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AI: Summary © The segment discusses various rules and behaviors related to Easter, including fasting, selling food, and giving meals to people without reason. It also emphasizes healthy eating, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, and praying with the same intention. The speakers stress the importance of forgiveness and helping people avoid mistakes, while also promoting a campaign to raise money for fundraising. The segment ends with a message to donate and a goal of reaching 450 Believe it or not.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allahu Akbar

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a lot.

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no more from rasuluh long

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Alhamdulillah no matter who want to stay in who want to study who want to start Pharaoh, when I will do Billahi min Sharon em fusino Mensa Tia Marina Maria de la Farah mo de la mejor para hodja Hua Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Cara y shadow Mohammed Abu hawara pseudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed camel salata, Ibrahim Ali in nikka, hamidou, Majeed, Ubud all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that was the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final

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messenger. last hope we talked about some of the rulings in regard to the month of Ramadan, and the act of worship that we do during the month of Ramadan. And obviously the most recognized one, fasting, fasting the month of Ramadan.

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And here's some other rules related to Ramadan that we couldn't cover properly last time. And also other acts of worship that we do during this month as well as many people ask about these rules, and need to know the right course of actions that you should do in regard to them. And one of the common questions that I received, I received all the every year about Ramadan, which is can I sell food during the month of Ramadan? And I said maybe last week, that yes, if you sell food to the general public, like in countries like us here today in America, yes, because Allah subhanaw taala prescribed fasting upon the Muslims as for the number so they're not fasting and also, if somebody's

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not fasting because of a reason, a valid reason you're allowed to sell them that food. So yes, working in a restaurant or selling food or making food or cooking food for someone during the month of Ramadan. It is permissible. And also we talked about what if somebody has a valid excuse not to fast with he allowed to publicly openly eat and drink in public area like malls and stuff like that here in this country? Yes. And the country

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dominated by non Muslim, it is allowed. But in a Muslim country is a different scenario. And also, when it comes to the air here in America and countries in the West in general, we say the area that I would say you should not openly

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break your fast in front of people, even if you have an excuse, like a woman during her menses, or a man who's traveler, or a sick person in the Muslim gathering areas, like the massages and centers and so forth, inside your home. As I said last time, you can do what you wish.

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One of the question also chef, you said before about someone can't fast because of sickness, he should, or she should feed someone offer a meal paradise, how that can be offered, you can either cook the meal and you give it to them, you can give it to them raw and the cook. So you give them the materials. And when we say meal, we look at the main course, like in America here in our culture, the main course is what dinner, you know, in some other countries where maybe you're going to be feeding, the main course can be lunch, is not

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dinner. So you look at the main course. And that's what you get. So just for example, rice and chicken, whatever, or some type of meat, if that's what is the feeding is going to take place, you look at the main course and you do it and the better you do it the best. I have one of my teachers, he used to even care for the dressing of the salad,

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to make sure that it's in that meal when he gives the poor person, the more you perfected, the more to shows your caring, because that's a replacement for your fasting, that's in the case of someone who's ill, and will not be able to make up these days because of their illness for the rest of their lives, you can give it to one person 30 meals, or you can give it to 30 different people more than one person.

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Also you can and you're allowed in my opinion. And that's some of the Scholastic deposition. Among them were hanifa Rahim Allah and gentle submit to me or him Allah and one duration among the Hannibal and others, that you also allowed to give it in the form of money, not necessarily to be a meal, or a food cooked food or raw food. No, you can even give the value of that money to the person. Whenever we feed someone feeding has a condition, it must be given to a poor person must be given to a poor person, who don't have the ability to provide for themselves or their income below the need,

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or the poverty line. And also in the same time, it has to be a Muslim person, that conditions must be met when it comes to feeding. So if you ever get to give the mustard for example, or money to as a video, or as a basically a replacement for fasting, you must inform us in the mustard to tell us Hey, this is basically a bomb. So we will give it to the right person. And it will not be giving just to any poor person or any person who's in need.

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One of the things also we talked about touch upon last time, it's the thing that invalidate your fasting, eating and drinking intentionally, anything unintentionally, while not be considered a valid validation of your fast. Also similar to eating and drinking anything that is the same concept or same meaning like inhaling that's why him a lot. And handling the nicotine in your body basically will invalidate your fasting. So smoking shisha or cigarettes, or E cigarettes, all these things will invalidate your fasting.

