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In Alhamdulillah in Canada who want to stay in who want to study you want to stop 0102 Billahi min Chateau de ambu cinnamon sejati Anna Lena Maja de la hufa mo De La Hoya you glyfada hodja or shadow La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Kayla Allah wa shadow no Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad in WA early Asahi recently Mila Mata Sleeman kathira

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Viva La, all praise due to online His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family's companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is last and final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters, as we all know, we as a human being made have two components. Number one is the body. And the second one is the soul. And there is no doubt that many of us are so aware and have self awareness about their body,

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about their physical body, and making sure that they stay healthy, the nurture their bodies, they take care of it, when there is a sign of interest, disease or illness, that we immediately try to deal with this, and the proper way. But so many times, we don't pay as much attention to what's really make us humans, which is that sold at a loss of Hana data have given us

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that's all that the loss of Hana data have honored us with and he made it subhana wa tada and bless it, and the body of each and every one of us, which is something

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inside you, but you still with all the knowledge that we have, with all the advanced technology that we have in medicine and otherwise, we still have very little

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information if there is any, through that physical means about the nature of that soul, as Allah subhana wa Tada. He said, put a room in Europe be 182 minute me in La kalila that this soul, the matter of the soul belongs to my Lord, and the knowledge that you have given us very little, can you imagine something inside you and you still couldn't figure it out? exactly what it is.

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It is an important reminder for us today as we started the month of Ramadan,

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to think about this soul that Allah subhanho data has given us and to make sure that we care for it to be good, healthy, and connected to the source of its life, which is Allah subhana wa Tada. There is so many diseases attacking the bodies and attack the souls as well. And today, I just want to point out one, which is so dangerous, because it's a silent killer. It's like the program we have in this mustard every Friday, if you're not aware of you check your blood pressure, okay, every Friday and you see how you progress during the month of Ramadan, because as you might know, your blood pressure is a silent, you know, volatile things in your body. You don't feel it, but when it hits

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you, it hits your heart.

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And the same thing with this disease that I want to talk about today. It's very silent. People don't pay attention to it, you don't even notice it. But when it hits you it hits you so hard. And in that time, there is no much you can do except the mercy of the Most Merciful subhana wa tada which is Allah and Allah that the person became heedless. The person became not aware of Allah subhana wa tada that the person have no self awareness about his Lord or about a loss of a job.

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Yeah, you had Lavina Amanullah to Lee come

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to come on the karela woman many final danika una una casa de Rouen over you believe don't lie

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Your wealth. Don't let your family distract you from the gorilla from the remembrance of Allah. And another way, and another word, that being involved in this daily activity that we have to do, can lead to distract us from remembering a lost paradigm. And if you don't think about him, you became in a state of lefleur of being not aware of him, because life can suck you in very easily. And the problem when you get out of it, you get out of this basically, a circle or black hole, you get out at the moment of your death, when you depart from this dunion.

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equitana burning.

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Inside, boom, boom,

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My team

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beat him to death, elastomer Whoo,

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boo, la heel, toe toe boom was

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the time of their account has approach for the people. While they are here, while they are in heedlessness turning away, no mention comes to them.

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A new mentioned come to them from the Lord, except that they listen to it while they are at play.

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The more that you initiate God, the more

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that Allah subhanaw taala initiate things that will remind you of him and one of it the month of Ramadan.

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It just that shocked your system that you don't eat, you don't drink. But it's not only about the eating and drinking. It's about this soul to be connected to Allah. It's about this hard to be soft. It's about your relationship with a lot to check to be changed.

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That's the whole point. There is still people in Ramadan, nothing much change in their life. The only change in life there may be sleeping arrangement. Maybe there you know, food habit. Just even the habit of eating and just change only the hours but not the quantity.

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Some people really want to wait somebody from your family died, got sick from your friend last job. You yourself somebody in your family or someone that you love, have major things happen to them. When this will wake you up. When this will really reconnect you with Allah subhana wa to Anna more and more.

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It is unacceptable for a believer. We're not talking to people who don't believe in a lot don't believe in the Day of Judgment, so unacceptable for one of us. The days goes by and he never pause for a moment and think about what will happen to me when I will be put on my grave.

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When I will you think it this far it can be much sooner than what you think. I personally know two individuals in the last six months in the last six months they were diagnosed and died

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and am I matter of six months the diagnosed with the disease then they died.

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And they were very healthy before that. One of them died yesterday or him Allah to Allah in Egypt. One of the father of one of my friends who was very healthy, just show him in Turkey not long time ago.

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In less than a year, seniors pictures very active. So if we think and death does not discriminate between young, old, healthy, not healthy,

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because this is something every one of us will go through that. It's the lovely it's when you never think about that moment of your life. When it comes to an end. When you meet Allah subhana wa tada and it'll be allowed and once passed by the graveyard and he stopped and he said yeah, I know Cuckoo. All the people of this cemetery.

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Mr. Toby Runa ha Baraka Mana eurocom habarana I wish that you can tell us what you experiencing. And I can tell you about us as well.

