Waleed Basyouni – Reflections on The Day of Ashura

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of learning to adapt to the culture of the past and love one another to avoid becoming evil. They stress the need to not be treated with power and care for one another. The importance of faith and love for one's ability to gain power is emphasized, as well as the need to show faith and love to achieve success in business and community. The holy month of Ashura is also highlighted as the day for transformation to humanity.
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there hamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay in who want to stop here Oh hold on oh that will let him in surely I'm pushing out and so yeah Marlena mija de la who Philomel de la who were my ugly fellow had the Allah wa Shadwell La Ilaha illa Allah who the WHO la sharika wa shadow anna Muhammad and Abdullah who are soo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad. While early he was so happy he was Selim Allah whom at the Sleeman Kathira

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Oh praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the Day of Judgment, I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, his last and final messenger, my brothers and sisters, last week, or earlier this week on Monday, we celebrated the Deaf Ashura, and we fasted the day of Ashura. And we get to know that the Deaf I showed up is the day which is also known as the Passover is all the day where Allah subhanaw taala saved Musa Moses and his people from Pharaoh. And that a day that we celebrate every year, since the

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time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. And it's so ironic that this day comes in such time. I personally don't know any nation, or any religion, celebrate a special day in another religion.

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I mean, you think about it, there is no other religion will recognize either Aloha, or Aidan photo, or the day of better, or the day of Elijah, or the devil is rolling around, or one of these fundamental days or main days that we have as Muslims. When you look and you see how much this religion, declaring that it is the natural inhibitor of all the religions before it, and it's the natural extend for all these messages that came before Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It is a day where a fundamental change happened to humanity. That's why it's so important for us as a nation, as we fasted that day, it just not became just a ritual, an empty ritual does not have an impact on our thoughts and our behavior and reflect upon what fasting that day recognizing that day as an important day

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means to us, that led me to think and reflect upon Musa Prophet Moses and his message and what happened to him that day before and after the day when Allah saved him from from our

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it turns an interesting observations that you might come up, come across or you can come up with, and these are few that I had, myself. Number one, in the Quran, banal Omen bow, the happy bow, was defeated and sad. We'll look at what about the dissenter, what this is a day where connect nations to each others would connect people from different, you know, generations to each other. We can't live isolated from the past. And we cannot just live in the past, you will ever do not reflect on what happened in the past, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and will not be successful and building on the previous experience. You know, I'm not necessarily saying that history repeats

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itself, but I pretty much agree with those who are the the person who said history might necessarily repeat itself but it rhymes. And that's very true. could lie or even tell if and if so, you have a theory, nokia nokia Shabba. And especially especially, our Ummah has the Muslim ummah, and the people of the book The Jews and Christians before us, and in Nabi SallAllahu. Sallam told us in many occasions that This demo will follow the footsteps of anarchy tap to the extendible abovesaid callala. Andrey how the Illuma taboo village la amla,

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Eben Abbas said that, I'm not sure if part of this ummah will also make a calf, and they will worship it. Like what happened before. So it's so important to observe to see the good and the bad and the ugly, and to learn from it. Also, this incident, your BRM habit and higher meaning Lil hiree. What could Hill volume while Farah Bill added, it's interesting that this is a day where teach us to love goodness, and to hate injustice and to love and to support what is right and what is correct. Even if it has happened to people who don't relate to us who not parts of our faith are not parts of our culture, or not part of our, you know, related to us through lineage, but I'm happy

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that the

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People have mooses the children of Israel were saved in the dead day. And that's why he never he saw someone celebrated. And Musa was saved that day. And he was happy for that he was happy for the end of the injustice of Pharaoh and his people. And that's something that we should as a Muslim Ummah, to learn to adapt. And to be very clear, I'm proud of that I will stand against injustice have been everywhere or anywhere to anyone, and I will support what is right and what's correct, no matter who's the person is, even if that person someone fundamentally I disagree with. But if that's correct, it is correct. And that's when Allah subhanaw taala described us as uma was Lita Kunis,

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shahada, Allah nurse, you witnessed over people what that means, you witness and testify that this is right and this is wrong, and what's right our support and what's wrong, I will oppose.

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In the huddle, yo

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you that cube imagina be man who won Imani Wanda Aquamira, rabbit, Otto Nestle, this also remind us the strongest tie that connects us together is that we are brother and sisters in faith that we connected by the time by the name of God, by the name of Allah, by the love for the sake of Allah, that's much stronger from being from the same, you know, any type of nationalism, or any type of ethnic groups or anything like that, which is fine, we might be ethnically connected or related to each others or some common culture. But what's the strongest tie that can ever be used to exist between two individuals or groups is the tie through faith.

