenger of God would say that, because what is the Messenger of Allah purpose on Earth, to take the people out of darkness into light? From *? To Heaven to Jenna, from moshood to guidance, all the prophets did that. And now

00:29:09 --> 00:29:54

came the time with a promise Allah Selim has been avoiding it, but he had to do it, what was it, he had to go and deal with the people of life? Why? Remember in our last lesson, he found out of the people of thought were conspiring and getting ready to attack the Muslims and kill them. And three of the leaders have gone to trans Jordan to learn from the Romans, how to make the big towers and catapults to fight hunger to lessen them. So they didn't go to a thought if to initiate any war. He went to a thought if to have to be on the front foot because he already knew that they were going to get in. The leader that was left behind in a thought it was called Malik ignore house. Remember this

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

name Malik, if not a young man in his 30s and he was now the leader.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

The people have thought if the tribe was called therapy,

00:30:05 --> 00:30:09

and they called upon other tribes, they were called

00:30:11 --> 00:30:18

the the other tribes were called housing. And they were about 20,000 soldiers.

00:30:20 --> 00:30:21

All together.

00:30:22 --> 00:30:37

The proximal SLM said, we have to go to five. Because he didn't want to wait in Makkah, he knew that we're coming out to him. But he doesn't want to wait in Macau because he doesn't want to fight in Macau, it's meant to be a sanctuary. Are you with me? Now the story becomes very interesting.

00:30:39 --> 00:30:41

So last saw Selim gets out with his companions.

00:30:42 --> 00:30:43

More than

00:30:45 --> 00:31:34

more than 12,000 soldiers, warriors, horses, camels, harlot and what he does with them, another 1000 warriors from Mecca are joining him, including the enemy software, if you don't remember software, Scott formance embraces that only right. He is one of the enemies but out of out of what he called Arab pride. They had, they had hostility between them and the five people. So he went out because of Eric pride, and he joined the army to fight, which gives us evidence that you can seek help from disbelievers, if you can trust that they will be of benefit to the Muslims. And Suffern was very wealthy, he had lots of cameras, lots of weaponry, very advanced weaponry, many, many, something

00:31:34 --> 00:32:12

that would be equal to about $100,000. Today, the price of our sell them goes to them and says, Can you give us some of your weapons? So so for instead, what we want to take it by force, Francois Salim said, No, I want to borrow it, and guarantee that if anything happens to what we will pay you for it. So Pamela, as soon as I said, is the leader now he can do anything he wants. But he's fair and tell. So foreigners, clearly the enemy Still, he says, I will borrow them. And if anything happens, we'll return it to you. He said, Okay, well, if it's borrowing, you can take it. And so he joined the army and other evidence that shows that you can seek help from the non Muslims, if it

00:32:12 --> 00:32:14

means the benefit of the Muslim community.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:35

They set off on their way. Russell was arrested and sent to spy from them, he went to a bar to see what's going on. And he found out that they were preparing to get out of a boat and go towards a banker. So then the rules are seldom knew that they were going to meet halfway somewhere. Some way they're going to fight, the fight is going to happen. The Muslims are advancing.

00:32:36 --> 00:32:56

And the confer above the different houses are advancing as well. The Property Law Center looks at his army that's massive. It's the largest army so far, and there, and some of the newly converts, which were the majority, they looked at themselves for the first time. And they thought, Wow,

00:32:57 --> 00:33:19

we will not be defeated today. Because of our number. We are so massive in number, even a worker of the Lord and himself says Yasuda law, if we get defeated, it won't be because we're a small amount. And so a loss upon what I mentioned this in sort of the toga, he says that, remember the day of who named

00:33:20 --> 00:33:22

when you were so

00:33:23 --> 00:33:35

distracted by your size and amount, rather than remembering that victory only comes from a law, not from your strength of number and amount.

00:33:36 --> 00:33:37

But I'm not lifted.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:40

And he wanted to teach them a lesson.

00:33:41 --> 00:34:05

The proxy that I sell them enters Mecca with his head down, they come out with a bit of fury, and they forget that it is not your number. But unfortunately, the majority of the army was distracted by the amount that forgotten what happened in Ohio, in a hand up in the hook, it wasn't their amount. And now for the first time, why should they think it was their amount?

00:34:07 --> 00:34:47

The people of thought if they came up with Maliki mouth, and there was a man with them, a very old senior man who was extreme, who was a legend in war was over 100 years old, his name was derived, derived a very old man. And they all listened to him because he was a warlord. He was extremely tactical tactical in war. madaket, not aviana 30 years old. 25 years of practice, this guy had 100 years ago. He was a very old man, he couldn't fight so that put him inside of an oasis, and they sought his advice about war. So medic of no op wants to be the man and he's very young. He comes and says to everybody, let's take out our women and our children and all of our livestock, everything

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

everything we own silver, women and children livestock worth millions of dollars in our days today. Now this guy, right, the smart legend fighter, he says Malik, what are you doing?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:33

Why are you sending out the women and the children your wealth? Leave them here? He says, because I want the soldiers to not return back. I want them to see that if they return the fund is going to be killed so they can stay in war and endure a systematic. It says, Are you stupid? You are just a sheep herder all your life. You haven't got much experience in war. Do you think that when they get defeated, anyone's gonna think about their family or wealth, return them back and don't lose them. But medical or health didn't like it. He doesn't want the men to make his decision. So he calls the people and says, if you don't obey me, I'm gonna get out of here. So they all obeyed.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:45

And do right the guy. He said, Man, I have no saying this today. So they kept going. And they reached the place cold when a place cold.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:00

There the old man right says we're away. And he said we're in. Because this is a good place. Because if you didn't listen to me about bringing out the women and children, at least listen to me to stay in this area. It's a good area to fight against all right, but listen to you this time.

00:36:01 --> 00:36:32

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam arrives, the kuffaar put themselves in strategic positions very smart. right heel, left heel between the bushes between the palm trees and they were ready. The Muslims arrived there. But the Muslims are not prepared *, they are not prepared by focusing on Allah subhana wa Tada. They focusing on the mountain number they might have many weapons they have how many strong men they have, how many horses they have, how much might they have?

00:36:33 --> 00:36:34

big army

00:36:38 --> 00:36:55

is ordered to lead a large group about half of the army into the hills, and he thinks is going to come around the other side and capture them. But instead, they go up and they start getting attacked from right side and left side.

00:36:56 --> 00:37:17

And they start to beat the Muslims call it when he got off his horse. He tried to fight and many of them even put heiligen money down and he got stabbed from every side wounds on his chest wounds on his arms wounds on his face wounds on his legs. Until Harley the new idea fell. And he couldn't move anymore.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:21

He stayed quiet and just sat down.

