Ali Hammuda – The Heart-Mind Connection

Ali Hammuda
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The heart is also known as a local center of reasoning that we always thought was here, look at how the Shediac places a huge and noticeable emphasis that people that we point to as being here is in fact here. Whilst it's not not diminishing at all the role of the brain, this is a no brainer, because we see people who have accidents where they're knocked hard enough on their heads, lo and behold, there are signs of insanity, dementia and the rest of it. It's obvious but what Islam does do is shift a lot of the attention to this place here something that much of conventional cardiology and medicine perhaps is yet to catch up with and who knows maybe the coming years we will see more

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and more of it, reasoning is here consciousness is here duckula is here Eman is here. Hypocrisy is here. Allah gender junella Who said in the Quran, Allah Tala Barone of Quran and Allah Kulu in Accra. Do they not ponder over the Quran? Or are there locks upon the hearts so according to the book of Allah, what is it upon this? It's the heart Allah Jalla Jalla who said for to be either Kulu be him for Himalayas mountain, their hearts were sealed. Therefore they cannot hear therefore the primary faculty of Yering the correct message is what is this it's this according to the Quran. Allah said The earlier you heard in a fee the article ethically man Canada who there is a reminder

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in this for he who possesses What a hot Allah said in another explicit ayah Allah said I fell musc roofing Do they not travel in the lands further Hakuna Allah home Kulu ya que una vida so they may develop hearts that they can understand with our than we are smelling or ears that they may hear with listen for in the Halacha labs or indeed doesn't blind the eyes while I can Tana Kulu Gulati for pseudo but it blinds the hearts that are in the chests leaving no room for doubt what is being referred to here it blinds the hearts that is in chests achieve the Quran huge emphasis on this boiler King Allah hada in a common Eman it was a Jana houfy Kulu become Allah has beautified Islam

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in your hearts and then the Hadith What did the beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say at UCLA Hakuna a duck wha ha ha now he said piety is here it is here pointing to his heart three times what do you and I do when we want to say that we got things going on in our mind we say

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right prophesize and I'm saying it's the heart and the Messenger of Allah Allah who has said that he mentioned other a hadith that indicate that the center of reasoning is indeed the heart that to the bear the assignee haina man

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sent me out well a hopper Allah I'll be butchering the Hadith could see Allah said that I have prepared for my righteous servants in Jannah paradise that which no I have seen no ear has heard and no heart could ever imagine. So what is the central imagination according to the sun? So it's fascinating. It's fascinating.

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