Yahya Ibrahim – Dua on the Day of Arafat

Yahya Ibrahim
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Almost suddenly was selling was it was very sad now have you been out whenever you know Mohamed Iwata early he was off he was a limb caffeine Europe a lot more suddenly either Mohammed Ali Mohammed came out so late Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Lama ricotta Mohammed Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim FLIR lemina in camino Madrid along Masada Mohammed Mohammed income also late on Raw hemo early Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed income about Rahim Allah early Ibrahim Filomena in the Camino, Medina Aloma Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed income as on later Allah wa hemo Allah Ali Ibrahim A law home of adekola Mohammed Mohammed income about tala Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim ethanolamine in Academy doomadgee Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed income also late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allah, Allah Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim al amin in the Camino Majeed along more Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed income is on late he brought him on early Rahim Allah Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed income about Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim Akela lemina in Academy do Majeed we begin this blessed day here in Australia in Perth the day of alpha asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us His mercy to forgive us our sins to open for us adore of conquest and support and assistance in everything that we see. We make dua that Allah subhana wa tada elevates us and protects us and heals us and increases us in our risk from that which is Hillel and turns us away from that would just hold on Allahumma amin and

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I asked you to say mean met a lot except to draw out for me and my my draw out for you be in the Haight Taleb out there with him in a shape on a Ragini Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen not Walkman or Hemi Maliki oma Dini cannon Buddha. canister Stein, Dino Surat Al Mustafa masirah for levena and I'm Tali Himalaya del Mercado Valley mana

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lead Ameen.

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smilla rahmanir rahim Allah hula Illa Allah who will hi Eureka you learn that who knows you need to know whom F is semi to fill all the men The Lady ashrawi in there who Ellerbee evening, the Alamo Marina at him woman halvah home. What are your hair tone? abishai immunol. Me Ellerbee Masha was the accuracy was somehow it will albala Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Ronnie, you're not all the

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La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sri Kala hula hula hula hula hamdu ohana coalition body are benevolent. fuson our lm del fildena water Hamner. coonan nominal. Ha Siri. Robin. Tina Effie dunia has another movie. Alfa Romeo has a better opener other than Robin. Tina dunia has another waffleh ferrata has another opener. Robin. Robin. Tina Jr. has an atom waffle. ferati has another one cleaner other than

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la you can leave Allahu nefs and woosah la hammock observatoire la hammock, the Sabbath Robin Allah to fitna in Siena.

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Allah Allah Tamil Allah is from karma Hamilton, Juana Levine I mean commelina Robin Allah to hum minima Takata behavoir foreign oil field and our Hamner and mowlana from sadhana alko. Milka fury, or banner in Santa Monica de una de Lille Imani and mean over a big home

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opener for Finland. I don't know when we're kefir on, say, Tina, what our phenom abroad. Robin our Athena ma tena Allah rusu licona de Nyoman Korea Mati in Ocala to fully fully me robina have learned I mean, as well, you know, whether we are Tina kurata or Yun robina have Elena I mean, as well, you know, whether Ray Tina kurata our union whether Lilly McDuffie Anna EMA Rob Benner have Elena mean as well do you know whether re Tina porewater are you and while you're learning Muhtar Queen, Emma Robin Alec at our Cal ye

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EGA and ever now in Eagle mossy Robin is a bit out for them and one solna ll co Milka fury and then a sub bit of for them and Robin a sub bit up for them and one soon, a little co Melaka theory, or better Aleta Jana fit Natalie Levine M and o Robin. Follow fildena fellow Phil and I are on a long mouthful and I will have now to Ballina Waterworld.

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Ella and Nick Amy come to me navall You mean

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Illa Illa and an academia come to Minam Wally mean

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Illa Illa and this will be nothing new to me. navali mean? Robbie Gianni mocha masala to mean Maria t Rob Benner. Taco Bell to rob Bell fairly valued leader yo a little mini Naomi homeowner is

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Rob Benner in NACA men to the feeling of alpha alpha beta Marlin Wally mean I mean on for a long minute Gina I mean, and the woman had when the woman boule met in Korea or hammer Wah he mean

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law home of Atlanta or hammer, wife, you know, one of one we're acronym. Well, to him was to be of eyeliner. I mean, I make a lobby. Yeah, Hannah and we come in and we will gela they will crop? Yeah, I'll email men. Yeah, I'll email men. Yeah, I'll email. Allison. I

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mean, yeah. Are you here for your movie rock Matic and esteli Allah home? Listen, I have for you all. mobiola Medical all imati Allah. Yeah, our hammer Rahimi. Yeah. How you find you? Yeah, well el mas Salafi Yemen endo Allahu la de la. Isla. Whoa, yeah, hadn't we? Um, and yeah, well, we feel yava