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Also anything even if you don't consume it in your mouth, but it goes to your throat through your nose, for example, that will be something invalidate your fasting. Somebody last week asked me that nose drops.

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And he said if the nose drops goes through your nose, and you feel it in your throat, that will according to many of the majority of the scholars that would invalidate your fasting, but another doctor give me a good suggestion. He said, What do you can do, or a doctor give me a suggestion. He said, You just wait the curtain and you basically start smelling that bait the medicine in it and it should help you and without basically putting drops. Also some type of sprays that will be observed in your nostrils that will be sufficient and should not be something to break your fast. What I'm talking about is the drops that you drop inside your nose. Then it goes through your throat

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and you

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That is also in the same meaning of eating and drinking, like for example, transferring blood that will invalidate your fat IV that will invalidate your fast m sexual intercourse will invalidate the CME the fasting and it will require a penalty and that penalty is to free a slave which has come to now we don't have these days, but another thing will be too fast the next rule and will be too fast two consecutive months 60 days straight. And if you can that because of almost you feed 60 persons you feed 60 persons, but you cannot choose the 60 persons to feed unless you by doctors absolutely not allowed to fast and it's fasting is not allowed for you because of health reason.

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Also, any instructions of a good amount of blood from your body will invalidate your fast so that's why blood donations will not be allowed during the month of Ramadan if somebody basically extract a good number of blood out of him his body or her body that would invalidate the fasting but blood tests where you take just the samples of the blood that should not break your fast inshallah to Allah and the proof for that and maybe some Allah Salim said, after Alhaji moon, what am I doing that the person who perform hijama cupping while invalidate his fasting, obviously women during their menses or post new bleeding, and the fast will invalidate the fast. Also sexual activity that

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lead to ejaculation, like masturbation, or for a plight that will lead for the person to ejaculate that will invalidate the person's fasting and with dreams will not invalidate the fasting because that's something you have no control over. They Alice's also, it will invalidate the person's fasting.

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Generally speaking, all these things that I mentioned that invalidate your fasting, it will invalidate if you know the rules. Let's say me, somebody came to me and said, Jeff, I didn't know that smoking, you know.

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validate your fast Horner for LA. Mashallah, yeah, they used to smoke. So he said, I don't know, I'm a new Muslim, I didn't know that you know what, taking pills or the water would invalidate your funds. We said your fastest is correct, because he's ignorant. And somebody doesn't know the rules. Number two, somebody is did it out of forget to forget to floss. He didn't, he wasn't aware he forgot. And no matter how Allah said this acceptable, except in one case, if somebody said, Oh, I had intercourse, I forgot, I'm fasting. No, there's no accident and listings. And this particular one, that is no accident, but anybody by accident, swallow something or you know, took a sip of

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water, that will not invalidate your fast. Number three, obviously, to have a choice, you've not been forced to do such action, like for example, and that's, maybe we can relate to it. But you know, who can relate to our brothers and sister in China,

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our brother and sister in China who not only been forced to drink and to eat today, today,

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they've been also forced to consume liquor and beer

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and China.

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View talking about look at what the Muslim situation in China is, and you will know how much they are suffering. And that's a new thing this year, that the first thing Muslim to drink beers. And certain regions in China were dominated by Muslims.

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It's so sad. And I'm Sharla. And my plan is to have a special hope before this. I met one of these young Chinese Muslims.

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And when I asked them about, okay, is this because there is a military revolution there? Are the Muslims doing like trouble again? Is it nutshell? Nothing in my village, he said, I have 40 of my family members taken by the government.

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Most of them were taken by the government because it starts with five or six. So when my uncle goes, he said, Where's my son? He would never come back.

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Where's my cousin, he will never be coming back. Ever. And if you go ask about him, you will disappear as well. A male or female, young and old no matter what you are.

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It's another disaster that a lot of people not paying attention to it. Unfortunately, because Muslims today in the world

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their value is unfortunately not

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Something important

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using a

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toothbrush, or you use using anything that make your breath smell good that will not include a consumption of any type of

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food or nutrition or anything like that. Any there is some

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some things people put in their mouth, and it will give a good breath to the mouth. Okay, but it doesn't have any nutritional value in it's like a plastic but it has very strong smell, and it will be observed in your mouth that will be allowed to use. Or for example, if you brush your teeth that would give your basically all your friends your mouth with a mouthwash, they'll be allowed to change the breath, the smell of your breath. Some people said, said he doesn't want your breath to smell bad. When the Hadith comes about the smell of your breath, it means don't be bothered by that.

