Ahmad Saleem – 5 Things Colonizers Did To The Muslim Ummah

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The history of the European Empire after the Ottoman Empire fell to Muslims, and the goal was to protect the Muslim population. The Islamist movement disconnected people from their culture and made them aware of legal messages, leading to the discontinuation of Islam. The cultural disconnect between religion and culture is discussed, including the use of "naive" to describe spiritual experiences and the importance of acceptance and awareness of the Quran. The speakers also touch on the split of their country and the importance of their understanding of the Quran, as well as the need for acceptance of Islam's actions.
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When Rasulullah Salallahu, alayhi wasallam migrated to Medina,

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or yesterday at that time.

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The Arabs were not known in that area of the world in that Peninsula for any civilization or any hubiera. They had nothing.

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They had bunch of poetry, and fights between tribes, and no technological investments, no civilization, nothing. They were just living in the deserts like nomads, hopping from one space to another finding for better pastures and a better place to live.

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And for the first 20 years, within the first 20 years after the Hegira, we had Muslims that were knocking the doors have the two of the greatest civilizations of that time, the Romans and the Persians. And within the first 30 years, both of these civilizations falls to Muslims. And in the first 50 years,

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Muslims were at the peak of this power, that you had somebody like Harun or Rashid, who sends a letter to the Emperor of Rome, Nicolas at that time, and sells him Oh, nuchal Nicholas, the dog of Rome, you better surrender the Muslims back to us, or I shall send an army, the beginning of which will be at your doorstep and the end would be in Medina.

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So the Muslims reached to that power in 50 years. This portion of history,

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historians are confused about have no answer to how such a revolution took place, where from being almost nothing, they ended up being one of the prime civilizations of that time, and they conquered other civilizations and other civilizations left their ways

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and assimilated into Islam.

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But the enemies at stake,

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they started studying this. And they realized that there has to be some source of that power.

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And if you were to look at that power, in the form of a building,

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which had five floors and a foundation, so they started studying it, and they realized that despite the fact that the Muslims had different states, but they still followed a theocratic stewardess ship model of governance.

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So religion rules, but it's the stewardship model, where the best is the one who is in charge of everybody else.

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Not who has the most money or who is the most eloquent. And that carried on for centuries until you had the Turks that controlled a massive land portion that no other

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country has ever ruled.

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under their rule, you had 55 Different nations that were all considered one with one Khalifa, one doctrinal, one religion.

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But the enemy's wanting to study what can they do to demolish this and they realize that the power lies in the system of Khilafah.

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So they come and they demolish the first floor completely. To their surprise, if a body has been chopped off its head should not survive.

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But for almost 400 years, after the Khalifa was only a figure of puppet had no power for 400 years, the Muslim ummah survived. And that puzzled them.

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And they went to work and they said, What is the second

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floor? What is that second floor that is still keeping everything intact? And they realize it was nothing more so. To their surprise, it was a very simple thing, which they never thought of, which was every single person during that era was connected to Quran and they understood the Quran because Arabic was taught from the beginning. Everybody had enough grasp of air

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Arabic they could not speak Arabic, but they understood the messages of the Quran that were recited. Day and night in the Salas, they were able to fill their hearts with the message of the Quran. And that is what colonizing powers did to the Muslim lands. They disconnected you and me from the Arabic language and they disconnected you and me from Quran and our generations of the past, to the extent that if you go to certain subcontinent certain countries in the subcontinent, if you enter the masjid, you will hardly find a translation of the Quran in that Masjid. Because it became against a really your religion. We are not qualified almost like Catholicism, we cannot interpret we cannot

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touch this is sacred. It has to be kept sacred. It has to be protected, and they are protected. And in their zealousness to protect anybody using the Quran for their power you had a generation, almost three generations of the subcontinent in other parts of the world that grew up only reviewing Quran to be in the bookshelves and kept in some nice wraps. And those wraps crossed sometimes more than just the Quran.

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And it became a ritualistic connection to this sacred text, not any connection whatsoever to for this text to inspire us.

