Waleed Basyouni – How To Maximize The Benefits Of The Jummah Khutbah

Waleed Basyouni
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In Alhamdulillah, hinomoto who want to stay in who wanna study who wanna still Pharaoh? Want to be like him in surely unforeseen Omen sejati Imani Anna Maria de la hufa Rama De La Hoya you will further hodja y shadow La la la la Hola Hola. sharika who eyeshadow? No Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah masala Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus la tada Ibrahim aradia Brahimi nicomedia, Majid Amoeba all praised you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi. Salam is lost

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on Final messenger. Few years back, a young man came to me around in January time. And he asked me a question and I believe few years back, I shared the story with you, but I thought it would be a good idea to remind ourselves of that. He said, Yeah, I made a new year's resolution. And that New Year's resolution was to maximize my benefit from Friday horrible.

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I want to make sure that this year, it is a year that we're I will benefit the most from tomorrow.

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And I want you to help me to give me tips, how can I maximize my benefit from hopital jumaane

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and I shared with him some points that he wrote to this hotel bot.

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And I think it does start with one important point. And I think this young man he is in the right direction that I think of each and every one of us puts himself or herself in that direction. They will

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match maximize the experience and benefit from hot bottle Juma which is they start thinking about this this question how can I benefit from corporate to do more or more than what I've been doing? How can I benefit more? How can I maximize my benefit from this hookah and I think also to start with realizing the value of tomorrow. Hope to do more. With the Juma prayer. It's something that Allah Subhana Allah named himself if you know a lot didn't say named inish in your salon on the Koran except alpha ledger under Juma but the other Salawat will not mentioned by name, but this salon by mentioned by name as Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Yeah, you had Nadine

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Eden who Deanna sada, Timmy O'Neil Juma Maura if Salatu Juma I was called a salon yomo joumana was called so respond to it. And this it was called Joomla after the day which is the day of Joomla and a lot chose this day for this salon to take place, which is a very, it's not like every solo we do every week every week at this time we pray for a cow, but this one to Raka every Salah in the week we don't have a hookah I'll be nice. I don't know about that. okay to have a talk every every every day. No. Tomorrow every day, but we don't we have only one one time a week. Okay job, but before that prayer, or sermon before the prayer, and nibio sal Allahu Allahu Allahu wa sallam told us the

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value of this day and the value of the Salah, and he warned us from abandoning it. And I'm delighted neuroma Ravi harati Allahumma nebia salatu salam kapa Manasa who

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also maintain Aqua moon and what he will do more at our left Eman Allahu Allah pulu Bhima coonan Amina

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if people don't stop not showing up for Juma prayer, if they don't stop doing that, Allah subhanaw taala might seal their hearts. That's why on the other hand is gonna be Salalah Salim said, Whoever Let's leave three Juma conservative Dumars three weeks didn't upgrade uma katama lo Allah, Allah will be hot. I mean, the fact that their hearts are sealed with the seal of hypocrisy, and obviously they leave the hookah for no valid reason. It is a horrible speech and a sermon that the angels attend. That didn't be Salalah Selim said, when the Imam stand up on the member, the angels closed the books, Tyler for either side another member power to America to sutra for her to Bella tessmer.

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The angel close their books and they come and they listen to the speed.

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I always tell my friends and my colleagues and those who give up with the jamara make sure that your heart was worth listening to by an angel. So they

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Make them out for you. So, you know it is important to realize that it is a valuable hook but it does something so important.

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And the importance of it comes from in itself It is important and the timing of it. As I said Friday is a very special day for us and say eat and in there be some allow additional Sallam said hello to me was the best day No, in the week is Friday, holy Omen para la shams, the best day that the sun will rise over is Joomla. So that concept thanks God for Friday is something that we believe in, but just not because Tomorrow is Saturday. And you know, that's also a bonus to have a weekend after but it is the best day because a lot created and a minute in it. The process of them said Allah subhanaw taala send them down to earth. And in this day, the day of judgment will be passed.

