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hamdulillah men who want to stay in who want to study he wanna start Pharaoh when I was a villa him in Cerulean fusina woman sejati Medina Maja de la dama de la. Mama you will fella howdy Allah who eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la Sheree Cara y shawanna Mohammedan Abu Saud Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, Kamal salata, Ibrahim Ibrahim, in Naka, hamidah Majeed, ameba de la. All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammed Salah la vida you RT wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhana wa tada have put us on this earth, giving us this life to test us to see who will fulfill Allah subhana wa tada as well. And who would not and his well that we worship Him alone, and we OBEY Him subhana wa tada and we dis obey the shape on and our desire that leads us away from Allah subhanho wa Taala XPath. Allah Subhana data have given us this earth and what ever on it, to serve us to use it as the mean and the tools to help us to reach him subhana wa di not to distract us from us, distract us from him, not to mislead us or to take us astray. And Allah Subhana Allah told us that after this life, there is

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another light, he reminded us of all the blessings that he have given us in this life. But also he told us about another blessings waiting for us in the next life. And there are so many so much emphasis in the Quran. So much talk so much so many verses in the Quran. Speaking about this,

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there is a chair here.

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Give a chair Dr. abdullatif. Yeah. So

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here we say that this dunya Allah Subhana Allah as he informed us about all the blessings of it, he also informed us about the blessings that is waiting for us in the next life. And I'm saying this because many of us today and around us, celebrating and remembering the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah upon them and thinking about being thankful and grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada, which is something I think it's good to almost to be grateful to Allah and thankful to Allah, not only one day in the year but every day, not only thankful for the blessings of the worldly matters, but also the blessings of the thing that's related to that are here and Allah subhanho wa Taala in many

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verses in the Koran spoke about an email Jenna, that he word of gender, the blessings of gender, that enjoyment of the people will experience in Paradise, all of this our hearts or soul will be attached to the dunya while out to the to the agenda while our body stay here in this life.

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Allah subhanaw taala in many times, he made a comparison between the dunya and the many times he

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asked us to look into things that reflect to reflect upon the good things that we enjoy in dunya. And what is waiting for us if we enter Paradise in the next slide. pile of basil the Allahu Abbey, Lazar, Phil genetti chez nous, Bo mafic dunia in asthma. The only similarity between this dunya and Jana is what is the names so you know, it's only shared the names but the reality is completely different. Everything in this dunya that you like, you think it's beautiful. Do you think it is an adornment? Do you think it is something you can enjoy? Like the beautiful scene of rivers and forests and greenery, you know, the beautiful beds and homes that you have the drinks that you enjoy

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the food that you like, okay, and everything that can you think of in this dunya it's in Ghana, but in completely different level. And let's take few examples. So we can reflect upon that. And we'd be more grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada. More attached to the APA. Because my brothers and sisters, one of the scholars once was asked why we are so attached to the dunya and we don't think much are interested much in the article. He said because all your investment in the dunya Tallulah Mana naraba dunia

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Khan, he replied to them by saying because all your

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Investment are your thoughts. It's about the aka not about the dunya not the woman, the lady Yo mama era mahalo if all your investment in the dunya and he did nothing for the afro, who would ever like to move from something that he invest so much money and time and effort to something he or she did not invest anything and in it all your investment in dunya just look at your daily activity, how many hours you invest in things related to the worldly life and how many hours you invested to

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look at your month. Look at last year. Look at everything that look at your eyes, look at your ear, look at your heart, look at your money, look at your mind, look at everything you have, how much you have used this thing these things for the dunya and how much you have used it for the aka. So the most of the investment is related to the dunya not in the US. That's why people are so attached to it. For instance, Allah subhanaw taala told us that we have homes in the in the Accra in general. But what a big difference between the homes of Jenna and the homes of the dooney the homes of the denier if you're lucky and you'll be able to buy one we in Texas blaster hamdulillah you know real

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estate is cheap. But if you go to the east coast and in a lot of visitor come during this holiday in if you live in the West Coast or east coast you will know how expensive just to buy a tiny hole there to live in in a broken house and old house when you like spend all your life working to earn it and guess what that house that you take or you build is a house that you need to maintain you need to fix it every year you know the your home Association Cindy a lot of fix this and do that take care of the grass it costs you this money you think you bought a house you're saving money you start spending in other areas to insure it and if anything happened it can be destroyed have God

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forbid you live in in an area with hurricanes or you live in San Diego one lens slide your home will be in another zip code. So you know it's all problems when you get all these homes than in the dunya and they don't maintain their style they don't maintain their strength but in the US era and add to this even the design I know one brother spent so much time in designing his house and after he built the house he looked at the design is that oh I wish he did this I wish he didn't do that. No you want to remodel your house yo I wish he didn't use that kind of tile. I wish it it's always like that that's how the nature of the homes that have this dunya but in the Akira and nebia sallallahu