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I still remember the moment in one of the messages on Eglinton where Dr. Idris and myself we had prayed this has many years ago. And you had some people who had just recently graduated from some subcontinent madrasah system, some very famous mothers I don't remember. And I still remember that person arguing with doctory that he's saying that we can masses cannot read the translation of the Quran. It's haram on them.

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And he was trying to explain to him this is not the case.

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But that was the case if you go to Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, you talk to the masses, they are scared to touch the translation of the Quran. And if anybody creates the awareness of understanding the Quran, then you must be Jewish funded.

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Or you must have funding coming from the west, you're a pill and imagine the right thing to do even that has been. So if you're on the right track, you will be labeled in a way that liberal you do not want in that society and you will be sidelined. The surd thing they did in the second source the second floor once they disconnected, they were able to play with our minds and the narratives that they will do it the way they wished. And the next thing they did

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is they disconnected an entire generation from the Sierra, the life of Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Islamic history.

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When you disconnect a nation from their past, you can create whatever past you want for them. And that past becomes a source of controlling them in their present.

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So they disconnected us from that past see it all it can you imagine we have a group of kids growing up here in another message where I work as an Imam and I was there and I told them Did you guys know what happened in the 10th of Muharram they knew the story of Musa Ali salaam but they did not know anything about Karbala. ajeeb a generation has no disk. No connection to when I said to them, Do you know what happened in the month of Robbie will a will? No idea.

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Your own prophet was born in that month you have no clue about it. Because we are so disconnected from his Syrah. Then, the only thing that was left for us to assimilate with Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was certain ritualistic daily practices that the Ummah was content with as long as I pray too soon as after the horror and as I do that few sinners here and there I have a connection with Prophet sallallahu Sallam and that becomes a pacifier for us that we are connected to sunnah. But that is not what the Sunnah is. That is why Allah subhanaw taala questions in the Quran? Um, let me get out of it for us hula hoops Do you? Do they not know their Nebby? Their prophet? Do they not

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know him? Um, the hormone Quran? Or are they in a state of incar and denial and lack of understanding for this interview?

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Recently, a person came to me and told me that he works for a consulting firm, and a project arrives on his table because he speaks Arabic and English. And the project was initiated by a corporation somewhere in the West and the project outlines that we need to go to a Muslim country where

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or the ruler of that Muslim country is adamant about protecting the Islamic history department.

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And we have to create a business case for him, to convince him to allow us to dissolve that Islamic studies history department.

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And these are one of these big firms. And that project he looked at it and he was like, asking me fatwa Should I join this? And I was like, I heard like, I have no words to say what? Like this was so shocking. This is happening now.

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So the disconnect from history, when you you and you disconnect a nation, a generation from their past, they have no pride in their identity.

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Because that question that every child is asking Manana, who am I?

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And the second question they asked, well, you should be human, who am I like, who are others like me? Those questions cannot be answered.

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And if there is an answer, that answer is not satiating enough for them. So it becomes easy for them to assimilate into something else within their school systems or society, because that's more visible and visceral and in front of them. But when we connect them to the history, when you disconnect them from history, you can do whatever you want. From that with that nation as the Arabs used to say that those who are Jai * of their history for it will be him Tasha, do whatever you wish with them for in the home Hummer John Alba him they are like barbarians or worst animals.

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Then when they demolish that third floor, they were not done. So they said, What can we do because even though we have disconnected them, there is something else still protecting this Oma. And that was the culture.

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The things that were cultural practices universally across all Muslims.

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You go to any McDonald's or Tim Hortons and you see a Muslim sister or Muslim Brother, you look at their name, and their Ahmed or ideal or Aisha and you say assalamu alaykum and they feel shame in responding to you in that.

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What would others say about it?

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And even if they do, it's a subtle noise, because they don't want to be known.

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So when you remove that cultural practice of sending salams to one another, honoring our parents and respecting our parents, taking care of the elders in the society, giving food for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala giving sadaqa sadaqa giving Dawa to the people that culture that was universal across all Muslim Rand's despite our ethnical cultural differences. They boiled them down to if you ask any person who goes through any herb lands if he goes to Morocco, Dubai and stuff, what did what was there? Oh, that was a great place to have a lot of fun, great food, sand doing belly dancing. Great.