00:37:22 --> 00:37:26

And the Muslims were getting massacred. So they started to retreat and run away.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:39

They started to retreat and run away. The promise of our center is still behind the mountain with his wife and a lot of his other companions. He sees the Muslim army running away. And he calls out Isla de la.

00:37:41 --> 00:37:55

Come to me come to me worshippers of Allah come to be worshipers of Allah. Allah doesn't run away. He says to them come to me why? Come and be behind me? I will protect you by the will of Allah. Why? Because

00:37:57 --> 00:38:15

they couldn't hear him. Saracen Kozue his uncle, Ella bass, and bass is a big voice. Remember? He says, Yeah, I'll call them back. So he says, oh, Muslims returned back to the civil law. But they couldn't hear him. Though too scared, they started running away. These are people new to Islam.

00:38:16 --> 00:38:19

Who was left, the elite of the Sahaba.

00:38:22 --> 00:38:25

The process of citylab best best Call.

00:38:26 --> 00:39:00

Call them in the people who pledged allegiance at the tree. Remember the ones that pledge allegiance at the tree cold in those are the most elite companions of White Mountain because their hearts are close to Allah, and they are trusting and unlawfully and there was only about a few 100 of them. They came and gathered with the process and that they heard him and they all stood behind the process send them like a strong arm like a building with its brick supporting each other as the processor send them describes that the Muslims are like one body. They support each other like bricks of a building.

00:39:02 --> 00:39:09

The province of aliotti Allahu Allah says, whenever the hate becames hard on us in war,

00:39:11 --> 00:39:44

we still hide behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so the Muslims charged in an orderly fashion. And the as they were climbing up the hills is only a few 100 of the Muslims, what they must do. He sent down NGOs. This was the second time the Muslim said we looked up into the sky. We were only a few in number. The other Muslims have left us they ran away and we gathered behind the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. As we were climbing up the hills, we were afraid but our trust is with a law. Suddenly we see like black

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

like darkness, a bit of dark fog coming from the sky very silently, and he landed on the mountains. And then before our legs we saw like images of ants crawling and then we saw the entity they look

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

When his foot came down, they turned their back and they ran away. Who were they? They were the angels of a lot. They didn't fight, but Allah, Allah sent them down to help the Muslims and all they did was they place the fear in the hearts of the enemies because the enemies could see the angels and they ran away they thought they got enforcement from the heavens.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:26

Allah subhanho wa Taala describes this exact moment in Surah Tauba Allah subhana wa tada says

00:40:28 --> 00:40:34

lapada no sorrow como long female Athena can hear it.

00:40:37 --> 00:40:39

Java con castrato

00:40:47 --> 00:40:49

la comunidad de

00:40:52 --> 00:40:53


00:40:54 --> 00:40:56

odb, Obi

00:41:03 --> 00:41:04

Wan, Sunni,

00:41:05 --> 00:41:07

meanie Noah.

00:41:12 --> 00:41:12


00:41:22 --> 00:41:57

at a loss it Allah has given you victory in so many instances before, but the day of your name, your mount and your strength distracted you and deceived you and it could not benefit you anything at all. Then you ran away. Then a law center is calm upon the believers and upon His Messenger, and he sent down angels which you could not see. And then he tortured the enemy, and such as the consequence of the disbelievers would find

00:41:59 --> 00:42:03

a law that said, so I'm a todo lo

00:42:05 --> 00:42:08

que la de de de Cana a economy.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:36

As for the believers who ran away, hello says and after that Allah forgave those who ran away for a lot is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful. Those who ran away came back and then thought if people retreated back to life, and they settled inside their castle, and now it also lets them reach the castle. They've got catapults, they got

00:42:37 --> 00:42:54

kind of machinery that they learned from sentimental fantasy from projects is the other sort of law use catapults. And he says he liked the idea, because they could have penetrated abortive castle. They tried and tried. But the people in life kept throwing arrows at them and the Muslims, what happened to them, a lot of them are jaggedy that will get him killed.

00:42:56 --> 00:43:39

Now I didn't mention that there are women and children and wealth, camels and sheep and all of that, where they remember when Malik given off, he said let's take care of women and children. They lift them all behind. And only the men ran back into the castles, women, children, cattle, wealth, silver, all of it left behind. The promise I send them goes back. And it says, then anyone touched to spoils of war, go and put them at this particular place. Nobody do anything to them. Go and buy clothes, new clothes for the captives, and clothes, the women, clothe their children, feed them from what you feed your families, and give them shelter and give them peace. look after them. They are a

00:43:39 --> 00:43:53

trust. didn't do anything to them. So we'll leave them there. And now let's get back to the thought if with a process that lives at the castle wall, he realizes that he can't penetrate the castle. So I'll send them retreats back. And they sit awake

00:43:55 --> 00:44:16

as they were sitting awaiting the last session and remember is highly dependent on who he wants them to join. So he goes up into the hill. And he finds highly determined when he still bloodied all over blood coming out from all sides of his body. And harder than when he was sitting down quiet with his back to his camera just waiting to die. And he's hidden dangling

00:44:18 --> 00:44:38

the progress of a lot of ceramics at Harvard. And he starts to get some of his saliva. And he used to place it on every wound of harder than what it smelled and place it on each wound and by the will of Allah subhanaw taala it would heal the wound and no blood would seep anymore. On every single room. They said there were more than 70 wounds and

00:44:39 --> 00:44:42

then the possible I send them with the heart and said couldn't

00:44:43 --> 00:44:50

stand up and go, current body by the will of Allah stood up and he judged This is a miracle from a loss.

00:44:51 --> 00:45:00

And the purpose of sending them is kind, compassionate, merciful to his companions. He loves them with all of his heart, always thinking about his character.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

I saw the LA Lakers when

00:45:02 --> 00:45:25

he went to a bar, and he retreated, set them down. And he built two tents for two of his wives, Xena, and osella. They were with him, they stayed in with him. And they all settled over there and place the siege around the around above that would not let them get out. If had supplies which will give them supplies, supplies or food for about two years. So the progress on the long run, he was selling them.

00:45:27 --> 00:45:27


00:45:30 --> 00:45:33

He gave him the option to come out and surrender but they're not surrendering.

00:45:34 --> 00:45:55

So the process of setting them gives them a harder time with the catapults and so on and so forth. Where the law seldom was sitting. Now there is a mosque there. It's called setting your mosque. And the people and the people who build that mosque, we're actually the people of thought because later on they embrace Islam, they build the mosque and it still last till today obviously renovated and so on.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:32

The people have got it kept on staying inside stubbornly they will not resist, they will keep resisting and then when that when he even given. So the prompts, although it was sending, when he found that he realized that they have grapevines, they're farming, this is the economy, this is where they make their money from. So in order to produce or sell them to entice them to give out because they thought we've got our fans, we can still live off them, we can still survive the process. The last seller then said, destroy their farms. Now it's haram to destroy farms. But for this occasion, he had to do it. Why if he leaves them, these were people who were the biggest threat

00:46:32 --> 00:46:42

left for the Muslims. And after all they have done they want to kill the Fatah seven killed the Muslims, he can't leave them alone. So you have to deal with it there. And then he said, burn their great points burn their house.

