Omar Suleiman – The Effect Of Laylatul Qadr On The Heart

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the impact of hesitation towards the Queen and the effect it has on one's deeds, emphasizing the importance of having a sense of success and being mindful of one's work. The use of Islam in achieving wealth and success is also discussed, including the importance of testing beer and achieving a greater share of one's speech, deeds, and wealth. forgiveness and a greater weight on one's shoulders are also emphasized.
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Dear brothers and sisters, may Allah subhana wa tada allow us to be amongst those who have observed Ramadan and have all of their sins forgiven and all of their deeds accepted, and may have lost some kind of insight to make us amongst those who if Laila to the Father has passed us in these first five nights that we observed it, and that Allah overlook our shortcomings and that Allah write it down for us fully. And if it is still ahead of us that Allah Subhana Allah wants to activate us towards it with the fullness of our sincerity and the fullness of our strength. And that Allah subhana wa tada accepted Allah I mean, I wanted to focus today in sha Allah to Allah with the few

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moments that I have with you on this idea of the effect that later on Qatar has. And I'll explain why I want to talk about that for a moment and shot lots on when it comes to siyam when it comes to fasting Ramadan, and Ramadan has a whole lot to Allah mentions that the sign of an accepted norm avant has a component of it, that is a feeling and a component of it that has a very observable impact in terms of your deeds. So when it comes to the feeling, the one who is pleased with the departure of Ramadan, and the one who is distressed with it's coming forward, that is a sign of Ramadan that is not accepted by Allah subhanho to add, that if one no Milan leaves, you are not sad

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over its departure. And when it comes, it makes you sad, you are sad of its arrival. That is a sign that you are refusing the gift of Allah subhana wa tada and you are not allowing it on Milan to penetrate your heart whatsoever. So that is the person who's fasting only is abandoning their food and drink for a month as an exercise. But spiritually speaking, there's no penetration. So that's the feeling of Ramadan. As for the effect, it's the consistency of your deeds, not the consistency in the same portion, but the consistency of an increase in your deeds after Ramadan. So there's a feeling and there's an impact and observable impact that I quit the sins that I brought to me before

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the Milan cookie radical Muslim Can I click the button under the name and company come under contact sakhon fasting has been prescribed upon you the way it was prescribed on those who came before you so that you may become more God conscious. That means leaving off since then I quit the sins are not simple observable, right? Or am I still doing the same since? And then did I increase in my good deeds or not? Right And is there a consistent increase in those good deeds or not? Whether that is that I'm now going to have a more consistent output of Quran recitation or prayer or coming to the masjid or fasting or charity or righteousness and good character? What are the observable increases

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in my deeds? So it's a feeling and an effect? What about later to cover?

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right because the Prophet slicin I'm putting Ramadan meme comment on my blog email and YT seven Wolfie Rolla humatrope Adam and dombey. Whoever fast the month of Ramadan with faith and seeking the reward will have all of their previous sins forgiven and then when karma Ramadan whoever stands up at night, praying the nights of Ramadan, Allah will forgive all of their sins and then whoever observes later to Qatar specifically, Allah subhana wa tada will do away with everything that came before so long as it was done with a mountain of faith and seeking the reward. So what is the impact while the impact the desired impact is very clear teittleman and fuchsia it is greater than 1000

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months I want the reward from Allah subhana wa tada right so I'm striving for the jewel of this month. Right the prize of this month is Nathan clutter.

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Is there an impact and an effect beyond that though, or is it just that I pushed myself and I hope I got it last night and the sunrise looked amazing hamdulillah I got it Bismillah Let's do this again next year. Is that it? Or is there anything beyond that? It's kind of I had the blessing of doing a program with Dr. Watson but never say happy to Allah to Allah and he was asked when is later to cuddle when is later to cut them because we get asked every day Did you see the sunrise? What do you think? Do you think it was last night? The rooster was crowing the dog wasn't barking. You know do you think the rain it looked right It felt good. The moon we start looking at science some of them

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based in the sooner right about the science. But the prophets lie some never abandon the messages after the 23rd night or the 25th night and said it looked like it was last night. It's not when it comes to you all next year. It didn't happen.

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But he was asked this question and one is laid at the other end he said one the other of Allah is greater in your hearts.

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When the estimation of Allah subhana wa tada has become greater in your hearts later to other work other work is an increase. It's an increase in Allah's reward and increase in the angels that come down. It is the night of power it is the Night of Decree. It has so many rich meanings.

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But when the estimation of Allah has grown in your heart, then that is a sign that you have observed and caught later on. Now let's talk about that for a moment.

