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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I greet you in the greeting of the prophets. They all said the same thing is be upon you.

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14 157 years ago,

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a window opened in the heavens.

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And God spoke to man.

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Loss of Rihanna data, sent his first message

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to his last messenger,

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Muhammad salallahu Alaihe salam, peace be upon him.

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The message was delivered by

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the angel Jibreel alayhi salam, peace be upon him, who is known in the Christian tradition as Gabriel.

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And the message was, here Cora bismi, Arabic Allah, the Halacha

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read in the Name of the One who created everything.

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The Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem was unlettered, he couldn't read. He couldn't read and write. He was an eloquent speaker, but he could not read and write. So you said to Djibouti, Lauricella visa I cannot read

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and Jabril hugged him and

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very tightly, and the Prophet Muhammad later on said I couldn't breathe. He hugged me so tight and released him and he said, Hey, Cara, this will up because you cannot read in the Name of your Lord, who created everything. And this happened thrice the same result he said I cannot read

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and then Allah subhanaw taala revealed the next three verses next year.

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Hello Collinson. I mean Alok.

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You call our bucola Quran, Allah the Allah will column ilevel in Sanam Allah may Allah He should read in the Name of the One who created everything you created man, mankind from a clot

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from something that looks like a clot of blood

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read in the Name of the One who created a new talk to write by the pen

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and he taught mankind what they do not know

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the word of the of the Allah subhanaw taala the Quran Al Karim

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is not a created thing.

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It is the actual speech of Allah. He spoke. And that speech was conveyed to Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam peace be upon him in several ways, one of which was through the angel Jibreel la salaam Gabriel.

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He recited it he spoke and he told people exactly what was revealed to him.

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The people heard it.

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It was a spoken word which was heard and it entered the hearts

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and later it will also recorded in writing.

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So though we say the book of God, the book of Allah, it is actually the speech of Allah Kalam Allah in Arabic We actually call it the speech of Allah.

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And just like my speech is not a created thing. It is not separate from me. So also, the Quran Al Karim is the kalam of Allah, it is not separate from God. It is an uncreated thing. It is a sign of our Creator.

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He began this Kalam by mentioning his names.

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And he mentioned two names

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the most.

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He began this

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what later on became a book

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by saying this will Rama Ravi

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Alhamdulillah Europe below me in our Rockman Rafi.

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He said in the name of Allah.

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And who is Allah He deserved himself a Rahmani Raheem

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the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

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And then he said, All prayers and thanks are due to him are due to Allah.

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Who is Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. In the first three is the first three verses, these two names are mentioned twice. And then in the later on

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In the Quran which the chapter which

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our dear Imam and have is Abdullah Al Houthi recited in Russia. Again in those ayat

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned these two names Alana Rahim.

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Since we are talking about the names I want to talk about these two names only.

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Ramen means one who is merciful. But in the Arabic language, what we call the wasn which means the weight or the word of the word

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is the superlative form. Ramen, for example, Joanne which means intensely hungry.

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Hungry to the point that you feel that if I don't get something to eat now I will die. intense hunger, action, intense thirst or burn

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completely insane with anger. Super deform Ramona mercy that is at the peak

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super deformed nothing bigger than that mercy like, we cannot possibly encompass in our minds.

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Super Divine Mercy or Robin.

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But what's the problem with something at the peak?

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If you are intensely hungry

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and I give you one doughnut?

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And if we were to measure that level of hunger, Would it remain at the same level after eating one donor? No.

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But I after one donut would you say I'm full? No of course not. Well, I won't read the whole chart but

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the problem within quotes of anything at a peak is it does not remain at the peak.

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It will come down

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and so Allah subhanaw taala said our Rahim Allah Rahim is on the same wasn't as Jimmy il beautiful, carry him honorable.

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Somebody is beautiful. They don't wake up the next morning looking ugly.

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Somebody is honorable the next minute they are not

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dishonorable, continues are Rahmani Raheem means mercy at the peak, which continues forever, does not descend

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never descends

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and what is His Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala this mercy is expressed in the form of forgiveness

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in the form of forgiveness, what is forgiveness? Forgiveness is when

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a crime has been committed.