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thing. Yeah, and the hula hula deal, either. Whoa. elmen equal pudo Salah minoli Mohammed Allah Aziz will jump. Rural motor cab bear. Yeah, well, I knew we had here for two years Ahmed? Yeah man lamea. Lead Weller mu lead well, Aamir Khan level kofu and had ness alocasia Rob benefi had earlier will move to miss out on fetta and that dijana minalima kabuli Allah Majid Minami. Mokpo lien Allah home meenal mcvoy Allah home mela Tara Dana Hall, even Allah Melville and undo Colet Savi rehab work heavy rehab theory near to Allah home mouthfilling Do you know when a coronal Academy was store Oh, and what store are you? Oh, Allah lamella was stood Are you overnight? Yeah. Yeah, a caramel

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acromion a long metal cup bellhop gel hood judge was O'Connor had jet and cobbler. Allah home Modena, Isla Villa Isla de Lille harami Horomia Rob Bella Lamine Allahumma road Donna ilab at Cal Hiromi arabela Lamine Hello muddle joking that Hola Hola, tawaf and Cobb lol Nomad was I am Bina Safa, well miroir Allah.

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May I say for now Allah offerta Filomena kadhimiya Rob Bella mean? Allah hamatos O'Connor hi genya Rob de la la mean Allah hum madman Allah sorry, Dr. of wellfield and as you know, we were the

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was the Dr. Rob Bella let me a law home in Lucca Mooji Bertie automatic was emammal erotic while avani met I mean coolly to be with salamati mean was Salah Matt I mean coolly if me a kahraman a crummy Allah hometel metal violin a mo learner in NACA and the wearable Rahim while we're Finland, we're Hamner in NACA en de la fula alvine. Yeah, full word for en Allah Hama in NACA I for one to hibbeler for f1. Allah home in NACA fo want to hit Bula with our foreign Allah ineta iPhone to help Bula with our four and

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Illa Illa Allah who

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Hola Shari color, double moon koala hamdulillah Khalifa in kadhi

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Illa Illa Allah the hula hula hula hula hamdu Allah coalition in Coney

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Illa in Allah. Sherry color hula hula hula hula hamdu Allah Quran Aisha in for the alarm abetik Lin fv asthma wearable for wapo watin babinda in a way as well Gina, what I'm wearing where the Rena Rosa are hammered raw he mean, a lot of mefs nafi Rena Allahu Manzil phenol Baraka was shuru Allah home after Helena when I take a law home my father never will call out of Allah home father out of the auto the wire will melt out of the highlight. Yeah, and who will law a levy law Naboo see where Yeah, Allah hola Tara Donna and we met through the mouth bowling along Moroccan open up a little better than a lake. Allah model Xochimilco, better LA, Allah home Habibi, amen afina well Anya Rob

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Bella lemon, Allah home ASEAN EMA NFA photo vinaya acromial acromion Allah Medina and allow the Model B alpha lovina whether

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we're moving our hammer Rahimi Allahumma in iv benwell IV dig benu EMA egg now I mean, be adek nas lv nohoch mk adelong vena cava ness ello comme la home maybe coulis Minh who I like some main Tabby hain f Sokka Enza Lita. houfy kita big owl.

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I will stick serotta houfy in the middle of ABR in that and that Jalil nelarabine Malawi Malawi, Malawi and Upolu Vina one or others or whether her Bahamas Amina wahoo Moo Mina or hammer wa II mean a law firm I was looking at overturn problema Allah Murdock moto button cabela remember Allah will connect over the hub lol mama Allah home

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Amina river water her booth and I are hammer rock i mean i mean Reba well Manasa t caramel acromion along miftah been an hour they now call me now we'll help you and then we'll Eileen

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along the inner now the week I mean any

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woman called been yaksha woman I'm in your roof. women that are waiting. Use the jab hula llama in that narrow the week I mean the lads evil castle one over the week. I mean I'll drop me Well, when I will be coming over Liberty day Anyone have read? Aloma in another week? I mean any mini via a caramel acromion Allah home as a holiday halali nafi dunya Allah home marut Donna la kita even na VENA illa aromatica mosteiro et now Rob de la la mean a law home Maxine Benin he was telling you well we're not clean Amina Do not be well hotwire comma yonaka cell will be alumina Dennis. Allah whomever I've been in our bag in a hot

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tub a nail machine so well Missouri, Allah homophone Lana the newbie was the our hammer raw he mean, a lot. Deena, what have you been? Which severability many

