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As we learn in ministry Tony rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sherlockian was sitting seated Mohammed not only he or SOFIA Jemaine, my beloved brothers and sisters Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah, the 21st night of Ramadan, and as you know, the odd nights of the last 10 Nights, 2123 2527 and 29, high, high probability that any one of them could be laid out from other that night that if you capture this night in ibadah, it is greater than 1000 months of good deeds. And it's the night with a decree for the year we've made, who will live who will die will be sick, who will be healthy will be the risk all of that will be decided in this night, the night of lung cancer, it is the night when the angels and God will come down to the dunya to greet the believers as they are in worship. And they said there is peace until Fudger meaning we is an amnesty whoever

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wants forgiveness. Tonight is the night we all that forgiveness will be given this night or whenever is later to other and so people asked what is the best I can do on legible other the best thing the best thing one can do on a little corner is to spend the night in Salah to spend as much of the night is 12 hours. How much of the night can you spend in Sadhak we heard certain wisdom. Allah says Call me Leila. Illa kalila Stan the whole night except for little if you can, if you can't in half if you can't, in a third as much as you can in the night in Salah. And for the sisters who are not able to perform Salah Don't worry as we said Allah will give you the reward so long as you remain up

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you stay awake and you spend that time in Ibadah indica in reciting Quran making dua it will be counted for you in sha Allah question what type of Salah and someone asked what's the difference between the Hajj tarraleah Kia Malay this adultos B and what is the best one of them quickly? Kia Mala L means the Salah by night so any Salah at night is Kia Mala, any Salah basically after Isha is deemed to Mala and so Tarawa is part of Kia Mala tahajjud is a very special type of Salah. Very special pmla Because it's done at the holiest time of the night. So the time of the night, the last third. So about let's say from HuffPost to from three o'clock until budget that last third of the

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night is the holiest part of the night. Why? Because number one, it's the most difficult time to get up. And it is also the time when Allah subhanaw taala descends in his in a manner which he fits his majesty, when he comes and he looks who's making pm Allah in the Quran, Allah says the Quran or Fajr does the dissertation before Fajr is my shrewd is a witness is something which will testify for you. And it is one of the acts of the pious people to make tagit and so the last third of the night, so I say from three o'clock until so hold, if you're able to spend an hour, half an hour, 10 minutes, whatever it is, that is the golden hour of the night. And so the Hadoop is you stand up, you perform

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salah, recite what you know of the Quran, you hold the Quran if you need to, and then make dua in your Sajida make long do ask Allah for whatever it is, as Allah says, He comes down and he asks, Who is it that once is defined, so I may forgive them? Who is asking me of my bounty, so they may give them the of my bounties of my risk? Now the question of serratus we're so lucky, this is a anomalous kind of Salah it is this very weak narration about it is a Salah with one stands for a cause and you recite

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Surah Fatiha and Surah and in the Roku, you make the purchase Subhan Allah hamdulillah Allahu Akbar 15 times and when you do 10 times in sujood and 10 times between the Sajida this as many of the scholars It is strange that we have no narration of the NABI Salam, if we're doing this, there is a weak Hadith had mentioned you should do it. However, let's not get into the tension, which you can do when you make your gadget or you make your salad too late. So not too late. You know, as I said this before tagit if you want to, then in your Sajida when you make Subhan Allah will Allah subhana wa vilardi You can add Subhan Allah hamdulillah Illa Allah you can spend and settle hamdulillah Hara

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Bella, thank Allah for all the Mercy has given you, that's all fine inshallah. And so this is fine. And the best thing to do, as some did in this time was he made salah, recited Quran and he made dua, and that is the base base possible thing about Allah except from us. Last point on that, remember that these are some of them and if we need an incentive, and our resources, whatever captures little other in Salah while you're making Salah, the angels descend and you are sincere, all your sins are forgiven. We think about the scales of piano. We think of all that sins on the tonight just the five minutes Allah there is sincere, one tear and all those sins can be forgiven Subhanallah these other

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opportunities from Allah accept and grant us I mean, we continue with the AMA and we remember the events so far we had the standing before the event of Qiyamah where the people were in, in a crisis frantic and in their business Allah made his decision at the McCollum Muhammad and he asked Allah to make easy for the people as the sun was placed upon the heads and then Allah subhanaw taala began the events of karma the angels came and the Throne of Allah was could be and the people were able to drink from the pond the well of gonna be so solemn, how wonderful it is.