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And with all this, it's interesting how to do more. It's increasing numbers. In every message that I go across the globe, not only in the United States, I travel all over the world. Everywhere I go, I see people saying to me the mustard used to be small now we're looking for a bigger mustard bigger size, the number of people attending hospital Juma increasing everywhere. And all kinds of people come to the mustard all kinds of come to the hotel but you know, all kinds of people the people who are very high in that Eman are very low in their email and also very practicing or not practicing all can men and woman young and old, old type of people come to them in all walks with Mashallah

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comes to the master, which is very unique. And this is and we don't do any advertising, any marketing for it. Tonight, we have a speaker coming from Dallas. Let's see how many people will shop. A very beautiful speaker a sister actually a psychologist coming to speak to you about that keys for happiness. So but you know what you need to do marketing and tell people please come and you tried to convince them I'm barely you have you know the number that you want. But jhamora nothing you need to send an email. People respond to the call of Allah say in very interesting. I remember someone told me when I was young, he said you and he referred to you need to die. Well,

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this llama sister, the group are basically conservative. You guys have something a tool in your hand. We wish that we have it

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which is tomorrow. He said Do you know how much we spend on TV advertising TV programs, making a newspapers, making a magazine making it a TV channel to basically broadcast our ideas to people.

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You guys have it ready, you have hopital Juma. They come to you every week. And you can tell them and he was anti anti Islam. And he said, I'm glad that you guys don't use it very well,

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how rude he was. But I learned something that day. And that was very early time in my life, I learned that this was a tool that we're not using it and we're not using it for any political reason. That's why I never backup any or support any candidate or any particular group or any particular political decisions, because I believe that we should keep politics our out of our massages.

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But I will always say that our massage should support the concept, which is people being participating in politics, but a political decision or position or a particular candidate or particular ideas. I don't believe the mustard is the one who should take a position on

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we're not here to discuss it's a good thing to build a wall or not. We're not here to discuss the immigrant CFO policies. That's the the politics behind it. That's not the most we can debate that's the center and an intellectual but domestic the member of the salada ibadah should be out of that. Yes, we promote the concept of being part of the system being integrated into the system being part of the to go on to vote and to express your right but it's not who to vote for or what to vote for.

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Anyway, so I always ask myself this question is about the hotel. When I see people telling me chef when the boss is asked me when Salatu when Juma prayer in the master so I said the 130 somebody asked me no no the Salah.

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I said what do you mean no salon, the salon 30 he said no, no, the Salah start What time?

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Why are you planning just to skip the hobo the hotbar under Salas, man in one part, when I see people in the hood was so not into it like somewhere in the

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community hall waiting or like, you know very far away from the Imam or like looking at their

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or sleeping I asked myself Is this because of me not being a good public speaker or because they are very tired or because people actually giving up and

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they don't really care for HIPAA. They don't really care to benefit from the hope of much. So these are few tips I'll share with you quickly.

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Maybe it will help to maximize your benefit on top of the demo number one come early as early as you can see, I know you guys work but you know what, if you have a chance to come 10 minutes earlier come in Nebojsa Salim said ma'am but cut off Taka whoever come early to the Psalter. Juma? Okay in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said those who delay coming to Juma Allah delay in them from entering Jenna. Yeah, as

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Bobby said, Yeah, they'll come for no for no purpose, they just delay coming to the salon. A lot delay they're entering entering gender, basically as a form of punishment for them. Number two, when you come to the mustard, make sure that you remember the etiquettes of entering domestic like the date of entering the master over will have a mobile panel, a panel rajim Bismillah masala Allah Mohammed de la macdaddy Ababa medic, this kind of to protect you from the shape and open the doors of mercy for you, psychologically you praying to Allah to make sure this experience is an experience of mercy experience, that you get so much reward out of it? Before you sit down, you should pray to

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Raka as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do not set in the masjid unless you pray to Allah aka guidelines to come Hector karrakatta you're not allowed to set until you pray to Raka even if the amount given hope to tomorrow, even if the amount give me cocoa tomorrow. And maybe Solomon's was given cocoa and he saw a man walking. Then he sat in who said stand up and pray to Africa. He actually asked Did you pray to work? I said no, he said so stand up and pray two rakaat don't set until you pray to Raka

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and that's why they've been Ramadan, the Allah and large number of companions and successors they used to pray and normally used to pray maybe 12 Raka before the Salah start and this is in more Parliament Malik Rahim Allah enable Raja Rahim Allah mentioned it as well. And canon Nassif is ammonia omaggio saloon had their whole drama from automatic in the time of MRP punish, to pray until the Imam comes. So as long as there is 1010 minutes they will not be just sitting they will be praying or otherwise they may be you engage yourself in renal core and the point is to engage yourself in an act of worship enter a start and that all to prepare yourself and purify yourself so

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when the message comes, you are ready to receive it. Make sure when you walk in the method allotted the hopper up Do not go over people's shoulder because to help the republic Nabi sallallahu Sallam said via the live neighbors, he said to a man who was going over people's shoulder he said sit down you have harmed others for God. You have harmed your brothers. Don't do that don't walk over people's shoulder. And in America home a lot debated is this dislike or it is a sin. You will find a great number of scholars like in the moon that have nabbed a bottle shaker snobby Jamia Rahim Allah and others that actually it is a sin.