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robina allocate our kalna la cabina where he can Molesey Allah we ask you with sincerity on this blessing day on this morning failure of the day of Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah open for all of us the doors of higher May Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive us all of our sins. Oh Allah you promised us through our Navy Mohammed so I sell them that on this day that it is a Chrome, chromium mainly to the most honored day for I would like to be answered. Yeah, Allah we saw in our Libya so I sell them that he would make this day a day of drama and a day of worship in a day of pause with you yeah, Allah, Allah we begin our day making God to you and all throughout the day we will turn to you

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with our hearts Yeah, Allah. Allah make I was accepted in this blessed day, Rob Bella mean, make this a blessing for ourselves, our families, I went to homes and for our friends and neighbors and communities Yeah, Allah. Allah allow us to remember those who have remembered us and allow us to make up for those even who have forgotten us. Yeah, Allah. Allah, we ask you to turn them

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Hearts of others towards us. Allah open each other's hearts to Sai Allah we ask you your hammer I mean to send your light into our hearts into our homes into our communities yeah Allah, Allah send your light of protection and healing and faith building into our homes and hearts Allah Allah we ask you on this blessed day of alpha as we begin it fasting to you yeah Allah restricting ourselves from you from all that is other than you yeah Allah that you make us from those who are honored to be in the company of the Prophet Muhammad's Allah, Allah, why do you are sending them on the day of judgment to Allah, Allah we ask you to make him one of those who speaks on our behalf and who makes

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up for us to exit from the punishment of Jan nemea. Allah, Allah we ask you to make us of those who are witnesses of his truthfulness by practicing his way of law or law we ask you to give us the risk of following as soon now Allah and loving his way more than all other ways. Yeah, I mean, Allah we ask you to bless us with continuous and continuous quality of our salah and for our children and our children's children. Yeah, Allah. Allah make all of us consistent in our prayers. Yeah, Allah forgive us and our parents and our families in the believers. Yeah, Allah raised us up on the Day of Judgment free of SR Allah that we can be forgiven admitted to Agenda Allah, Allah we ask you on this

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blessing day of alpha to make us from those who are increased in the height of this dunya the higher of the alpha on that you protect us from the punishment of Jan me Allah. Allah Allah you are the one who does not burden more than a person can we stand yeah as law, our law lightened our burdens in the dunya Allah, Oh Allah lighten our burdens and do not give us tests in our faith. Yeah, Allah. Allah protect the man in our hearts and the Eman in our children. Yeah, Allah, Allah, those of us who have children that are wayward, bringing them back to the straight path. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah, those of us who are having difficulty with our health or our wealth or income, return it to us,

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Allah, Allah, Allah make us from those who are protected from the Coronavirus and COVID. Yeah, Allah, Allah protect our homes and families from the disaster that prevails throughout the world Allah, Allah opened the pathways to that which is good and allow us a pathway to stand in alpha next year. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you sincerely in our heart to make us from those who are blessed with Hajj next year. Yeah, Allah. Allah we had the new year going down over this year but we were prevented yet Allah, Allah Allah we were prevented not by our own doing your hammer Rahimi and overlock counters as if we stood on the law, Allah we were sincere and now we're seeking to be with

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those who perform the hadoo this area Allah, Allah we have always wanted to be standing on that mountain yet Allah makers from those who are blessed Yeah, Allah with the reward of it in our homes. Yeah. I mean, Allah we ask you to help us and assist us to be from those who are good examples for our community. Allah guide us and let others be guided through our example and our words and our needs and our families and our behavior. Yeah, Allah, Allah perfect our character and manners he Allah, O Allah, our manners is something that always needs to be assisted in Allah Allah allow us to assist ourselves and others in our families to be better in our conduct Allah, Allah soften our

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words with each other a lot and put love in our hearts for each other Allah Allah grant us an opening that is of happiness yeah or hammer I mean that allows us to come back to you when we have seen the Allah Allah allow our hearts to well up with fear and sadness when we have done wrong Yeah, Allah so we repented to you sooner rather than later. Yeah, but Allah bless us with families and communities that seek to support us in your pathway to Allah. Allah open our hearts and love for them as such at Allah make us cling to their love to them yeah Allah. Allah we have brothers and sisters who are suffering in different parts of the world. Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah the injustice

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for the Palestinians Yeah, Allah has gone too far this time we are Allah. Allah we ask you to send your nursery Allah support them out high model I mean Oh Allah all we can do is to grant a drop to you yeah above all that we have are the means is to spend charity upon their orphans. Yeah, I would love for everyone has contributed to the orphans increase them in the riskier Allah Allah everyone who has contributed to bringing happiness to those who are weak yeah Allah give them happiness in their homes. Yeah. Oh Allah all of us who have given from our charities yeah or hammer I mean to those who don't know or faceless to us yeah Allah make them rejoice with us in genetic fifth MC