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So Muslims are now confined to that funding went in ways to produce Can you imagine you cannot get funding for a religious organization or anything religious, but you can always get funding for dance studios from the West, in the Muslim lands.

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There are these orphan girls from Lebanon. They've been going around on this Got Talent Britain got talent and stuff from Lebanon, many of the Muslims in there.

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One guy decided and applied for funding and now they're traveling across the world and everybody is celebrating that your culture is so rich in taking these young girls and stripping them off their clothes and making them dance in front of the world. Masha, Allah, what a great cause.

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And you have somebody who says, Oh, this is so deserving, because you're coming from such deprived lands, we will give you a Golden Buzzer for that too cheap.

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And then the conversation that happens at school, that Muslim teenager who's coming to a masjid and who sees that that's not the culture, but they have to concede.

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And they say no, no, that they're Muslims, too. Yeah, that is our culture. We're very lit and very light and all of this stuff.

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Once they removed our cultural values, despite that, the Muslim ummah did not fall because we had something greater in the fourth floor, which was our o'clock

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our moral values and ethics, the moral values and ethics that surpassed any other of that time.

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Woman inherited in Islam long before

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Well, I mean women inherited just 70 years ago in these lands,

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the lands that were you and I didn't have inheritance up until 7080 years ago. So our morals and ethics were ahead of time, way before the West.

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But they eliminated those morals and values.

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That is why a child he says that when the o'clock have a comb, if the Habu that when the clock when the character and moral values of a nation leaves, the hub, the hub Kulu home, the entire nation just leaves.

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That is what happens to nations when they lose their character, morals and ethics. And they did that through what they did that through mass production of media. You have children that are in Pakistan and India and Bangladesh and Syria and Egypt that are eyeing and hoping that they can get one day an opportunity because they have seen these Bollywood or Hollywood or Hollywood movies. And they want to go and live the American dream and be that star who came from Pakistan or Philistine or Arab world and made it in Hollywood.

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And they become the stars.

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So mass culture Dissemination to the Muslim lands and other lands to

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and when the culture and moral ethics and values were completely gone, they were still not done with us. Because what they realized is no matter what happened, they have demolished the Khalifa and all the success of parts that were protecting the OMA there were something that kept uniting us.

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And it was the unity and the wish.

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of the Obama

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a Muslim in India would feel the pain of Muslim in follows theme.

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On a one call of sayfudine Autos in the 1500s 5000 Indian soldiers marched to defend the fellows Thien crossing valleys and rivers and without having proper gear to actually make it many of them died in the way on one call.

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So what did they realize they said this OMA as long as they're united with their kalima and their singular identity of us being Muslims, we need to create sub identities.

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And that's where in the 1911 or 1918 Decide speaker agreement, where three individuals from France and a British and Russia, they sat together and they said, Okay, here's the entire Muslim worlds of 55 nations, how do we divide them? Russia said, We want Anatolia, France says we'll take the upper part of Morocco and Maghrib, and all of that, and they divided that whole map on a dinner table.

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And Britain is like, Okay, we'll take the Levant and Israel and the Saudi, and then they used the Arab nationalism,

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and created armies from the Arab lands to fight against the Turks, their own Muslim brothers. And then they colonize those lands. And the only deciphering factor when they entered India, how do they differentiate between a Hindu and Muslim, those that lived together for so long? They said, one worships the cow, the other eats the cow.

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That's how you look at Muslims and non Muslims. We were boiled down to our practices, whether you eat meat, you're Muslim, if you don't eat meat, you're Hindu.

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And then when the time came, and they realized that they were losing power. I'm not even going into the whole events that took place in Iraq and Egypt, in Yemen during the reign

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of the queen who passed away with her commands. But when the power was dissipating, what happened? They left every single Muslim, no Muslim doesn't matter. They left every nation these colonizers in a parallel state of fighting within themselves.

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So you have Yemen and Saudis for the last 100 years been fighting over a piece of land.