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Because I've seen people to believe it or not I just recently this Ramadan. Somebody said sure I can't fast. I said Why? He said, I can't stand the smell.

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I said that smells more beloved to Allah than that. So he felt a little bit in ease when they said that that's headed doesn't mean hey, have a bad breath. No, that's not what it means.

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Also, one thing in regard to this, I just remember that some people have a heart conditions

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or blood pressure and V take a type of tablets that we put it underneath their tongue and it will be observed in the mouth. That type fills is allowed and it will not invalidate your fast insulin it will not invalidate your fast and it said before that asthmas spray it will not invalidate your Avast according to the vast majority of the Muslim scholars as well.

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If federal comes and you still not ready for solid enough to harden let's say you have after sexual intercourse and didn't take a shower or you finished your period he did take a shower yet it's still your first and will be valid in Derby, salsa lamb sometimes the federal will comes and he started his fasting before he takes a shower after he had intercourse with his wife. So I'll allow audio audio send them

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I said last week about the endoscopy that it will not invalidate your fast unless it's a combined with a liquid or cream that it will be swallowed into the stomach. In this case it will invalidate the fasting. Any type of cream on the skins will not invalidate your fasting unless that basically our nutrition values or a nicotine patch something of that nature it will invalidate the past is sin invalidate the fasting, backbiting gossip line, watching how long things listening to things are on. It will not invalidate your fast according to the majority of the scholars, but it will reduce the amount of free work if you're fasting. If I see someone eating and drinking Should I remind them

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if you know that they must be fasting like a brother who's fasting and you know and you say you see me drinking from the otter found said hey by the way you're fasting don't say you know what a law providing food Why will I cut

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it No. Allah subhanaw taala asked us to basically remind each others and when we see somebody making mistakes or forget something that we remind them that's why and who Salim said in Salah either in a seat for the key Rooney if I forget remind me, so that's the duty of us towards one another.

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What if someone died before they

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fulfill their fasting somebody was sick and died. What's the ruling there is multiple scenarios number one a person who was sick a sickness that he has no hope for pure curing from a sickness that basically permanent type of sickness they will not this person too fast. That person if he dies,

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he or the requirement only is to feed a meal per day. Okay, so if this person died after Ramadan, after Ramadan and never paid or fed the people that he was supposed to do before we divide the inheritance of that person, we take that amount of money and we feed 30 people or give 30 meals out

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that's became the duty of the inheritors of the family of the person. The What if someone was sick, sick a sickness that you know what hopefully you will recover from it and shower next year in two years you will be able or she will be able to fast allow for a better woman like you know what she didn't fast because she was breastfeeding or pregnant and she died. So she

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was expecting to make up these days later on but she died. In this case we say this sickness, which is the doctor determined is not a permanent nature. If it continued with the person until the person died, there is no fasting. No feeding.

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Okay? But if a person was to break his fast for a valid reason, like sickness traveling, whatever, period Whatever the case, then that person died after Ramadan and didn't get a chance like let's say after two months of Ramadan, he or she died and did not make up these days. What will be the rulings?

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The ruling is pardon the abuse of Southern men mattawa Lee Seon, sama and Julio, if you die and you must fast these days, you want your relatives fast on your behalf. So the wife fast and we have the husband the husband fast we have and his wife, you know, your children, your father, their parents, anyone even cousins, you can basically fast on behalf of that person. And in the B cell allowed is a woman came she said jasola in Nomi Matta to allay household Ramadan, also more Ana, Paula Sumi. My mother died before she

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make up the month of Ramadan. Should I fast on her behalf? He said yes, do so. But not a volunteer fast. There is nothing in Shariati, Nevis Arsalan came ever to legislate a volunteer fast on behalf of someone else. Only in the case of someone was supposed to make up these days and died before he or she was able to do so. And that's maybe something that you should make a note for it before. You know who knows when the person died. So your family will know that you're in debt to Allah subhanaw taala for these days, and that's also another reason the scholar said it is good to rush to make up the days after you finish your trauma bond. If there's any missing days, don't delay it so much

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because nobody knows what's the role model is and how long you will live. ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from all of us. eponymous ma to Mustapha la de

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Nana Viva that.