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And what happened to you after you died after you died. I can tell you your home occupied sold

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was very hard

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for a brother telling me when my father passed away

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I collect all his dounia in a box.

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That's it. That's all my father's memories, PhD certificate, you know, a college, everything that he's you know, all these things were just a box.

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That's it. That's

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how many years he spent to get that degree to do this became just a piece of paper.

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You want something near you look at

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the thing that you accomplished 30 years ago. Your degree is your high school diploma, your college diploma, you're this you're this you're that what's worth now.

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Not much compared to what you felt about it at that time. And that's how the juniors

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it's a parallel. I could twits at name dounia Denny a minute new, there's nothing of value. That's why I lost my thought I said this whole life worth even that weight of a mosquitos wing.

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But it doesn't.

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That's why Allah doesn't care. He gives it to the to those who he loves, and those who doesn't. They also deliver on those who disbeliever it because it's not worth it's worth nothing and Allah subhanaw taala his eyes.

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Then Allah The Allah and said,

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your family left you your money distributed. And he said as of the people of grave if you tell us what they are now and they will tell us to zellwood in the heroes at taqwa, they will tell us make sure that you prepare yourself for this journey. That's why nebby salatu salam said take advantage of five before five, your health before your sickness, your youth, before you became an all in old age.

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And we became old, you became limited even in mobilities your free time before you being so busy.

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And the most important is and your wealth before a time will come when you don't have money.

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And the most important was the fifth one, it is your life before your death.

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There is certain signs, if you see them in yourself, make sure that you need to deal with this. And as you look for a doctor to help you, maybe you should counseling for someone who can help you as well to change the status that you're in. If you notice that you don't you don't have the enthusiasm and the excitement when the bad outcomes like couldn't move on and the salaat Oh my God, I'm still gonna pray I'm gonna recall and it is so heavy. Oh, I'm gonna still gonna go to the master. So go to this one either combo, you know, sonet tipo muku. Santa. You're on

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Khun aloha in Bernina.

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They when they stand up for salon, they are so heavy dragging their feet. Somehow a lot. It's so heavy to go to the mustard. But it's so easy to go have fun and to do this and to do that. Somebody suggest that's not true. Yeah, that's not true for those people are a little hard to so depth in the dunya. But it's not natural for true believers.

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It's natural that you love to do worldly things to fun. But it's not natural for the believer that you love the dunya motive the alpha. That's not right.

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And I'm not talking about I'm talking about the ibadah as a concept, because here can be a tricky, you know what? I don't like to pray behind. Dude, I don't like your voice. That's about me. But I'm talking about a salon not worried not?

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Not Muhammad. I'm talking about the bad end itself. You might have a reason not to like this particular, you know,

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performance. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the actual concept of

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a subject. Can I use it Omar? Can you imagine? I'm a backhoe, advisor man.

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And he telling him in la la, la la la, la, la la, la la, la la.

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There are certain duties for you in the nighttime. Allah will not accept it in the daytime.

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Which is your prayer, your saliva pmla your ibadah You're still

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spending time with your family. I'm going to Stein certain duties in the daytime, alone, not accepted in the night. If you have to work you have to go to work.

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You have to do this you have to do everything it has been prescribed to you

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if you notice that sends became something easy for you to do it doesn't hurt you doesn't bother you. You always tried to justify it you know it's just a small little things here and there who's immune from sense everybody can make sense. Yeah everybody can make sense doesn't mean I go do it.

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When you see that this is became that's a sign of heedless, love that kind of nimish Oh the abode in the movement era de novo Cal Jebel. Allah Roxy we're in the NFL. You know who can do Bob

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amfi Jacobi hakkoda.

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The believer see his son's like a mountains on the top of him.

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Why? Because Anna said Don't ever look at the size of your sins. Look at the size of the one that you disobeyed

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cannot Tombow illa sirima aside when I can own a lot of amino acids

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that make that sense look like mountains.

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When are they allow and just he shows up a little bit of objections to the idea of solid David the treaty when they said we're not going to say from Mohammed the Messenger of Allah.

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Say from Mohammed not the messenger Quraysh told him if we believe your messenger map bottleneck and common sense. They said if we believe your messenger will not be fighting it. So right from Mohammed don't write messenger. So Omar get angry and stop them. They need to be looked at him and he said, Rama backoff

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you're calling Omar added to them Ben amyl Tila who merlon Kenji Ben Minal Hashanah.

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Rama said I consider that a sin that I made for it. Mountains of good deeds.

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Just to wipe it out.

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Because there's heart Matthew Hoffner This heart is so self aware of self awareness. He knows how serious this is.

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A border of yellow and you're all submitted to nebbia salaria. Selim, he

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couldn't be more alpha, il Mujahideen. Were in nominal, mucho harati and Yamato Raja looby, layli, Hamelin sama use, et cetera, who La La fere only afford an amine Tilbury ha Takeda waka. waka Berta is too horrible use Shifu citrato de fille bahaya Muslim but then they'll be so solemn said that every Almaty every one of my alma mater alpha Yeah, and he will be somehow forgiven, somehow protected from their sins except the one who made the sin in the night. Then basically come in the morning showing off oh I did this and he posted and he basically and his social media and talk proudly about it.