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You have Sudan, South Sudan and Upper Egypt you have they been fighting over a piece of land. You have Indians and Pakistanis fighting over a piece of land. You have Nigerians, North Nigeria, not a Muslim country fighting over a piece of land. You had Rwandans. We've given a football bat that in Rwanda, they deciphered and separated the people based on the size of your noses. lineup, we're checking

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With vernier calipers, how big is your nose? On this side? You're the Tutsi, if you got a smaller nose, you're the Hutus. And then you had the massacre of 1996, where more than a million people were killed in 10 days, the entire world, including the Canadian Prime Minister, everybody stayed silent, no media coverage about it, because there was something of their own doing.

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So they divided this entire Ummah, but they were not done. They said, but the nation that is left behind, it still had power. So we have turned them into countries and dolars. But each country is still rising up against us. So they divided that country

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within themselves into castes.

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The other day I was in a store, and somebody was talking in their last name was docile, and they said, Oh, this is a moment.

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And the other person said no, but but you're a muhajir

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in Canada,

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and I'm just overhearing this conversation. A jeep jeep.

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A baton will not marry a Punjabi a Punjabi will not marry a Cindy Cindy up a Punjabi will not marry Orion will not marry this caste and that caste will not marry this and a jet cannot get married to a but I cheap

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and they left us fighting within us and they mock us now. Look at this Omar.

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So the question is how do we rise back? We rise back by this one verse of Allah subhanho wa Taala irrespective of the nations you come from, why tell c mu B Hubballi. Allah we have to connect back to the Quran. And the command over here is why I tell c mu i eat all of us who have been divided we all need to collectively come combined collectively come and agree that whatever the Quran says is my Deen

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even if my culture culture from Pakistan, India, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, whichever country I come from Somalia, Africa, Yemen, if it contradicts with this message, then the message takes precedence over my culture.

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The precedent takes is the Quran. Then Allah says why just the more we humbly law his hand and then Allah says what are Allah for roku? Do not divide yourselves, what is fit up? Do not group yourselves into subsections this that it's the Quran that shall unite us. And it's the awareness and the MaHA Sabha of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that would enlighten us but that can only happen if we have no idea

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if we have awareness about him

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that's why I read the I am let me get ready for Allah is saying Don't you know the Nabhi How do you know the Nabil? We've talked about this in this course but before the five sciences you will know that Nabil through Sera, you know the NABI through Shama l his characteristics some law of cloak that he wore, how did he dress like the five different colors of enamel that he wear, how many of us know that the clothes that he would die with the color of saffron, many of us don't know that. He would take his whites they'll put ziphone in the water and dip it and it'll get this yellow tint and he used to love that.

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We don't know our profit.

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So the mighty for happens through Shammah L. And then the other than that is the Hassan says there are unique things that are for profit but for nobody else.

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And then there are L to prove that he is the true Nabhi

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and then for ba L to prove that he is a little Ambia he is the best Nabhi. When you have this combined, you have awareness Madiba of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Once you have this Madiba it will lead you to muhabba

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you would love him. That is why Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi salam in an authentic narration, places love before belief.

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He says allow your amino duco none of you have Iman negation of existence of Eman in your heart.

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Until one year rasool Allah Hata Hakuna la him he wanted to he wanted he will not see me until I become the most beloved.

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I eat the love of Rasul Allah is before you actually believe in him.

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And then once you love him, it will compel you to do it the bar to follow

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and that is the equation that is required for us to connect with the Quran and to connect with the Sierra

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Rasulullah sallallahu collectively, individually in our houses, and then if we do that, we regain the first floor of that building, which was the foundational floor on which that 50 years civilization was built on. It was the man had ephah awareness and the love and muhabba of Rasulullah and it was the connection with the Quran. Everything else would automatically happen because Allah will be on our side. According to Cody ha That was tough for Allah Holly welcome Marissa. I mean, first of all, I know.

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Molina V Avada. And then we ask Allah subhana wa Tada that he grants us the ability to truly connect with our history. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada that he guides our next generation and the previous generation to the message of Islam. The message of Quran and the Quran becomes the light of our hearts. Quran becomes the light of our eyes, it becomes the light through which we make our decisions. And in its light, do we live and die? And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada that he connects us with the true Syrah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and grants us the mighty fall of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that permeates into

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our hearts and brings about the love of our NABI Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that love compels us to follow him day and night.

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