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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The success of Islam in helping people improve their lives and rise to a higher level of consciousness is highlighted, along with the importance of forgiveness and the use of technology to improve relationships. The segment also touches on the negative impact of racism and the need for people to give their lives a fair shot in the heat of war. The speakers urge people to show courage and empower people to make a positive impact in their lives and community.
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Do you want to stop

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learning in sodium Pacino, Mr. Medina

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de la hora de la sala. javiera Wash,

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wash. Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar bottle caviar 190 kathira and hamdulillah you

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War of woman middle aged woman in our settlement, APA and 10 Medical archery were entered for to federally direct a lot of medical

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adult lung Millikan tender Allah.

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an immature Ramadan old praise due to online His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one where the abortion and Mohammed Salah cillum is last and final messenger. We thank you, our Lord, for all the blessings that you have blessed us with the blessings of Allah and the blessing of fasting of reciting the Quran of giving a charity and gathering us today together in such a beautiful gathering in a beautiful place. My brothers and sisters

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have come to us after 29 days, we have been praying, fasting, celebrating our religion and our faith, increasing our Eman And coming closer to our Lord through charity, an act of charity and reciting the Quran, making a ticket and so on. And this is a great blessing from Allah require from us to be grateful and thankful to him for it. As he said to the panel with a

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I mean, in

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ready to be

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on he took me

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to camp,

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the month of Ramadan in that in which was revealed the foreign eye guidance for people and clear proofs of guidance and

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for guidance. So whoever cite the new moon of the month, let him fasted. Then the verse goes on until the last word in the end, that you will be grateful you might be grateful you should be grateful to me under come to school, grateful to Allah for this blessing. That's why my brothers and sisters in the end of Ramadan, there is always known that it should be occupied the in the form of and from the day we know or the moment we know that tomorrow is eight, we should increase the number of techniques. And thanks to Allah and Stefan nesco. When we want to start, why do we say Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, in the in the front of our, because we have declared not verbally

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but during the month through our action, that Allah is the greatest things in our heart. That's why we give up food that so many of us give us sleep give up even their home to stay in the mustard. Most of the nights in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. We give up our love for for money that we give it in charity, we saw a loss of power to Allah and it was hard to be something so great in our hearts and our mind that we did what we did.

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And we think he missed school, because he didn't for us a religion and an act of fortune, that it will help us to be better humans and help us to improve our lives in this earth, as well as something that will help us to rise our level in paradise. When we meet him to panel with Todd. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man find my own piece of Indian land by the love of a man who

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benenati Sabina halifa phokeethra demon farmer, this is actually

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a one day the prophets of Salaam said fast in one day will be enough to distance you as 70 years away from how far so what do you think of 29 days we just passed it. That's something you should thank Allah subhanaw taala for, we praise him in the end of Ramadan, because we realize how perfect religion you have sent down to us how much he made it so easy and so rewarding. How he made these rules according to a perfect wisdom, and according to His mercies to Canada without then also we say a lot of skeletal LA.

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Aziz Illa without him, I'm sorry, your

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Moodle, NASA to return your Ramadan, because

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it was set up.

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Aziz older, his representatives all over the world, to say to people in a club, make sure that you pays the captain footer and make sure that you do a lot of stuff that are law or law. Forgive me Why? law Forgive me in the end? For two reasons. Number one, it's because nobody can claim that their days and nights were perfect. See how long we asked you to forgive us if we did anything, Not good, not appropriate during these days. And also you make a step. Because if you compare what you have done, to what you are gaining, what you have offered to what Allah subhanaw taala offering, you will realize how little we have done. And our act of worship is so small, so lonely compared to this

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vast reward or massive reward that's waiting for the believers in the Day of Judgment. Because of that to say I started a lot

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earlier I couldn't make I could make more or you deserve more, but that's the best I was able to do. Photography on the last set in the huddle. You're doing lucam Allah ecomondo. ico, this shows you that your problems and your solutions. This shows you the disease in the cure. He said the problem consent and the cure and a strong federal law. Oh ALLAH forgive me. If you look at what Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, and Allah, Allah, Allah was certainly then be the more you know, Allah, the more you will make so far, because when you realize how great he is how great writes he writes, he has upon us, you will make a lot of stuff out because you know, you have not fulfilled

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his rights and

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also by knowing him, that he is the most forgiving, the most loving, the most accepting, that will encourage you to save a lot because you know, you're dealing with someone who is easy to forgive, an easy to Please lie to her in LA LA. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, one in Langham Ramadan. It's not just the days that we fast. Ramadan, it's the lifestyle. Ramadan is an opportunity. Ramadan, it says we say that there are certain it's like a school, a training course for and a training month for us to improve our relationship not only with Allah, but with our fellow community members, with our family and people around us. this room have been one of the things that inspired me the most seeing

