Waleed Basyouni – Growing and Maintaining Your Deen

Waleed Basyouni
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In the hamdulillah in a meadow who want to stay in who want to study or istockphoto whenever the villa even surely unforeseen amin sejahtera Marina Maja de la dama de la mejor para had Yahuwah shadow La ilaha illallah wa sallahu wa shadow ana Muhammadan Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed camisa litella Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim, in nikka, hamidah, Majid

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Allah, all praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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After the month of Ramadan, it's a very natural for people to relax, to slow down a little bit. And that's I think, the very natural. But it was very important for us to keep an eye on that this slowing down, it will not turn to be a stop station. Because the moment you stop the moment you stop growing, you start declining. And that's how important to know about your Eman and your faith and Eman lionpaw de misto. And why never an Eman will never stay in the same level. It will either going up or going down. But you can go up fast and you can go down fast. And you can go up slowly and you code down slowly. What do you need to do is to maintain always that you're growing you're going up?

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yes sometimes the the you can be full speed you can be very strong and shooting very high like the way we were most 100 love us during the month of Ramadan. But after that, I make sure that I don't start dropping and if I drop I don't drop at a certain level. That's why nebby sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in Delhi Coolio Ahmed inshallah, Furman Carnot, for Tata who either soon natif Tada we rewire mankind etc to innovation at

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lower the agenda be sallallahu Sallam telling us that we never federa it means arrest or when you slow down and growing in your email, if this is will be according to my son that the process of him said you are among the guided one. But if it's not, you are among those who are

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basically of our who go into face of distractions or

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going being being being misled in how the DNA mattina or individuals on them. This religion is so deeply, so strong. So mass verse for our roofie Hebrew riff. So when you want to practice the religion, be gentle. Go graduate. It's like when you go to the ocean, you go graduate, you basically start learning swimming, you go one step at a time.

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So from these two headings, I want to make sure to note today to share with you this important point about how can we ensure that rest time will not turn to a forgetfulness time useful in some manner,

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that a person instead of an ad for to use an ad an offer that a person instead of him just being slowing down and things got to pick up later on, that the person became heedless. A person will drop completely, as we say, drop the ball and he started declining. And if you want to know if you're basically resting or you're growing as a study, but to still growing, look and watch for two for many signs, if you see them, these are red signs, that means you're declining, not going up and not basically gradually growing. It means you're either gradually dropping down or almirola protect all of us. Yeah, and you losing your Eman quickly. So one of the some of the signs that I want to share

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that it became very hard for you to read or on anymore. It became completely difficult for you to commit to for reading even a page a day or a 10 verses a day. It became something dumb it doesn't move your heart at all. You don't miss even reading Quran when you go to night to sleep. And you can think about some even some of us whenever you think but if you go if you think and say you know what today I didn't read anything from the Quran. I didn't even spend you know five minutes with the book of Allah subhanaw taala if this is became something a habit and worse than

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That if you don't even think about it as an issue, that you know what today or this week I didn't read anything at all. And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whenever you read 10 verses, at least a day, you will not be among the halfling. The hitless number two, whenever you feel that you don't at all benefit or care for advisors, whenever you come to Juma out to speech or after Ramadan, and you see helaas I don't need to hear anything, you know, who cares? You know, it's okay. It's like those people sometimes when they tell me when is salata Juma?

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And I said to them so out on tomorrow 130 he said, So when is the? I said 130? He said no, no, no, I mean the salaat time any hoonah Villa Mashallah planning to skip the football from now. He doesn't care he just want to come to the Salah doesn't know that part of the song. But what can be more dangerous than this? If that's a feeling that I don't care anymore for reminder, I don't care anymore for something to move my heart. That's that's a very dangerous sign. Also, when our dow activities when our a bad that act of fortunes became a routine became something that we do and we don't think about it, we do it just because it's part of our culture. It's not something really I do

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it because I'm thinking about pleasing Allah Subhana Allah while I'm doing, I'm not doing it because I know you know what, I'm doing this because I'm coming the Prophet sallallahu sallam. I'm not idealistic, and I'm a very realistic person. I don't expect you to think all the time like that. But if you don't think at all at any time like that, that's a red sign.

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And so we can go and days goes by and you know what I never really thought about when I'm making a book that I'm making this to the Wechsler my sons when I stand before a law that I wish I lost my dad I forgive my sense that I want to elevate my level and gender and raise my strengths and gentlemen, also one of the red signs that you see yourself so busy with worldly matters and so busy with things that is not even a value in life all what you care about things that does add no value online. You know, today I saw a funny cartoon of an old man, you know, seeing this young man coming to the mustard with the shorts that hey, son is good to see you here. So happy to see on the

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mustard. But this kid had his cell phone behind his back and it is that Pokemon GO game he's going to the muster just to you know, take the picture of it. You know, I don't mind as some today calling some people you want to catch Pokemon and automated You're welcome, come catch it, but catch with it, you know, an advice as well captured something that will benefit you in your deen. I don't have a problem with that.

