Yahya Ibrahim – The Reward of Hajj from Home!

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in the region and its relation to the upcoming year is discussed, along with the need for a law to ensure people's safety and profitability. Prayerers are encouraged to set a schedule for prayer and offer their experiences to others. The importance of honoring the holy month in messaging travel plans is emphasized, along with the benefits of praying and being part of a community.
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met him that he doesn't want to stay you know we want to stop

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what I would have allowed me to fusina on and say your RTI Molina

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further ahead Why should one

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in the Allahu Akbar definitely Gosh that he cannot Why should go into Mohammed Abdullah he will Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Herlihy also mean he was so interesting when Kathy rock? Yeah, you held Adina and a couple Ah ha ha ha to party when I turned to Nikki level and to Muslim Moon yah Johanna shuffle rock definitely love the color for calming naps in Wacka Wacka Cologne has Jaha Weber from Houma region and Caffee when you sat with tequila and Lenny Tessa Alou maybe he will or have in Allah haka, Alikum rock fever. Yeah, uh, Johan levy in

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law. Wahoo. Overland said EDA, you're left left wing.

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While finlaggan Zulu welcome one minute or illa huwa Rasulullah who confessor comes and Alima abou

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always we begin with the praise of Allah, we send our prayers and peace upon our Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu either you or send them. We testify that none is worthy of worship of Allah azza wa jal that I will never use a Mullah why he was set limits his worshipping slave and final messenger. I always remind myself and you have Taqwa law. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grants us an increase in our love for Him. Our fear of Hebrew, and now we're hoping his mercy Allahumma me

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it was my intention this year. And even as I stand in front of you now, I have a clean ticket that is booked for travel for July the second to head to have

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but the Allah Who a man shot a fan, I am not of those who have been fortunate enough to be chosen to perform the hunter this year. One of the mysteries of later

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in the night of Ramadan, where Allah sings the decree, the Kedah the fate, that is written for each and every one of his creation, human beings and the animals and everything in his kingdoms is that of the things or the law of thus the grace Companion of the Prophet, the cousin of the Prophet SAW, hmm, he said is that even the names of those who will be in our favor, are brought down on the ninth of labor, telecom.

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And I always made your eye in the days of Ramadan hopeful willing, wanting to be of those who would be there for Hajj and Subhan. Allah, I am and many of you will not be from those who are blessed. There are a couple of our staff members who will be going we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah ranks them height, and Baraka that Allah allows them to reach the plains of LFS safely, and that they are able to remember us in their dry Allahumma Amin.

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So I sat with myself wondering, What can I do to earn the reward of hydrogen, even though you and I will not travel? How can I gain what it is that I want from hedge because Why do you want to go from 100 specific reasons? The prophets ISIL and says in the hadith of Abu Hurayrah, the Allahu anhu, narrated by Leonardo Hari

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that the one who performs had that is McGrew. A * that does not have a defect that was not flawed, then there is no reward for it with Allah except genuine.

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There is nothing less than Allah will give you except that you will be from the people of paradise. In another authentic hadith also on Behati the prophets I send them says that the one who makes hajj that is Maduro, hajj that is accepted by Allah Lam your one on the Appstore that they didn't use vulgar language. They weren't harsh in the treatment of others. They didn't defile themselves in any lewd way or sexual misconduct. That in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment, that they will return back home from hunger. Can I want to move as if they are reborn brand new new to life? No sings in their records.

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Those great

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Eat rewards of heritage. How can I get them while we are here in Perth? Let me give you and myself three important ways. See I want you to think that the prophets I send them told us in the Hadith we all know Boonie and Islam and Islamism built on five principles, shahada allegedly there has been Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah we believe none should be worshipped Allah none is worthy event but Allah and that the hen that's why send them is his messenger servant and final wetsuit to humanity. We pray the five daily prayers we fast the month of Ramadan if we have wealth that is exceeded for over a year in savings we give it in Xhaka and and had Cumin is for Farah lady Sabine * is written at

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least once for the one who's able

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Subhan Allah I have the money to go but nothing means I'm not able to go.

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You and I are not able to go.

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So what is left? How can we gain this reward? What can we do that if you're not able, what can we substitute it with? Less than one less than a fraction of 1% of the nearly 2 billion Muslims who are alive today will be able to perform how

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many may Allah write it for all of you, but many of you who are seated with me may not be able to perform headed. Either you are in or you pass away your your turn doesn't come or you're not financially secure, or things happen that prevent you.