00:46:43 --> 00:47:09

But then the leader of the leader is the guy that abused the process. And in the beginning, remember, he comes out and says please give me peace, Muhammad, okay, you'll find it this, why destroy our fields. If you are victorious, you can use them yourself and benefit from them. And if you don't, if you're not victorious, then at least people can benefit from them and leave it up to God. That was an amazing statement that the Senate looks at.

00:47:11 --> 00:47:41

And he remembers even this is the man who abused the process. And it is the man is the cause of a sudden sadness for that year. He looks at him and he acknowledges that what he is saying is correct. So the props are selling anyone who ever approached him being Muslim or non Muslim, if they had a better, a better suggestion, something that would benefit people more. He would always take it even from the enemy. So he took it from him. And he said to the Muslims leave the fields. Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a new Prophet would do that.

00:47:43 --> 00:47:47

The process of a lot of money was settling as he is waiting, laying siege.

00:47:48 --> 00:48:06

And this presents want to say this lesson, no matter what you feel about someone, no way the heck them or you resent them, or they've done something wrong to you. A Muslim always admitted to the truth. someone tells you the truth, submit to my brothers and sisters, a strong person as someone who can argue and debate and shut another person up.

00:48:07 --> 00:48:23

A strong person is someone who when someone says the truth, they are able to recognize it and follow it. Even if it comes from a little child, even if it comes from the biggest enemy. Even if it comes from a non Muslim hate Islam. Even it comes from someone who doesn't like

00:48:25 --> 00:48:49

you accept the truth. And that is the strength My dear brothers and sisters. The process of our son was almost about to conquer about if when, remember that guy named Ojeda remember him, he is coming man. He embraced Islam, but he only really embraced Islam for the spoils of war and wealth. He goes jasola law, let me go and convince them to surrender. He says All right, good process, and I'm trusted.

00:48:50 --> 00:49:28

So this guy is a cunning, shifty guy. He goes inside. And instead of telling them to surrender, he says to them, huh? Your Prophet Muhammad, he has never seen such strict, like your castle, your castle is well protected. And I don't think he'll be able to penetrate it. So I want you to resist, keep resisting it. Now, why did he do that? He's a Muslim, but he's got hypocrisy. What is it? his tribe wasn't vegans. They had returned and he wanted them to share in the glory. Remember, the Arabs had this idea that if you fight and die, and you're victorious, you have something called glory.

00:49:29 --> 00:49:59

They fight for glory. So you may be benefited. And he wanted he's tried to re be remembered over time for glory. And they went valiant. So he thought if Mohammed takes over so I said, Look, we went to my tribe once share that glory when he mentioned. So he goes on to delay it until my tribe gets there. So Panama he wants his own muscle his own benefit at the expense of the benefit of the whole. When he returned back to the process of selling the products are selling system, what did you say? And he said the opposite. He says I told

00:50:00 --> 00:50:06

Stop resisting Mohammed has got the help of a lot and he will come in and take you out.

00:50:07 --> 00:50:26

Then of course our seven became angry and said to him you have lied. You said to them this and you said to them that and you said to me that he said I'm told him so again it gets flushed. And he goes, look, I'm still new to Islamia messenger of Allah. Allahu la the megawatt for me megawatt for me as to why

00:50:30 --> 00:50:40

this is funny story. I'd like to share it with you. It's true story could happen back in Lebanon. Remember, this guy had an affair with his friend's wife, where they

00:50:42 --> 00:51:00

obviously believe in a loan problem. So the husband comes into the house and the guy hid in the closet. So it looks it looks around and it opens a puzzle finds the guy the guy he gets so scared that he goes to start praying that's pretty there's a lot of thinking he's not gonna touch me when I'm praying.

00:51:03 --> 00:51:16

So I stopped for a lot of stuff for a lot. I remember once this got hidden in my car from the back, I can't outside looks at the car goes go Yeah, he goes from the shaper. He brings in religion into it. Does he pay me for my dance show you

00:51:17 --> 00:51:18

come and go.

00:51:19 --> 00:51:21

Sometimes parking your car other person hits your car.

00:51:23 --> 00:51:31

Lovely brotherly love for yourself. They bring in the religion. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Yes. Pay for my car. If you love me,

00:51:34 --> 00:51:36

Hero law, Jr. Jr. Jr.

00:51:38 --> 00:51:51

So my brothers and sisters Islam This is not what we're like if you love your brother for the sake of Allah give him his rights immediately. You have a business you employ people. So law seller said listen to this Howdy. Ah La Nina.

00:51:54 --> 00:51:56

Ezra, Ezra who

00:51:59 --> 00:52:08

give your employees their wealth they right before the sweat drives before the sweat dries and it's beautiful. It makes

00:52:10 --> 00:52:26

the employer get your right say sweating it means he's done his job before it drives painting. What it means is that you pay him at the what you have agreed at that appointment over is fortnightly or weekly or monthly. But the point is don't delay it from what you've agreed.

00:52:28 --> 00:52:33

So we're gonna sisters, this is the fairness. So I'm gonna hop stands up and it says in

00:52:35 --> 00:52:37

this arena, he's a hypocrite. Let me kill him.

00:52:39 --> 00:53:02

Typically, the process of selling books a homeowner says no Yamato, killing her. I want people to say that Mohammed kills his companions, because that's what they're going to say. Listen, listen, brothers and sisters, this man is going and putting his own benefit at the expense of the benefit of the whole. What did he do? He put the benefit of the whole

00:53:03 --> 00:53:36

and forget the man. Because there's something called Muslim. A Muslim Muslim has your own personal benefit and the benefit of the community. Someone may deserve punishment. But what do some brothers and sisters Don't misunderstand the holidays? If any of you sees a monkey or any of you sit around, change it with your hands. If you're not able to change it with your hands, change it with your mouth talk. If you can't talk, hate it in your heart, and that's the last resort. Some people misunderstand. They think that hating it with your heart is low.

00:53:37 --> 00:54:03

No, it's not. It's wisdom. They're just different options and see which one is better. If changing with your hands, benefits more than change with your hands. If changing with your hands is going to cause mapset meaning more harm than what is already the harm caused greater harm than what the homies they know speak. If speaking is going to cause greater harm than what the homies then hate it in your heart at least don't do more damage than that.