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Gonna be someone who's going to make sure that he's Alma has something to drink on the day of piano and then that's where we'll meet him spine Allah then I'd be Salam said that he is excited to meet his brothers. And we sit in the Sahaba said, are we not your brothers? That we said no, you are my Sahaba My brothers are those who believe in me but they haven't seen me and I will meet them basically at the house. That's the first time we'll get to meet the Nabil Salam, and we will be his Alma This is his Alma, when we said the judgment will begin and everybody will be lined up and facing Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada. And it's important to mention here, the

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believers will see Allah not in the there will be a lot will be it will not be the true seeing of Allah but they will see Allah will the direction of Allah subhanho wa taala. And it will be a sign of goodness to those who could see the light of Allah subhanaw taala and those who are not able to see, right they will know that this is Allah has prevented them from seeing him in on piano. And then everyone who said will stand in silence waiting for the records to be given. And once the records are given, then it's the debate the questioning, and Allah subhanaw taala will look and inspect our deeds, we'll have one on one discussions with Allah subhanaw taala if it is easy in sha

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Allah, then the person is successful. If it's detailed and public, then this is a bad sign. When that is done, when Allah will bring them is on the scale and the deeds will be weighed and everybody will be waiting to see which side the scale will go. The person who has shirk will have no scale, no goodness on his scale, and he will be the one to completely anyone with any active sheet. How does he's finished he's ruined. And as for those who did not have shake, now it must be seen good deeds, bad deeds, where do you go, if your good deeds are heavy on the one side and hamdulillah you'll go straight to Jannah if your deeds are not sufficient, or you have lots of sin, then there might be a

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penalty and you might have to Allah protect a punishment may be afflicted and that person on the on piano there are certain events or certain questioning and we don't know where this happens. Allah Subhan says in the Quran, he will call the Gambia and he will question them about the people in particular.

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Yeah de Billa ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will say to Debbie Isa, Allah will say to me east on the Day of Judgment, oh, Asa that'd be some correctly or ISA, son of Mary did you? Do you tell the people to take yourself and your mother as either as gods besides Allah? Did you tell the people to worship you? I was gonna ask you to be Issa. And you will be questioned about this. You tell them to worship you. And then the ISA will say Subhana glory be to you you are how could I say something which is not befitting me, I have no right to say that. If I had said such a thing, then you would certainly have known it. You know what is inside of me, you know my innermost secrets. But I do not know what

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is inside of you. Yo you Allah indeed you alone are the knower of all scenes on a visa say I had nothing to do with the shield that these people are doing, please Yet Allah I have nothing to do with him. Then Allah will ask the angels allow us away according to hula, el concurrent kind of a boon Allah is gonna say to the angels, He will gather them, all of them and He will say to the angels did the people used to worship you? Gibreel mica Did you were you a partner with me in the day of piano and the angels was called who Subhana Allah Exalted are you Allah and Wu now you are our You are our Protector, we submit to you mean Dooney him we have nothing to do with him yet Allah

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balcanica Yagoona Jin rather Allah they worship the gem Don't look at us, Allah is the gene that they will accept whom we may know and they believed in the gene, then Allah will bring you believe Subhan Allah and the is a footpath, a sermon he believes is going to address the people. So now imagine the scene and this is perhaps at the end of the questioning. And Allah The people who are ruined will stand on one side waiting for judgment and the people who are successful are standing on one side, and then the police will be brought forward.

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We'll call the shape on who and Allah says that shaitan will say llama could yell Amber when the matter is finished meaning when judgment is over those who have been ruined or when those were successful, six successful in Allah and He will say to the people in the LA widecombe wallhack, Allah promised you a truth, truthful promise, whatever Allah said was true, while others will work to work to confirm for love to come, but I promised you a false promise. And I do promise you but I betrayed you. Why am I currently I recommend some fun and I had no power over you. I could not compel you to do anything in that handout to come first attempt to flee. I only call you and you

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obeyed what I said, I just invited you to listen. And you did Fernanda pneumoniae, so none of you should blame me today. He believes he's gonna say to everybody, don't blame me. Lumo and full circle blame yourselves, Ma. Ma and Abby Mussolini come unto me mystery. I cannot help you today. And you can't help me today.

