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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa rahmatullah wa Juana Illa. Allah alameen wa Chateau La ilaha illa Allah. Allahu Allah wa Lena will have here in a shadow Mohammedan Abu hora solo Bulava risala Amana one na Sahil oma wotja Daffy sabbioni la haka jihadi katakana Allah Maha GTL bio leeloo Hakuna hurry. Se one Illa Holic for salatu wa salam O Allah early he was a big marine. You hola de mano de la casa Casa de La La Tomatina Illa one two Muslim on yeah you Hannah so taco Raja kumala de haka communist in wahida wahala caminhadas o jaha Baba salmon humare Giada and Kathy Irwin Isa, what tabula rasa? aluna he will or harm in Allah con la cumbre Kiba

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Latina Manu Taka la kulu Colin sadita useless la Kuma Kuma fear la COVID overcome. What might you Tara la hora Sula, who fukada faza fosun ottima

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Khadija kita Bula tada

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Hooda huduma hamedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon ohmori masa to Hakuna Matata 13 bidda wakulla de tiempo de la que la de la Latina, my brothers, my sisters in Islam.

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Today the Muslim Ummah is in tremendous strife 10 out of 57 Muslim countries are in some sort of war, either some sort of external war, or some sort of civil war or some sort of other strife 10 out of 57 Muslim countries, and all the other countries of the world are now ganging up on Islam and Muslim in seven of the Muslim countries being banned by America. And this is a ploy in order to divide the rest of the Muslim countries, you don't ban all of them together, you ban a few so that they divide and then they divide and then they divide and then they eat each other up. And then after that, you go for the rest. And this is what is being enacted right in front of us. That is the

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Hitler strategy, the method really and way in order to divide up the Muslim Ummah, at times like this, it befalls upon every believer to one to be strong. At times like this, it is important for every believer to be as strong as they can be, in whatever you do, whether it be in academics, whether it been studies, whether it be in business, that you be the strongest you can be so that no one bullies Muslims around, you always bully the one who was weak, you always take on the guy who looks weak, the one who has been the one who has no family of support, that's the kid that you bully in the playground. And that is why today we are being bullied by people who are stronger better than

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us. So my brothers and sisters Islam, I want to ask you, how do we become the strongest of all? What is the strategy for believers to become the strongest human beings in this dunya strongest in anything that we do? Tell me one thing that we can do to become the strongest of all, and there is no other advice except to have pure talk call on the one who is the strongest of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala He who has Allah has everything he will who does not have Allah has nothing. If you have the dunya and you have every sort of means in this dunya then you have nothing because the dunya is weak, but if you have Allah, then you have the strongest being on your team and you will eventually

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when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, whenever a masiva befalls you, if you put your mercy but upon mankind to solve it for you, then you will surely lose and if you put your mercy but upon Allah and how you lead the law, you're the one who is ever living the one who will never die, that it is only a matter of time before Allah subhanho wa Taala brings this health down.

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Meaning right now or just a little bit later, and he will bring it down and he will help. So Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered all his MBR those of his best friends. He ordered the mini and he ordered the solder to all of them to be truthful in

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deathstalker Allah subhanho wa Taala and tawakkol is not the quality of a weak human being tawakkol is not the quality of a person who doesn't know what to do the work is the bed and breakfast it is the building blocks of every believer. Yaqoob Nakayama Rahim Allah have of Islam is tawakkol on Allah 50% of the deen is relying on Allah azza wa jal. Why is it because Islam tells you to do things which are unbelievable. Islam told the Sahaba to go and fight Persia, Islam told the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to sprint to send letters of Islam to the leaders of this world Islam tall Rasulullah Selim to go out and to call the Quraysh who were the Jabarin on this earth who were

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in power and and in an in seeds of authority on this earth. Allah subhanho wa Taala always tells the believers to take on a bigger challenge and they can face then their preparations are 318 Muslim soldiers taking on 1000 army of the kurush 3000 Muslim soldiers taking on 250,000 of the Romans 130,000 Muslim soldiers taking on the greatest army the world has ever seen. The Persian army all of this because this is what Islam demands that you take on a challenge larger than you can bear and the only way you can win is to have our Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala yaku Raven Tamia Rahim Allah, He said Mansour Rahu, acuna, Aquinas, whoever wants to be the strongest of people fully yet he led

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Elijah mood and let him put tawakkol on a lot the one who is ever living will never die. And this is the essence of strength, the essence of a believer strength is that not because he has wealth and strength and power and ability, the fact that he has on his side, his connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who is Able to do all things I will color the mud Rolla, Korea

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Russia, God, you she has the Lucha de moda Amata Huma Huma Thurmond, Suma basa, kala Kamla, this call and a bit to Yeoman Oba yom or take the example of Hosea on his donkey as he passed by the, by the, by the by the city of Palestine, when it was in ruins, and he looked at people were dead, and the whole place was in ruins. And he said, how will Allah give it life after its death? So he caused Rosa to die for 100 years, then he gave him life back again. And then Allah said to him, How long were you dead, he said, half a day or a day. He said, rather you are dead for 100 years. Look at your food, the food that is destroyed within half a day is still there not to be touched at all.