00:54:04 --> 00:54:36

Some people don't want to ignite it. Are you really talking for your ego? Are you talking for views? Are you talking for likes on social media? Are you talking so people can say wow what a great speaker is sick man sick dude. What a great is that we after all you have the benefit and the pleasure of the law. A lot of us will put our own benefit at the expense of others in business training in money. Anything result in your family will break up relationships for our personal benefit. No brothers and sisters are good minute looks at the benefit of the community before himself.

00:54:38 --> 00:54:46

I know some people say from now on I'm just gonna think about myself. Just myself myself. Yeah, you do look after yourself and things that concern you.

00:54:47 --> 00:54:56

But if you go out at the expense of harming the community, then no. You are going to harm yourself, your family, your children and the community because if we have the community we are harming ourselves.

00:54:57 --> 00:55:00

Can't you see brothers and sisters there

00:55:00 --> 00:55:14

People who still out there that don't want Muslims to be here, some of them, network against Muslims, we have nobody but each other really. We are the only ones that I'm taught to love each other like brothers and sisters. And to be fair, and just,

00:55:15 --> 00:55:20

we have each other my brothers and sisters, really the only people don't really care. If we don't look out for each other, there's nothing left.

00:55:22 --> 00:55:25

support one another. So it's all of us.

00:55:26 --> 00:55:35

Then sit down. And what happens? He sees a dream. He goes to sleep and sees a dream. He saw a bowl of bar.

00:55:37 --> 00:55:39

And he saw a

00:55:42 --> 00:55:47

a rooster coming to the bowl of butter and picking it and making the bowl full.

00:55:48 --> 00:55:49

So when he woke up, he says, Tom,

00:55:50 --> 00:55:55

this is what I saw. A law will not give me the permission to take over off

00:55:56 --> 00:56:04

armor the hopper is this and he says jasola law, do you want me to tell the Muslims to retreat? He said yes, tell the Muslims to retreat.

00:56:05 --> 00:56:10

So he goes out and says Muslims are full of lies, and commands you to retreat.

00:56:11 --> 00:56:18

The Muslims look at it. And they said what we're almost about to take over part of why retreat, why we still want to fight.

00:56:19 --> 00:56:22

He said the Messenger of Allah commanded you to do so.

00:56:23 --> 00:56:27

The alarm comes down and he says he receives command from the heavens.

00:56:29 --> 00:56:31

They simply try to convince him so we can keep going,

00:56:33 --> 00:56:39

that comes to home and will help us is trying to convince the Law Center to keep going but on top says to them.

00:56:40 --> 00:57:18

I will never do such a thing ever again. Do you guys remember the day we are trading, when all of us went against the decision of the law seller? Remember the agreement that he saw. And we thought that this is terrible. And I was one of them who said something that I would never ever say again, I doubt it. I doubted whether this was the right thing or whether I was doing the right thing or not. And now I regret it after seeing that in the Treaty of Philadelphia, that peace treaty that we did more Muslims converted to Islam. In only those two years more Muslims, then the conversion of people from the time that Rosa said and became a prophet to the day of freedom from tacos and became the

00:57:18 --> 00:57:39

prophet to the day after day Viet was almost what 30 plus another seven, that's 20 years, in 20 years is in two years. He said there were more Muslims to convert in Islam than in 20 years. No, I will not go against it. He says the truth. They said, Please just ask him. When the prophet SAW Selim realized that his companions,

00:57:40 --> 00:57:55

they their heart is to fight. He thought to himself, I can command but it won't work in the long run. They're not gonna like it. I want the house. So he said, Go ahead. You're gonna have to learn the hard way. He says, Okay, then fight

00:57:56 --> 00:57:58

wasn't a dictator. It wasn't a fairer

00:58:00 --> 00:58:01

is how it was with his people.

00:58:02 --> 00:58:06

The Muslims, in fact, even the non Muslims, or people, animals, everything.

00:58:07 --> 00:58:16

And so they fought for one more day. They realized the companions one more day that they cannot defeat two people have died. So then they said, you know what Rasulullah saw Salam was right.

00:58:17 --> 00:58:22

Let's retreat. And so they retreated from a pie.

00:58:23 --> 00:58:24

Where did they go?

00:58:25 --> 00:58:29

They went to that Valley, where they had left the spoils of war.

00:58:30 --> 00:58:33

Remember, the spoils of war?

00:58:37 --> 00:58:38


00:58:40 --> 00:58:41

spoils of war.

00:58:44 --> 00:58:46

They were approximately,

00:58:47 --> 00:58:49

just find the number how many they were.

00:58:57 --> 00:59:00

Anyway, the spoils of war brothers and sisters, they were

00:59:01 --> 00:59:11

in the 1000s 1000s of women and children 1000s of candles, 1000s of sheep. 1000s of ounces of silver.

00:59:12 --> 00:59:14

Yes, there was still there.

00:59:15 --> 00:59:15

He enters.

00:59:17 --> 00:59:29

And as he was entering, and then comes along from a distance, his name was Soraka. I don't remember sulaco. He is also known as Soraka.

00:59:32 --> 00:59:33

It No.

00:59:35 --> 00:59:37

And this man Soraka.

00:59:38 --> 00:59:59

He says you're a solo, blah, blah, blah. People don't know him. So that he takes out a paper remember, in the beginning when he was running away as a fugitive, and Soraka went after them and he found him in Albuquerque was about to kill them. Remember, he was the only one to come to them. And then his horse fell and he gave up and I said and wrote a letter to him saying the day when it comes that you want to come and see me

01:00:00 --> 01:00:03

You have this letter as a guarantor of your safety

01:00:04 --> 01:00:13

because he's trying didn't have a peace treaty yet. So he comes in and said, Who's this man and said, I've got a letter. I've got a letter from the Prophet look and said, Who's that? He says, I'm Soraka?

01:00:15 --> 01:00:20

And he said, Yes, yes, Soraka I it has come time for me to fulfill my promise.

01:00:21 --> 01:00:32

He comes in, and Soraka nomadic embraces Islam, he says the Shahada, and he embraces Islam, and then he asks him a question. He says Yasuda law,

01:00:33 --> 01:00:48

I have a pool of water. My camels drink from it. And sometimes other camels stray camels, they come and drink from my poop. I don't want them to drink. So if they drink from my pool of water, do I get rewarded from Allah?

01:00:49 --> 01:00:50

The Prophet sallahu wa sallam says to him,

01:00:51 --> 01:00:58

every Yes, you will. Everything that has lungs and breathes, and you feed,

01:00:59 --> 01:01:01

you will get rewarded from almost

01:01:03 --> 01:01:15

every pet, every insect, every creature, dog, pig, donkey, cow, Beast, camels, anything

01:01:16 --> 01:01:19

that takes from the risk that Allah has given you, you get rewarded for it.