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every day, in our community and across the country, wherever you go. It's the same case. But at least I touched it every day minister, with so many of you who come in during the month, I've seen young men and old competing with each other to serve food to those who come into regular class. I have seen people picking up shoes from the hallway. I've seen people who are, you know, helping and affecting the chairs. I have seen her helping an older lady to privacy and to bring the food to her. I have seen the rich and the middle class and the poor coming to donate. Just yesterday, yesterday after a two couples came to give the capital A $30. Then after they get through the capital filter,

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they told me Sheriff we just came from overseas. This is the capital from the money that we brought through with us from overseas. I think they got a lottery or something to come to the country and they have no job for at least two months. He didn't have a job and things getting difficult for him. Then he said so why did you give us a cup and put them if you feel that if you are in such

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hardship is the CIF note I was raised to give, because I know there is another person who will benefit from as a caterpillar, another person who's in need that he will benefit from the caterpillar, when you see young couples like that old, rich and instead and, and poor, coming forward to give and to help and to lend now, that's the picture that Allah subhanaw taala puts in the Quran, what are our

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what are our

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one held one another to do what is right what is good, what is beneficial, and to not tell one another in which is sin are harmful to others. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have goodness in Allah, and

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the most beloved person to Allah is the most beneficial to others. That's how individual Salam defined the best of us, who is the best to others, and the best of deeds to make your fellow human, you follow your other your neighbors, your family members, other people, and

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that you make your brother or sisters happy.

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My brothers and sisters, we are in the summer, most of us still ahead of them, especially in the family days off and from the school restart. One of the things that I would recommend and if I have a message for you today, that that spirit of helping Mr. Phil continue, it will be a such a great to see our community more active in volunteering, and taking this concept more serious. And in more professional manners. We are a nation and among that are listed

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both to people that have their own mother alive, chosen to be witness to be a role model to lead with examples. Mohammed Ali Rahim Allah said once something interesting, he said, service to other is the rent to pay for your room here on earth.

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And that's very true. Everybody has a responsibility towards others, towards other members in the society, other members in the community and realizing this responsibility is so important. Not only that you benefit others by doing such thing that indeed you benefit yourself. Karla

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Rahim Allah in

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Asia, men Hashanah, I shall ness if he he, woman, woman, and then the last

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one, what is

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the best of living is those who then live cause other people to live as well.

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Because sometimes we live but there is no live in our life. And another word, many people when they ask them, What do you do for a living, they told me they do this and they do this, they go to work. They do whatever it takes for them to do a living. But in the process, they forgot to make a life. And there is a difference between the two. And it makes you happier when you lend a hand when you service others when you offer your help to others. In fact, Harvard Business School study confirmed that happier people give more and giving makes people happier. It's very interesting, such that happiness and given may operate in the up and down positive feedback loop. So that leads to this one

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and no one leads to the other one.

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offer help to basically two family members, especially the elderly, parents, relatives, or community members, caring for elderly, especially parents, or relatives, or neighbors. So consider the needs of that. If you are basically the needs of them, and to maybe put a schedule for yourself during this summer to reach out to some family members, or to community or neighbors that you spend maybe sometimes with them trapped by offer the coffee maybe at Saturday morning, you know, company them in a shopping day, say hey, we're going to go shopping together, or maybe offer them to join you to watch your child's soccer game. Even if the audio needed such an act of kindness to people like us.

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Has it goes a long way. Visit the Senior Center. This one I'm Yvonne. I saw this in my own family going to senior centers to rehab where people live and spend time with them. Just give them a flower or maybe spend them

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Half an hour with them say how they doing many of these places nursing homes are turned into a dumping ground for older people. When nobody goes to visit, just last week yesterday, we found that there is a Muslim brother, for example, in a nursing home, and he is by himself and other members in the society in general, an hour or two a week can make a huge difference in the attitudes and the outlook of the residence of such places. Maybe you can volunteer in your local school, especially when it's open education,

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basically, are overworked, stressed, and they need all kinds of volunteering help that they can have. Maybe that's something to inspire you, you, your wife, your family members, to organize yourself to volunteer for your local school, or our Muslim schools, they need a lot of help from the parents, maybe organizing yourself for charity, you know, put a garage sale and say you know what, I'm going to do this every six months, and the money that I make our contributed to a good cause in the society. Maybe you coach a local youth team. The old saying, idle hands are the devil's workshop workshop is especially true for children teenager, I can't tell you how many organizations and

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basically community centers, looking for people to coach to hope to spare time, maybe tutoring the students may be offered to teach English language for those who just don't know how to speak it yet to improve their life or other languages. I myself when it came to America, when I started learning English, I learned in a church by the hand of people who are volunteering to teach English a second language. Then after that went to college, volunteering at a hospital, we have so many doctors, and we can tell you an open door for community members. Maybe volunteer in your method in your center can serve in the board can serve in the team. My message to you brothers and sisters, young and old

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volunteering and serve your fellow community members. I believe that the smallest act of kindness is worth more more than grinders. intention

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should not be valued based on what we take our life rather should be valued based on what we give. That's how I see our life and our role and our participation in our society will not open the moon in higher energy do in the mouth. Who hired

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me to Moscow.

