Waleed Basyouni – September 9th 2015 Khutbah

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the importance of the Prophet sallali wa sallam and the Sunni movement. The challenges faced by a man who took the opportunity to join the movement and won. The importance of having clear goals and not giving up on one's beliefs is emphasized, along with the need to create a positive attitude and not try to be perfect. The importance of setting deadlines and making decisions based on results is also emphasized.
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In Alhamdulillah, in a meadow who want to stay in who wanna study he wanna start Pharaoh. Wanna Oh the villa him in Chateau de ambu cinnamon Satya Melina Maja de la who Fernando de La MaMa you will find out how the Allahu wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Muhammad. Allah wa shadow no Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah. Allahu Allah Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Khaimah zuleta Allah Ibrahim our early in hamidah Maggie, I'm about to Eva de la. All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that allows the only one worthy abortion and

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters at the moment but Heidi Rahim Allah and others, reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was there with his uncle ahtanum in the last few minutes about our lives life, and the prophets are Southern kept saying to him, I am my uncle, c'est la ilaha illAllah Kalimantan had to look at behind the law, a statement that you make, that I can use in the Day of Judgment, to argue with my Lord to save you in the day of judgment from the hellfire. Because as we know, if you say later in the law, for in the law, havanna Adam and Karla ilaha illAllah. And now

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those who say la ilaha illAllah they believe in it and they understand the meaning of it and they believe in it. They will not

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stay in Hellfire

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ever they will end up in gentlemen. So the prophets of Salaam was asking his uncle to save

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right before he died. But I will john was there telling him been attached to local military coverage Daddy, are you going to leave the religion and the practices and the culture of your father and your forefathers in your tribe and your family in your you know your people? And that's a decision that a Buddha was struggling with all his life, since the prophets of Salaam told him that he is a prophet, a messenger from his Lord. It was a decision that he was not able to make. He was always confused. He should follow his heart and his What does logically make perfect sense to him. He knows that this is the perfect man, a man who never lies. A man who he knows very well this is his nephew. He knows

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that his religion is the best religion will abandon him to be an Hira Daniel berry at Dena Mohammedan Heather McCann. That's what exactly he said. I really know for sure that the best religion the best teaching is the teaching of Islam and the teaching of Mohammed Salah Lola and I'm just because I'm worried that I'm going to shame my family. I will declare it openly that I believe in Mohammed Salah maou it was a matter of fact that he took decisions that he will stand beside his nephew and he will help him after he asked him he said that your people in my family are putting a lot of pressure on me. So yeah, my my nephew What do you want to do? Then he said I am looking at

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the difference between this person who didn't make his mind yet and the prophet SAW Selim.

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Even though the Hadith is not strong enough for him and yet it is not lacking How many do I have to seal

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it is in the seal of the prophets of Salaam. We are not very strict on the authenticity of the generator. Anyway, the prophets of Salaam Doulton Walla Walla wa shumsa Allah Yemeni well, Amara la casa de matar

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if they give me the right the sun in my hand side and my hand side, my right side, the sun and the moon in my left hand side or the Give it to me, I own the sun and the moon. I will not leave this

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I will not leave any of this religion. He's very

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he very subtle in his belief sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Anyway, so what happened with Abu Pilate who've been all has live all these years thinking Should I not Should I do Should I don't matter Allah miletti

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mama Tell me about he died as a Kapha he died as the same belief of his forefathers.

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He lost a dunya and

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this is an example. In another example, also during the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the other story reported by Rahim Allah Oh Hudson Hudson has sent out half of the hedgerow that Allah and used to say to his students, by the head the Sunni and Rosalind de

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Yes. Hello Jana, Jana mucilage de la

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Barrera said tell me about a man who entered Jenna. And he never prayed a single time in his life.

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Not a single rocker. He never put his head down to a Lost Planet. But he still ended up in Denver. And the successors and the young companions wouldn't know who that person is. How can you go to gender and you don't pray? This is something they couldn't imagine. Then.

