Waleed Basyouni – Salaat Al Kusoof – The Eclipse Prayer

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming Eclipse, which is a reminder that every day in our life can be taken away. The speaker also talks about the importance of praying to Lord Please, as it is a reminder that every day in our life can be taken away. The speaker also mentions a famous narration that talks about the importance of praying to Lord Please.
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Come to rely on salatu salam, O Allah, Allah Allah via VEDA, my brothers and sisters, this Monday, we all as you heard expecting an eclipse, and this eclipse in Houston will start about 1146 and last all the way to 245 the center of the prophet SAW Solomon Eclipse happen that he would never sell and pray to our archives. And we'll pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is very sad to me and there is very I should have spent more time on this issue as well. But this what's sad about this, there's a lot of people talk about Eclipse you know, as if it is just a phenomenon that is also cool. We're going to go put the glasses and we're going to watch it we taking the kids out to watch, that's

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fine. But the whole point in the sin of the prophet SAW Selim that the person when Eclipse happened that he feel that sense of fear from Allah subhanaw taala and somebody with a very cold Eman in his or her heart will tell me why should I have a fear

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you know, it's we we are now we have technology we know why the eclipse happening.

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That doesn't make you smart. Saying such thing like that.

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Because the whole point of a Navy saw solemn was afraid in the day when the eclipse happened. And nobody so Salaam knows that he's not alone. I'm not gonna destroy him. I'm not gonna destroy the people of Medina. But the whole point is, this is a reminder that the thing that we take it for granted, every single day in our life can be taken away from us in any reason, when anyway.

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That that son that you enjoy every day, it can be taken away, follow on, and he gives you just an example.

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If he wants to take away everything that we take it for granted, the air, the clean air, the health, the night, the day, the moon, the sun, whatever you have this just a reminder,

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it shows that we appreciate that.

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That your law, keep these blessings coming and showering us with the blessing. Don't be angry, because if he get angry at you, at one point, he can stop it.

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And if you stop it, nobody can give it back to you.

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So a lot to conserve, it's highly recommended. And it is similar to do it in congregation, men and woman shall have surprised with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and it starts from when the eclipse start until the eclipse finish. And if you don't know or it's became too long, and you stop the rest of the time you spend in making drought and Vicar in Ibiza sometimes and when you see it, you go to salah and you go to Dora and Vicar.

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There is no advance for it in ob sauce eliminates time this is a Salatu jamea

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It is very interesting way of praying it according to the majority of the heart, the shaft theory and the Maliki and the Hamble is it is different than any other Salah because it starts and that hides in the body of Muslim and as soon as I'm in a different format, but this one is the most famous one that he made the Kabir sallallahu sallam, then he read Al Fatiha. Then he read a very long Surah ambassade how long he said equal to Surah Al Baqarah.

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Then in the bishop Salah maitake beer then went for record, a long record, then he rise up then he started eating alfalfa again. Then you read another surah not as long as the first one. Then you go to record again sallallahu wasallam then you rise up and he said semi Allahu even Hermida again. Then he goes to sudduth then another sujood then he stand up and he will do the second workout the same thing he did in the first

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for some are barroco atombeam alibi Sadat sallallahu Sallam obviously a Muslim Salah be satirical at least everybody and Alba la Mora Salah sit through karate and say Muslim and maybe someone prayed with six record and with for such this but the most famous narration the most famous opinion is to Roku and to sudo the nature aka the Hanafi said no you pray like a regular prayer to like I was like a regular no total coolers for them. They did not take these narrations

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with doesn't matter always are correct.

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Always correct but the one with duracoat is the close to the center. And it is similar to give a speech reminder as in the bisazza lamp dead

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if you come late in the second Raka

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After missing the first total court, you stand up and you do the same thing with total court. If you come to Salatu kosuth in the second record, you missed the first record, you have to make up that whole entire record again.

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And if you miss the whole entire Salah, you just make the calendar out because it's not something that you do it in your own.

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