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Sallam told us and before the howdy they will recite what Allah said the first and sort of the stuff he said on as keynote

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one word summarize the whole thing well my sack you know

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it's a good homes excellent are everything good and it the way to design the way to build the women you know maintain it just the place the location is perfect. You're gonna be so solemn agenda to be not oh hi Nabina to mean football. Weather Bina to mean that women alcohol myschool initially Dora was Leah waterbottle Hassan. He said sallallahu Sallam it's made of bricks not a what. And these bricks is made of what not mud these bricks are made one made of pure silver and one made of pure gold and what's in between to make them stick together that material the cement that you use here over there it's not it's a made of a very strong

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material that have very strong smell like Elon Musk, very good smell very good.

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And also, Allah Subhana Allah says nothing in this study but it's pure it is good. It's not like you have a plumbing problems where that you know you have to buy to get up lumbers or things stuck in your or that is like sewers or anything like that. No, it never get dirty. It's old by Eva, it's all pure. It's all good. In one of the houses of Jenna, that Allah Subhana Allah told us through the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and haima attempt. Attempt but is not made of, you know, the material that you familiar with in this dunya No, it's made of something very strange. The prophets of Salaam said in minnifield Jenna la haima min Lu utting wahida mucho de todo has to know the rasa

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tuna meal and movement fee her saloon yo for LA min Farah Baba Baba. That that tent is big as 60 miles wide.

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And in Ibiza, Salim said it's made of one single parent

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Have you seen a pearl that big that's huge. That's that's what it's made of. And enter that even you have your families you have sections that they don't see each others are far away from is so big that they don't see each other's my brothers and sisters in the dunya we were lucky if you have like a cabinet or a house next door River. When you have the rivers running in the in the in your new place is so proud of yourself. I would never forget how my my father was so proud of him having a house just next to the Nile River in Egypt. Ghana is always proud of the accomplishment that he got, you know, not ever just from a distance go close to these rivers. Most of them are filled with

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filth, you know it's not clean, it's not pure is not something that you can drink from it.

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Directly mix with mud, you know, so it's not as as delicious as you might think. In most of the cases and many cases these these rivers can dry out. But the rivers of Jenna is completely different story. The different river agenda. Allah subhanaw taala told us in the process of them told us that it doesn't have a ditch that it runs or canal the turns in it, it's actually run on the top of the surface of paradise. And it doesn't go all over the place it has like a route route that go follow but it's in the above the land that you just reach out to the drink from it.

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And it is what the rivers are not just water, many different rivers, feeding her and how to

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enjoy uni in

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rubber rivers made of water that never change I

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mean in Sydney and Melbourne in lamea

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and rivers made of milk and you know milk, if you stay for you know week or two, it goes bad but these rivers the milk of it will never change. The taste of it will never change or unhealthy. In Hmong means

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that in Asia leaving and rivers contained or made of pure wine, so enjoyable. Well

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and rivers made of a pure honey

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in it and coauthor, the edge of it and nobody saw some of them said are gold. And you know the stones that are the stones that you see in the bottom of the rivers, these are adorable they are like the rubies and beautiful colors in it. They're that these rivers the smell of it, it just like better than the smell of the mosque.

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In the era, Allah subhanaw taala told us about Jenna

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and this is for the brothers and for the sisters as well. That the woman of gender is completely different than the woman in Tunisia. You know, nothing like the way it is in the studio. First of all, when you go to gender men and woman they don't change the shape. You know when your wife keeps asking me dialogue the same did they gain weight did they lose weight did I do this? That is to look good, decent attractive to me. There's nothing like that and she is as beautiful as he can be ever be. And she will never change her beauty will always remain she will maintain the best and the perfect color perfect shape perfect. You know, weight and so far, so beautiful that not only that,

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that also they are very nice when it comes to their manners. The Las panatela speaking there their mood never changed not because she's pregnant not because she's you know, getting her period nothing like that. Do you never change her mood? No matter how old or young she is or maintain the best of manners Reuben a taraba is the woman who's so loving so nice, so

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Also, as Mata Hara Allah said they are purified

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no sickness. No even if she no blood no bleeding no at nothing even know it the people of gender men and woman they don't go relief the thing no filth come out of them. Never sweat never had to put deodorant never had to put things like that men and women. There's nothing wrong and then pass it off with a drop maxilla

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and Allah subhanaw taala described them in many verses in the Quran, where they are always looking to their husbands. They will look into their spouses, they enjoying the live with their spouses. Also for an in the center of the profits are seldom tells us that the love and

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Between them will be so strong that they care for one another, even the intimacy is described between them at this something will not end the process Allah said that even the man will be giving the strength of 100 man.