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When he was asked Who's it? He said, in

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many Abdullah Shan His name is Ahmed bin sabot have been rubbish. This man. He also had a lot of time to think about the call of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He lived in Medina, and he knew about Islam, he knew about the Tao of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. But in the Battle of ahead, he made the decision. He made a decision to join the prophets of Salaam, all of a sudden he showed up in the battlefield. And he injured so badly he was bleeding. And when he was seen bleeding, and under so badly defending the profits on them, and helping the process of this battle, he was asked cada tokachi, Lu, Lydda, komik, ohanian, and snap. Are you fighting your people? Because you know, the

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Medina versus Mecca is a tribal thing, or it is, you're here just because you believe in Islam. He said, Ben, I am here to protect the Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and an Islam.

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Then when the prophets of Salaam was asked about him, he died. He was asked about him, what do you think of him? Then in Ibiza Salaam said in the hood, I mean,

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he is among the people of paradox. This man have made the decision. And I made a very clear decision and he did not stuck at that period of thinking, should I do it, should I not do it. And that's why he ended his life, he took the opportunity in front of him, and he won. The

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I think one of the biggest problem that a lot of people facing in their life, indecision, being indecisive, you can make your mind you can make up your mind, you cannot make a decision, you're always think of Should I do Should I not, you put one step forward and three steps back, you're not a person who willing to take the risk and to make the move. And you know what, a lot of people have this, um, I'm not sure if I should do it or not. I think we all suffer from somehow of indecision at times, if we are not careful, this is can be very dangerous disease can became a debilitating problem which it feeds on itself. And it grows and can prevent you from a lot of good things in life

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that you cannot achieve. It will take you away and shift to a to a dark corner that you live in, in this life. And you might even lose the dunya will aha because of this quality, how to turn to the machine that prevent the person from making the decision that it will make them one make them progress, make them grow, it can be a very big obstacles in our life. So many chances so many opportunities have gone and basically been missed on the only reason it is because you could not make a decision and the right time and the right place. That's the only reason you missed that opportunity. You know, it is when you lose that feeling that determination inside you that I will

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make that decision, I will make that steps I will do this is always hesitant is always thinking, you know this and that and the end of the day you end up doing nothing, you're just thinking about it.

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And I believe it's often related to the lack of confidence in ourselves and our decisions and our ability to make a decision or to make the move that you want to do.

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My brothers or sisters, the more you became indecisive in life, the more you don't make decisions in your life, the more you became a person who is not capable of

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living your life in the right way. And this can be in religious areas and as well, in worldly matters. It's a problem that students face on problems that you know I still remember a friend of mine and exam. He will spend the first hour thinking the three hours the exam is to remember is clearly muscle. In fact, it's a three hour exam the longest one, the first hour my friend will spend which question he should start

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Thinking about Oh, this one or that one, which one is better and he became Can I make a decision and and it became very frustrating for the person.

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It makes your dream slip away. It makes your hopes in life shrink and you don't have bet. If you really want to be a person who makes a difference in his or her life, you want a person who achieve high goals in life, you have to make up your mind quickly. You have to be able to make decisions. That's why the profits are seldom one of his common everyday in the night and in the morning. Kind of Indra Elena, he went to how to sell a lot of Salim a lot of mania to becoming an adze. Will castle Yala protect me I seek refugee with you from a lands well, Catherine, because not achieving your goals mainly comes from two reasons. Either Sol, Sol, Sol, Ninja 10. g has been harder to rank

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when you don't achieve what you want. Because the reason you have no control over it, you don't have the ability to make any change about it. That's why he said to becoming an as they are not capable, I can make this change. You know, I can make a change and the situation that happened to certain people, and today in the world, I can't. But also he said to be communal caisson, I asked you to protect me from being lazy laziness, because one of the other reason for us not why we don't achieve our goals in life, it is not something external, except it's something internal. It is you just being lazy. It just you being not able to make that capable or not able to make that decision. Even

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though you have the capability to do that.