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If you notice that your heart during the hardship turned to other than a law that's assigned of hiddenness Wafula when things strike you like last night we were stuck in this place, some of us because of the rain. Some of us may be the water start rushing into their cars or they got stuck in the in the middle of the highway or you know, or their kids are scared at that moment. If no one think about you know making the alarm How are they know what I had enough stuff it'll last off it'll load and he will carry when somebody started making stuff on making turn into Allah subhanaw taala instead of just turning to the app when this gonna finish the storm. There is something wrong here.

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When you hear about the bad news and you're in trouble, and you know the first thing that you think about his other than a lot there is a problem.

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When you see you waste your time and time has no value for you. These elemental afula that's one of the signs of a laferla

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that's basically as you can Apple Kereama jameela Elena naria Melanie fique fairmile Fie him and then nights working on you to work

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on them as well.

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They will they are nights taking away from your health from your age from everyone you losing every day. So make sure that the day that arrived the new day that you act your good deeds, but if our all our day is just wasted especially I need

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People waste most of their day sleeping and not doing much or playing and, you know, that's just wrong.

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Somebody was telling me that day chef, aren't you amazed by those people who keep saying who the whole entire Ramadan, most of the day sleeping nightmare and terranova at the end of Ramadan, they write message and they say, we're gonna miss your Ramadan, we're gonna miss you. Again, if you're gonna miss it, ghosts, wake up and stay with Ramadan a little bit before he leaves. If you're really gonna miss it,

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it is surprising.

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So these are signs when somebody wouldn't when you when you see them, and you that's something required from you to just stop and deposit Hey, I'm gonna deal with this. I asked a lot of data and you're off you know jacobina laferla Well, I thought he had enough to do it.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Jehovah

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one of the main reason for this state

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to be in is when the heart is so attached to the do need you have so much love you so much investment in the dunya and very little investment in the idea

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because if you invest in something all your thoughts all your day all your nights all your money or your everything is about this world it's okay to have the word you live but if you connect it to the author became like you know like a means as they said dunia Morocco Africa This is like a farm you plant the seed you work on it to lead you but the reality is the problem is I have seen in my life people so arrogance

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that we keep arguing to Oh chef isn't working. isn't going to job is about is this

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going to work it's not a bother going to work is work. Okay? But going to work with the intention to get money to support yourself and your family. That's a good intention, a lot of words you for it. But the bad is something defined by the Sharia. The act of worship it was defined by the Sharia. That's a good intention. That's a good deeds and shallow loss, panic Allah the word for intention. But the reality is when these people say those who who just like to argue about this, the reality is if you look at their life, there is no real attached to the idea. It's all about dunya it's all about the love for the dunya it's all about worry about the dunya and that's what it does. Yeah, and

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the Muna VA dunya. They only know about the Akira about life and they know nothing. Yep, all hustle and bustle de la la la la la hora de Ming dunya and you do Hamza free for you bureau cabbie westney. Well, what I've seen a lot you'll see one of those people when he put the coins on his you know, nails, and he flip it he can tell you the weight and how many carats this gold is and the silver just by the look of it. And that same person don't know how to pray.

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didn't know how to mix it itself.

00:23:27--> 00:23:30

didn't know how to make although according to the scent of the process on them,

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the same person

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and that's going to apply to so many of us today.

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The homie Kuru I met

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a man for Sophia and a moon. Allah threaten people so let them eat, let them drink let them and he make this whole dunya is about what eating and drinking is not what it is.

00:23:53--> 00:23:55

Let them be deceived by the

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by the hope of this dunya and the attachment to the studio until they woke up in that aha

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at shows you how much we don't know a lot. The more you know who Allah tala is, the more you can deal with the softer

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we will have zero common law and I'll warn you about himself. The more you know about his names and attributes, the more you your relationship with Him will be different. I asked a lot of panel data and honestly how well in our article on your

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agenda sakana yaku his name added to the decree he will show you how to carry on you must second a bit Islamia Cynthia tenemos la morpholino it about you know everybody Dino they all have you know, Robert and I other gerada come along and then I said okay, I just saw the Dalai Lama sitting Yeah. Hi yada yada. You allow Mishima la la, la la la, la la, la la, la la la la la Monica Tirana, a la homeless.

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a young alum Anissa lukather gelada economic to solidaria Tina.

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Tina yaka. You also have to react in a yoga you Angela Baraka takahama Takada, Mr. De La Jolla yaku model gelada crop my father Nigeria to know better than I'm including Susan yamawaki mean? Well Elena Fiorano sharada you, Allahu manana Silikal who's our our, our lead our devotional

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Romans aka Allah motivated radical Muslim enough equally McCann, Allah multiple evangelical Muslim enough equally McCann Aloma geomarketing automatic

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myalgia calm Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali okumura silicium como la