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The first question if

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Aditya, I'm a Hindu, I want to convert to Islam.

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What is the procedure behind it? First of all, I want to be stable and get a job so that I do not face any problem if my family refuses to accept me, and a Hamdulillah, thank Allah subhanaw taala to

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give you a dire and it seemed that because you want a stable job, so that you would face any problem after accepting Islam, it means that you have done proper research. And you have been convinced that Islam is the best religion to be followed, and you want to accept Islam. I want to congratulate for that. But let me remind you that don't wait too long. Once you're convinced, don't wait and look for a job where you get a lot of money so that you can be stable. Okay, search for a job. But if you did not get don't waste too much time because they do not know how long will you live, I do not know how long we live, we don't know where they will live for 10 years more, or we live for more number of

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years or five years or a few months, or we don't know whether we live tomorrow also. So earlier, the better since you have been convinced,

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please see to it that do not delay as soon as possible accept it. And

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let me again confirm with you. I hope no one is forcing you to accept Islam. And I hope that no one is pressuring you to accept Islam. Because forcing anyone to accept Islam or pressurizing is not allowed in Islam. And I hope no one is paying you money to accept Islam.

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As far as to accept Islam, the procedure is very simple. You only have to believe that there is one God Allah subhanaw taala and he has got no partners, he has got no associate and there is no other God besides Him. And there's no education. And the second point is believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the last and final messenger of Allah subhanaw taala Almighty God if you believe in these two things, these two are the basic requirement for anyone to enter into the field of law. There are many other things following the commandment given in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala and following the messenger, the Hadith, but the most important that these two and even if you

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believe in this any hardier Muslim, you don't have to say it in public, but preferable if you can recite this in Arabic, and I will say and if you want you can repeat it after me now or later on, go to the YouTube female video and repeat it. I'm thinking in Arabic the same do what I said in English and again translated for anyone to accept Islam you have to believe what I said the two things and in Arabic, the same thing is, again repeat after me, if

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I shall do

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and La

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ilaha IL Allah wa should do.

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anna muhammadan

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Abdullah, who were full, which means I bear witness that there is no God

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besides Allah, and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, if the messenger and the servant of Almighty God and if you believe in this any except with your heart, and you said, you become a Muslim, it's very simple.

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My request to you, brother that they don't delay as soon as possible. If you have convinced, please accept Islam