01:01:20 --> 01:01:28

I don't want people now going and buying mosquitoes and putting their hands in the mosquito suck their blood, for example. It doesn't work that way. But naturally,

01:01:30 --> 01:01:48

sometimes you have a bit of food leftover at home, instead of putting it in a rubbish bin. designated area in your backyard. cats can hate birds can end isn't a correct. You see a house of ants instead of destroying their home avoid. You see a bird Leave it.

01:01:49 --> 01:01:58

Let it drink. Haha. Well, luckily, I remember this brother, I still remember he had a fig tree fix, you know fix fig tree in his backyard.

01:01:59 --> 01:02:22

And people used to say they didn't put a net over it. So birds don't come and eat or put some poison or something. Said blah, blah, blah, I will not prevent the risk which is naturally given to the birds. That is the kind of ate from the feed. So what do you get reward for every animal and creature and they make dog food? Isn't that amazing? Salahuddin informed us this summer brothers and sisters, then suddenly,

01:02:24 --> 01:02:31

seven goes to the spoils of voices, the women and the children. And he says nobody touched the spoils of war.

01:02:32 --> 01:02:34

Let us wait. Maybe

01:02:35 --> 01:02:42

Todd will come and embrace Islam, or maybe there will surrender. And we can give them back their families and their wealth. I don't want to take it from them

01:02:44 --> 01:03:11

is the military This is not after worldly possessions. They waited and they waited and they waited because you know the nature in the wars those days, you fight, you share the spoils of war. Women and children become captives. And they become slaves to the for the people because that's how the world worked. Brothers and sisters, nobody explained slavery. Otherwise they become public property, they have to do it. They had to do it to ensure the survival and protection of these people. And it also was the only one in the world who treated it with mercy and compassion.

01:03:13 --> 01:03:15

He says wait, suddenly,

01:03:16 --> 01:03:18

Russell was awesome, and whites and whites and they didn't come along.

01:03:20 --> 01:03:27

They didn't come along. So the prompts that I send them had no choice but to declare the distribution of the spoils of

01:03:29 --> 01:04:08

he named who's going to get what among them or hazard in and the answer. And he learned who's going to get what among the soldiers that fought he distributed. And the professor said, I'm a lot older than any spoils of war, a fifth one over five, a fifth of it, by law of the Quran goes to who to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he takes it but what does he take it for? He takes it to God and its people are in need of it. He would spend on them. He would spend it on the poor the widows the needy people who are destitute there's the content Casasola remember how we hear the Heidi's about this man came to us and and and this woman came to us. And he gave her this a nice to say it also like

01:04:08 --> 01:04:37

give me some of your wealth, give me an Easter, give them whatever he had. Those were from the spoils of war the fifth which he got, he never kept it to himself. In fact, most of them died with only seven dinars something equal to less than $7. And you sit there I show the law on how what's left of my wife she said 17 hours. He said give them what am I to say to Allah when I meet him and I still got 70 knots. Sir, I'm saying is so nobody can ever assume that the shaitaan coming to you and thinking the prophet SAW Selim takes a fifth he liked the monument.

01:04:38 --> 01:04:40

Don't ever assume that.

01:04:41 --> 01:04:52

So the process has certainly been distributed, but no one had taken against he lifted but it was by now, you know, on online like that. They're about to take it in a few days when they get back to Medina.

01:04:54 --> 01:04:59

When they got back to Medina, and they took the captives and the silver and everything like that the cattle

01:05:01 --> 01:05:14

The prophet SAW Selim realized representatives from a bar came to us. And they said, Mohammed, we have decided to convert to Islam

01:05:15 --> 01:05:17

all of a time to convert to Islam.

01:05:20 --> 01:05:24

In the beginning, they were finding they were going in.

01:05:26 --> 01:05:32

But when Allah showed him the dream, he said this morning, the sahabas went against this era cinema. Why? Why is it?

01:05:34 --> 01:05:35

No commission?

01:05:36 --> 01:06:03

Because Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to give some favorite people of life. Why? out of love for the prophets, Allah sallallahu, he made his two years ago, Allah did not destroy them from from the loins. They may be a progeny of people who worship you. And truly my brother, the Sisters of thought became one of the strongest Muslims today. They came to him saying they want to convert to Islam. It's a process accepted their conversion and their religions.

01:06:04 --> 01:06:06

And then they said yaroslava,

01:06:07 --> 01:06:08

the spoils of war?

01:06:09 --> 01:06:11

Can you return them back to us?

01:06:14 --> 01:06:15

processor London said,

01:06:16 --> 01:06:23

it's already been distributed by name, it's going to be very difficult for me to bring it all back to you. However,

01:06:25 --> 01:06:37

anyone who asks anything, Russell, any person who used to go to boss last Sunday, and you asked him for something, he will give it to you. You ask for forgiveness, he will forgive you, be it an enemy on an enemy. So Panama.

01:06:38 --> 01:07:04

So he said, however, make it easy on me. Choose Do you want your family back, or the wealth back? And I'll try my best. They said, which is a family, we went to women and children back. He said, okay, tomorrow at first time in mystery in my messages whenever we come inside. And I want you all to stand up and say, oh, messenger of Allah,

01:07:05 --> 01:07:08

please give us back our women and children.

01:07:09 --> 01:07:16

And then I expanded, he said, then I will say to you, in front of all the people is that then I will say to you,

01:07:17 --> 01:07:32

I give up my spoils of war and return them to. I'll give up my share. And I'll give them back to you. And the share of all the relatives of the children of my clan will all give them back to you. And let's see what happens.

01:07:33 --> 01:07:35

The process and knows what's going to happen

01:07:36 --> 01:07:36


01:07:38 --> 01:07:52

they see the process and I'm doing something. What do you think they're going to do? They're going to copy here. What if Russell was bent down, bent down to avoid a branch that was in front of him, they would bend down just for the sake of it.

01:07:53 --> 01:07:56

If he spent some oil, send a note, grab his spit. And

01:07:57 --> 01:07:59

if he swept that would grab and put on himself. So the law

01:08:00 --> 01:08:05

and the sahabas I don't know who's more amazing. These people also habits

01:08:06 --> 01:08:18

and how we taught them. So the next day, they did exactly that they stood up and they said Dr. Salalah. Please give us our family that props I said and said I declared that I give you back my share and the share of the sons of

01:08:19 --> 01:08:21

the Mahajan answer here is

01:08:22 --> 01:08:52

and as soon as they heard it, they said, and we all give our share back to them as well. Now, brothers and sisters, Look, I know you're probably thinking as normal. If you can go back to that time. This was unprecedented. No one in the universe in all the people of the world would ever assume that this was gonna No one's ever done it. No one just by merely hearing. And the process isn't even forced. Right? Just from the process and I'm doing it. They did it. It must be good enough.