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If somebody the time of afar comes, and he or she don't have anything to eat, they break their fast with their intention. Let's say you're a doctor, you're stuck in the surgery, doing a surgery or you are a nurse or you're in a place where you can go to Baker for your an exam, or your class, you know, or you are in a meeting you can get out of it your officers, your police officers or law enforcement and you know what the time of thought comes? Are you stuck in the traffic?

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So in this case, we say in this case, we say you know what, you're allowed to break in this case you break your fast with the intention. You didn't need to gather your saliva then you swallow them. Okay, like people do know, you know, it does just you're basically with the intention that I break my fast that's it and don't delay that

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taraweeh is highly recommended Sydney to attend and to care for and unfortunately we see in the middle from Yvonne, that excitement about tarawih goes down a little bit you know what I encourage you I asked you today is to make that commitment that you will not miss out

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and please make sure that you do your best to pray the whole entire summit taraweeh I feel so sad sometimes for to see people after the Formica it became a habit just after for rock Id leave it doesn't matter you pray long or short you just leave after the fall it became automatic

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you know in your in our muscle For example, we finished like what 1115 we start to finish at 10 that's a very relatively very short salaat but it's still you see people after the fork it just leave and if they leave because they want to sleep they would leave because there is another duty to do now they socialize and they drag their feet and some and some depend but you know what you missing something so great pilot Nabi sallallahu Sallam and karma at the Manhattan serif could you better hook me Laila? If you pray with the Imam until the Imam finish, you have a full night of salah and by the way, that doesn't mean you pray with us of God to the first four and he leaves you

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leave. No, it means the Imam and whoever in that position until the Salah finish

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The whole entire level rocker or if you're an MST they pray 21 you know you stay until the 21 finish. If you can, don't lose this opportunities will lie You don't know next year you will be able to pray it or not.

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It's an offer from Allah subhanaw taala

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and why is people should not let these offers goes without taking full advantage of them. If you come to tarawih and we already starting tearaway, please don't start another Gemma in must. So you disturb the people who pray, join the people who are praying taraweeh

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with the intention of Isha prayer, and when we say Salaam Arigato ly stand up and you complete your prayer.

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It is not necessarily that your intention to be identical to the intention of the Imam in Nabi sallallahu Sallam A man came to the masjid and he missed fudger he said, who will pray with this person? So the person who prayed with that one who came late is not praying fetcher again, that one praying the three of them which is further and the other one praying what volunteer more accurately allow us to freely share with the prophets of Salaam. Then he goes and he leads the Isha in his his own tribe, and Isha prayer. When you pray with his tribe, he doesn't pray twice, because Allah only prescribed five Salawat upon us, that means more others will have six Salah which is not correct, we

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only pray five times a day. So that means the Salah that my dad used to lead with his people was a volunteer prayer,

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or vice versa or the process of the volunteer but we expect that he prayed the formula with the process and then he pray volunteer prayer with his people and his people praying. So he has volunteer salah and the followers praying what an obligatory Salah. So that notion, an idea that you have to have the same exact intention. It's not a very strong argument or even good evidence to back it up. the contrary, is the case that the evidence goes against that idea.

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Also, if you want to start a new line in the mustard, please make sure that you fill the lines don't leave gaps

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in Ibiza Sallam said fill the gaps. Carlin Davies of Solomon said the whole whoever fill a gap in the line, a lot of reasons level and gender. And Allah subhanaw taala build a house for him or her in general?

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Why would you miss that? Just because it's too far to walk from the center to the side of the most I know it's a long distance, but you can do it.

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another issue is, which is interesting. Where to start the line from?

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You know, believe it or not, for the last few days, I've been receiving all these messages and emails shift in our message there is a fight where we start fight over where do you start the line from? What do I really need to fight for, or anything, you know, it's easy where you start from, it doesn't really a big deal. But the right thing, when you start a new line, you start from the center.

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Because in w sallallahu sallam, when he lined people behind him, he didn't line them, you know, toward the right side. He lined them he kind of some of us on the map, man as a team and as an orphan so the person put them right behind him.

