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The importance of learning the Quran and practicing Islam in achieving success is discussed, along with the topic of the Hara and the importance of purifying the heart from the past. The speaker emphasizes finding passionate people and finding one's ego in order to achieve success in various areas, such as business. The success of VR in helping people achieve their goals is also mentioned, along with the importance of learning to change one's work and finding one's ego in order to achieve success.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah should have been a mere even most of us have.

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We continue with our discussion of the last two days

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on the four step process

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for learning, teaching and practicing of Islam, the methodology that allows for hoteller torches and evisa Lola is

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where a Los Angeles area to do la MIT he was a key him while the Mohammed Al Qaeda.

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You mentioned the importance of fill out the Quran yesterday of learning the Quran of reading the Quran or reciting the Quran or listening to the Quran,

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they will talk about the second issue which is persevere to know

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is a key and

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as I as I've explained before, the skier consists of the external and the internal, the external in terms of the Hara, in all its aspects, whether it is clothes, whether it is surroundings, our homes, whether it is in terms of puzzle, in terms of

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the external aspects of

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the skier, purification has to do with the Hara of the body. The internal aspect of purification has to do with the hair and

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the hair of the nerves first and foremost before everything else begins with cleaning and purifying the nerves from all forms are shipped and from all forms of copper from all forms of rebellion of Allah subhanaw taala and from all forms of ship, ship is the worst of the impurities. And the color of the believer is free from shirk. If the valve is not free from jerk, then there is a major problem in terms of the belief itself. So therefore, the first part is to remove all forms of shift from the cult

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in the cult, the two very hidden parts of Schick. One is what we know as Aria, which is to try to do any act of goodness, any act of worship, with the intention of

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not the intention of pleasing Allah pleasing to people. So Aria is a lot smarter, the most famous scientist and sort of in

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the desert for a little mousseline, Allah, Xena, Juan Salatu, Salam

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and sort of the noun. And as Roger said that these are the people who pray in order to show people.

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And then in another place, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned one of the effects of the Mirage again, where he said, Your Honor, nice

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when they're told to stand in Salah, camo ghazala, for the standard with laziness, Iran, us and also to show the people not to please Allah subhanaw taala. So the Ria is a form of hc. And this is internal dividend. Nobody can say about someone that he has got via only you know, the nanos that's why it is very important to purify the heart from the other former Sheriff is to seek help from others than Allah, again in the heart, where we look to people where we look to things and we feel that if this person is with me, my work will be done. If I go to this person, this will happen. If I go to that person, this work will you know something? So therefore you are your reliance in the

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heart is on the map Look, it is not on Allah subhana wa Tada. One of my issue is to say, he said, See the, the benefit of sitting in the company of Allah. He used to say that if you have a headache, you see where is your first thought?

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If you get a headache, see, well the first thought, is it towards the medicine? Or is it towards Allah?

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Are you asking Allah subhanaw taala to clear your attic? Or are you saying where is it? I do not

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know it is not haram to take medicine. We can definitely take medicine, we should take medicine, there's no great virtue of not taking medicine. The question is not that the question is the issue of taqwa where is the first doctrine

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is the reliance on Allah or is it on local law?

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And the same thing can be applied in all aspects, any issue of this world? Where is the first thought? A lot of earlier? If I have gods, if there is a

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there is a within the dispute between a work of the dunya and a work of Deen which takes precedence. I'm not talking about haram and Allah. I'm saying halaal work of the dunya is not a haram but we're not talking about Allah.

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And Hello,

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and welcome Allah, which takes precedence which will you say no, this cannot change.

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Which one will you say this cannot change? I will change the other one but I will not change this one about which will you say this many times it happens for a very simple matter

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while our own people who are Mashallah good in the deen Alhamdulillah we have a lot of love and respect for them for that suddenly one day they disappear. They don't come to the class Why? I had this work that work.

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So what did you do you give that work precedence over sitting and listening to the Corolla?

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In fact, that's what you did.

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Supposing instead of the glass of water, it was your shot. If it was your nigga, your wedding, what would you have done? Now that the

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point I'm making here is that which will you do first?