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In Nikka fall to be ma Schrock to moon mean cabal and I make Cooper of you I reject all of you for the sheriff that you made with me as a partner with Allah Willie, there is a painful torment for the wrongdoer. So he believes will add salt to the wounds the believer and said this all up on you don't blame me. Don't look at me. And then Subhanallah this will be the end of Iblees and the people of Jana question what happens to those who never heard about Islam? As we see. The one thing I was going to ask what did you worship? So there are people who maybe lived in the in the jungles and they never heard about Islam but never had an ABI. Allah subhanaw taala says that he does not he

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does not have

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punish people until Hector Nevada rasool Allah, He does not hold people account until he seen them and not everybody heard about in Abbey or received one. And so what is going to happen to them on the Day of karma, they will see what's going on on piano. Then Allah will say to these people, you did not have an OB that was sent to you today. Do you acknowledge that I'm the Lord. I'm the lord of piano. They're gonna say yes, you are the Lord. Allah will ask you obey me. They'll say yes. So that Allah is gonna say, I'm gonna test you go to jahannam obey me. And for those who obey will find it Jana, and those who disobey will find it Jahannam but it's inshallah let's hope that all these

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people will obey Allah and all of those who did not hear in sha Allah Insha Allah, they will enter Jana. So now what happens and it's a long Hadith and it's a very complex Hadith, we're going to talk about Inshallah, about what happens. So Nabil Salam, and we're going to backtrack a bit, the Sahaba Astana was salam, ala Rasulillah. Will we see Allah on the day of Kiana? And so then I will say to them, Do you have any difficulty in seeing the sun and the moon when the sky is clear, a full moon or the wind clear? Do you have any difficulty in seeing it? So they said no. So whenever he says, You will also have no difficulty in seeing Allah on the day of on Qiyamah. As you have no difficulty

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seeing the sun, the moon in a very clear day or the sun in a clear day, the profits of something continued, he said, somebody will then announce, Let every nation this is the pot, once the judgment is done, and people are standing. Now there'll be in groups, and the angels will announce that every one every group follow that that which they used to worship, all the gods, so the idols will be brought, the stones will be brought the comets, the grades, all those things will be brought, and Allah and of course, not even like maybe ESA has been worshipped, he's not going to be with them, but the objects that they worshipped. Now, this has nothing to do with they should. So then the

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companions of the cross will go to the cross and the isolators will then go to the idols and the companions of every false god, they will stand with the false gods. So Vinny means those who used to worship Allah, I mean, these groups will one by one be cost in Jannah. All the people of ship will be taken and cost into Jannah. We'll talk about it in a minute. So now on Kiama people are being removed based on what they used to worship. And the only people that's left of course, the people who didn't come and check both the good ones and the bad ones, the believers, both good and bad will be standing, and also the people of the book. And so Allah will ask the people in the book, the old

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What did you worship? They will say we worship Xavier, the son of Allah, Allah said I had no son. So go to jahannam. And then Allah will ask then Asara, who did you worship? They will say, we worship Jesus, the son, your son, yeah, Allah, Allah will say, I had no sun you will live and they will also be dispatched, then they will only be the Muslims. And Allah will ask them, Why are you still standing here? What are you doing? And they said, We are waiting for our Lord. So we're going to take this now two journeys, they are those who are costing jahannam. And they are those who remain so let's talk about those who were dispatched to jahannam. And Allah speaks about this moment as

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Pamela protect us from this. Anyone who is in this group will never ever leave Jana because this is the group of Sheikh and Allah speaks about them for a moment Aquila, xenophobia Isha Dynaudio Imam and ha Fatma Xena who then as for the one whose scale is ruined, and it's light, yo they will they will be, they will be seized and they will be costing Jana. You will know us how buena finale Allah will do him they will be chained up and dragged on the faces in Jana boo Kuma soccer tasty to me of a soccer AlLadhina camdeboo believe Bill Kitabi when we made our seminary hero sooner for Sophia Allah moon, either Allah says when they are shackled and will be around the necks of Allah either of