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And believe it or not, I just recently heard about someone who do not have Muslim walk into a mustard just to catch the man inside the mustard area. And that his first time to be introduced Islam, or to Jews to the Koran was giving a copy of the must have so I thought as you know, a Muslim Boogey Man I guess, it's not a Boogeyman is a pokeymon.

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Allah is also one of the things that I would like to say in regard to this, that you don't care for time, time has no value for you. It's okay to waste days and hours and hours and hours in something not beneficial. One of the signs that this can be also dangerous and this status that a person needs to

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map. Yeah, couldn't mess

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it up. Yeah, I saw that a person every issue that you hear there is a difference of opinions. Stop looking for the thing that he cut corners, the thing that it will reduce the amount of effort and commitment. That's a red sign that's declining. Somebody say Oh, you know what? I heard someone of the shield said that day that some mehtab like Maliki don't consider fasting the six days of chawan is sin. Ya know what I'm not gonna fast the six days of show artists and then another person tell him that another opportunity of good deeds comes he said, Oh, I heard some just said you have to do this first. So I'm not gonna do that. You know, somebody said, you know, the Corolla more than

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donation I'm not gonna donate. I'm gonna make the spirit and he's and he starts looking not because this has been official. This is much easier for him. It just gives him you know, a slot, it kind of a slog and make him lazy. And also when he heard about different opinions, it's not because this is more taqwa or I trust the scholar more No, this goes with my desire with my

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one of the most dangerous red signs. And this started

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to be fed throttle for too, when you gradually use base kind of stop and gradually growing over

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drubbing that the person start, you know, losing faith in the principles and the foundation of his religion.

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And this is so dangerous when the person relaxed to the extent that even the principles that all your life lived upon knowing that this is a snap, knowing that this is what is the truth and principle, not minor issues, not different fifth issues all your life, you lived your life, putting your hand on the side and now somebody told you it's this way until you say I mean out loud. That's that's not a principle. I'm talking about things of principle all your life, you know, that didn't have to be sallallahu Sallam is a role model for us that you know, Islam is a truth at this the only way to survive in the day of judgment to hold into Islam. You know, to know that a Sharia Islamia is

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not something like kangaroo said. It is something that you should be ashamed of, or we decline as Muslim is something that we proud of as Muslim and we will never give it up in our life. Because a Sharia means and Islam a Sharia means justice a Sharia means you know, worshipping Allah subhana wa tada free yourself from should that what are Sharia is about. It's about the true meaning of, of the principles that we live upon here in this country, and someone today telling that we have to be taking a test for it. If we believe in God, we should be not allowed to live in America. That's from a top politicians in the United States today. When some people start doubting, you know, that Islam

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when somebody come to you and shake your foundation and telling you that killing is something okay, killing individuals. It's okay if somebody's shaky foundation telling you that just a bunch of thugs and and and misguided young people can declare the khilafah and that became the line of Islam that goes against everything you learn in your life, that Islam is not about brutality, Islam is not about killing Islam is not about you know, perpetrating Islam is not about being violent and terrorizing people, when someone come to justify that shaking your foundation, that's a very dangerous science. Also, when people don't care for knowledge,

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that's also a red sign. People don't care to go to learn to help us do the classes do you know to listen to things that would increase their information about the religion? When you keep saying to yourself, I'm good, I'm the best, you know, who could what can be better than that? That's also we call it a commodity that you always think of you have perfect person, Mr. Perfect, you know, or Mr. Perfect. So that's also a red sign that you need to review yourself and see this is mean declining. One of the things that you always justify your mistakes, always find the excuse to your mistake. Today, I miss ledger, because you know what, I was too tired tomorrow, because you know what, what,

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so what I forgot to put the car after the next day, the next day, I forgot because an everyday you have an excuse for yourself for the harem and the mistakes that you do. You know, this is not correct. That's a very dangerous signs, especially if these signs became accumulated many of them in your life, when you don't think much about the hero about your next slide, when it became completely forgotten. Many things passed before before you earn signs and news and it doesn't move your heart at all to the era to attach to the next slide. Your heart is not attached to the day when you will see Allah Subhana Allah meet him meet your Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and meet your deed.