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This is all issues of the scale. Nobody said desk as easy.

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does get stuff and you have to work. Only then will the connection with Allah be established. Lega balogun

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Naka, Nevada Nevada, not

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even a massive amount of knowledge that in a in a Gora gusta la mina stable of art for 12 years Keiko what is the moment he

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does get enough data but

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he ruins it for the love of the arts use that because for that get enough sizzle his chef made him sit in the summer while he was working there was a given McCullough

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the Shan has to go out the ego has to come out. So he made him sit in the stable of the hearts for 12 years. He goes into an area

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topia jacket a camera

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and let's run it and then about this has given us many blessings in so many eyes and of the Puranas rather talks about the importance of this when he talks about cleaning the house from

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something which desire and something which is bought in inside

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the head I mean, ha Warburton

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something which is inside and which is outside cleaning. And as Roger said London aloe vera had

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to have been given up soon. Gavin.

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Allah says you cannot reach a level of piety until you given the bottle not that which you love.

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Why this insistence on giving that which you love, Allah is not saying you given the path of Allah that which is most expensive. Allah is not saying you've given the path of Allah the major part of your wealth, no, maybe it is something maybe it is a you know something which is really has no intrinsic value, but it has a lot of sentimental value for you, maybe you love this thing very much. That was rather it says you cannot read a law you cannot read the position of bear until you give in the path of Allah subhanaw taala that which you love the most. The insistence is on that which you love the most, many times and we explained that also we give the the examples of our headings,

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whereas the Sava was one of them, somebody gives us God and somebody gives that garden and people think that it has to do with the amount of wealth It does not have to the amount of wealth.

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It has to do with what you love the most. In some cases may not be wealth at all.

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It may be something else which you love very much which is I am going to give this up for the dollar amount that dollar took up you're not giving it another dollar is something else. Again, issue of Duff's issue of the skillfulness you have to clean the nerves from all forms of shift.

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And as we say,

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as soon as possible muscular

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disease that was Abba. In this time in your time if you leave if you leave one 10th of the deen Allah will destroy you.

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And is there a time we'll come on this oma when if they hang on to 10% of this Deen Allah will give them then

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we cannot say that that time is on us. Maybe it is a time much, many centuries later Allah Allah, but I'm saying that those who want to get close to Allah subhana wa jal and this is what all of us inshallah we want to try to do that we have to make effort. It is not going to happen without effort. We have to make effort. You have to take your ego and slaughter it.

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You have to take your nuts and

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do something which is directly against business.

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Give Allah subhanho wa Taala and dialogue with Allah and the closer to Allah as boycott them, and everything else. After that everything else can be changed everything else universe word, the word God Allah will not be postponed. If you may and believe me I believe I'm not I am not talking to you from my hat. I'm telling you from practice. You make that macadam, Allah subhanaw taala will make it easy for you to do the rest of this stuff.

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Yet Amara de la vida de La Hoya de Nicaragua South Africa to Devonport

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categorical MANOVA is out.

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Allah has done I will open doors, Allah will make it easy for you for all the other stuff to happen. If you make the work of Allah, this will not change no matter what.

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As long as there is life in my body, somebody can drag me to the place I will come rest of it I don't care. Unless you have done it will open doors for you. And all your other work will not only happen it will happen with great peace and great happiness. We have this discussion every time for ethica How many people have got coming via VR for the full 10 days who never believed in their whole life that they can actually take 10 days out

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guys that's the

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guys are blah blah blah It

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was a bad get the government doesn't matter if

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the same applies not only to attendees, the same applies in Java, we elevate our whole life for that in general.

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Many people, many people how can you go 40 days in the path of wellness? Well, there are people who are going six months every year

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six one they will leave their home and they will go into battle one has $1 every single year.

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We are with a

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the harlot Allah makes the conditions where Allah makes it easy for you to do the work of his division. So let's get the nuts consists of seeing and cleaning the knifes and the number one point of that is to clean it from ship from joining anything with Allah subhanaw taala in every aspect in words you've been asking for help in putting the work I love before the work other people and so on and so on. And then of course it consists also many other things tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about that was Allah Alana Vickery while he was named