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So, in any way in any shape of enjoyment, it will be fulfilled to the max

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in dunya we possess things, and an accurate engender, you possess things in the dunya. Whatever you possess, decrees can be stolen, can be taken away, you put so much effort to have it so much to protect effort to protect it, you feel so sorry when you lose it. But in the alpha era, it's different. And the alpha of the thing that you possess will never vanish will never change. Whenever decrees are the only effort you need to put in the dunya and after that you need nothing you wish and you get what you want. And maybe you sell allow to sell themselves. moldy or salty. I had to configure Jenna hi Amina dunya Maria, just as much as the big stick a stick that if you put it in

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Jenna, whatever that size of that line, compared to everything in this dunya whatever in that place that you put your stake in, it's better than everything in the face of this earth.

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If you think that people around you have millions and billions and billions of dollars, and you just can't you know what you can get more than that? Just a little bit patient and commitment. That's just that small area a few inches. That said a few inches of land is better than the wealth of the whole earth.

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So what when we experience with a lawsuit in salthill in San

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County mukhang cabbing

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when you look at your what you possess what you own, and you look again, now EME and we're Moodle can Kabira Yeah, and it's something that you possess like a kingdom so huge, so vast, so big.

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To never be vanishes. It said to never be distributed to your children after you die. Or people take it from you when you when you die. No to never only you food of the dunya and food of the afterlife. You think you had a good Thanksgiving dinner last night? And you enjoy handleable afia. But you know what? Wait until you experience the truth, the true food of the archaea. The true food of the alcohol is not like the food of the dunya cause you diabetic has the allergy cuz you you know you stuff to do this, you do that?

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No, no, the food of the author is completely different. It's pure pot Yeah. And it will never come out of you even though it doesn't produce filth because it's complete pure, observed completely by the body of the person in general. Allah Subhana Allah tells us in so many verses about different type of food, fruits and meats, and and so forth. And also cups filled with different type of drinks are presented to the people who is or in general, in general law tells us that his servants mate, he didn't need to language, other language to communicate with them. You know, you didn't need to use sign language sometimes to communicate like you communicate with your mates in the dunya you know,

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you don't need to be worried about them stealing something from you. You didn't need to worry about how serious and how honest they are. No, Allah subhanaw taala make them young. That's why he said in the Quran, while he moved

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serving them young servants young men serve he said young Why? Because when you're young, you're still full of strength, you can work and you'll be active. And if you look at them around you, they're like, like perils that just scattered all over the place. What's that means they look nice, they dress nice, smell nice. You know the all over the place. And Allah subhanaw taala telling us that that's the role to serve you and they welcome you and he greeted you.

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In the law tells us there is common wine and drinks people consume but not like the Hummer of the dounia make you lose your your conscious or unconscious it make you have headache, you know, it cause damage to your levers and all these things. It's not like that. Now if you hold on one, man hainsey food will not lead you to say things that you're not aware of. That that

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will attempt to do boo boo Mia don't throw up after

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drinking it or drinking a lot of it that's all nice description of a hammer of gender to tell you the big difference between the concept of normal gender and even in gender it's amazing people don't sleep why because sleeping usually it's meant for rest that's why sleeping is the minor form of death and engender you don't need to rest because you never get tired even if you don't sleep in genda because because what because you don't want to miss anything from dinner even the enjoyment of

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sleeping sometimes is running away from problem You know, sometimes when you just Hey, just look me sleep, go sleep I don't want to deal with this day. You know, tomorrow's just another day you run away from your day sleeping agenda is no need for it. You don't run away from anything.

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Also, even the discharges of the body in general is not like the dunya here you sneeze you cough everybody gets scared Don't get me a disease and you go to the bathroom you know if a Lavinia and you became old and you can control your urine running to the bathroom all the time and all these problems nothing like that in dentists

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enemies are seldom said even the sweat is mask

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that's nothing else.

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There's nothing no filth comes out of them at all. Nobody can produce any smell that can be bad or make people run away from even when people like a suggestion which is like bourbon and they'd be so solemn this if it does happen, it just will be like the mask is not like Melania protect all of us some people when the next into the salon and they you know, you just want to break your Salah

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It is unbelievable.

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In the in the agenda was telling us it's not like the dunia where the weather is completely you know unpredicted especially in Houston Air Force season. You know, today you sweating yesterday, it was cold. It's not like that. In the agenda, Allah subhanaw taala said much turkey in Effie.

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You killed on a fee. Sham some, some honey.

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They don't experience any hot days, nor any cold days.

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They've been a bastard, they don't even experience a strong sun. No a complete darkness. It is the same time between the federal or before until the sunrise before the sunrise completely, you know that time, which is there is light, but it's not so bright. And it's also not that dark. That's the time. And that's the weather and Jenna just perfect. The food of it, the fruits of it, it is something will never end.