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Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,

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Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, already let him hand my brothers and sisters, in the beginning of Ramadan, one of my kids was so afraid to pass, saying to me, that is the long days and school days, I don't have a swimming lesson. And I have to play soccer. I don't have to do this. And that's expressed by several people about the long days of summer to be passable. But what I said to them, have the courage to challenge yourself. And that's the same message that I said to so many people have the courage to do something that to challenge yourself, or no one talks taught him courage to the end of Ramadan, he was telling me that said we're not going to fast anymore. I said, maybe you

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can. I don't think he's ready for the six days of chawan. So that the spirit of Ramadan, that make people have the courage to do something new, the courage to challenge themselves, the courage to change some of their habits to do something that they know it's better for them. I asked you follow Muslim community members who are listening me to me tonight today. Before we walk out of these of these doors, I asked you to demonstrate courage in your life in all areas. Our nation more than ever needs those who will stand for justice, and against oppressors and oppression and arrogance and against bigots. Many people face different kinds of discriminations, and their life today around us.

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They need to see us supporting them standing for their rights.

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Many, just

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many just unfair cases, need for us to speak up for it, like the Palestinians who have been mis placed from their lands and their land occupied. We need people to have the courage to face the rights of those people. We need to have the courage for people to stand and to say that the oppressive regime in Syria is something cannot be tolerated. We need people to stand up to say that unjustifiable war is wrong and should not happy bombing innocent people is something we should not accept and tolerate harassing people. It's not okay to vote on people, or to be

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happy, or Islamophobic, or a kind of phobia, and to lead to oppress and to bully peoples and local level or national level. What led to bullying to be so common today? What led islamophobes to be so comfortable to pick and Muslim today? What made racism you know, spread out in our society today? It is those who are sidelines, those who are silence, those who don't stand up and to say something when they see something wrong like this, those who like to watch from distance. Those who said it's not my business, those who said it's not my problem. Those are the people who made these people things rise and grow in our society. Martin Luther King once said, in the end, we will remember not

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the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

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But the silence of our friends, my brothers and sisters, it's a human nature to go to the grass. And in San

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Paulo, Allah Subhana, WA, tada, Allah create human beings and give them in the nature the ability that basically they are ready to turn the grass. That's why I put all these rules of naseeha Mr.

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Mancha, he has Disability Law. All these were ordained to stop people from transgressing. I know it's not easy to have the courage to say what is correct, and to stop someone. But let me tell you brothers and sisters, brave man is not the one who doesn't feel fear. brave man is the one who can coast his fear. brave man is the one who mastered this fear. Have the courage to change your life and to learn the courage to say I'm sorry, the courage to change your bad habits, the courage

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to stand up for what is correct, because it's often takes more courage to change your habit to admit your mistake. Just to make a statement. My brothers and sisters have the courage to say no sometimes have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing. Because it's right. Have the courage

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that it will motivate you to make the rock the tough decision when it is needed. Have the courage to love again, not because you lost once your log, you're afraid to fall in love again, that is so many format for carriage need to be demonstrated in your life. But in the in the end also will not forget to say have the courage maybe to start your business to change your career, you know, but to take a calculated risk. Courage in my opinion, is what made people go so far. Teach your children to be courageous. Why is Oh my God allow and said teach your children archery, riding horses and swimming. I've seen a lot of people are scared of water, the scared of riding horse, the scared of weapons,

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carrying it. It's the conquer your fear these three all of them conquered you the person's fear. I found our worst enemy. And biggest obstacle to success is basically um to discover life. I found that in our fear that stops us from meeting our potentials. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us courage. I asked the last panel to Allah this day to bless us to forgive us to shower us with His mercy and to seek those who are to heal those who are sick and to help us

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Need, we asked you, our Lord, the guide to open the hearts and the minds of mankind, to value each other's and every human life so that the bloodshed and the destruction stop immediately all over the world. And we asked you, our patient load to grant us patience. We asked you that compassionate Lord, to bestow Your mercy upon those who are suffering from disease, poverty, oppression and war. We ask you a lot, our protector to protect the oppressed, and to help them to rebuild their lives and fill the hearts of the oppressor with mercy, to protect our society, to protect our country, to protect our community, or ally, you are the loving one. replace any hatred in our hearts with love,

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mercy and compassion. take away our arrogance. Replace it with humility, so that we may forget and tolerate one another. Oh Allah, give us patience, during times of anger, so that we may say, and do what is fair and wise, or Allah make us among those faithful believers who respond to evil with something better, or law except from us, forgive us, protect our family, free us from Hellfire, and grant us jannatul named after our family, our relatives, our friends, and those who've done good to us, all laugh, fill our hearts with love for others, and the love to help others and to help others. And the love for you. You are Aziz alcovy so give us the courage we need to achieve the success of

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this life. And the next Allah Muhammad Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, WA the light and white Amoco Baraka Kula

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or something

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was Sarah Marie.

Eid Ul Fitr Khutbah at the Clear Lake Islamic Center on June 25, 2017.

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