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If you have been staying up all night when you hear the federal event and some of us throughout the year, never hear the event in the masjid except in Ramadan. Like we will never catch the pheasant anon in the masjid except maybe in Ramadan in these last two nights because we're staying up all night. And so you're hearing a Salah to hate them in a no prayer is better than sleep. And they're not mentioned here. The scholars mentioned here that every other event How are you gonna come to success because it is likely that you are doing something else during the other four prayers that you think will bring you a sense of success and happiness and Allah says hyaena come instead to

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success this is true success. But for fudges most likely throughout the year you're just sleeping your struggle is that is salon worth it enough for me to get out of bed right now. And to push myself and so that added push Salah prayer is better than sleep. Prayer is better than sleep. And what do you repeat? a slur to hate them? And I know you repeated as you're getting up right? Hey, I gotta get out here pizza Hola, Lakota. 11 remind yourself of the power and treasures of God. But when you hear a salon to hide them in a gnome indeed a salad to fade them in a no. And Subhanallah it strikes you differently when you've been up all night, right? Because it's like you're all you're

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craving sleep at that point. You're sleep deprived. You're waiting for veterans to come in to try to sneak in some sleep and you're hearing a slot to hate them in a no.

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And you might think to yourself at that moment. So Pamela, what did I put forth for Allah subhana wa tada and this is what the subject of this is. Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentions in admonishing the disbelievers webmap podar la Hakata reheat. They did not give Allah His do estimation. And what is that when they would ask these questions about particularly the creation of Allah? How can Allah control the heavens and the earth? How does Allah take care of the sun and the moon at the same time? How can Allah take care of this person and that person at the same time? What do you mean that the heavens and the earth will be rolled up in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala in a way that suits

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him Subhana Allah Thai What does that even mean? How do we how does Allah see all of this How does not hear all of this? How does the love know what's in my heart and your heart simultaneously? How is that possible loss pans out says Well, my father Allah hypochondria he,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, they did not give Allah His do estimation like you don't realize the power of Allah Do you? You don't realize how our lien how great Allah is, in his limitless power and ability. Remember, that's the content of Allah subhanho wa Taala had the power of Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions the heavens and the earth rolled up as an ambassador, the allot of time and how he commented on this idea, he said that the heavens and the earth in the palm of our hand in the palm of the Most Merciful in a way that suits His Majesty is like a mustard seed and one of yours. When we were talking about how the prophets lie, some said the courtesy the footstool, to the outage

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to the throne is like a ring thrown in the desert. These are all analogies for us to just understand, you can't understand how great it is. And so when that cut that Allah hypochondria, they don't get it, do they? They don't understand it, do they, the one who created us all with a customized plan, planning all of our affairs, nothing happens to us or for us except by his permission, not even a movement, or thoughts or look, nothing a heartbeat, the one who did all of that will resurrect it all without any deficiency, one that caught that Allah hacker coffee. So that's the foundation and then you go on to the other level of that. Allah subhanho to Allah

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mentions to us that on the Day of Judgment,

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala sets up the mela Xen, the scales. And if you were to put the heavens and the earth, in the scales and the magazine, then it would fit them, and it would weigh them. It would fit them and it would weigh them, it would fit them physically, and it would weigh every detail of nums panela.

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And the profit slice on them said that there are angels that have been created.

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Every single part of the heavens is occupied by an angel that is either in a place of standing, or a place of record, a place of bowing or a place of soju or a place of prostration.

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And on the day of judgments, all they're doing is doing tests beer, can you imagine they've been created and all they do is test me? they glorify their Lord, they don't do anything else. Every part of the heavens Can you imagine? pyla we have no idea

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idea how vast the heavens are, how vast the galaxy are, how vast the observable is what none of that which is not even observable. We're constantly trying to discover more profits like Sam said, not even a hand spin of four fingers. Is there not an angel? That is just saying Subhana Allah Subhana Allah be an Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Subhana labial Allah subhana wa biella Helene, glory be to my Lord, the Exalted glory beat to my Lord the most time. And the Prophet slice of them said that on the Day of Judgment, Allah Subhana, which sets up the scales, and he commands them to raise their heads. All they didn't do suits for a night. They did suit for an existence the entire time.

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prostration so panel,

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and they look up.

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And the first thing that they say is sapan Anika mabbott. NACA Hi, brother.

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Glory beats you, we did not worship you as much as you deserve, or you have the right to be worshipped.

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Think about that for a moment. Not a night, not even eight years. From the time they were created, to the time of the day of judgement, nothing but test to be glorifying the greatness of Allah. And on the Day of Judgment, now you can raise your head.

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So Kanika macrobert. Naka, how about the tech? I didn't do enough. You should have been worshipped more. You deserve more than this. But this is all that I could physically have given you. Now, the angels never got distracted by food and drink and intimacy because they don't do that in Ramadan or outside of Ramadan. They never got distracted by choice. They're not like human beings. All they do is worship Allah. And that's all they can say on the day of judgment when they see the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We didn't do enough. So dear brothers and sisters, what is the point of this for us in terms of a feeling and an impact of later on? In particular, there are three things that their intimate mentioned in terms of understanding, having a greater power of Allah in your heart, a greater estimation of Allah in your hearts, three of them. Number one, Allah is worth a greater sacrifice, a greater sacrifice, a sellout to hate them and unknown, I was tired. I'm sleep deprived. I'm hungry, I'm thirsty. It's hard, right? Sometimes it gets difficult, I feel the pain of that sacrifice. Well, a lot is worth a greater sacrifice.

