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The best way to tie and to bond us together is the religion is the act of deeds, good deeds.

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I want to say don't ever go to bed, angry at each others

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to meet your husband goes to bed angry, and you're in the process of upset about describing the Bible said the woman, your husband goes to bed English and he said, Well, I

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I will not close my eyes while you're sleeping angry at me.

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It is so beautiful when you stay in the bed, and you know that someone you can go on and you put your hand around him.

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Then to have

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a pillow in the middle between both of you.

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Don't ever let it

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go got any problem happen, go and talk to your boss.

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If you have something you don't want to you didn't want to go and talk to him. And don't ever discount the power of the physical contact.

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This touches how I can't have multiple

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barriers between both of you. You want your husband happy, always make sure that you don't go to bed angry and he did let him go to bed Ingrid tried to solve it quickly. Find a quiet time with your husband. If you hear me today, to whisper to his ear that I love you save as much as he can express it through words actions.

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If you have already said it, say it again. You can never be you can say you can never say enough of it.

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My brother and sisters happens cannot be seen but can be definitely feel happy, nice, something will be come within. So I hope that we think about these points. You know for so many men today said what I benefit from all of that you just make me feel good or make me feel bad. I don't know which kind of person you are today. But whatever it is the case you can share these points with your wife. You can you can share them and use them to give him to express these points to them as well. And that allows us to bring happiness and success to our families and to our life.

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Al salam,

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comet sobre todo Kamata Sana.

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So what'd you do?

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straighten the line and come closer to one another.

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send me out

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Sharla Saturday tomorrow, tomorrow here at 1:30pm and clinics Center. Our health committee in the mustard will be providing a workshop about diabetes, diabetes Academy the color, it will be a program about diabetes, which is something very common among us today.

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so it says 1:30pm Please come and join us. Also there's a fundraising for Syria taking place in Shabbat on a February 24, which is Sunday 6:30pm to 8:30pm. At the ACC in Houston, I think this society

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inshallah will be at 6:30pm to 8:30pm. It will be there as a guest speaker after law

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as a good speaker, and it will be fundraising for Syria. That permission is hanging over there. Donate generously to domestic last things. I think we have fundraising for the men Academy and the 31st in Charlotte March and they have also a trip today, organizing living this next Sunday next week, Sunday for the parents

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to the Umrah trip, organised by the school in the spring, okay

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for the students and the parents of a man Academy in Charlottetown. Thank you very much. We'll see you Charlotte tomorrow after event.