Zakir Naik – 13 Point Action Plan to the Muslim Ummah for the Palestinians

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the number of Muslims in the world and its negative impact on peace, security, and prosperity. They suggest praying for the holy eye and making publicity on social media to bring awareness to the Israeli-assian conflict. The importance of promoting peace and cooperation in protecting Muslims is emphasized, as well as creating specialized organizations and cooperation with Muslim countries to avoid prosecution and legal action. The discussion also touches on the history and potential conflict of Islam's actions, including avoiding harmful media, promoting peace, and unite multiple Muslim countries through prayer and cooperation.
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As most of us will be aware of

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what's happening

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in Palestine, what is the position of as Muslims in this situation? Number one, we have to realize as Muslims, that today, there are 5.21 1 million Palestinians, of which more than 2 million are in the Gaza Strip. And the total Muslim population of the world today is more than 2 billion.

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According to me, the Palestinians for the last several decades, they are doing for the fire. They are protecting the third holy site of Islam. They are protecting the masjid the Aqsa, what they are doing it for the fire is the duty of every Muslim. If they were not there, it Robin are legally protected. So what they are doing is they are risking their life, the Palestinians they are doing for the fire on behalf of the Muslim ummah. Today the Muslim ummah are more than 25% of the world population. There are more than 7.8 billion human beings in the world today, of which more than 2 billion are Muslims, more than 25% are Muslims. And it is a shame that all the Muslims, more than

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of the world population put together we cannot protect must Edessa.

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So number one, the Palestinians are doing fantastic fire by protecting the third holiest mosque, the third holy site of Islam.

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What should we Muslims to time will not permit me to speak for long, I will just mention a few important points in brief, I will mention 13 points in brief, what the Muslims should do,

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of which the first seven any Muslim can do and should do.

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And the remaining all will not be possible, but those who Allah has given the position they can do. Number one, the least that any Muslim can do and should do is do dwad for the Palestinians. And for multi taxa. I feel it the fuddled for every Muslim that they should pray for our Palestinian brothers and sisters. We should pray for the safety, we should pray for the victory. We should pray that may Allah give them summer, we should pray that those Palestinians who have been martyred, Allah should give them the highest level agenda for those.

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And my suggestion would be the best time to pray for our Palestinian betters, would be entitled,

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because Allah subhanaw taala defends in the last 1/3 of night. And if you do bois in sujood, in the Salah, that would be the best goal of Muslims who regularly get up for target, they should pray, and those who are not used to getting up. At least, this can be an excuse, or an initiative for you to see to it that you get up in the last 1/3 of night and pray to hundreds Allah to Allah subhanaw taala. And in that fella in sujood, you make doors for our Palestinian brothers and sisters, for the safety, for the security for the lover for the victory to grant Jana, to those who have been martyred. You may never know that because of this tomorrow, it may become your habit that you get up

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for tat do Salah every night. And this is the best time where Allah subhanho wa Taala answers the prayers of the believers. And he says who is there I would like to ask and I will answer your prayer. So at least a Muslim can do is do dua for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine. Number two,

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you should make the situation aware on the social media, the atrocities that are done by the Israelis on the Palestinians the violation of human rights, the violation of the international law that has been done. Time will not permit me to speak about in detail which you can refer to my talk on virtue that was the DEXA where I've given in brief about the history that how are they punished in initially there? How did the Jews come and tell the situation that

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Live today, do not permit me, but we should make

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on our social media, whether it be on the Facebook, whether it be on the Instagram, on the Twitter, on WhatsApp, we should make the world aware of the atrocities done by the Israelis on the innocent Palestinians. Number three, we should spread the literature, whether it be pamphlets, whether it be books, whether it be ebooks on this issue, so that the world is aware of what is happening in Palestine.

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Number four, we should make publicity, whether on billboards, whether on buildings, holdings, whether it be on buses, on different venues, so that you make the people aware in your locality in your city, in your country, about the atrocities done on our polished inability, sisters, by the Israeli forces, number five, they should be peaceful protests all over the world, by the Muslims.

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But see to it, that these protests are peaceful, and see to it, that if you're living in a non Muslim country, say to it, that you follow the law of the country, take permission, do protests, situate you give a memorandum to the Israeli high commission, or to the embassy if it's there in the country, if a living non Muslim country, the six if that the Muslims as a whole throughout the world should boycott all Israeli products, we should boycott consuming all Israeli products, surely the 25% of the world population. If we boycott 100% of the Israeli products, it will be surely

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a reminder to Israelis and it will be a good lesson to them. Number seven, we should contribute financially, whatever we can. And as I've always said in many of my talks before, that, when you contribute, see to it that you contribute besides your foreign zakat that you have to give See to it, that you donate a percentage of your income, your monthly income, whether it be 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%, as much as you do, it is better for charity. And from the amount of charity that you comment from your monthly profit See to it, that you allocate a portion for Palestine, for a Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, maybe for building hospitals, maybe for building

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schools, maybe for building their homes, maybe for the food for various causes, we should see to it that we contribute whatever we can. And always Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't look at the amount he looks at what percentage of donation have given from the normal life given you. And I said that before, that if a person who's earning $1,000 a month, if he donates $100, he will get more other than a person who earned the billion dollar and he donates only a million dollar because $1 million from a billion dollar is point 1% Where $100 from $1,000 is 10%. So the person who earns only $1,000 and donate $100 will get 100 times most of our more blessings as compared to a person who earns a