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You know, it is so dangerous for this not to became an individual problem, it became even more problematic if it became a community problem. When it became a group problem, when it became a family problem, what I mean by that the whole entire family that a man is going down

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the whole entire community or a mastered organization, and instead of their, you know, get overwhelmed or Ravana and get tired with all the activity in the program. But after the after Ramadan, they all start declining and keep declining and going down and down and down and down. That's became very dangerous. When a group or an organization's became slowing down and everybody in this organization kind of tired, they can want to continue doing all the volunteer work and we find that volunteer rate or the volunteer work, declining by the day after Ramadan or after a good long term commitment. No, don't let it decline. Let it you know, grow slowly, but don't ever let yourself

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And because of this happen, when you start declining slowly, you didn't know when you're going to be basically the freefall or with Ebola May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and you don't know when death

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Welcome does come to you while you are going down instead of going up on. So that's very dangerous. This is a very dangerous disease, you have to be watching for it very carefully. What are the reasons? few reasons number one, when a person did not have a good connection with Allah subhanaw taala don't think of Allah Allah much don't remember Allah Subhana Allah as much when you don't have a schedule a duties that the schedule in your daily life when you don't care for the five daily prayers for the morning and the night there is nothing scheduled in your life. If you schedule certain things, you know what, every week I have in this day, I have my own class you know, I listen

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to it online or in person. You know, I have a group of people I meet with on a review or honorary book with them you know, I'm with my family. So if you don't have anything structure in your life, like it's a kind of built in a routine and I mean that in a positive way, it will became that what mainly the reason for people to drop to keep dropping. Also when you don't care much for you always ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep your Eman high. You always say hello ma'am. Oh, sorry, boo, Oh Allah, the One who control the heart, direct my heart to you, or ally, the one who control my heart and my soul make me always be good or upon your upon Islam until I die as the process that I'm used

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to say Allahumma sicne bill Islam had to attack or literally almost holed into Islam until I meet you. One of the reason when you always look at your sins and mistakes and innovations are something minor. So what what a big deal, you know, quit thinking about it this way. Think about it, like what Anna said, la tombeau de la silla de la aside what I can only rely on a man outside. Don't look at how small your sins are. But look at how great the one that you sin against us.

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Think about how great the last one is. Don't look at how small your sin is. Sometimes these reasons not personal. Sometimes these reason comes from the environment around you, when we don't have a good programs for the community, when you don't have a good programs for your family members, when you don't set a program to serve the community and to the family, as a father or as a mother.

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Also, whenever we don't have a mentor, that can happen a lot, but if some of you have a mentor and revival that concept, a spiritual mentor How many of you ever thought about that and said you know what, I want the person to be my spiritual mentor. And I want you to help me to grow and I want to talk to you I know some individuals that they come to me and tell them chuckle Brahim to other individuals in the here in the community say chef, I'm you know, I need to increase my pie and want to you know, increase my opportunity to do a good or better deed. I want you to help me what you consoled me about this, I want to have 10 five to 10 minutes with you to talk about this issue. When

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you have a mentor even you maybe you can be the mentor for your own son. You know, we have Mashallah brother kebutuhan sama, doing great job and mentoring a lot of young individuals here but we need this to be more of a habit that the person have a mentor, a spiritual mentor to guide them to always grow not to fall behind.

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One of the thing that is completely the opposite when we raise our youth and younger specially or our Eman because completely depend on the mentor.

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There's nothing individual there is a lot of people all that a man good and strong when they are with someone.

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If you separate them from that person their Eman goes down.

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If mom is not there, he will not pray. If dad is not there and famine is not there, he will not pray. If that chair not with them, if he's not in the groove and the mustard he will be doing something bad. That's also wrong. When we raised the duration we make them you know, independence, but in the same times the always appreciate the mentor role, but not to go to any one of the two extremes.

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One of the reasons, which is a lot to do with the people around you, when you surround yourself with people who are so we can do it man. So you always say you know what, you know, I'm the best we say me and Basha. You know, they said

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you know where I raised? They said the one eyed man between all the blind people look like a king you know. So when you surround yourself with all week,

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do not

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going to suffer. If all what you're surrounded with people are so weakened that a man you will always feel better even though that's not true in reality.

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One of the reasons when our means became our goals and that look a lot of people that tend to slow down your spell ama diary method and who are Elia hiromasa? Well, I hear we're seeing them what they said x. Whenever we turn organizations to be the goal, we never return the means to be the goal. The goal is to worship Allah, the goal is to go to gender. The goal is not to build a name, the goal is not that individual or that person or that specific group. I work with the group I work through organization, I work with this and that, but you know what, as a tool as a way to reach to Allah subhana wa Tada. But we never return this means to be a goal I intend to see, or I intend to turn us