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Look at how Allah can preserve that which perishes, but look at your donkey that dies in 40 years or 30 years it had perished within a week in front of your eyes. But look at how Allah saw just gives life back to the death in front of his eyes. The donkey started to pray again. The meat came back the flow the flesh came back, the fork came back, the bones came back and alive donkey started to pray again when he saw that What did he say? He said, Ah, now I know. Allah, Allah could leave da da da. Allah is Able to do all things. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What what?

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Isla de la jolla mood worker Billa he will Kyla and enough is Allah as a working for you. And then some wha hoo because in APA is not enough for his slave. is Allah enough, not enough for his slave and this is why you're called a chef.

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When you see people leaving you and people deserting you know that this is Allah telling you that Allah is enough for you. Allah is enough for you Don't you even worry about anyone being on your side, no one's supporting you. No one giving you money, no one helping you Allah is enough for you. So to work on Allah subhanho wa Taala is the greatest quality of any believer who wants to be strong. And it is for this reason why less than what Allah made the Sahaba go and do unbelievable things. Because they knew on this side playing on this side was the greatest being of all that is Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is why my brothers and sisters Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala helps

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with his help those people who are solid and truthful in the token Allah, but at the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala has a secret. And that secret is he wishes to be hidden. He does not want to be seen in this world. And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala always hides his actions with sub with a reason or a cause. And it is for this reason why the people who lack Eman they think that the sub

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means are actually what brings the results they thinks their knowledge. They think it's these things that actually bring, bring, bring forth the results. The reality is it is nothing will lie. I'm a medical doctor, I'm a consultant in the emergency department I just put the wounds together. Allah is the one who heals it. I put a little bit of antibiotic into their body. It is Allah who cures. It is Allah who kills the bug. I am telling you after 15 years of working in the ad, I am telling you by Allah, we do nothing. We simply give a small tap on the shoulder and Allah fixes and unlock yours. So Pamela is loved by Nigel Nigel the other day, my brothers and sister Islam, we saw massive

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masiva in one of the emergency departments, a patient who had 17 times I had to shock his heart. I knew I'd fried his heart. I had fried his heart with the number of modern electricity shops I had to give him to keep him alive. And then the next thing I know three days later, he walks into the emergency department out of the hospital because he was cured. I knew we could do nothing to save him but Allah saved my brothers and sisters, Islam. Whatever we do is weak. Our knowledge, our wealth, our setup, our taking or tying the camel is weak. What a beggar or a robber at the depths of the night can come and come and untie the camel, or the wind could blow and then somebody could

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untie the camel. Couldn't the camel move and then untie its own rope? Of course it can. But tying the camel is a weak suburb. And that's the whole point about all of the deeds that we do. They are weak, they're weak 318 soldiers against 1000 weak 3000 against 250. Weak, weak weak, but but we are ordered to do the weak. We are ordered to do the week because Allah wishes to hide himself in this dunya and he wishes to test us otherwise he would do it for us and there would be no test. It is for this reason why Allah subhana wa Taala told you valleys of Salaam when he complained about him being in sickness. What did he say to you? And what is not that you remember when you called out to Allah

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in Nima, Sania shaitan will be other. Verily shaitan has touched me with both with hardship and harm on my body and other than punishment. Are you a prophet of God, as some scholars said he had 15 kids that died in the same day, same day breakfast the sun further, the roof fell down on them and they all died at that same night. That same night a fire came from the sky and destroyed all his crops. And he had leprosy that started on his body a huge Elisa for Salah was afflicted by people people said, you get some sin that's what Allah has given him other than punishment. So for years a you was thrown out of the city. He lived in a cave, all of this until he made that door. He said Oh Allah I

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had been touched by Siobhan. I had been touched by shaitaan with hardship on my body or Allah. So what did Allah say Allah says, or could be rigid leka had moved with us alone. Shari buma Bara maka salon burrito Shara, what does Allah say? Allah said with your legs hit on the ground. Now imagine a man with leprosy. Imagine a man who is afflicted with sickness. Imagine a man who is lying on the ground, not even standing. Then Allah says to hit the ground with your leg. Would that be enough to break the ground? Would that be enough to crack the ground and cause water to come out? No. But this is what Allah told him to do. Hit with your grub with your leg on the ground, a spring will burst