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And this tie will never vanish, will never end. And still we connect it to Musa after all these generations. And Mohamed Salah Salem connected to him after all these years and centuries, and we do the same. And that's something that we should learn as Muslims is to love one another, and to care for one another and to make sure that when we deal with each others, we deal with each other for the sake of Allah, the Almighty, our Creator. Also, this is a reminder that no matter how powerful injustice look like,

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men are a big army they have powerful soldiers and machineries or or machines that they have, no matter how, you know, big number of supporters or money or whatever you are dinosaur civilization, if that civilization and that country and that government and that individual is be based his power and an injustice, abusing other

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it will come to an end. At one point.

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What founded to the children of Israel, have led to the destruction of frown, because injustice will never prevail and justice eventually will prevail. And that what will create stability in any society.

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In the Quran, Allah fill out what your Allah Allah Shiva, your stop the Fatah if at a minimum, you the abna homeland studying yourself at home, in the WHO CAN I mean, and we've studied, he's a corrupt Allah says he used to kill the children. And he used to keep the woman

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or the daughters so they will be used by his people when they grow older. And he didn't want to kill all the children of Israel that time. One year he will call all the boys and one year he will spare them and not spending them because he likes them. No spare them because he wants to use them as slave as labor. So you will not run out of slaves and cheap laborers.

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Also this day,

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to remind us that don't as I said earlier you need don't ever be tempted by how powerful

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an injustice looks like. Or people who are abusers, you know, look like and I want to take this from the individual level to the to the countries and nations level. Sometimes people get into relationships and there is an abuser in the relationship. And you think because that person is so powerful, maybe the abuser is your spouse and you think he has so much money. He has so much power. He's very strong. He has very he's very popular, whatever a strength that might appear to you that you think that this is will make him go away with it. You know what, at one day

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He will lose and will be exposed and one day those who are weak who are unfairly treated Allah will grant them success and will grind them you know victory.

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And if it is not on this day it will be in the next life. When we do and Moon Allah Allah bloodiness to glory fufill

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wanna Giada whom

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matovu Anna Gianna whom Allah everything, one will not keen Allah whom Phil. Allah says we want to show our favor upon those who have been abused by Pharaoh and his people.

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And we will give them power.

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We will make them inherit the land of pharaohs,

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one will Makina Allah whom fill out only one real fear around our Herman our Jew.

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And we will let Pharaoh and his people see with their eyes, man can we add our own, what the fear the most which is Allah will give them power over them.

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Allah Musa niccone His starting you know Billa he was Spirou. Musa told his people seek aid from Allah, Be patient, in outdoor you already through one in our body learn you read

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only in

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this land belongs to Allah to the creator of this earth, and He will give it to whomever he wishes will give it to them with the pain and the outcome will be always great for the people of Taqwa the people of piety.

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It is also a reminder for us, that Allah plots against the plotting of the disbelievers, the plotting of the abusers, the plotting of the corrupt ones.

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Allah him could have been mascarene William Courville Catherine and when Allah subhanaw taala plots against them, there is no way for them to survive.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says in relation to this in many ways for I tell him Allah Who mean hate to them yeah to Cebu and if he tabooed faculty if he even yum for you will kill your movie sir him you who I do, Will Lee what I do with Allah, that Allah said to mooses mother, put your boy in a casket and threw him in the river, he will be picked by his enemy, he will be raised by his enemy, only to come back to destroy them. So can you imagine how Allah plucked again his Pharaohs he made him raised the one that who will kill him and eventually in the end?

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Allah has plans is way more beyond any one of us can even imagine. Fell takapa Who and if your own Leah Cohen Allah whom ash Allah says that he found victim for what li Hakuna Lahoma I do what has

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to be ended up the enemy and peasant. We hear so many people very negative about what they see today. You don't know. So many things appear as if it is bad, but it ends up as something good. In the end, what determined that is how good and fair and just unrighteous you are in your actions.

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Also, this make us always have trust in Allah's wisdom.

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Sometimes I see people when they deal with injustice in the world, as if they feel injustice happen in the absence of God.

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When we see the injustice happening in our society, and around the world, and innocent people die, and innocent people get abused.

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And people just you know, so much social injustice happened in our neighborhood and around us.