01:08:56 --> 01:09:16

And so that took back their women and their children doesn't want their families. He wants a way out, always resorting to peace, always resorting to peace, my brothers and sisters in Islam. So they went back and before they went back to sources and I've said Where is Maliki been out? Remember the leader is where is it? This is Dr. Silva is still hiding in there. He's still hiding.

01:09:18 --> 01:09:30

The process of selling said Go and tell him. If he embraces Islam, and comes to me. He's free. And I will give him back his family and 100 camps.

01:09:33 --> 01:09:47

No one ever does that. No one ever does that. So they go and tell him that and he doesn't believe it. Because I fought him we wanted to assassinate he wanted to kill him after all that he says this to me. So he comes to them and embraces Islam.

01:09:49 --> 01:09:53

And from saw seldom gives him back his family and 100 camels

01:09:55 --> 01:09:59

and then he makes him and appoints him as the administrator of the Muslims of history.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:31

doesn't even take away their tribe doesn't come in and says we're taking over your tribe, never every tribe that took over. If they embraced Islam, or they surrendered on a peace treaty, he would make them in charge of their own. So you said you remain in charge of your people. Allahu Akbar, Malik. He was so affected by the process systems compassion and kindness like anyone else who ever met the purpose of the lesson. He said, famous statement. I have neither seen nor heard anyone like Mohammed so far.

01:10:32 --> 01:10:37

When he is asked to grant something, He grants more than what he was asked.

01:10:39 --> 01:11:17

If we are if you ask him any question, he will even tell you about the events that will take place tomorrow. He will tell you the future, he never held knowledge away from you. If you ask him. Anything, there is even a story here you're going to find a better way. He has a process of giving your spoils of war. The veteran comes and grabs the neck and he pulls it down until a mark is laid on his neck. He says give me some of your wealth. You had a sort of long process and I distributed everything. He said I didn't have anything left you came too late. Well, lucky did not rebuke him. Well let him not shout out he will not tell him off Not a single word. Didn't even raise his voice.

01:11:17 --> 01:11:31

He says but come to me to my home and eat from what I have at home and take from what I share with my family. And a better one went to the bookstore. I seldom spend three nights because that was the traditional the areas he ate and slept and took photographs on instead of having his own family. The next after three days he stood up in front of

01:11:32 --> 01:11:50

all the people and he said the better one Oh Allah have mercy on me and I'm Mohammed and don't have mercy on anyone else because no one else deserves it. He's one of those you know, you find them now on social media and people saying and no one else deserves anything just me seriously. And then what happened? The prophet SAW Selim looks at him and says, No,

01:11:51 --> 01:11:57

Allah Mercy is wider. Wider Why have you made restricted something that's so wide?

01:11:58 --> 01:12:06

He says okay, Oh Allah have mercy on me and on Mohamed Salah, Salah. And on to the believers process Allah said wider, wider, wider.

01:12:08 --> 01:12:14

Whoever deserves a lot of mercy in campuses, or can you imagine someone murders steals

01:12:16 --> 01:12:20

and then comes out and Allah still gives them rain to drink. drops of water still come down?

01:12:22 --> 01:12:24

They come out and I still drink from the water

01:12:25 --> 01:12:25

a lot.

01:12:26 --> 01:12:36

Allah Manny's the everlasting source of mercy means it never runs out. It's the source of Rahim. It means

01:12:37 --> 01:12:40

the one who gives mercy forever and never comes out.

01:12:42 --> 01:12:49

As the s&m is living this moment of people are embracing Islam by themselves. They're noticing the compassion, the mercy of the Prophet.

01:12:51 --> 01:12:59

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he takes a fifth of the spoils of war for himself, and distributes whatever was left. Now

01:13:00 --> 01:13:10

he goes, and he listens very carefully. Remember how he enters Mecca and about 1000 people embrace Islam. Among them is Allah Sophia, among others.

01:13:11 --> 01:13:19

And all those other people who used to be as enemies, but they related to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they are his real people. The makers Is that correct? animal has

01:13:21 --> 01:13:39

the answer. However, in Medina, they're not related to the proximal arcilla. But they gave him they supported him, they gave him shelter, they gave him from themselves, they have their wealth for him. They sacrifice their life for the price of lassa. But they're not related to the person. So I want you to listen to this. The messengers of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

01:13:40 --> 01:13:50

He goes to the to the people who had embraced Islam from Mecca, and some of those who are still non Muslim. And he starts to distribute the spoils of war to them.

01:13:52 --> 01:13:55

The Mahajan also just given up the spoils, so they got nothing left here.

01:13:56 --> 01:14:05

The rest of the spoils he goes and gives it to all those who are just converted to Islam or those who are close to converting or those who have shared with him, the people of Mecca and the others

01:14:06 --> 01:14:24

and are sort of watching this is giving all the spoils away. Today, he comes up to Abu Sofia, for example, the lead off koresh and his sons, and it gives him 300 cows 120 ounces of silver. ago Sophia looks at it and he says this feeder and

01:14:27 --> 01:14:29

I would rent some my father and mother for you Yara Salama?

01:14:30 --> 01:14:43

How generous and charitable you are. When we fought against you, you fought so nicely when we make peace, you made peace so nicely. May God reward you in good things.

01:14:44 --> 01:15:00

When he goes and he sees another component, later on became become software so far is still a non Muslim. And he was one month later, what does he see? He sees him staring at something. He comes in and sees him staring

01:15:00 --> 01:15:04

At a small value in that valley, there were camels and sheep.

01:15:05 --> 01:15:11

He says, You're suffering Do you like what you see? and suffering says, Yes, I do. He says here

01:15:13 --> 01:15:17

it is all yours and the valley itself. So fun looks at the process.

01:15:20 --> 01:15:20

He says,

01:15:24 --> 01:15:26

the heart of nobody

01:15:27 --> 01:15:32

except a profit can be so pure, and do something like this.

01:15:35 --> 01:15:36

Good and generous.

01:15:38 --> 01:15:38

For you,

01:15:40 --> 01:15:41

I conspired against you.

01:15:42 --> 01:16:04

And this is how you are your heart is this because that just forget about he said, I did not hate anyone more than the Messenger of Allah until the date when I took that valley thing. Then he became the most beloved person to me so far and embraces Islam, you can find the story inside volume five and 11 he Sham bookings for three

01:16:07 --> 01:16:14

now the unsold they seem the products are selling give out all these non Muslims and all these newly converts. And he started to talk.

01:16:16 --> 01:16:16

He said

01:16:18 --> 01:16:23

Muhammad, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam may have become sympathetic to his family.

01:16:24 --> 01:16:29

He's gone back to Makkah. And now he's sympathetic to them. He's back with his family.

01:16:30 --> 01:16:32

kind of forgotten about us Coronavirus.