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forth from which you will be washed and you will then drink from. So this is the essence This is the essence of our code is all about do the small weak sub and Allah will do the rest for you. And it is for this reason why Maria was told the same thing. Maria, a virgin girl not been touched by a man never experienced pleasure with a man. She is now pregnant with a baby in her tummy and a baby is about to come out from a pregnant womb she has never ever felt the pain of this in the pangs of childbirth. What does Allah say to her? Allah tells her what was the lie big enough collected to serve to paliku to ban Jenny? For Cooney, wasabi? whakaari iryna What did Allah tell Maria, Allah

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told Maria and grab the bark of the tree and was the now Tell me please, a pregnant woman, a pregnant woman in the throngs of her delivery? How much strength does she have to move the bark of a tree? How much strength does she have nothing. But Allah still told her grab the bark of a tree and move it. Shake it as much as you can and that the dates will fall down upon you and you eat that date and so sugar at the times of pain and

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Suffering acts as a depressant of your pain. And that is what Allah told her. Never, ever think that you are going to get a less help without suberb never, ever think you're gonna get a less help without sababa even if you're weak, even if you're weak, even if you're sick, even if you don't have the means, do it, do it and the rest is up to Allah and this is the essence of the workbook. The essence of the workbook is preparation. Why do the who must not have to prepare for them whatever you can muster back to whatever you can rest is upon Allah and how you lead

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akula kolyada was stopped for la haleiwa Kumari, sila Muslim Colombian for stock through

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hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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my brothers, my sisters in Islam, the essence of our goal is

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to demand Allah Allah subhana wa Taala will go for it in us, as your journey says in his book, he says at the workload is to be truthful in your reliance on Allah, and to do complete lack of reliance in what is in the hands of mankind. This is why someone who is who has the terracotta Allah has no tawakkol on what's in his pocket. He doesn't care he has money in his pocket or he doesn't have money in his pocket. It is for this reason why the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam took on took on the greatest armies of the world whilst having nothing in preparation for them. Can you imagine going to fight the Roman army in the Battle of tabuk? With what did he have? Nothing. He had

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to go to people and beg them for money and ask them for wealth at that time. And this is how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam went out to fight the Roman army Can you imagine that? Sit at mother Allah azza wa jal and this belief in what is in the hands of people, and this is why how do you know you have to work well how do you know you have to work? Well, number one, number one is that you do things beyond your means. Meaning not that you buy a car beyond your means. No, that's not what I mean. What I mean is you do things for Allah, and you do projects that are beyond your means. Okay, you have $5,000 in your account right now, but you say inshallah I'm gonna do the

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mustard mustard is $5 million. This is the hetal at the mud Allah workqueue from the mafia Idina, do you understand is that your goals are larger than what you have prepared for your goals for the man helping Allah is larger than what you are able to do. Because that is when the hearts attached to Allah and that is when you say to a lower life you love it you fund it I am the lucky you are the ronnie you found it to Allah I'm just the means through which it will happen. But robina You are the ones who will make it happen. So are you the one who always says case case case when the chef said let's do this what do you say? case your chef man gonna lose mine then I say

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well, why this is the weakest person this person should be locked in jail. If I was was running Australia, I would lock those people in jail beat them 100 lashes anyone who says Kate, the woman says Kate, Kate, what do you mean case? Kate is up to Allah. Don't you know you leave the house to allow upon us but you have the strongest connection you are on your team is the one who has everything. Think all got together on a plane and ask them love everything that a heart's desire. This would not take away from my last Dominion except as a needle dipped into an ocean. And this is why the ones who stopped projects, the ones who don't do things depending on k, k, k, k, those

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people should be put in a cave. Because you know what, these people have no understanding of how Islam works or how Allah subhanho wa Taala and his miracles work. His miracle works with those people who truly trust them and do things bigger than what they can do because they know on their side is Allah subhanho wa Taala number one sign of our code is that you focus on things for Allah azza wa jal that are bigger than sometimes your own preparation is for and by Allah. I've always done it. I'm looking to build one of the first Islamic universities for mercy mission in Malaysia. I have only $6,000 in my pocket, but I'm gonna build that university one day Show. I'm looking to

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build a hospital for mercy mission, but I actually have only less than $3,000 in my pocket. How the hell is this guy mad? Yes, this is what the call is. It's a little bit of madness. It's a little bit of madness, but it's not madness is the cure to madness. The cure to madness is to know who is on your side. If you have a little

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Are you doing a for Allah and you want a lot to accept that Allah will make it happen? By Allah This is the way things work in in reality, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes things work. When you are not prepared, you don't have the case of ma has every means. So Subhana Allah, number one is that you focus on something bigger. Number two, when people leave you, when people abandon you, you are even more happy than when they're with you. When people abandon you, and people don't support you, and they don't give you you are even more happy than when people do because when people support you, you get this feeling Oh my god, am I depending on alarm depending on people, it was reported that our