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It is haram and they consider this an an action, which is Mahara. And Mr. Malik Rahim, Allah has a middle position he said, it's not allowed. It's not allowed during the hopa. But if it is before the hope and he found an area which is an opening, you're allowed to do that, as long as you make sure that the persons is not been bothered or have not been harmed, by the way, you walk over their, their shoulder.

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So, number one, come early. Number two, follow these etiquettes when you come to the message number three, listen to the huddle and make sure I repeat this Listen, not here the hotma there is a big difference between listening to the hope and hearing the footwork, listening to the hook but is what you need to do for ansata kolinda visa salami come early, and he listened to the hook.

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If the angels listened to the hope and they are not McAfee and how about me and you, we should also care to listen to the hook. And that's why it's not allowed to talk while the Imams speaking in nebby salsa lesson if you talk to your friend and he said, Be quiet you have invalidated your cultiva or your Salah for kadaga Allah Juma tell him Allah which it means you and your reward is way less. That's why no matter how Allah said when someone in the hookah you cannot say where it comes from somebody give you a salami don't say, well, it comes set up. somebody asks you a question you didn't answer.

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That's why Buddha when he heard the verse, He said to obey even the cap, yo obey. When this verse was revealed he didn't reply to him. He said three times he didn't reply to him. And after that, he said jasola I talked to him in the hood when he said he didn't reply to me and after Salah he said we should not talk to each other. Is that true? The process on CDs, obey is correct.

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Me even said you don't even say it out loud. Salalah alayhi wa salam or Alhamdulillah if you sneeze and if you sneeze the hamdulillah nobody else should tell your hammock Allah during the hotbox all this rules been basically stopped and put them freeze during the call for you to listen.

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What about in the hotline you are playing games or in the football and you are like text messaging in the hotel and you're updating your Facebook status. Or in the husband you're replying to the whatsapp group

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or on the hook by taking selfie with the hottie

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atop and to me just you guys just don't value amount otherwise and other affiliates. They take selfies with me on I'm

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just kidding. So no, I'm serious. It's weird stuff happened during the hopeless like it is very strange. Now Liz is not correct to be done. The only time it's allowed for you to check your phone or to reply to your phone. If you are in call a physician, you're a police officer, you're a person have a responsibility. Your wife, maybe she's about to deliver her baby something like urgent that's absolutely allowed. Also if the man asked the person to be engaged in certain activity, like ask him a question or go get me this like individual son go get me a chair and demand and one of the campaign went and got the chair to the prophets of Allah. So in this case, it is allowed on that

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now. Another one which is very interesting that didn't sell allow you to sell them as handset manufacturers he mentioned that when you come to the Juma you take a shower you put a perfume even in the Michelle Salaam segment mantapa ha men minister ba Turin what Donna mundane in my semi tbbt So my

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name is Ali indigofera Huma bainer. Juma to Juma if you put a perfume you clean yourself very well you dress very well and you come and you don't separate two from each other. Okay and you don't basically bothering people sometimes you have very small little gap on Mashallah big guy like me, Allahu Akbar, in the middle.

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You know, buddy you're gonna be sitting and you know your thigh will be on my firewall is letting you know it just hummed a lot. Spacious so don't bother if you're that's what daddy then you listen carefully to the meme until the Imam finished the Salah. In the visa Salim said all the sin that you've been committed between the two Juma are forgiven.

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The point of this honey that I want to point out is the issue of very perfume, clean clothes clean up yourself in the basis of them even has some cloth had certain clothes that you only wear it for Friday and only wear it for eat. And that's what today modern days we say psych basically your physiology impact your psychology, the way you carry yourself it will impact how you feel. If you look fresh and nice and well dressed that means you care. So psychologically This is what affects you. But if you don't care, if you come to the master like some young people, I see them come to the master pool and the mustard and pop the trunk and look in the triangle. You know he found the thumb

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then he pulled the thumb up, he stretched up in the air, then he put it on and come to the most.

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versus someone in his office. I have a set of clothes on my office I go change before I come to the message just for that.

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Especially if you work in a type of work that will make you sweat and I will be even more recommended for you to do that. One of the things that NW Sonam also said if you had either met parallella

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de la Catalina barrier, do not be like the camel have one spot that every time goes back to it.