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billion dollar and donates only a million dollar. So Allah will look at the percentage of what you have that you do need, not at the amount. So let us make a commitment that we donate a percentage of income for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala. And from this, we allocate a shed for the Palestinians. Number eight, the first seven points that are mentioned, each and every Muslim can do. Every common Muslim can do this. And you should do this, the least we can do for the cause of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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The remaining points some can do a few can do a handful can do depending upon who's alive given capacity. Point number eight. If that all those who have contacts in the mainstream media, or influential or own mainstream media's they should see to it that they condemn the atrocities done by the Israelis on Palestine in the mainstream media. For example, because we have control over pitch TV and Hamdulillah. As you will be aware, pitch TV has reach of 150 to 200 million viewers at this present time and

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Sure 10s of millions of people all around the world will be watching this program. They are watching on the Facebook, on the YouTube and February million more are watching on the social media. So we should see to it that whatever capacity Allah has given you see to it that this is publicized on the mainstream media.

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Find number nine, we should see to it that we have specialized organizations which are expert in the law so that we can file legal cases in the international court of law against Israel. Point number 10.

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They should be diplomatic protests, see to it, that the Muslims protest on a diplomatic level to the authorities. And if there are embassy, the consulate in the country See to it they give a letter to the ambassador against the atrocities done by the Israeli government on the Palestinians. Number 11. If

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the Muslims can get together, and we have a trade boycott with Israel, a total trade boycott, see to it that all the Muslims in the world, not only individually do we boycott the goods. All in the Muslim countries today there are 57 Muslim majority countries in the world. We have a trade boycott and should not in any way, deal with any goods or in any way, whether diplomatic with Israel. Number 12. We should severe diplomatic relationship and allowing the

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majority of the Muslim majority countries in the world. They have already discovered diplomatic relationship with Israel. Unfortunately, there are some Muslim countries, which are majority Muslim countries yet continue or have started having diplomatic relationship. How can we join hands with the killers of the innocent Palestinians.

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And killing innocent human being is the second major sin in Islam aftership The second major sin is killing innocent human beings, and especially if it's a Muslim, and a beloved partner, Salah Salam said the various Hadith that the life of a believer is more sacred than the Kaaba. And imagine hundreds of Palestinian Muslims are being killed. And what are we doing? How can we join hands with enemies? They're not just Muslims, they are Palestinian Muslims who are doing for the CalFire on behalf of Muslim Ummah, how can you become friends with the killers of the Muslims in Palestine? We should severe all diplomatic relationships. And I would request all the 57 majority Muslim countries

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in the world pass such a law, that anyone who supports Israel, on ground in reality or on the social media shouldn't be imprisoned, if not 10 years, at least five years sintered that the imprisoned make it a law. I know many people are afraid that Israel is supported by superpowers, we fail to realize that we have a loved us.

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Allah supports us. And Allah subhana wa Taala is always with the believers. Unfortunately, unfortunately, at the date of the popular muscle Sanlam that a time will come where Muslims will be in large numbers like fraud, but they will be powerless. They will be just like fraud. The numbers are large. The 13th point that all the Muslims in the world, we should unite all the countries in the world we should unite. And as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Al Imran Chapter number three was 203 Allah says what the theme will be Abdullah Jamia Walter, hold strongly all together to the rope of Allah. That's the Glorious Quran and Hadith and we not divided we Muslims should be united.

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The number one uniting factor for the Muslims is the greatest Quran and they had it today, the scenario that we have another important point for all the Muslims in the world tonight, irrespective whichever thought you belong to whichever school you belong to whichever country you belong to, if the Palestinian cause

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because most of the Aqsa important to each and every Muslim in the world, irrespective whether you're living in Saudi Arabia or Malaysia, or India or Pakistan or turkey anywhere must be the Aqsa is very important to every Muslim if this cause of the Palestinian issue where they are being mercilessly killed in this wall. innocent Palestinians were killed. Civilians were targeted civilian buildings.

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targeted by jet planes by bombs and what is the world doing? Yes, there has been a cry there has been an objection, but I feel it should be much more and Hamdulillah you find that many countries are supporting but

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will only be effective if we unite together if all of the Muslim countries if they unite

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and we unitedly stand for our innocent brothers and sisters in Palestine and we pray for them

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Inshallah, we will be more effective. Irrespective Allah subhanaw taala is testing us, he does not require you and me the rubbish that we have here are only sufficient and Allah promises in the Quran that he will surely teach the violin lesson. I'll also says in the Quran that he gives them rope to go to and fro, he just giving them time. Allah doesn't require you and me but why don't we make hay while the sun is shining? Why don't we support like a beloved Prophet Musa al salam said that all the Muslims are like one body, if something happens to one part, all of it whole body's in favor.

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So I request our Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world, that implement on the few suggestions that have given and feel to it that we pray to Allah subhanaw taala and epi to Allah subhanaw taala that me he keep our Palestinian Muslims safe. May He give them summer may give them victory? May He give the highest level for those to the matters of Palestine? And we'd like to thank from the bottom of the heart, each and every Muslim I thank on behalf of Muslim Ummah, the Palestinians for doing a further CalFire for protecting the third holy site of the Muslims. We thank you and we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we reward all the Palestinians inshAllah regenitive

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