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Aladdin, Fiat anarchy him. So now, you know in the court when the person is found guilty, the judge will arrest him. So now I was gonna say seize them, they will be grabbed and they will be put chains, they will cry. They have all left us all our partners and those who commit the chips are gone. In fact, we did not and then they'll say but we didn't do anything wrong. We didn't worship anyone besides Allah. This is how and then Allah says this is how we will leave the disbelievers basically in the Great Valley can be making some tough, tough Rehana Phil out of the radio Huck will be sitting this is your punishment is because of your pride and your arrogance in the land American

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tune to maroon and what you acted hopefully is the Hulu awaba Jahannam when the into the gates of Jahannam holiday Nafisa forever a bit summer when would that have been? Well Linda Lena Kapha Ruby Robbie him either Bucha Hana cinema See, now this has been an instructor Barak Allah says that as for the people of Jahannam Oh as for the kuffaar those who come into church will go to jahannam Allah mentions this moment either goofy ha when they are thrown into Jahannam Samiullah Hersha he can we're here to food. They will hear Johanna inhaling them Jana is alive. It will they will year Jahannam swallowing them up as they all cost into it while water food and it will erupt it will boil

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over each time a group is thrown in Johanna will kind of swallow them and there will be a huge burst of fire that comes up that can alter my use of mental health. It almost burst with rage. couldn t fo Jun Salah Salem every time a group is thrown into it. The angels of Jahannam will say and I'm here to community like what are you doing? Did someone not come to you and told you about this day about Jahannam or

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Lu Bella Khadija and Ana de insidious he was people on big come to us, because Lebanon but we we disbelieved Hakuna and we said, Man as Allahu minchie that Allah didn't send anything in unto Mila Fetullah Dinka you Ambia. You're all crazy. We're called hullo Pune. Now they said if only Karuna smart if only we just listened, oh Knakal or thought just a little bit mark when he has homicide, we would not yet be here in Jana Tatara, forbidden by him. And then they will acknowledge they will now realize what they had done for us homicide. So Allah Swanson, so away, let them be in Jannah. And enough with them to Allah protect us from the Subhan Allah. This is the complete removal of the

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people of Ghana. And as we said, this group of people have the machine into Jahannam through its gates, and whatever it is through its gates, it's understood they will not exit from it because they go to a special they go to the extreme punishment of Janam. Now we get back to the stance of Tiana. Remember all Allah says those who worship others besides me, follow your false gods to join them and they will go now the people who did not come cheap will remain and they will stand the and Allah will ask them why are you still standing here? What are you people waiting for? And they will say, oui, oui. Why don't you go with these people? So they will say yeah, Allah, we were not part of

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them. We only worship our Lord and on the day and we have we are still waiting for Allah to come, we have to follow you said we must follow the ones we worshipped. And so we are waiting for our Lord to come. Now, again, we don't understand these hadith is a man of beyond our understanding. Allah says you will then present himself in a form which is different to the one that they will see now that light in the sky, and then

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Allah will see I am your Lord. So worship me. And the people say you are not our Lord, we will not bow to anyone other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And so the MBL will start talking to this shape. And Allah will ask them is there anything to convince you that I am Allah? So then they will say the shin now what is this? In the Quran? Allah says in surah Kalam, Yo Ma you Keisha for answer on the day when the shin and these are literal meaning and metaphorical meaning so the literal meaning Yo my Yaksha for answers on that day, the shin of Allah will be will be shown Allah will show a unveil his shin while you the Oneida sujood. And you will come on the people to make sure June for Allah

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yesterday and in this video, we will not be able to make sure that what is your preference, some have said it is literally Allah will show his shin to the people of piano and then they will bow down. Another meeting in Arabic Bucha for insert is the matter will be made clear on that day when it will be clear who the Lord is. So Allah will remove any ambiguity. When he does that, then it will be clear this is Allah and so all the people of Eman will bow the good ones and the bad ones. The monastics will also be there. And then those who are not true believers will not be able to make the sujood and this is where they will get stuck. And so now it is clear who are believers and not