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Allah, Allah allow those who work to deliver this other how to be rewarded for the reward of encouraging us to give so the hi Allah, Allah every time we ask him people give donations Yeah, Allah make us from those who share in their reward Yeah. Every time we are of those who share from our risk via Allah magnify it for us hundreds of times multiples Yeah, Allah. Allah we believe in the words of the prophets I send them that nothing is given in charity accepted returns meaningful to Allah, Allah Allah returned to us our hydrea Allah that we have given towards others, yet Allah returning

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To us many fold there are a lot of power. Yeah, I mean, return it to us in our health, in our happiness in our stability in our Eman in our children in our faith yeah Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us as we walk upon this earth protect us on the day that we are in tuned in love from the punishment of the grave. Allah we ask you to protect us from the fierceness and the punishment of day of judgment to Allah. Allah we ask you to protect us from having knowledge that we don't practice your law or a heart that cannot soften to your Allah or that our deeds are not elevating our good our do to you Allah, Allah protect us from a door that is not answerable by you, Allah.

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Allah make our answer to Allah Allah we stand at your door and no other door do we knock you out of law? Oh Allah, there's none that we can make dua to Allah, not on this day or any day or night to Allah it is only you that Allah that we turn to in worship and in a bad law there's no one that we rely on but you your hammer, I mean, there is no one that is between us and you Yeah, Allah you know what is spoken by our tongues and lips at this moment to Allah and you see what is in our hearts Yeah, Allah you Allah you know what is in our future and no one is in our past Yeah, Allah. Allah give us a good future yeah Allah and forgive us our past sinful deeds, your hammer. I mean, Allah we

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ask you for this success in this dunya and the success in the Quran to be protected from the punishment of January Allah, Allah then Allah on him for sin our inland Duffield and our Hamlet mucuna ha serene Allah so they were silly was in robotic alesi Dino Nabina. Muhammad along with the husband if he had to move Araki out of that, I mean, a lot of abetik unifi Amina feel that they are but I mean, Allah has opened up to attend every you know Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Manas, organizer of our Torah su de la la Mata. tokenizer organizer of that I tell rasulillah Allah Murdock Nasha it rasulillah Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Javi we know whenever

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you know Muhammad Ali, he was he was an interesting man kathira yahaya for you yahaya for your yahaya for your dumbbells, and I crumble crummy yeah acromial acromion Yeah, well he almost all the IV Allah omega unnamable mouline Allah hometel humble Min inaka into semi Allah name, whatever Alinea mowlana NACA and the Weber Rahim, Ravenna volume info center we're in downtown Atlanta with our own and nominal hos URI

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Isla Lola who the whole Ashley color level Monica level hamdu Allah coalition kadhi

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Illa Illa Allah Who is the owner Sri Lankan Monica Welcome to our wider coalition called the

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Illa Allah who actually color down moon cola al hamdu awada coalition Connie

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Illa Illa la hola Sherry Cara down in Monaco and I will come to a whole other coalition called the

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Isla Lama who will actually color level moon cola will come to really shine continue

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Illa Illa Allah, Allah Shri color level moon cola will come to a Juana coalition Connie, the Isla de Lama who had the audacity color, Levon moon cola will hamdulillah coalition co de la isla in llama, the owner Sheree color level Monaco level hamdu awada coalition Connie Isla hang La La hula Sri color level Moodle cola and ham do I want to quickly show you in CO de la ilaha illa Allah the owner sharing color that will mold cola will have to do a water correlation according

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Illa Illa Allah Who is the holder sharing color level moon cola en hamdu Juana coalition according Subhana Allah He will be handy here the holiday he was on I've seen he was in authority you will meet Karima Subhana Allah He will be handy after the holiday you already have seen he was in authority he won't be dead or Karim Allah Subhana Allah He won't be handy either the holiday whatever NFC he was in authority huami de Cali

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Yeah, are you here for yomo resna Bureau of medical? Yeah. kahraman acromion along with Sanjana Mohammed Mohammed in kemosabe Tana Rahim Allah early Ibrahim, along rubberduck Allah Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Abdullah Al amin in NACA hamidou muddied, wire filled out an Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or Salat Allahumma salli moseyed wa barik ala nabina wa solina Mohammed in every year omiya Allah The he was the

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early he was he was a limb tasleem and Kathy are up. So hanabi carambola is that the am I'll say for now our Salah mana lol mursaleen I will have Dooley la de la me

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