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So that's where the line start from right behind the map, then you go left and right. And a lot of people think because there's a hadith about the virtue of right side, it means the left side is ignored Habibi, the left side of the mustard for a man's not for a Sherpa.

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As the right side is for Allah as well. So yes, you go if there is equal amount of numbers, you go to the right then to the left, you make it equal and in the B so sanlam in the head it was reported was simple Imam make the Imam in the middle.

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There is nothing ever that the Selim said you start from the right side, he only praise those who come arameans to the right, but Sahaba didn't understand from that, that you know what, you have all the right side like this, then after it's finished over then they start filling the left side makes no sense.

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And a person should be easy and over stuff like that not to take it too excited. And what's the result the result that you see sometimes some sisters in the right side three by themselves, three by themselves in the middle three by themselves on the left. What kind of oma is that? If we cannot be unified and come together and Salah

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is not how Islam intent by ordaining and legislating the issue of lining up together and come closer to one another

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During the summer,

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I asked Allah subhanaw taala to help us to maximize our benefit from the month of Ramadan, and what's left from it. May Allah forgive all our shortcomings and all our sins and all our mistakes and help us to fix them. And I asked Allah Subhana Allah to give us awareness, always to be aware of the opportunities of goodness and we take full advantage of it. Your ally asked you to forgive us to forgive our parents, our family, Allah protect us and our home and our families and our businesses our ally asked me to bless us and to bless our family, our business alone asked me to bless whatever you have given us, plus our knowledge plus our work plus our ibadah plus our lives online asked you

00:30:44--> 00:30:49

by your names and attributes to help and to aid those who are suffering around the world.

00:30:50--> 00:31:12

Those who we know of and those who we don't we ask you a lot to release and to give relief to them. Soon, not later. Yeah, Allah we ask you to forgive the debt and to heal the sick alum in this article who took our offer for Lena have been a terrific Junior has an authority has Anna Kakinada but now masala Hamada and Amina Mohammed Omar Satya hungama

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Aloha, aloha crevado Chateau La ilaha illallah wa shadow

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rasuluh long. Yama sala de hayyan ya'll fena komitas Allah to

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Allah, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. The Isla de la ma

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Allahu Akbar

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen bellami urashima

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The Buddha, Coniston he didn't

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dawn on him

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one last

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in law

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Allahu Akbar

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Alhamdulillah Bellamy

00:33:47--> 00:33:50

Marie kiyomi Dini Ghana,

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Ghana stoning

00:33:54--> 00:33:55

mustafi masala

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turning him

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on me

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order to

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work on and you know murder her you have

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to have

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a backup.

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Yo mama Ed

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spawn adamantine t shirt.

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Semi Allahu neeman hamidah

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cemani Kumara

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just very quickly I have a pre things to mention to you, number one, inshallah there is a sister how on the road to Allah tomorrow at two at 9:15pm here in the mustard 9:15pm with sister Donna collect family pm Friday June 8 after taraweeh prayer inshallah tada and sahul will be provided donate up guys by the raised by the raise of hand if you don't mind. How many of you heard? Can you stand up at the back? I will just mention that like, yeah, how many of you guys heard of our campaign online to raise $60,000 per semester? By the raise of hands?

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That's it.

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Okay, thank you.

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Among these people on raise their hands, I'm wondering what will be the percentage those who pass the message to others. We do have a campaign and GoFundMe online campaign to raise from the outside community amount of money to help them so 60,000 to help all fundraising in your way out I put a very clear display. What is the goal and where are we at We are at 75 so far, but one of the things before we talk to each others about four is you can reach out to a lot of friends family member, so please go to our website that that or clearly academic center, you Google that and there is a link to the GoFundMe link and share it with your friends with your family

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member. Hopefully we can raise that amount from outside our community. As for the mustard, I asked you today, please your way out you'll see a lot of brothers I put out there. And sisters with pledge forms and donation forms. Make sure that you do that. today.

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We are now at 75,000. And the goal is 450 Believe it or not, on average hamdulillah Allah, Allah Allah has blessed us to reach our goals. So please donate generously to the master today. And if you're going to give us a cat, make sure that you put note that this is a cat money, so we allocate it to the right direction. Thank you very much.

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Tonight shala will be a thought provided in the master. So everybody is welcome.

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The captain has also provided

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a lot of tricky

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