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mother, our mother will be allowed to live in the Battle of policy, which was a battle between Muslims and the army. In the Battle of policia armor radhiya louder and who replaced college elite replaced Khalid, the elite as the leader and he put siding up workers why when the people said Why are you doing that because people were beginning to rely on harlot rather than on Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at this man. Look at this man who understood that Allah is the one who should be relied on not anything else at all. And it is for this intentionally that he replaced Amr with Saudi who Casa de la Sol and was the leader over the greatest battle that will be fought after the Battle of

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better will la hotel and my brothers and sisters Islam. state of our country is known by the fact that you trust a lot more than the money in your pocket. State the castella is known by the fact that you trust a lot more than the money in your own pocket. And because you don't trust the money in your own pocket, you're ready to give it away, you're ready to give it away because you know that the money in your pocket is not what's gonna buy you lunch. It's a law that's gonna buy you lunch. And so as a result when the Shaykh asks you, or when the project needs it, oh, and unless the needs and you're willing to give it away, because you know, it's Allah who will look after you. It's Allah

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wolfenden. That's why the prophets are seldom said in the authentic hadith. I don't wish that I have the mountain of offered in gold except that nightfall would come and have nothing left. Why? Because he has that much debacle that Allah will feed him Allah will look after him rather than the money in his own pocket. When your Muslims are we going to have this level of power. When we do we will be walking giants on this earth, Allah will change continents, Allah will move the land with our feet, we will walk wherever we walk, that stone will touch into gold will turn into a product for Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers and sisters in Islam, when we start having sympathovagal with Allah

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subhana wa Tada, that is the day when we will become giants and we will leave a legacy for this. But you don't have to look good. Then you're going to attach yourself to that which destroys itself you could even taymiyah Ramallah from the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala on this earth is that anyone who attaches himself to something gets the result of it. So anyone who attaches himself to the dunya, loves the dunya preserves the dunya works for the dunya then he his actions will be as long as the dunya exists. And if someone attaches himself to Allah, and puts his action to Allah and attaches his work to Allah, then his deeds will continue forever for as long as Allah will be and

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that is forever. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, it is high time that believers become strong. And for that to happen, put your trust in Allah subhana wa tada not on anything else and prepare and hit the Earth with your leg even if you are weak, and shake that tree even if you are not able to four that is how Allah has helped will come down because of your sins with Allah, your truthfulness with Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us have the strongest of people on this earth. Of those people who have the who have the greatest outcomes, who helped Islam the greatest because of our Sitkoff tawakkol on Allah subhana wa tada Allah Dena God Allah humaneness in Nana sakata Gemma Allah

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Kufa showhome, for whom imana Why did the man go up? When they saw the enemies congregating? Because they knew Allah was saying, I am on your side, let people go. And that is why when you start donating to Allah, when you start giving Islam, your time and your money, what happens first, the first thing that happens, you start getting poor, you start getting poor, you start getting poor, right? And that's why a man came to the Prophet seller and said you're Rasulullah casilla Are you sure? Are you sure are you sure many times you

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If you said yes, he said anyone who loves me truthfully then poverty will touch him faster than the wind. No, this is how love works. The scholars Islam, Allah says why does poverty or weakness touch the one who starts relying on Allah straightaway Why? Because this is a last way unless sooner you gotta understand how it works. First thing all that does is it clears off all of this of the systems around you. You have surrounded yourself with things that support you, your family, your jobs, your status, your power, your wealth and your money. Allah removes all of that, then when you are free of all sub all sort of sub then the help of a lot comes down like a whirlwind. And then you are

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supported then you know, nothing helped you but Allah, nothing could have helped you save you but Allah that is when your Eman goes up higher that is when you talk Google stronger that is when you go higher. And have you ever noticed that you can jump up higher whilst you don't bend your knees? If I'm standing here I want to jump up. How do I jump up, I bend my knees I have to crouch down I have to lower myself if I want to go up I have to go down and that is the whole point of preparing ourselves, prepare yourself you want to be the local you want to have it know that weakness will touch you first all the suburb will leave you then Allah help will come down and it will come down

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so strongly that it will leave you wondering and you will forget those days of pain and suffering because you will become the strongest people on this earth. So madam Are you Muslim on an American court and Karim Allah Jalla Jalla Lusaka smell in Allah Magna Carta saloon Elena de yeah you Allah Deena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a streamer Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Selim Allahu mccleery muslimeen our Muslim at mininova Minato amin humble and what Allah Herman so Deena wakita bakasana tena de Casa La La Elisa Lam Reba de la in the La Jolla San Juan del Cordoba, Juan hanifa Sugarman curry, who comme la la quinta Kuru Kuru

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Kuru kumala de como Akbar one La Jolla la Mata smell