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Don't do that don't have one spot that's the only spot I pray I set on otherwise you know be a problem. This is the only chair I sit on this the only spot I'm on I remember telling you before sometimes one of the thing that really messes

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me up and he will not be bored by the same view. Maybe it will much Nina I will look different from another angle. You know you

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can be focusing much better if you look at it from a different angle or you know have a different experience. It just gives this

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new things kicked you more into listen to the hookman and no matter him Allah said it is okay for salata. knarf in and to open the camera canon Lee headed Selamat minocqua and no Kenya to harvest one avocado a tuna ba Tara have enough you know that in the bisa Solomon volunteer prayer yes you can have a spot like I know some people here that treasure prayer they leave the hall and tar mustard and they go in the front somewhere to pray you know that's okay because he cared about one spot that's okay in the center but not the variable that it is better to switch and also one of the reason for it is get to know more people one of the benefits of that to get because I bet you

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anything those who pray in this side they didn't know those people in the the side so switching well allowed you to get to know more people and master also to come closer to the Imam and that's something I always tell you that's don't stay far again that helped me to focus. Also one of the thing is that

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listening to the hotel and listening to the hope I said is not like hearing when you listen to the hook that means when you hear the hotel you're not distracted by the look of the Shia Mashallah lost so much weight that's not the point you know talk about Oh, he gained so much weight oh he liked his beard is longer than yesterday like two weeks ago it's shorter or why this healthy has this kind of color in it's not bashing the tongue. This is distract that's not listening. Also to say you you listen to the copy but all what do you think I'm going to count you know? I'm going to catch every mistake that he made in the Hulk but I'm pointing out I'm focusing on it. Oh my God. He said that

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body instead of Muslim Oh my god, he didn't know how to pronounce this word. You know, became distracted, not not listening. Oh, I'm going to refute this. This is must be wrong. All these things distract you from listening to the message of the hobby. I asked a lot

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of hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva.

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Among the points that I found it can be very helpful to maximize all the benefits from hopital Juma is to

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participate in preparing the sermon. And one of the things in our mustard and to make this announcement in January I'm doing again, you know, I asked every one of you guys, you just email us at info or admin at the master.org or clearly economic center.

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Tell us what are the subject that you want to talk about? And not only the subject tell us what are the points that you would like to hear? Prepare certain points. You know, it doesn't need to be everybody the speaker but everybody can be participating in preparing. Hey, said shefali. Do you know what I put these points about this subject, it might be helpful for you to prepare a whole lot about

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hiner this kind of participation make you maximize your benefit from hopital drama. This drama is from you and to you.

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And we have to basically be more active into this. So I'm asking all of you please, if you don't want to be sending an email or anything like that just passed come to me come to Hamza write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the muscle. He said I would like to hear about this topic. This topic, I believe it's important for us. But care. That's the whole point that you feel that I'm part of this.

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Not another point that helps you to maximize your benefits from corporate to the Joomla. Anything that you hear that really touch your heart hematomas we say write it down.

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But not during the hook. But after just after the what I did that said oh, this put my note in my mind. You know what? I'm going to start practicing this signal that the chef said today. You know what the chef said this about this topic. I think that's a good point. I should start doing this. Write it down. And finally, the best way to maximize your benefit from a hope of drama. share it with others.

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You know what? In your way back? Maybe get a phone call to your wife. Hey, sweetheart, I miss you the hope buddy mind me if you bet make sure that the topic is good. Okay, say that reminded me a few and I want to share with you some of the points that I learned today. See your kids picking them up picking up from the school sister you pick your children's school or are you going back to your work with your co worker sisters, you know, what are some of the points that you learned in the ultimate? You know what shared it in the social media and please let's bring this hashtag back to be active which is hashtag click. So every time you put a gym or something that you learn in the social media,

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put the hashtag collect in your Facebook or in your Twitter so we became more active. And that's one of the ways to maximize your benefits little capital Joomla

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Because that makes this is reinforced the information at sinkin more. I asked the last panel to Allah to give us all success and to make us among those who hear the speech and follow the best of it. A lot of morpholino le D in our ham Noah for unknown reason an AR hammer rahimian alarming and a circle who doubt to power off our Lena alamat universe and atop la was a woman zeca Antalya Houma La Ilaha Illa and in condemning Nevada mean aloha manana we came in and hem even has an evil castle even though generativity calm aloha Machado activator Marina de la creme de la masa, reality La, la Medina, as well Jenna yada yada yada Kron Rasul Allah hamara Muhammad Ali Baba Satya hum Kumar

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