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I have a few tips for us, that can help us to make these strong decisions in life. And to be able to do it and to move on with our lives. A lot of people saying for a long time, I want to memorize the Quran, I want to do this, I want to learn Arabic, I want to learn the deen I want to have the father in Jamaica and regular I want to start the business I want to move I want to expand, I want to start saving so many things in life, I want to lose weight, I want to do this, but they don't make the decision yet I'm not talking about some make a decision. Even this is an earlier steps of people cannot make a decision. But there is a lot of opportunity to come in front of them. And they can

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make their mind up.

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You know, opportunity for marriages. And I see this a lot on so many different ways. And I think the first point that I would like to cite that that person must admit that he or she has this problem. I've seen a lot of people when it comes to this issue, they try to justify their in decisiveness in many different ways by saying, Oh, I'm being cautious.

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Oh, I am being Weiss.

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Oh, I am being you know, taking a making a good study and planning properly for the issue. But the issue is not lack of planning isn't the issue is not the lack of wisdom. The issue is the lack of courage.

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The issue that you are from your own side, weak to make that decision scared to make that steps to face this challenge. That's the reality, then I think one of the most important thing is to make sure that you admit that it's like this guy who say, I used to be indecisive, but I'm not sure if I'm I am anymore. I mean, still the same problem, don't you? And the surgeon may or may not be my problem.

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Okay, you know, it's clearly it is your problem, bro. So here, what you need to do is to make sure that you admit to that number to

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make sure that you have clear goals in life. clear goals have a lot of people to make decision quickly and focus. And they can make their their their goals very precise. I was speaking once in a church, about an a gathering about goals in life and how Islam helps us to be productive. So this old man came to me and he showed me a piece of paper. He took it out of his wallet. And he showed to me he said, che i like your your talk. And I just want to share this with you so you can share it with people later on. And I do share his story. He said say these are five goals I wrote it down on it was like about 30 years old, I want to achieve by the age of 65 or so by the year 70. And he said

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achieve all my goals. But during this the course of this last 30 years of my life, every decision made a decision I'm about to make in my life. I look at these five points and they say is this this isn't going to help me to achieve this goal or not. If it's Yes, I'll do it. If it's now I let it go

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The more you have clear goals in life in every area in your life, it will help you to make your decision correctly, perfectly. But the more you're vague in life or vague, nor your goals in life are vague, really even near goals, you're indecisive about it, you didn't know which goal Do you want in every area, most likely, if you don't know what you want, most likely, you're never going to get what you want. Number three, if you have a goal, make sure that you have a plan on how you're going to achieve these goals. And lead me to the fourth point which is actions, taking actions. If you really want to defeat this problem, the psychological problem and you have to learn to take the

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rest to take actions. To overcome indecision, we need to have the faith to follow our intuition.

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We have to basically transfer this thought into actions and that will make you move with your decision even if sometimes you realize that your decision that you made was not 100% correct was not the best decision, believe me, it is much better than being stuck in that status, which is indecisive,

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being indecisive. Being in that level, which is you don't know what you want to do. And you let things go because you couldn't make a decision. And decision is often worse than wrong actions.

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Number five. One thing that help us to make decision in our life is to not to try to be perfect. You know, we are human being we're not meant to be perfect. In a lot of people just want to make the perfect plan. The perfect excuse perfections comes with practice. It comes when you start thinking actions is not going to come from the first time you try you plan your best, but you have to take your basically steps, those who always look for zero risk for 100%. Guaranteed has nothing alive. Usually it goes like that.

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And I think this is one of the hindrances that prevent a lot of people from making decisions in their life. And one of the reasons for a lot of people to miss a lot of opportunities, because they think it has to be 100% perfect. It doesn't need to be the

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number *. So many times also we fear failing.