01:16:34 --> 01:16:40

That kind of, you know, said that feeling. Look, you know, I mean, we supported him and now

01:16:41 --> 01:16:45

he's back with his family I guess. Get ready to go.

01:16:46 --> 01:16:55

Startup know about one of the leaders, he actually came to the class and let him said, I'm not going to hide this from the Messenger of Allah says you're a solo law. This is what the

01:16:58 --> 01:17:08

system said really. Says he says you've given all the spoils to the American people. And there's nothing left. They gave up all the spoils, and you gave them nothing.

01:17:10 --> 01:17:13

And it says though, you're feeling you're missing your family

01:17:14 --> 01:17:23

from Santa Sallam said, one time, what about you, your son? He said, Your Mama, I don't agree with them. But I happened to be one of their people. That's all.

01:17:25 --> 01:17:28

He said, gather him for me. And Wait for me to come to talk to him.

01:17:30 --> 01:17:33

So the process I send them came to them. And he said,

01:17:35 --> 01:17:35


01:17:39 --> 01:17:41

my life is together with your life.

01:17:42 --> 01:17:44

My death is together with your death.

01:17:47 --> 01:17:48

Is it true? What I heard?

01:17:50 --> 01:17:52

said you want to sue the law? What do you want us to say?

01:17:53 --> 01:17:54

He said, Oh, I'm sorry.

01:17:56 --> 01:17:59

Did I not come to you when you were in the wrong path?

01:18:00 --> 01:18:02

Did God not grant you guidance through me?

01:18:04 --> 01:18:12

Did God not make you rich when you were poor through me? You were enemies of one another? Did God not soften your hearts and unite you?

01:18:14 --> 01:18:52

And all the unsolved said with one word. Yes, a messenger of Allah. You found us in darkness. We attained light thanks to you. You found us near a hole of fire. We got rid of it. Thanks to you. You found us in aberration cleaning in lost wood. And we attained the truth path. Thanks to you. We accepted Allah as Lord Islam as the religion and Mohammed Salah Selim as the Prophet, the rights and boundaries of Allah and His messenger on us a superior to everything. We are grateful to Allah and His Messenger, a messenger of Allah, do whatever you wish.

01:18:54 --> 01:18:57

But despite that, the professor said and did not finish. He continued

01:19:00 --> 01:19:00

on so

01:19:02 --> 01:19:03

if you had wished,

01:19:04 --> 01:19:06

if you had wished,

01:19:07 --> 01:19:13

he could have said this to me. And it would be the truth. And I will not say anything back.

01:19:14 --> 01:19:15

He could have said

01:19:18 --> 01:19:19

messenger of Allah.

01:19:20 --> 01:19:25

You came to us when you were rejected by others, and we sheltered you.

01:19:29 --> 01:19:33

You came to us when you were left alone, and we helped you.

01:19:35 --> 01:19:40

You had been kicked out by your people, but we looked after you like our souls.

01:19:42 --> 01:19:47

Yes, if you had said so. I would have confirmed your statement.

01:19:51 --> 01:19:59

Do you not want to return to your land with the messenger of a law while they leave the goods can bleed with the goods camels

01:20:00 --> 01:20:13

And shape which they have obtained? And the answer said, Yes, a messenger of Allah, they looked at everybody. And you can see the entire thought crying and wailing until their beards was soaked with tears.

01:20:15 --> 01:20:32

Let them go with their camels and their belongings initially. And you return with the messenger for law. If you had wished to say, I cannot deny, you could have said, a messenger of Allah, you came to us, they kicked you out, and we sheltered you, you were barren and we gave you you were destitute, and we they said, You're a liar and we believed you.

01:20:34 --> 01:20:45

Brothers and sisters who have us is able to humble themselves that way and admit when people have helped us and return the favor with only a messenger of a last time that I can do this in absolute bite.

01:20:51 --> 01:20:53

And we hear about our brothers and sisters in places like China.

01:20:56 --> 01:20:58

We're calling out of there are no Muslims. Therefore,

01:21:00 --> 01:21:03

we hear about our brothers and sisters in Palestine, in Yemen.

01:21:05 --> 01:21:09

In all parts of the world, they cry night and day and there are no muslims for them.

01:21:11 --> 01:21:13

And we are here in the state

01:21:14 --> 01:21:18

bothered with simple first world problems,

01:21:20 --> 01:21:26

fighting each other being upset at each other over selfish things. My brothers and sisters in Islam not to put guilt in your heart,

01:21:27 --> 01:21:29

but to refocus our priorities as Muslims.

01:21:32 --> 01:21:39

Focus on your family. Focus on yourselves see what is wrong with you first, and then on mobile change what is around you.

01:21:42 --> 01:21:46

The statement of the prompts are send them reverberates until today until the end of time.

01:21:48 --> 01:22:26

Do not return after me. People who will who will strike each other's necks do not return after me backbiting and gossiping about one another and ripping each other's honor apart, do not turn after me separate oppressing each other and taking each other's property and wealth. Well Conway by the law he'll be worshipers of Allah brothers and sisters. farrakhan era de nada Rajan in 11 taqwa there is no difference between an Arab and non Arabic sipped in piety. Even till today, we still hear nationalism coming out when the anger arises when your emotions arise when we talk about politics.

01:22:27 --> 01:22:37

Through a Latina process, Adam said leave it for law here is a stinking caucus. You our brothers and sisters in Islam, the strongest bond ever.

01:22:39 --> 01:22:41

Then the process, send them went and he did his ombre.

01:22:42 --> 01:22:43

And he appointed

01:22:45 --> 01:22:59

a governor to Mecca and more I have the pleasure but I do not want to look after the people to teach the people Islam for an America and the process of selling them returned with the answer to Medina, a few days before the end of the

01:23:00 --> 01:23:04

in the 11th year of Asia.

01:23:06 --> 01:23:07

My brothers and sisters in Islam

01:23:10 --> 01:23:17

there's one thing I also want to mention, and it's probably good to talk about it. When the Muslims were going off to a bar,

01:23:18 --> 01:23:20

they pass by a tree

01:23:22 --> 01:23:26

and I found that some Arabs used to have their weapons on that tree.

01:23:27 --> 01:23:32

And they used to seek blessings from that tree with those weapons.

01:23:33 --> 01:23:42

So the newly converts the people from Africa and some of the Arabs they said jasola if john lennon unwell camera

01:23:44 --> 01:23:46

a messenger of Allah make for us a tree

01:23:47 --> 01:24:00

a good luck tree where we can hang our weapons on it. Just like these people have a good luck tree to hand their weapons on it. They still have political as you know, still a habit in their thought. Although they didn't believe in it, but still it affected them.

01:24:02 --> 01:24:19

So the process was set them said to them, Allahu Akbar. Well, why you have said exactly as the children of Israel said to Moses, is unwelcome and under the exact same way our lawmakers Good luck trees like they have good luxuries. He said this is polytheism leave it for his shook.

