Goals Of Islamic Legislation Part 2

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AI: Summary © The importance of culture in shaping behavior is highlighted, including the negative impact of alcohol and the potential for mental health issues. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be covered in appropriate ways for their safety and comfort, including clothing. The importance of acceptance and respect for women is also discussed, along with the need for individuals to be taken care of in a way that is appropriate for their safety and comfort. The speakers also touch on the topic of men versus women, acceptance of Islam's rule on love, and adoption.
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They have

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the criterion to distinguish between those people who are practicing Islam.

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And those people who are practicing cultural traditions, which in fact have nothing to do with Islam.

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Fundamentally Why?

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Because it produces corruption in the society.

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When we

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we find that people oftentimes commit these crimes and states of intoxication.

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People get intoxicated.

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I know before I left, you know, when we used to go to parties,

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everybody would feel they have to have some drinks.

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In otherwise, what happens is that you have to do things that you wouldn't do if you weren't.

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And this is why you find many of

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these are conducted under times of intoxication.

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We find, for example, where people are involved in car accidents,

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the vast majority of the car accidents in America, they take place as a result of drunken driving.

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How many people are maimed and killed on the road because of something like

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fever getting home to the society as a whole are people who drink you know a lot, we find medical professionals, what happens

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whenever they can affect their their brain, it affects them in physical systems, it breaks it down, it is physically harmful.

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I know some people will say,

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I never get

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why you listen to me from thinking

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that there are people who will only take sufficient quantities, which will not in any way impair their judgment. If it only makes them feel a little nice, little warm or whatever. And they stop at that point.

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A few people like

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Talking about human welfare, if we see that alcohol is something which harms the majority of people, but a few people come from among the people that

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what do we do? Do we say it's okay for the benefit of the few or do we put that in the giant

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Because if we were to put the condition that

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only we're not getting complicated, everybody is going to say I want

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to say I will get intoxicated

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because very few people will admit that they will get intoxicated when they drink.

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Stop it for everybody to put next to society as a whole technology individuals were not able to control

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I am a converted.

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My family is not what should I do?

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so far,

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a lot has left you with guidance in your life. It is your duty to pass that guidance on.

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that allow will also

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it is an obligation on you and

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your wife

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You are allowed to remain married

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because Islam allows

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or female

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But in the case of a Christian, or it

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can continue. But of course,

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you are obliged to set down certain principles in your household.

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this lab allows the narrator to remain married to the female, but if a female accepts Islam, then she cannot remain married to a male.

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Why? Because the male lays down the law in the hole.

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He says, I want you to complete the book, without providing some alcohol, I want to have a party, I want to get to this man's life and I want him to dance with you

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to do what he wants you to do, before you do any crimes against government again,

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as they look to them,

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whatever larger they down in the hole, not for the benefit of the whole.

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Anytime, you know, parties, you know,

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scale, you know, you can invite your female friends over you have a female party for getting up and dancing. And

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he will

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tell you what you have to know you're my wife now.

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For your body,

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thank you for

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coming, you know I want to

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I want you

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to do things

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alone, that nail to continue to be nice to a female

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to lay down the law within the home and to continue to encourage her to come. But he doesn't have to. But it'd be great that, you know, he in fact is not complying

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with what he has, you know, down in the hole, and he is undermining Islam. For example, you want to make your children he wants to take them to the church and you know, to continue to try to teach them loving,

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he may be obliged to dissolve

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because they learn

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from fundamentally, even though you may not be able to the fundamental principles involved in the marriage and

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So, I would say that that person is

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obliged to follow the rest of

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his life.

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But of course, you should also take into account

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and attitudes of the elders to the younger. So, if you'd like to put your crown down

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they should also show it

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comes back.

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And in fact, he is coarser, harsher, rougher when he said that he was going to produce a

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terrible product. Why did he come back any time?