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When you have the power for retribution,

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but you choose not to do that is a boy is okay.

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That's forgiveness. Sometimes when we talk to people about forgiveness, they say, Well, you know what he did that. I said that is why you need to forgive. If you didn't do that, what are you forgiving? He never did anything, right?

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Of course they did that. Of course, he said that. Of course that was wrong. That is why we forgive.

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So when we go to Allah subhanaw taala we say

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hi Messina.

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I accept this. I do not deny this. I don't say I didn't do it. I don't say yes, I did it. But forgive me because we like to forgive.

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I want to close by a beautiful dua,

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a beautiful supplication that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him sallallahu alayhi salam taught his beloved wife Aisha says the current galana

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she asked him in the month of Ramadan, she said if I find later to cuddle, the Night of Power, a special light

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where Allah accepts doors

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he's also Allah on Messenger of Allah.

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If I find this right if I if I you know get this night.

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What should I ask Allah? What do I should I make?

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He said yeah.

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You see along mine a guy who wants to help the Laffer curve and

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she said maybe he said make the dough and say Oh Allah, you are the Forgiver

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you like to forgive, so forgive me.

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Please yourself, don't forgive me because I deserve it. I know I don't deserve it, but you do it because you love doing it.

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You forgive me, you will be happy.

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So forgive me,

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which remind me of a story since we talked about the Jewish tradition. There's a beautiful story from the tradition.

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There was a man at the time of Moses Musa alayhis salam, who was very, very evil. He was a big problem. He was a criminal. He was a very human

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to the extent that the top people of the town they exiled in the chased him out of Turner, get out of here, we don't want you you're just too much trouble just about that this man went away.

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Then one day,

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Allah subhanaw taala spoke to Musa alayhis salam, he spoke to Moses be upon him and he said, That man which you people exile, he has died.

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And he is in such and such a place in the wilderness. And I want you Now Allah is ordering Moses, somebody who we revere as one of the greatest of the messengers of Allah. So Allah orders Moses and said, You go and pray the funeral prayer for that man and you bury him give him a burial.

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Not only that Allah subhanaw taala says to Moses says to Musa Ali salaam announced in the town that whoever accompanies you for this funeral, Allah will forgive them

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no matter what they did you go to this funeral you come out you come out you're gonna come back from there your record clean. So obviously what do you think happened? The whole downwind.

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is holding finished.

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Now Moses is

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So when they all came back, Musa Aliza used to he used to talk to Allah Subhana Allah and his era. He said, Oh my God,

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tell me what is the story?

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Here what is bad, he was so evil, which is the water you will not only make me go and do his funeral prayer, you tell the whole town in the old town goes and you forgiven all of us. We are most grateful to you. But why?

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What is the story?

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Allah subhanaw taala says to Moses Musa Al is rubbish is was when the man was dying.

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He was lying on the ground, he couldn't move.

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And he called me.

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And he said, Oh my Lord.

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If I knew,

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if I knew that by not forgiving me,

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it would please you, I would not seek forgiveness.

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If I knew that by not forgiveness, by not forgiving me, you will be happy, I would not seek forgiveness.

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But I know

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that not forgiving me will not make you happy, so forgive me.

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And then he said, Oh my Lord.

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If I knew that by punishing me by throwing me into the hellfire, this would make your glory, bigger, even by an atom,

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that you could punish me. Therefore, now you are more powerful or your glory has increased even by an atom. If I knew that by punishing me and throwing me into the fire, your glory would increase even by an atom. I will not ask forgiveness. But I know that your glory is your glory.

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Nothing that happens in the world can decrease or increase it, you are sufficient in yourself. So forgive me

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and Allah for you.

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Now, question is this

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is not what the man said.

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How did the man say that?

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Who put the thought in his in his mind?

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Who gave him this understanding to say, asked me like this.

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This is Allah.

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This is Allah.

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Muhammad Rahim

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who not only forgive when you seek forgiveness, He teaches you how to ask forgiveness.

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And then he accept the forgiveness and you forgive them.

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Ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless all of you, to forgive all of us and to join us, like we are sitting here in the market.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to join all of us together in Jannah in paradise inshallah

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Thank you very much