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So the next time you're pulled between the voice of righteousness and the voice of wickedness, when you're prompted by the angel that prompts you to do good, and the shape bond that prompts you to do evil, which voice Are you going to listen to?

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A lot is worth a greater sacrifice for me. So you know what Allah is worth less sleep, a lot is worth more sacrifice a lot is worth the pain of sin, Allah is worth the pain of blame. Allah is worth all of these things a greater sacrifice. That's number one. The second thing that they're not mentioned is that Allah is worth a greater share. What does that mean? A greater share of your wasa in your means to reach him. And that is a summary when a bislama will either start starts off with the faculties that Allah has given you, of hearing Allah is worth a greater portion of what I listened to.

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Allah is worth a greater portion of what I look at. Allah is worth a greater portion of my thoughts of my contemplation my full adds what occupies my heart, Allah is worth a greater portion of a share a greater share of that. So it starts with that then they say, Allah is worth a greater portion of my time.

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Because time is a means to reach Allah, Allah is worth a greater portion of my wealth. Charity is better than what I spend for my own desires in this life, what I spent upon the poor and the oppressed for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada what I spend upon righteousness, my endo command, federal matter and the lie about what you have disappears. But what is with Allah subhanaw taala remains forever, it's worth more of my wealth. And so there's an observable increase. This is the observable part and observable increase in the share that you're now going to allocate of your speech, of your listening of your sight of your time of your thinking of your thoughts, and then of

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your wealth of your efforts of your deeds for Allah.

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A greater share and the last thing

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a greater hope in Allah subhana wa Tada. What do you want from Allah?

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You know, when someone makes that to Allah and there is a doubt, can you really answer me? Malka that Allah haka hackaday here? He didn't give a lot has do estimation.

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When someone is pulled you know, I don't know if his you know, am I going to really realize

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Like is Jana and what Allah is promising is it really going to be there and is really going to be all worth it not called Allah half the country he did not give Allah is do estimation.

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When a person seeks forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada they say I don't know if Allah is going to forgive me or not, you know I have some really big sins that I've committed naka de la hypochondria.

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You're not giving Allah His new credit. You're not giving Allah His proper estimation. All of that means a greater hope in Allah, increasing your hope and Allah, when you diminish your hope in Allah, what you are really doing is you are suggesting a deficiency on his part Subhana Allah to Allah

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and Allah subhanaw taala has no deficiency.

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And so your brothers and sisters with Layla Kadosh. In particular, if Allah increases the estimation, the father of a lot, the power of a lot in our hearts, the share of a lot in our hearts, that is a sign of an accepted data. And if there is an observable increase in your sacrifice for him, and observable increase in the share of your faculties and your means that you allocate towards him and a greater increase in your hope in Him, then that is an increase that we seek and needed to cover May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who observe Ramadan who observed will observe later than Qatar who realize its full reward and May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, reward us with

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what we cannot comprehend in this life will ask you not to hire on whatever what is greater than anything we could perceive? And what lasts beyond our perception, what lasts eternally May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the full reward of it And may Allah Subhana Allah forgive our shortcomings, because Mercy is befitting And may Allah subhanaw taala reward us despite the deficiency in our deeds, because generosity is befitting to him he is an fo al Karim. Allah in the careful one Kareem went to Hebrew half of our foreign Allah you are the one who forgives you are generous in your mercy and forgiveness. And you love to do so. So forgive us our love for everything

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that we brought forth a lot man I mean a photocopy of that was tough love the rock and we sat in a Muslim infested we don't know how to afford Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah while he was talking to a woman well a lot of them let me know and walk me nuts well misnaming and I would Muslim out here even on what might indicate some Iran Karima moody but that what Allah on the third and our hammer why for not whether to Adam Robin out but I'm not enforcing in I'm tougher than our top Hamlet and akuna minal hypersaline. Atlantis apparently in naquin nominal blood I mean, Allah for new Idina proper Hallmark Mr. buena salado webinar habba dynamin, as well as you know the

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reality now kurata ion Jana mattina imama Allah is Stanwell muslimeen Villa shell COVID kvb Allah one animal Slovak enough equally McCann Allah La COVID Vitamina. Frequently McCann alumna and Nikki lighting Nina Vitamina Westridge and out with one on the veniam sorry me about the lone Allah yet but i do an exam with them quarterback, well young her and in fracture you will carry with me here iluminado come to that current festival la escuela con was Kuru one and Emma is a duck on what are the kobayakawa Allah Ghana metal snowland Welcome

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