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true believers. So now Allah subhanaw taala will place for the believers, one of the last hurdles, the second last hurdle basically which is the Spirit then so someone was asked, what is where is Kiana? So then Elisa says Qiyamah is on a place just outside of Jannah. And to reach Jana, you must cross the spirit you must cross the bridge. It is a bridge that is slippery, and in which they are hooks and clamps and thorns that is wide. It's as narrow as a hey, and a sharp as a sword, and it has hooks that will pull you down into jahannam. Some people will cross over the syrup like lightning, and some will be like the wind and some will be like birds and some will be like horses

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and others would would jump and some would walk and some would stumble, some would crawl over it and some would collapse and fall down the last one being dragged over the Syrah. And so also in the Quran, it's mentioned that when the crossing happens, all the light will disappear, it will be completely pitch black, there will be no light at all, and you must cross the spirit in darkness. And so then Allah subhanaw taala as you mentioned in the Quran, Allah will give the believers a type of a lamp depending on the depending on the goodness Allah says yeah, you will have the nomina to it Allah He told within the Suha Allah says, oh you believe make Toba make sincere Toba to Allah as you

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can fit and come see it come in sha Allah Allah says perhaps I mean, wherever he says perhaps he means he will he will forgive your sins while you defeated Jana and you will enter you into gardens to God mentality and her yo Mala because Allah who never yeah well Latina and Omar on that day Allah will not humiliate the Gambia and they follow us no room Yes Avena ad him they will be given a lamp in front of them will be a Imani him and on the right yeah cool Luna they'll say Robin at midnight and Purana Oh Allah increase our light wellfield in the Corolla coalition COVID. So the believers will be given a lamp and they will have to cross this very narrow bridge which is placed over Jana.

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Allah says in the Quran, everybody must pass by Johanna. So for the believer, this is the closest he will get to Janome you must cross over it with this tiny lamp. And for some people it will be bright. For others the lamp will go on and off and flicker and the responses will end up for this. He will be the first one to cross the era of everybody. He will be the first and the Sahaba

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Cydia rasool Allah, where will you be on the day of Kiana? So he said, look for me in three places. Look for me at the Surat because once he crosses over, he will not stop he will then stand and you will like encourage his ummah come over and you will make dua Allahumma Selim, Selim, you will say my Alma camp, you will encourage the people over so he said finally at the Sierra, if you don't find me This is to announce that I will be at the Musa and I'll be at the scale. Why is he at the scale because when the scale is being weighed, he is making a decision Shiva, Shiva Ya Allah, let the scale be heavy forgive this man. Take away thy sins. And then he says if you don't find me there,

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you will find me the whole way I'm giving up the water. So the whole day of the AMA, than at least one objective is his ummah, his ummah. And so we will wait and two for him to cross the first one. He's the first to cross the spirit of all of humanity, and then his Alma will follow. We continue tomorrow in sha Allah, may Allah grant us to cross the spirit with ease. I mean, I mean, what hamdulillah just a announcement, so not too late, inshallah we'll be at 10 o'clock to have postin ateara cars. And also for those who would like to participate in our Mahajan. We know that people are hungry so if you can on this day of Eid sponsor, Potter food you and your family, Inshallah,

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what a great charity to be. And then our quiz quickly.

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What will be the heaviest thing on the scale of the FK AMA? We said good deeds your good character will be the heaviest thing on the day of piano. And then how long are the chains that will tie up the machine and Johanna within the if we didn't speak about it? Allah Subhana Allah says that they were a madman hopanoids Those who scale are heavy that they will be chained up on chains. Saba the seven cubits seven arms length basically, that's the answer in Java in Java is the answer okay with you all right.

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QUESTION The price is to issue a doctorate

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here Sasha is hungry Allah and then

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you see Williams mashallah you see that the scale let me Zan

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means that our visa grant us deeds that are heavy on the scale. I mean, I mean, just like all of it, well, the bisquit get keep us in your doors and Allah grant you a Blissett letter to the army.

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