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The speaker discusses the importance of intention in actions and how it is linked to deeds. They explain that intentions are about being sincere and doing for the sake of making mobile, rather than just rewarding actions for their own sake. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of intentions in the context of pandemic-related events and encourages people to always wash their intentions.

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snuck into the LAO salatu salam ala Rasulillah on and he was

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one of the most common Hadith that we all know and at one point I'm sure you heard of it. The process alum said intimate Amago vignette. Deeds are based on intention. And this hadith some intimate said that 1/4 of Islam depends on this hadith. And the beauty of this hadith is to connect actions to intention and when we talk about intention, as the scholars look at the word intention from two different perspectives, first one, the Muslim theology and mainly and the scholars in general. The look at intention and the talk about a Nia. It is basically you being sincere.

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Okay, talk about sincerity. Then the Muslim jurists, the folk Aha, when they look at the intention, they almost forgot focus on the issue is that I intend to do that. So it's not just son by mistake or accidental.

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And both here the Hadith basically cover both because in order for you to be rewarded for your deeds, you have to do it intention you intend to do it. So for example, if you go to the to wash your face, and all of a sudden you find yourself who knows sometimes it's happened to me, I wash my face and I always find myself like almost halfway Am I will look but I never intended me who I was just going to wash my face. That's what not considerable because a NIA has to be before the actions. And basically while you are, you're doing it for the sake of making mobile. But what I just want to say here very quickly, is the first part which is intention is all about sincerity. It's about you

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being sincere, you're doing it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's so important for your actions to be one

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you get more reward for it to be acceptable three, it have more effect and impact on you. And I'll give you an example. If you go and you make a loop. And while you're making although in your intention, you doing this will look because you preparing yourself to clean yourself from outside. So you can stand before Allah definitely the reward of this will look will not be like someone doing it mechanically. Another person make a loop while he or she washing their face, knowing and remembering that when I first fit, wash my face with my the water it means I want to cleanse my face from all the sins that I committed with my eyes with my ear and with my mouth. When I wrenched my

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mouth that's definitely is very different than someone just washing their face. The intention has impact on how this act of worship impact you back. And and that's so, so important when we talk about intention also led me to him Allah one of the things that I heard from all from my teachers, my teachers heard it from their teachers. When I read in the books I read that the scholar said our teachers taught us something that, you know, the scholar has been delivering this message generation after generation which is in an insane Yabloko been a Yeti, marblo, the Amory that you can reach with your intention what you will never be able to reach with your deeds. How's that? You go to pray

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in the masjid? And in no way Rahim Allah is a great Sharia scholar. Give an example. If somebody goes to the masjid and when he entered the masjid, he prays to Africa and in the intention to pray the Torah aka sunnah before Fajr let's say and it all sorts of Torah for the heat and mustard the welcoming. And so to recap between Adana and a farmer and it struck after making widow and the Torah is because I want to come closer to Allah's paradise. See, you get your word for all these things, even though it's only two rockets. You know, sometimes your intention can get you so much reward. Even if you don't do the actions and interview SallAllahu sallam said there is people in Medina

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couldn't join us in our journey to taboo but yet every step we take the take the same agile why? Because they have the intention to come with us. But they couldn't come due to the other the excuse. And here I would say during the pandemic, you know so many of us couldn't go to the master because they must have closed out but it was so beautiful that so many of us always have the intention to go to praying the master we couldn't but he's still every Salah we think that the reward for it because we had the intention to go. So make sure that you always wash your intention. Watch your intention. Always intend to do good in case you couldn't do it. You still get the budget for it. May Allah

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subhanaw taala accept from us and always make our intention pure ceremony

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Well Your mood is good