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Inside the families, I want you to always remember that this doesn't happen in the absence of God or Allah but he has his his his timeline. He has his plans pan over to Anna for you.

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But you need to be patient. And to know that under Nossal Mandela victory comes from Allah subhanaw taala and sometimes he brings the victory through the hands of the believers and sometimes with in a way that is never expected like what he did to Musa and his people for say a Kike whom Allah, Allah is Allah Who be caffeine Abda Allah says to Muhammad wa salam and to all of us, isn't Allah is the most efficient one for you. Your Creator is the most efficient one, the one who will take care of you.

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The day of Ashura to reminds us of something interesting to

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Allah says to me

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Musa when you speak to Pharaoh, when you talk to pharaohs and his soldiers and his lieutenants fekola Allahu col Allah Yuna.

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La Allahu Yetta karo Yasha. Speak to him in a nice way, gently, the T might change, he might be reminded, he might change, maybe a change of heart happened to him, that teach us that no matter how much you think of your enemy, or someone that you hate so much, or someone that you see as something so bad as a very bad person, or very bad entity, you still have been ordered by Allah to speak nicely and been ordered by Allah to still put the effort to give the Dawa, to call

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to be nice

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and not to give up that.

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this day of Ashura, when they reflect upon the story of Musa it shows us the importance of cooperation, working together, you can do it in your own, you can do it yourself, you need your brothers, you need your sisters, you need allies, you need help, even if you are Moses, with all these miracles that Allah giving Musa still Musa says to Allah Subhana Allah call out a bishop rally Saudi were surly Emery was the term melissani Yfp who Kohli watch Ali was here Ahmed Ali, he says your Allah give me one of my family member, which is my brother Harun to help me

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with all the power Allah speaks to him directly. Allah says well to SNA Anna, I raised you on Yeah, and I raised you Yeah, Musa, I took good care of you until I raised you to be in this stage and that age. With all this Musa still need his brother.

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So anyone think that I can make it on my own and I don't need any help is wrong. I need to remember what Musa said. The debt story, remind us also no matter how material, do you know, materialistic things that you have? Maybe you have money, you have followers, you have fame, you have status, you have political status, social media, whatever it is, too many followers, whatever power you have, you still need the power of God. That's why Musa says, oh, Allah opened my heart. Oh, Allah aged me, oh Allah enable me. He's still begging his Lord praying to his Lord. And that gives you a sense of humility. Because so easy when you're so powerful, to be arrogant, and I will say

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one of the biggest problem with come sometimes with religiosity worship them in Akbar mudjacking, Allah

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limited, the Yin and Kimbrel, hoorah.

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One of the biggest problem that can face religious people is that they became arrogance. Because when you became religious, you think that you know what, God on my side. So I became like, you know, I speak on his behalf, and I became arrogant. And that's so dangerous. Religion as much as it can make you humble and down to earth can make you arrogant. So you have to be careful. One of the ways to kick that arrogance away, is always to turn to Allah, always to pray to him, always to show your weakness. And you say, this is only by your favorite, my lord, and this is only because of your guidance only because of your help and aid.

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The Dave Ashura

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reminded us of Musa when he admitted his mistake in front of his enemy

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in front of his enemy,

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found he told Pharaoh, yes, I killed the Egyptian

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and I run away from the country.

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I admit it I made a mistake, but fell to her. I did it while I was ignorant.

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Can our enemy not Berlin,

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admitting your mistakes will never lower you. It will elevate you. People who admit their mistakes only strong people. Weak people cannot admit their mistakes cannot face their mistakes.

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The day of Ashura

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remind us that we don't ever be tempted or deceived by empty slogans and words, and big words that carry no meaning and reality.

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Why? Feroz? What he used to say, first say all led mela hola who in Lhasa

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hiranandani He's a magician

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about Moses. You read to a new reader coming out become this very famous that moon. He wants to use his magic to spell you just put spell on you. In Nara Sula, Camilla the old center in a cupola Majnoon he is crazy. And you know in order for you to be a magician at that time you have to study a lot then the next things he said he's a crazy any two contradicting statements either here crazy insane or he's the scholars and and magicians and how novice knowledge but whatever whatever sticks

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through all these you know accusations and he said in Yahshua you but did Adina come out are you here have an audit facade. I care about your religion. He telling his people Pharaoh, Moses will spread corruptions on Earth.

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I care about human rights, I care about minorities rights, I care about this this if this words do not represent on reality into actions, that means just empty words have no values we should not be tempted by because that was surrounded through his media propaganda.