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Making mistakes. Failing is not a big problem. It's actually not a negative things, making mistakes and failing. It's an excellent opportunity for you to learn to grow. But you have to have the right attitude to deal with it. So, so many times where we cannot make a decision because I'm worried that what if I fail? So what? Just tell yourself, so what if I fail? So what if it's wrong? You know what I will learn, I will even worst case scenario, I won't take this as an opportunity for me to grow. Number seven, that try to

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generate a self confidence at some very key point here have self confidence, and that's deserve an actually hope about by itself, talking about how to build a solid confidence. I do believe that you as a believer, you're a person who walk in the earth and you know that Allah is with you if you are with him, and a person who knows that everything is about

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when you walk in this earth and you know my Columbia colonial civic, or masaba, Columbia, Columbia, whatever missed you, it missed you because it never meant to hurt you are never meant to reach you. And whatever you receive, you will receive it no matter what you try. Because Allah subhanaw taala plan down ordained if you have this confident in that you're dealing with the Most Merciful, the most wise the most just the most fair, why? Why wouldn't you have a confidence?

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Why would you know when you know,

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Allah in Morocco, Kula.

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Everything happened for the moment it is good for him or her. If you have these meanings, how can you don't build a self confidence? What can you give you more confidence in the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And knowing the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is with you. And the wisdom of al Qaeda is always there.

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Number eight, I think one thing that I notice a lot of people they don't make decisions in their life, because they convinced themselves there is a valid reason preventing them from making this decision. And reality. It's not a valid reasons.

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reality, it's imaginary reasons. People think that you know what, I'm not going to do

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For example, a start this business or start doing this or start or doing this kind of practices because this or that I knew when you come and you just pause a second and look at these excuses

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because you know, usually excuses and results, they don't come together.

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excuses and results, they don't come together. Either one of them if there is excuses, internally there is no results. If there is results, there is no excuses, means bring results, but not excuses.

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You know, I always like to make this

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you know, we all have excuses. Sometimes, you know, every doctor is telling me Shaolin you need to lose weight, you need to the water, your health, blah, blah, blah. I said, I travel a lot my lifestyle is this and that, you know, so I have excuses that's why I never you know, I don't get results and you know, realizing this help you to change the course of your life. It's like this guy was still the doctor telling him Hey, watch out you're diabetic. Okay, you need to watch out He said, No, it's not about my bad habits of food or eating. You know, diabetes is something runs in the family. He said Sunday morning that no one in the family runs that's why the DVDs

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as the family I'm worried that you

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exercise that's why you guys stay Paddy. So excuses sometimes are fake. You know, excuses. Oh, I am worried people give me an evil eye. People envy me. People. This can sometimes we can exaggerate. This can be reason, but sometimes exaggerate reasons like this, that prevent us from moving on in our life. And you know what? The worst thing in life, that you make your life controlled by the people, that you yourself, have no respect for that yourself, know for sure that you're not your friends, and you make them control your life. A lot of people don't make decision because they worry what people would say what other people talk about me.

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You know what I have to suffer just because what other people will think Who cares what other people say? Who cares if you if you didn't with a lot of the correct way and you're doing the right course of actions should move forward. malice panatela gives us all the courage to do the right thing. Coloma, Sumitomo, sobre, la

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100, reliable salatu salam, Ala Moana nebia.

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Number 10. The 10th point they have is one of the things that help you to make decisions correctly, if you have a good friend that you consult people who have good can give you a good advice. And I want to if you ever approached by someone to ask you for advice, the best way to give someone advice is not to make the decision for them.

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When you want to give someone advice, don't make the decision for them, let them make the decision. Your role is to explain to them the positive the negative that you know that the benefits and let them make the decision. Because a lot of people would like other people to make decisions on their behalf. And we feel that this is make them in the in the safe zone. You know, we need to learn to make the second we need to learn to make or take responsibilities of our actions. I think if we learn this, we should invest and listen, the early age of our kids, make them make decisions and they bear the consequences of their actions. Good or bad, right or wrong. And let them learn. So

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when they grow up, they can meet he can make good decisions, and they don't miss so many opportunities and their lives. You know, I grew up listening from family members and friends saying to me, oh, you know, this piece of land was dirt cheap. And I had the money if I bought it, I will be having a million dollars now or this and that. You know what? You're gonna say the same thing, 10 years later, and 20 years later, and just you go into this cycle of doom because you'd never make a decision. You'll never come together and move forward. I think if you want to learn how to be a person who is decisive, make sure that you put a timeline for yourself. You want to make a decision

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about something, just don't spend the rest of your life thinking about it. Or a whole year to think about it. You want to buy this car.

