What’s the best way to read Qur’an?

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Santa Monica Morocco and slavery castle once again between now and the Los Altos cinema and also de Laval. AlLahi wa sahbihi wa Manuela so inshallah Allah will keep tonight's very short hamdulillah but I mean as you've seen now the trailer for meeting Mohammed sallallahu wasallam and there will be other relevant content to that series inshallah Tata coming up to really prepare our hearts for that series with Allah and what it would be like to be with the beloved sallallahu wasallam. So look out for more webinars for more videos in Charlottetown to prepare us for that series and of course the quarter and 3430 inch outlets on which will also be starting anytime next week. And finally, I want

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to remind you all in sha Allah to Allah of the greeting Ramadan with South Africa program, if you donate at the link below but and lie to Allah in the description, then you can put the amount that you've given him a lot and shot lots on it, and it will process on the first day of Ramadan. But in the meantime, and hamdulillah Grameen every year, we look forward to the support that we received from the community to continue to put out these free resources in the light, Anna, so please do be amongst those that sign up in Charlottetown to the greeting on Milan with Celica, programming Chatelet on at the link below, and of course, we also have the Ramadan prep webinar coming up this

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weekend being in LA. So with that in Charlottetown, I'm going to make this shorter halakha inshallah hotter and Sharla. And that is a question that often gets asked, especially as we go up into Rome, Milan, how often should I be reciting the Quran in the sense of how many huttons? should i do? Should I recite it all? Should I complete the plan? Should my goal be to complete the recitation of the quarter? And should my goal be to push myself to maybe recite it twice? Should I be looking to finish half of the plan? How do I, you know, juggle the desire to finish the Quran? With the desire to also read it in a way that I can ponder it and that I can enjoy it? What if I have difficulty

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with the recitation? Should I be focusing on reading the translation as well? You know, pausing making sure that I'm understanding it. And I want to first begin by saying that in Ramadan, you want to engage the Quran in any way possible, right? and engaging the Quran in any way is a form of Riba. It's a form of worship. Whether you are engaging it by listening to its recitation or reciting it yourself, or pondering upon its verses or understanding something deeper about it. All of it is a form of Nevada and Shawn lotta even reading the translation is a form of Nevada in the intention of wanting to understand the Quran. It's not the same as reciting the actual verses of the Quran, but

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it is rabada in that sense, right? If the intention is to gain knowledge and gain closeness to Allah and gain a greater understanding of the Quran, so that's the first thing you want to engage the hold on in multiple ways. The second thing is that Ramadan is certainly a month of recitation. And so yes, we do see that the self the pious predecessors used to push themselves in them a lot to recite the Quran more in Ramadan than they would outside of Ramadan. It wasn't a month of studying as much as it was a month of reflecting and developing and reciting right. But with that being said, there's this beautiful statement from our beloved Mr. Little the low tide, where he says about the

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recitation of the Quran he says Latin for oho Natha Daiquiri one at a hoodoo who had that had the chef? He said, so he said, Well, the alongside

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Latin through who Natha Daiquiri, do not recite the Quran as if it was as if it was some dates, right dates falling from a tree, so don't scatter the recitation of the quarter. So don't don't recite it as if it's a scattered recitation. But at the same time, he says, What not to hadoo who has the surety, he said, Do not recite it so quickly that it's like poetry. So don't scatter the recitation as if it's dates falling from a tree. Well, that's a hoodoo who has the surety and do not recite it so fast as if it's like poetry do not go through it as quickly as you would poetry he said before in the larger and the Agile AB he, he said, instead stop at its at its verses, it's it's

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verses that amaze you that cause you pause. So before in danger, maybe he will hardly call me he'll call loop while I can hammer a honeycomb. He rasulillah He said, Well, the law of town I'm home that makes sure that you recited in a way that you move your hearts and do not let the concern of one of you as you're reciting the Quran, simply finishing the surah don't just think about I need to finish this much. I need to finish this much. So I'm going to repeat the narration once again. He was asked about how the Quran should be recited. He said Latin for all who Natha Daiquiri while at the hoodoo who had the Sherry before in the idea you

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He will hardly call me he'll globe, whether you're calling him or her decom. If you're surah, do not recite it like dates that are falling from a tree. And do not recite it like verses of poetry, but instead stop at the verses that amaze you. And let it be that it moves your heart and do not be simply concerned with finishing the surah. Now, what does this mean? Obviously, there are different speeds that you recite the quota and as well. And it is important to have quantity in mind in the sense that if you don't set any goals for yourself, for finishing the Quran, for example, are finishing a portion of the quarter and then you might fall behind altogether. So it is important, I

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think, for you to set in Charlottetown at a time period and a goal, a quantifiable goal, but take into consideration the recitation of the verses at a slower pace so that you can have time to reflect for example, you could do it that way. So you could say that it would take me this amount of time to recite this much thought and, and to reflect on it a little bit as well. And to stop at some verses that move the heart and to ponder upon those verses for some time. So you could do that you could encompass that with, you know, a time that suits the goal that you have in mind, you could also divide as some of the amount mentioned in this regard that there's a difference between the

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recitation to finish a item to finish the, the recitation so that you could reach that quantifiable goal, and then standing up and reciting the poor. And at night in your PM, for example, where the prophets lie, some would repeat the same verse over and over and over again. And he would spend the entire night sallallahu aarnio center with one idea, right, and make a day out with it and cry, and reflect upon it. So there's a difference between the recitation of the verses at night where you slowly recite the verses and you reflect upon them and you cry with them, and you make do out with them. Or there's also the recitation, you know, if you're sitting outside, for example, and you are

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pondering during the day, we talked about to Dublin and Suffolk code last week, this idea of contemplation and reflection, you're pondering during the day you're reading, it's versus you're really taking your time to look up into, and to say, at home did a lot to say Subhan, Allah to, to really let the poor and move your heart and administer to the law, the law of town and who of course, love the poor and so much, you know, he describes, for example, the, the how I mean, the the surahs that start off with how mean, he said that when he would get to those sewers in the poor, and it was like he got into some beautiful gardens. And so what do you do, when you get to these

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beautiful gardens, you stop and you take time, to observe and to smell the flowers and to, to really, you know, take into into your heart, the beauty of what is around you. And so it is also natural that you might be attached to certain parts of the body, and you should be attached to all of the color and of course, but certain parts might get to you because of your circumstances because of just a certain thing about those sodas or those stories that relate to you. But it's natural, even a bit mystery with all the Allahu anhu, who certainly loved the whole point and would stop at certain suicides as well and take his time and enjoy the surahs a little bit more. And he described

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the how I mean in another narration as like the silk garments, these beautiful silk garments of the Quran. So the point is, dear brothers and sisters, you have to have some recitation of the Quran and that is with some reflection time and some pause. And it is a good idea to quantify to an extent. So even the self as they talked about the pious predecessors talked about the importance of reflection, they still set goals for themselves, and they still would try to recite the Quran a certain amount of times, but at the same time, they took that into consideration with the time that they spent with the Quran. And all of it is a bad so yes, if you want to set a smaller goal, for example, in terms

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of how much you'll recite, but at the same time, give it the same amount of time that you would have given for a longer goal. So that you can give your time more give yourself more time to reflect and to ponder, then do so but in the 90 Tada. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with the poor and to to allow our tongues to be busy with the quarter and in our thoughts to be busy with the Quran. In the month of Quran We ask Allah paradata to make us people of Quran Allah Ameen. zakon long Hayden was cinema and he come to LA he will not occur.