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The provision of genda will never end it will continue to produce and guess what the tree you didn't even to reach out poopoo for her Danny almost forgot I said whenever he wants under the tree, the tree comes closer to you. You didn't even need to reach to it. If you wish you can. Anything that you wish you get. But the point is, it is completely different when you make every time you compare him between all the things that engender into the junior you see that you know what it's really a such losses. If I will take this jr over the aisle. He tells us about market and

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but not like our markets where you go there. Maybe looking forward for something to buy. And by the time you go you're looking forward to leave because you're running out of money. Or you know what you need to fight over merchants since we are in the Black Friday. You know, and people are like competing over things that maybe they don't need.

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And most of the time we buy things that we don't need. Okay with the money that we don't have. And for when we don't have a place for it. The more storage the two and many times as somebody said to impress people even we don't like and nobody saw some certain agenda. There is a suit people come to it every Friday. And every time they come there a wind will come and we'll make them look beautiful smell better, the clothes even better. And they come back to their family much better than the way the left

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and the right. People have rides the rider. But this Ryan doesn't need to go to gas station to refuel every year in a couple of days. He didn't need to change oil. You need to have a mechanic you didn't need to pay that much money for it. Now. It's our job and our job. Amazing, right? That it's made for you in the most comfortable way that you wish. So this is the case my brother and sister who will be ever, ever favorite of the junior over there.

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What's the point why parents speak so much about

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This about things that is very hard for you to even to imagine,

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very hard for you to comprehend, to imagine it and to see how it looks like. The purpose of this is to make us connect. If you ever be impressed of something in the dunya. I'm telling you to remember that. It's way much better, way much higher. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah masama to mostofa la de

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Nana Viva do that. After all this we come to the conclusion that the last panel data said in his book,

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only metal dounia poly one to many

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told him Mohammed that the enjoyment of this dunya is very little, little in its quantity little bit of its time a little bit of it. The nature of it this little comparing to what the aka the Aquila is much better for those who have Taqwa and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the last one the intergender, the one who will have the least reward in general the least Can you imagine the bottom the process of Solomon said whatever that process is equal to 10 times and another generation 50 times of what is the greatest King or richest person ever in this earth possessed?

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Today we fight over the dounia and Allah said, Man, can I read the letter a gel Nana hufa Manisha

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if you fight over the dunya and you are that's all your focus the dunya Allah will give you from it.

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That's it. But those who focus on the aka while using the dunia as a mean the great reward waiting for the alpha and

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never end. When libido Robbie I said at Aqua Lucia in masala How about they do with management of own sword said sadhak everything other than Allah will perish. He said yes or not true. He said yes. But when he continued his poetry and he said well could Luna Amy Lama harlot Azhar and every enjoyment will come to an end or the other one said no agenda would never come to an end

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to me in my heart but with what Allah tala said insalata Hadid or something it's very profound to come to contemplate on this weekend.

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There are a lot more

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to do

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was enough to

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feel anyone

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can make anyone anything

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to film a

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or feel euro tiada boom sure the

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or mal

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dounia in

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Serbia boo ina will feel on to

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be como

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como this

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or in that little lead in

00:28:52--> 00:28:56

the Nika la de man money

00:28:58--> 00:29:02

on long from now we

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know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and a bestowing to one another, and competition in increasing wealth and children. Like the example of rain was resulting plant growth pleases the tellers, the farmer, then a desire an end,

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address dries and you see turn yellow, then it became scattered. The breeze and in the Hereafter, is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the world they live except the enjoyment of delusion? That's what's the real meaning of this dunya. Then along next verse said,

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race one another towards the forgiveness of your Lord and towards the

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Agenda, which is a bigger than the heavens and the earth, Allah have made it to those who believe in Allah and His messenger. And this is the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala He bestowed upon whomever he wishes. So, my brothers and sisters, I helped today that we go on we think and reflect upon the reality of all of dunya the reality of our existence, this dunya you make sure that you don't come in the Day of Judgment, and you don't have place and that beautiful place would call agenda and nothing will get you there except believing in the last panel down on his messengers, the loss on them and obeying them and doing your best. Now last panel data and your Lenovo yakou when it comes

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to 99 Almudena human head at human afaid human turn lane along magic magic or Hamlet, magic while

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eternity nine name nobody de nada Mira muslimeen aimim hamama Eugene Olam in a silicon houda toka Hina at info Santa taqwa Hauser romanza, llama la mina Salafi and a few Mashallah Claudia Mahara, BIA, Allah Masha periodical marva Allah Mohammed Mota, Allah Mahaffey move tele allama if you could eliminate thereto.

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By further north korea Tina middle Phaeton marva homina, Matan Amara Mohammed Omar Satya hongcun

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Allah Allah