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Does that mean that we have no hope of erasing our sins? That we have no hope of being secure that paradise is written? And the answer is known. So the prophets I send them gave hope to us. Here's the first way that you can do tomorrow. You right now tomorrow from tomorrow morning, you and I can earn the reward of Hajj imperfect. The prophets I tell him says in the Hadith narrated by the mammoth divinity

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man solfeggio, Rafi Jana, the one who prays for lotto fetch in congregation

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in Jamar they made the effort they went to the masjid or they have in their community a few people pray together in somebody's house or even in your own home with your family. You brought everyone together. Min sondland federacija Now

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you pray not on your own Weekly in the darkness of your room, but with others.

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And then sat in the place of their sada you have aurilla making mention of Allah Subhan Allah will happen to love when the law what law who I come up when I when I went up to where to intervene. And all the

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law what

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that would mean for that will come to a wider coalition called the has to be a modular EDA has to appeal to a blockchain it has to be a law whenever men wear T shirts, the one who just sat. They didn't do anything else. They didn't talk to others. They didn't look through their phone. They just open the Quran and read through it and Fatiha or repeat it's full of Allah who had multiple times until the sun rises. They prayed fetch

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did it with others stayed seated and didn't go anywhere giving get distracted with anything from the time of Faggin until the sunrise is about 35 to 40 minutes

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and then praying to Urraca.

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To more raka to Allah

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they will receive the reward and listen to the words of the prophets I send them can Allah who add you will receive the reward of somebody who performed you had you were Amara Tiana, Tiana Tama they will get the reward of Hajj and Umrah completely completely completely He repeated it three times so Allah honey was

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so you and I, we underestimated some kind of law would have been dealt with if you got into law we underestimate the value of this.

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To emphasize it's important in the Hadith narrated by Imam uncle, hottie some of the Sahaba who were poor, not everybody has money. Some of the Sahaba were poor. They came to the prophets I send them and they were upset, some of them even in tears, and they said yeah, well soon Allah Salah is sending them they have that attitude.

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who the people will have savings and wealth? They took all the reward all of the Azure.

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You saw gonna come on Sunday when we pray, they're able to pray. We refer and they refer and we memorize Quran they memorize Quran, we fast Ramadan, they pass Ramadan, everything we can do, they can do. But

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when it's time to give charity, they can give and we don't have money to give, when it's time to go to Hajj they can afford it, and we can't afford it for Messenger of Allah, they're going to have a high place in Ghana for a reason. That's not our own control. I wasn't born into a family that gave me an inheritance of wealth.

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So the prophets I send them said, Let me tell you something, that if you can do it, it's gonna give you the reward of somebody who's able to go to Hajj and you can't. Let me tell you something, that if you do it, you will do equal or greater than what they can do.

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He said after every salah, Say Subhan Allah 33 times and Hamdulillah that 33 times Allah who I could vote 33 times

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or 34 times in one of the way. That's it, you will have their reward or even greater. They said y'all are sold Allah after a few days go by they were so excited, after every solid soupcon Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah and hadn't been that they did it. Then the rich Sahaba began to do it.

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So the force of habit came back to the prophet Isaiah and said Ya rasool Allah sai Sana, you gave us something secret you told us something that we can do that will earn us reward like the rich people, and all of a sudden they pray, they find they go to Hajj. And now they're doing Vickery like we do think after Salah, the prophets and Vertica formula ut him and your SHA, Allah gives it to whom he wills, some people, few people will be able to have all of that in their life. Why do I tell you that don't underestimate a moment where you just humble yourself to Allah and say, Subhan Allah will happen during that whenever that happened, Allah wa Allahu Akbar.

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First action that can give you the reward of Hajj that you can do tomorrow. Pray for mountain fed, in congregation, sit until the sunrise is doing nothing else but remembering Allah reading from the Quran, making your test via sending your salah upon the prophets iclm for those 3040 minutes, then pray to Allah. And you have been given the complete, complete complete reward of

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setting the action that you can use. Second thing you can do. You might say, Chef, how else what else can we do? The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the authentic hadith min sala de Janeiro, the one who prays every prayer in JOMAX any prayer

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in the congregation in the masjid with others in seeking that worship of Allah Subhana Allah to either not just not just go for us, but also go for us remember Isha, the one who prays any prayer in the messenger

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and has set for himself to honor that place and to travel to it in that way of worshipping Allah in it. They can receive the reward of had if it is one of the five pillar pray prayers, fed up with those who are astronomically very sharp. And if somebody makes hoodoo and goes to the masjid and prays a prayer that is not compulsory, they get the reward of whom Ross?