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May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who reflect and learn and grow? According to Mustapha Allah

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi Abba de Herat. The Dave Axelrod tells us and will insan you patella familiar makan

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Rouhani Bala uma can elaborate Dilip Tila

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Lima Muhammad was asked what the person became a leader then be tested. He said no, you test it first. Then you become a leader. You go through hardship and calamities and challenges then you become a leader. Allah says in the Quran

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what you mean him in emitter, yeah, do not be a marina lemma Subaru. When they were patient and they strong and facing calamities and dealt with it in a perfect way. Allah made them later leaders and look to any successful business man that you hear today. About today, look at even successful marriages, even successful communities, they did not come just like that. So a lot of struggle, a lot of hard work, look to success.

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You know,

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the only time I always say that the only time success comes before work in dictionary.

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That's the only time you find it.

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But in real life, you have to work hard in order for you to achieve success, have to be patient.

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The day of Ashura reminds us that arrogance and Cofer goes to hand to hand.

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I can't understand until this moment

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Moses with his people coming to the sea the sea split the walk through the water and for owners watching and his soldiers

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than the dumb man.

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He just follow

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me I mean if you see that go back to your home.

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How does the even leaving you and your country just leaving? He thinks that he came after this what you want more than that?

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It's so clear, but arrogance blind make your blind make you can see. That's why they said what God who man, Tatiana be him in either. No matter what you say, no matter what you show us no matter what miracles you have, no matter what you say, we will never believe in you.

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And there is a lot of people like that today. No matter how much you explain to them the truth. Give them facts, show them the data. The data does show them pictures and images and and you show them every evidence that you have

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no arrogance.

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That's not the way of the believers.

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I will end with this.

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One the prophets are seldom heard that Moses celebrated this day. And the Jews after him celebrated that day. When he said it was saved. He said we have more rights over Moses. That's also a prophet of us. We believe in Him. And He celebrated that by fasting and he added even one more day fasting

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to it and it shows you that our celebrations of great victory is not just by dancing and

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and eating and drinking. And that's also it comes in the form of worship,

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praying, and in the form of ritual, a form of getting down in your knees and you pray to your Lord,

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and shows your art your servitude to Allah. And it shows you that a CRM is one of the greatest way of showing your gratefulness to Allah. And from this some aroma said any day that is so special.

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And you want to thank Allah so even if personal to you, and you want to fast as a formal thing, because I lost my dollar that could be

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there's too many lessons. But I hope today, you learn that these big incident in history, it just should not pass by like that. Just a historical or a story that we read, but something that to read to learn to be inspired by. And that's the reason why it was mentioned that why Moses was mentioned in the Quran more than any other Prophet 136 times in the Quran. The story of Moses there is no prophet was mentioned as many as moosari Surah because there are so many to learn from his life. May Allah subhanaw taala make us them among those who follow his footsteps. And they ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to bring peace and justice to the land of the holy land. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala

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to make us also just and fair in all our affairs, and I ask Allah to forgive our sins and to guide our hearts and to protect us and our family and to bless us in our country and to bless our family our business or wealth, and to ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive all our shortcoming Allahu Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Dena Allah Allah for Allah nobody Valley Dena Allah morpholine meaning me now when a Muslim you know what a Muslim out here I mean what I'm what Allah who may need us okay though generally when it Crom on top of Habib article Mustafa VNAV Philistine with Iraqi with equally McCann any other jewelry what the Quran Allah Who manana so Luca Soraka Allahu Allah knows

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Lakota either co what taka linoleate Halina Jimena other generally what a Quran Allahu manana who become an element I am Pharaoh called Billa sha Allah Europa whatever Silla touchbar i in the allotted ma now they'll be coming at me I hear that generally what a quorum now we will be coming well just Sue was oh, just sue when you become an activity Sue? Yeah. Are you are you Allahu nakina Hola Dona Shabbat Phaeton. Ma Ma Ma Ma ma pan? Allah who may have a yo yo Tana Hola Hola, como Tana? Allah Who Maha mo Tana hola hola hola. And I'm in us having one in Fiji Juliet in Amman Mata who curry when was he is in hola hola follow federal law or Hum hum yada yada you will have a more for

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unmodified Raja team feature naughty name. Hola. Hola. mushfiqur Lemery Hola. Hola. mushfiqur Lemurian or Africa llama patella. Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad. While early he was so happy to have him come along.

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