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effectively and so he teaches somebody in ways that they

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can have a greater effect than any words that may be

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the best method of calling people especially if

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you're only

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applying Islam in your life,

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a living example of what Islam can do.

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question why females in Islam are told to be covered and not.

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is not flexible,

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to cover.

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Okay to walk around naked,

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they're totally covered. But it's only that there is a difference in the physical makeup of the male and the female. So the talk that is required of the mail to cover is not the same as that email.

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Same for the male and female typically

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Don't take into account

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that they will have more attractive.

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But the man is also required to become

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a principal, which actually a lot of people are not clear on. Because temperature does

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indicate, for example,

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what is required for them to cover in between the navel and beneath,

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between the navel and the knee.

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Specifically, the area of the fire department

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means not having material over the area, it means covering in such a way that this area is not

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because of the covering, or you can see what's under the air in the area.

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The coupling is tight.

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What are you wearing tight pants, tight jeans or whatever. So, when you stand up, everybody can see

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it always turn around.

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If you're not considered coupling, and

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this is

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prayer in this kind of just

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because it is a requirement for prayer that you're trying to be covered.

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So, if you are going to wear pants

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in any way tight wearing, they will expose you

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to wear a top, which comes down and cover that area. This is why you find when you go around the world where people have evolved dresses involve hats and shirts, that always will come down and cover this area. Or in other places. For example, when they were talking to parents, you'll find there were

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some small garments which we'll cover to get started like they were covering, because it is a requirement

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for me

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not to expose their target.

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I think this is an area which you know, in teaching of Islam,

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it is important for us to make this point clear.

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This is why women

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anything they want to do,

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there is a requirement.

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Let me just add that into the area.

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So people can understand why they need to cover from the shoulder down.

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But people have more difficulty in dealing with the air.

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The air in the case of the woman and the air in the case of

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you know, because of those people who are controlling the

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people who are involved in controlling interactions.

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You know, in the West, you go to find people that are homosexual

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90% of them are homosexual. So what they're doing is they're trying to learn the difference between men and women, for men wearing dresses that are normally one that women a woman wearing, normally.

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So they'll get the men outside to go to the to the beauty parlor and getting

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a different way. But traditionally, generally speaking in society, men just want it

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women going to get all these things, that's when it's blown up and it's structured in

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the way of the limit.

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And they're

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the area the needs of a

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you can attract but you should only attract your people or attraction will be appreciated.

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Worthy acceptable.

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In all your children salary if people can appreciate your attraction, you know

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and it won't lead to anything which is harmful to you. But now when you work cited you attract people

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that are attracted

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to you know and

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a woman etc etc.

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for the protection of the female.

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insist that you should also cover

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which was written in the book

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throughout the Bible, in reference to most of the others,

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in fact,

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as recorded in the Bible, the followers

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our father,

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our Father, in other words, we are all

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the question of

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the Hebrew language in the phonetic language

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indicates closeness to God, and not because

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the words are added to the Bible. biblical scholars have pointed out that

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even include, it was not in the original.

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So, in fact, the teachings of Jesus was not that he wasn't.

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He's made clear that the father

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was greater than he was.

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And he go and practice

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from God,

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which teaches the distinction between the creator

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based on the fundamental principle found in the basic

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nothing like

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in no way is like

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the creation.

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God doesn't have.

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Because once you accept the idea that God can have a son, then the wind will come to you.

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And he has a grandfather and

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we're going to stop, why do you want to go all the way.

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Once you open that door, you don't have the time, in fact, you are doing is you are taking God

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from the level of creator and making him like

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on the level that you deserve,

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as the supreme being who is distinctly different from his creation.

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It does not look as nice

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human interpretation

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on the teaching of the

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book of divine revelation, that God did not

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get in the blind.

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On the day of judgment,

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when you

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he told the people to watch

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what the people did,

00:18:26--> 00:18:28

according to Islamic teachings, returned,

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as one of the signs of the last day.