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Now I want you to think about that. Why does Allah elevate the house of Allah that means you Why do we always remind you to treat the place that you're sitting in now with a sacredness and an honor to lower your voice to pay attention in a to pray to rock out before you sit down? Why? Because the reward of it is so magnificent. What is it that you do when you go to when you're traveling to another messaging? When you go to hunt, what are you going to do, you're traveling to the first messaging. So it has that great reward in your travel and in your spending and in your energy to go but when you travel from your house to your local messaging, it is as if you're making a minor hedge

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in that sense. And if your heart seeks to honor the house of Allah, you become a those who Allah will protect

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like on the day of judgment from your CDs in the Hadith narrated by the moment Behati Woosnam the prophets I seldom said that there are seven types of people who Allah will protect on the Day of Judgment when others are seeking it and will be deprived one of them and who whom or Allah commanded misogyny somebody whose heart yearns for the mystery.

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They treat dementia different to any other building. They treat the place of Salah different to any other room. They treat them as too different to any other location on the face of the earth. That person on the Day of Judgment will be under the shade of the artist of Allah. May Allah make you an eye of them along the avenue after jigsaw to Mr. Rafa, I will give you the third way

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that you can earn the reward of heaven. Even without traveling. May Allah subhanaw taala accept it from all of us along with me of who the Holy * that was something along all the many winning

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under the VAT will so that's what I set out to do.

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Some of the law why didn't he why that he will stop me was sending to steam and if he

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The third way that we can earn the reward of Hajj. Now this is not the statement of the prophets of Allah who it was. But this is the statement of the Sahaba so these two narrations one of them from a missionary for the Allahu Anhu and another that is more simple hobby from say Debian Musa you have two different statements. One of them it is said that's a habit they used to say, I would rather pray so a lot to the Jumeirah in Jeremiah, arriving before the Imam and sitting quietly until he finishes, then to make a second or third edge in my life, I want you to pay attention to that. If you've already done how much and you want to make a great reward, this will happen. I used to say it

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is better for you to come on the day of Jumeirah with a heart that is loving to Allah having prepared with early caiman sites in the masjid, waiting for the other waiting for the Imam to come been there before others because the reward of it is so great. It is better than if I was to perform have a second time or a third time.

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In another narration, one of the Sahaba he would say

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I would rather give from my well

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for the fulfillment of the need of my fellow Muslim who is in debt or who is in harm's way than for me to use it for a second or third hedge. And that's why some people some of that would amount they dislike for people to go to Hajj too often unless they are teachers of others and

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unless they are teachers of others and Khadija where do we get this statement from Abdullah he may or may not have the Allahu Imran he performed 60 Hajj year after year

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and his students Sofia added here again, the Allah, Allah Allah He performed 60 Hands year after year. The first had you performed it was with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abdullah here among them each and every year he would lead Hajj and he would say to people make Hajj with me and I would do with you when the Prophet did with me sallallahu alayhi wa Sena

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charity becomes a great way for you and I to affect the good and to magnify our reward. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows you and I the heart that seeks the reward of hedging even though we are here in Perth, or in other places around the world. May Allah subhanho wa Taala return us to hydrovane that we can leave people and teach them the rights of Allah, the Sunnah of the heads of the prophets I send them that we can be of those who affect the grades good in that regard. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allow those who have never been to Hajj to be there before us and may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be there with them to assist them in that regard. Allah Maha me.

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I pray them lots of hands on to either protect our staff and our students, our parents and our teachers that Allah needs our principal and management and administrators and board to that which is pleasing to Him.

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that Allah protects us from all sinfulness and harm that Allah subhanaw taala uses us and our students and future generations for that which is good that Allah subhanho wa Taala assists us in the dark days that may be around the corner. And then Allah gives us brighter days than whatever difficulties that we face in our life. Today I'm walking on the moon in Allah. Hi, I'm Mohammed Abdullah.

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Allah continually commands us to perform justice and righteousness to others. When happened in fact, check out your moon come and Allah prohibits us from doing open vulgarity of CMV and sinful deeds in private. Yeah, Eva who Allah continues to advise us to remind us to come back to to ask Him for His forgiveness. May Allah subhanaw taala open our hearts to the truth and lead us to the way of our Nabil hardmetal I send them in hola hola. Muda you can definitely use on Luna and yeah, you hadn't met him? Suddenly, he was suddenly motors Lima Allah who was suddenly were suddenly was it was Africa Well, assuming he can never eat only you or other early also he was sending Allah also to

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Allah Mohammed Phil at a wedding or Sunday was certainly Moses. What were the fantasies in

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me a lot on Sunday or Sunday music wearing other things

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in our day, I mean, why

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