01:24:21 --> 01:24:26

Examples of these things today are lucky charms that people believe

01:24:27 --> 01:24:42

or ambulance or superstitious beliefs that people think about that it gives them good luck. This is my dear brothers and sisters in Islam shake. Some of it is minor shook and if you believe in it instead of a lot, it's major shake.

01:24:43 --> 01:24:59

Some people they say see a pin, pick it up. And all day long. You'll have good luck. See your pain, let it lie and your love will pass away. These are common things you might have heard before. terret reading

01:25:00 --> 01:25:18

palm reading all of this ship whoever attends a palm reader and does not believe what they say 40 days of the prayer will not be accepted this hadith in Sahih, Muslim and bajada Whoever believes what a palm reader or a soothsayer or fortune teller tells them, they have disbelieved in

01:25:19 --> 01:25:21

that idealism, Bukhari and Muslim

01:25:23 --> 01:25:34

superstitious beliefs, seeing a black cat passing your way as bad luck, for example, rabbit's foot brings you good luck. I don't know what knocking on wood.

01:25:36 --> 01:25:52

Because I used to believe that spirits used to hide in trees. So knock on wood. So whenever someone sees your baby or sees your beauty or something like that, what do some people do they say knock on wood, so they don't Jinx you. This is shake you believing that this wood has the power that Allah has to protect you from something superstitious.

01:25:53 --> 01:26:30

And one of the most widespread things that are happening now especially among youth, and a lot of women. I hear it a lot of the zodiac signs, Star signs Zodiac in a Herald Sun and find at the bottom. newspapers. Be careful today, full moon, this is not going to happen to you, if you were born on this day, the positioning of the stars or like this position of the sun was like that, it means that you're like this, and you're like that people, people, they look at it, and they kind of make a connection. They say, Well, you know what, I am that type of a person. Man. The other day I just did it, this must be true. But it's a psychological thing. I can tell you anything. And most

01:26:30 --> 01:26:31

likely you have

01:26:32 --> 01:26:38

you believe that I can now make a religion, you can come down and start believing that I'm blessed in some way.

01:26:39 --> 01:26:44

astrological beliefs, believing that the month that you were born,

01:26:45 --> 01:26:50

the month that you were born, reflects the position of the sun.

01:26:52 --> 01:27:03

Although the position of the sun reflects the month that you were born, and it determines your personality, your character, your emotions, and how these factors affect your relationships in life. Because you start thinking about

01:27:04 --> 01:27:36

your whole life starts to rotate around. And that's because when people don't have a solid belief in a law and something that is true, they want to hold on to something else. Look, it is true that when the full moon comes out, it affects the tidal waves. That's true. And it may scientists say it may affect the fluid in your blood, which changes your mood a little bit. But that has nothing to do with zodiac signs and astrology and image magic and I don't know what it's like a change of the weather. It affects your mood, if you sleep in a little bit affects your mood. Is that correct? Different hormonal changes affects your mood pregnancy affects your mood giving birth affects your

01:27:36 --> 01:27:40

mood. Isn't that correct? The wife talking on your head all day affects your mood, right?

01:27:41 --> 01:28:19

The husband token was here, the fixer mood. Everything really affects your mood. However, what do you do about it? Okay, go and take a walk, go and run. Do a hobby, really read and go out, do change your mind. Right? Take a break, do some weights, lift some weights, all of these things help you you don't sit there and say yes, because I was born in January. I'm a sarcastic person, I can't help it. A lot of other just decided to seal the fate upon yourself. Because you were born in January. Law change, help yourself and hamdulillah. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, there is no such thing in Islam as bad and we only have good omens, you're allowed. For example, as a cloud comes by and

01:28:19 --> 01:28:21

you say that cloud

01:28:22 --> 01:28:25

the cloud looks like a lover.

01:28:26 --> 01:28:30

Maybe almost showing me that soon. I'll find the love of my life.

01:28:31 --> 01:28:41

That's okay. You can do that. But you don't say the cloud is a god or that is definitely a sign you just say maybe a light is doing this. But to use bad omens is hard

01:28:42 --> 01:28:48

to say bad. Oh, this means this. So this means that something is blessed because of that or something is

01:28:49 --> 01:28:49

you know,

01:28:50 --> 01:29:04

is a great thing. Because look, some brothers once they were making a barbecue, barbecue, after they finished by me Ashes, ashes in the barbecue, so they spilt the ashes. And this brother he says to me, because what?

01:29:05 --> 01:29:19

And when I do that squint of the eye and they do that. I think here we go something angels are coming down on all of us saw this, the ashes went on the wall. After everything came down. We saw the name of a lawn

01:29:21 --> 01:29:26

Arabic commands or squiggly lines anyway. You can make anything out of it. Maybe

01:29:27 --> 01:29:33

I should have been becoming a criminal. I will never be this cringe worthy speaking from you ever again. If you want to be my friend.

01:29:35 --> 01:29:41

I can look at those lines. And I could be a Christian and say no backwards and says Jesus.

01:29:42 --> 01:29:43

It makes money then

01:29:44 --> 01:29:47

I can say Allah and the man next to Jesus, Jesus God

01:29:48 --> 01:29:59

is a little cross. So Pamela, brothers and sisters, we have two parameters. We don't need to resolve these little things. Oh, look, we found the fish and it's got this little planet looks like the name Mohammed

01:30:00 --> 01:30:05

So what did he learn about Montana has signs everywhere around you?

01:30:06 --> 01:30:15

The breath of air that you breathe in? Isn't that a sign from Allah? The hair that's growing on your hair right now the pounds that you have the fact that you can see

01:30:19 --> 01:30:32

which of the failures of your work can you deny? Everything is a sign of a loss kind of attire. But here's the thing. We take the signs of a love for granted and we forget my brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah is always showing us miracles in our life.

01:30:33 --> 01:30:35

That is their turn to Allah.

01:30:37 --> 01:30:46

Next week, insha Allah Allah, we will talk about the N days of the prophets of Allah Salah we still have market the book.

01:30:47 --> 01:30:51

And then the last days of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Two more lectures.

01:30:55 --> 01:31:02

Maybe next Thursday, we'll hold this class. If not, I will announce it on my Facebook page.

01:31:03 --> 01:31:07

If I may not be here, me to confirm it.

01:31:08 --> 01:31:13

I will put it on the Facebook page and the Bristol mosque Facebook page. Okay. Just to confirm.

01:31:14 --> 01:31:21

Joseph Hello. Have you heard the loss of a loved one in Edina? What have you been doing? While he was so happy he

01:31:25 --> 01:31:27

was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Battle of Hunayn and facing the People of Ta’if

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