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It is required

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that Jesus, the prophet of God, Jesus will come back, he did not die, he will come back to Earth is one of the signs of the last day he will live our life on the earth, Mary has given and died.

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He will not bring a new heaven.

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He will be the leader of those who submit their will.

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One of the criteria, it is law was allowed men to marry more than one wife.

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The fundamental criteria is that

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being able to maintain justice between the wife being capable of maintaining the wife

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as a fundamental principle, of course, if

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the wife wishes to maintain herself, that maybe remove that requirement, but as a fundamental requirement is it is that capable of maintaining those people who are married. So if he's not able to maintain more than one life, then he's not allowed to marry more than one wife.

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He cannot deal justly with any offer, he's not allowed to marry more than one fundamental

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Other than that, you know, people have, in time, in an attempt to try to make

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allowances in Islam seem more

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reasonable. They said, Well, you know, men can only marry another wife, he doesn't have any children. But this is not the condition. This is not the requirement. And human welfare is the fundamental principle, which dictates the allowance for food.

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And it has nothing to do with having children or not having been quite miserable if it wasn't for the lack of desire, and every one of us

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are reasonable in that circumstance. And otherwise, it is not

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a question or request. So elaborate briefly on the principle of adoption. Because I mentioned to you in the case of my father was formerly an adopted son of the Prophet.

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Just in case you might think that Islam allows adoption.

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in the initial stages, adoption was allowed, because it was a practice amongst staff.

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And it allowed in the initial stages.

00:21:38--> 00:21:53

Later, after the family society was established, and principles of inheritance and laws, etc, came into play, then the adoption, which involves changing the names of the people involved, was played.

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By adoption, you mean taking a child and raising that child and looking after the child, it's confirmed.

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By adoption, you mean taking your child and giving that child your name.

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Because that child,

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the child retains its own name, just as when you marry,

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you do not change the name of your wife,

00:22:25--> 00:22:26

when you marry your wife,

00:22:27--> 00:22:43

because that name indicates her family, when you marry her that she become related to you in any way, illogical, she's a part of your customer, he does not become a part of your family. In that sense, he becomes a part of your family

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is your wife.

00:22:46--> 00:22:51

But if you your family breaks up with you divorce is not a

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member of your family, no.

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Mom does not allow a woman when she married to change her name to the name of this practice came from Roman law among the Romans

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their property

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was given

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and the wife was considered a part of their property. So, when they married they gave her the name, because the man has a free will to do anything. He wanted to kill her memory.

00:23:28--> 00:23:29

property, when

00:23:30--> 00:23:41

your wife is not considered your property, she is another individual human being who belongs to another family with whom you are cooperating in marriage.

00:23:42--> 00:23:45

There are a lot you cannot do what you feel to do,

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which is up in that relationship and she retains her own needs. Similarly, you may take any child or any person in your family look after them to put you on for them.

00:23:59--> 00:24:07

Describe in your will a portion of your American sweat and you can do all that. But you may not change their name to your

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adopted in the sense of looking after somebody that is confirmed.

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I just got the time and said that there's only five more minutes left. And there are all bunch of questions here. I will just be able to take one more question

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Are you trying to convert thanks

00:25:04--> 00:25:06

It is not possible for me to convert anybody.

00:25:09--> 00:25:10

Convert yourself.

00:25:12--> 00:25:17

I can only try to point out to you what I believe to be true.

00:25:19--> 00:25:22

And if you whatever evidence I have gathered for that

00:25:24--> 00:25:28

conversion is something which has to come from yourself.

00:25:29--> 00:25:30

If you are convinced

00:25:32--> 00:25:35

you may convert yourself by the will of God.

00:25:39--> 00:25:54

Unfortunately, in spite of the many questions that are here, because the program is set within certain bounds, we'll have to stop at this point. And I thank you for listening patiently, and hope that whatever I've said has been something to do and asked.

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Thank you.