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Just by this week, I'm going to make this decision. It's either buying it or not buying it. I'm going to buy this house just put a timeline for some deadline. But if you just open ended like that you're going to keep your life dragging, dragging, dragging and no progress, no results. No achievement and believe me living a life with a little bit of achieved

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At the end of the week, little bit of achievement in the end of your every stage in your life, you're 30 years old now, you're 40 years old. Now, you're 50 years old, and you look back what you have made religiously, financially. And you look back and you see a little bit of achievement, a little bit of results. That's a very depressing life.

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Very, very bad life. That's not a positive thing. While you look back, wow, I finish, you know, all this indication I made this, I have a family have this, I established that. That's something make you feel big difference between the two, how you live your life and how you deal with your future. If you want to learn how to be a decisive person, try new things in life. Try to force yourself to new things in life. You know what they say? They say nothing.

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ventured, nothing gained. No, if people not willing to lose sight of the shore, they will never discover new lands.

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If people not willing to lose sight of the shore, they will never discover new lines.

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That's how it says you have to push yourself to try new things.

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And finally, I think all this come also down to very main important foundation, which is the concept of a token analyst panel dad, the trusting allies diligent. While alive wildlife photographer can include too many in in contumacy need. Well, it doesn't affect our Corolla, whatever. Isla De Lima, cara de la kahina topo. All these verses reminding us of Allah, the one who's there, the one who's watching the one was alive, the owner was capable. If you truly believe in alive, you truly submit yourself to Allah. So trust the last pelota take the necessarily means but take the actions while you have this trust analyzer that don't misunderstand me.

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decisive people, not people who are arrogance. decisive people, not the people who are unwise who make irrational decisions. decisive people, not the people who don't review and check themselves and and hold themselves accountable. No.

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But what I want you to do to be decisive when it comes to good deeds, when it comes to good opportunity. I want you when you think and you plan you take actions.

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My brothers and sisters indecisive is the result of fear.

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Don't listen to it. And our irrational fear I mean, any indecisive that it comes because the lack of confidence in yourself or

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lack of confidence and a lot of agenda, then listen to it. That's the bad that's the negative but any indecisive or decisiveness or you doubt you have doubt about solving because a valid reason, Shara islamically this is valid reason for me to think about it twice before I do or because you know logically This is something very risk and the risk is very high. And you know what? Yes, I understand that that's that's something I can understand. You tried to look at the advantages advantage, the good and the bad. And you make a decision after that may have laws that have to protect us from an Advil Kassar a lot of melphalan our Hamner wife in our foreign work couldn't use

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it in a was in Atlanta was in hottie matana Alabama for Atlanta maka sadhana together gerada calm omaka sadhana about the Creta Hammond and Neha you

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can tell if you're Muslim you know and Muslim as well many in our movie not even human and what Allah Most said did cool lemon or the higher on the other gelato calm llama we are Appleby horrible. Alba you must

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allow mania silica and Toto for the one in a Muslim interview Surya Allah

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Allah moto Vimeo au along Nigel before us followed him will be followed him will be followed him a Lama Dalai Lama we don't have a motor home, wash Haman home yada yada crom llama masala Dena Meanwhile, margerine Villa de Miel Gerardo de kromm, syllabary Well, bacteria are you a la mina sir Luca gelato Ekrem and Tara volna and in mobile Amina FEMA, Chateau de

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la Monza rajmata Karina St. Dr. Crump or Baraka it could be men Nicola Carla Mika in Morocco Ameen. Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali Dena Allah llama Hola, Dina Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala manana Sorokin karate now whether we are harming over lo Hakuna Elena

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Long enough said okay other general Yes. Michael personnels the Vatican.

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Beside the hottie Amana Allah Martin beside the hottie Amanda Allahumma, Yamuna, Yeoman okok one terracina yahaya you, Selena humara Mohammed

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