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to be very weak in our spiritual growth. Also, there is very personal reasons tested with your personality, those who are arrogant, they tend to drop in their Eman quickly, power, it's hard for me to see an arrogant person keeping his Eman, growing. Even if you try hard all you need to get rid of that arrogance. That's why nobody saw some of them said, You're not entertained until you cleanse your heart completely from arrogance. Those who also love to be always in the head of everybody else, I mean to the love of fame, the love of power, those who have this personality, tend the relationship with the dean with the man that is spirituality always goes down. People who are

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extreme by nature, either they go to 100, or they go to minus 100, not zero minus 100. You know, those who go to the two extremes, this is their nature, that's how they are personal. their personality is like that, that's affect them a lot and make their drop quickly. Also, when someone raised not to carry responsibility, we say it in Arabic When the shots is taffy

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Kenny man jameelah It's a beautiful word Arabic taffet a person who has no values in life, a person cannot carry in responsibility. You know, and another word we say to English, a loser. You know, just he lives like that. He lives with no values in life add no value in life. It's like that zero when you put it before the number. I had no values.

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I'm sure there's mathematic people's will come up to the hotel tell me no, it does. But you know, for my simple math, that what I know is zero only add values if it's after the number you know been up before the number but there's people like that zero before the number add no value life I have no responsibilities in life to care for those people who raised like this lift like this, these girls who live like that and grow up this way very hard for me to see them taking the responsibility of the dean seriously. The responsibility of the dean something the mountains and the heavens and the earth couldn't take it. It needed personality, a strong personality to for commitment. Also,

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sometimes when a person is

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immature, and that's closer to the previous point. They're very immature people. Those people tend to be finding very hard for them to grow their Eman and quickly can drop May Allah Subhana Allah protect all of us.

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According to Mostafa

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al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena, ba ba ba

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quick tips as a recommendation to ensure that our resting time will not turn too often the headless or forgetfulness, forgetfulness number one,

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in increase your increase your act of worship as much as you can, by first when we talk about ibadah sincerity. Always think about everything you do. I'm doing it for a lot. I'm doing it and Allah is watching me I'm doing that I know Allah is pleased with me. Keep this voice in your head all the time. Number two, make sure that you know much of Allah subhanaw taala. The more you learn about our last names and attributes, the more you are aware of him, mentioned him as much as you can mention his name. pray to Him. Say Suppan allowed him to allow an island Lola don't you might say how this will affect me. You will see it will change your life. If you became in the habit of always making

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your own making disappear. It's changed your life. Have you guys noticed, like your grandparents. You know, the older people like you if you ever catch them and remember them. One of the things that you have it as a common the old people that the old was making because they always have had a lot I had a lot of luck all the time on aunties and uncles and you know, older people

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You see martial law be committed to their Deen and they are religious people because the vicar is very powerful to to increase your Eman. Care for learning Quran for reading the Sierra of the prophets are seldom the Sierra the life of the companions.

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Care for the masjid.

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Pray in the masjid as much as you can be in the jamara care for the thing that it will soften your heart, bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala hold yourself accountable. before you go to sleep. Ask yourself, review your day, repent to Allah subhana wa tada be in the company of good Muslims, good people Muslim or even non Muslims, but they're good people, people have values. You know what? Always take deal with yourself once by a total him and once by utterly, utterly is by giving yourself no good hope that ahaadeeth let's talk about Allah's mercy forgiveness rewards, but in the same times, look at the other side that had even the verses talked about fear fearing a loss, a loss

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punishment a severe a loss of $100 get angry at the word and the people who Allah will curse those who disobey Him. So think about the both side so you build a balance in your mind and in your heart. Remember that this things to keep yourself growing, need a struggle.

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When Idina jahad rufina then the unknown sabudana those who struggle for my sake, a lost promise that he will guide them. May Allah subhanaw taala to guide all of us protect our Eman protect our good deeds, bless it may Allah Subhana Allah forgive our sins or shortcoming except our deeds in Ramadan and outside Ramadan Allah home amin

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allama for no harm no as you know, I could have userland al Hamra he mean, Robin attina for dunya hudsonalpha hasakah nada not a llama for Linda Diwali, Dena. allama Villanova Deena. muslimeen meaning Allah here minimum 18 Aloma and Dennis Erica and Tara and Islam Jada gelato de Caro. Come along for the flick ohmmeter Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam frequently McCann Allahu Allahu Allahu

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Allah May Allah Bannerman Aradhana are either Muslim you know Islam or be super shallow bFc

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so Allah here Gerardo Ekrem

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yada yada you equina homie Masha de la la mina famous de Janeiro a few opening a how they added Yolanda Crump Elena Elena Elena sharara yamawaki mean, la mina circle who doubt our alpha Paulina, Sunny la masala mana and Amina Mohammed ii wasabia Salim Kumar Satya homcom Allah

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Allah Allah

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