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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Daew probability is being taught by Jesus and the book "verbal and unbelievably". A woman in love with a man named Ali Muhammad is concerned about their children being asleep. The importance of learning from past experiences and avoiding sh granular acts is emphasized. Emma was in love with a man named Ali Muhammad and was concerned about their safety. Shproofing children is a challenge, but learning from past experiences is crucial to improve behavior.
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Somebody's got to get

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smaller and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna and finally my alum Tina, was it not in money on camera? I mean, yes Kola surgeon, teachers would benefit us benefit as from what he taught us and increase us knowledge. Allah bless us all and protect us all. Tonight's DA is literally my favorite da and the whole Quran

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And subhanAllah we all know that the best

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the best that you could ever learn is from the Quran, because this is a dua that Allah azza wa jal is telling me how to ask him right.

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So it could not get any better than this. All the dualities in the Quran are the best ever.

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And after that comes the data from the authentic sunnah.

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Subhan Allah this dua

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the past,

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the present and the future

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everything is covered

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the past which includes my parents, my sins, the present Miamian my actions and the future which is my kids, and my descendants, everything is covered by a DA taught to us by Allah azza wa jal Allahu Akbar, what is the DA

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memorize two numbers

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4615 4646

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A cough I a number 15

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rugby Hussaini and Assura now I'm gonna take a look at an untimely why Allah wali they were an Solly

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totaled or, well, slightly Feasel Reethi in need to go to a lake. Were in need me and mostly me in LA. Yeah, Allah. Please, please. You have off this week, memorize this lot, please. It's amazing, amazing God.

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Y'all, Allah helped me. Thank you.

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Do we have enough

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blessings to thank Allah

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countless amounts of blessings, countless.

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Just think

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eating, the simple fact of eating.

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You're eating with your own hand. And the morsel of food is going into your mouth, and you are digesting it naturally. And it's coming out naturally. Every step I mentioned, there are people suffering in that every step right? That our people cannot eat by their own hand. They need somebody to feed them. And there's somebody like I want to answer a hospital and said, only food only by by tubes. Right? There's nothing to chew. And then there is the digestion and we all know that digestion part. And then there is the release part.

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Remember the story was very famous story a man 70 years old. He went to the hospital because he stopped urinating for three days. No urination for three days, and this is a disaster. So he went and the doctors did their job and Hamdulillah he was cured. And after he was cured, the son went to pay the bill. It was $9,000 So when he came back to with the doctor to see the Father, and the father knew it was $9,000 He started crying. So the doctor said, don't worry if you cannot afford it, we'll take care of it.

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So the father said, I'm not crying because of the amount. I'm crying because 70 years Allah did not charge me a penny

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and one time cost me $9,000 To go to the restroom.

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Subhanallah so the blessings we have are immense and sometimes we forget there are so many blessings that we forget about. When was the last time you thank Allah Hamdulillah I can blink.

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I mentioned to the brothers other day we went to visit a brother in the hospital he stopped blinking

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and the tears are falling and he cannot sleep And subhanAllah he stopped blinking.

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So the blessings are countless. So don't be zany and Assura now Metallica, Leti Ananda Allah, Ya Allah please help me. Thank you for all the blessings that you have blessed me with Anantha li wa Allah Well Ed, and your Allah I want to thank you for all the blessings that you have blessed my parents,

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Allah when no matter how

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Some people complain about the relationship with their parents, but one lie.

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The best blessings that we ever have in our life is that we were born to a Muslim parents.

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Because of your parents, you are sitting here today, because of your parents you are listening to this talk.

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The best gift that our parents gave us is the gift of Islam. And if you not believe me, ask a convert.

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Allah Hey, we are so blessed. So no matter

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what kind of relationship you have with your parents, make sure if Allah ordered me and ordered you to be good to the parents who are asking their children to make sujood to Istat you

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Allah and the Quran, he told us if they asked you to make a decision to make it to commit shirk, do not obey them was Sahib Hoonah be very kind to them. Who among us here, their parents are asking them to commit shirk. If that is the treatment for the person who's asking me to commit shirk, how would my treatment would be to a father and mother that are constantly asking me did you pray?

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Did you make your car did you make her do did you go to the masjid? Did you memorize your Quran did you Subhanallah

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be a Belzoni and ash coronet Metallica Letty Ananda LA, wa ala Wyrley de and now this is the best now the present one and then asylee Han tattled la ya Allah I beg you make it easy for me to do righteous deeds and not any righteous deeds. Because sometimes we think the deeds are righteous

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or you want to your Allah to please bless me with righteous deeds that are pleasing to you TourRadar I'm an unsightly hunter gatherer sometimes people think that going to the graveyard and walking around the graves and asking the dead is something I'm an Salia and they do it and they teach their generations to come No no no you're Allah I want you to teach me to help me perform I'm and saw the turbo pleasing to you.

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I don't know y'all Allah please help me all my Amell are pleasing to you. And an asylee hadn't thought of and listen to this yeah one. If you ask anyone here any father here what is your most concern? He will tell you my children. Allah He any sincere father will tell you that my main concern is my children

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were asleep li fi the reality here comes the children yeah Allah make not my children

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but Abner a the reality your Allah make my children grandchildren great grandchildren what a slightly make them solid in make them righteous ya Allah wa slowly feed Reethi all my descendants

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yeah Allah sometimes my sins come in the way between you answering my dua

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so that's why immediately after that comes in need to make your ally repent.

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I repent to you, Ya Allah are the ones my sins because sins are one of the main obstacles of answering that. I finished the DUA by saying Allah in the took to a lake. We're in the middle of Muslimeen I am wide. I am a person that will submit to you your Allah, I am a Muslim, and I am proud to be a Muslim, Allah Akbar. Everything covered everything. Please Please memorize this. Memorize it, say it in your schedule anytime anytime. It's hard to hide from the Quran. And by the way,

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how many of us here are over 40 plus us raise your hand I know you're over 40

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Allah specifically said specifically said this is the only age in the Quran mentioned or banking center is the only age age numbers are many numbers. But urbaine age or by insana is the only age mentioned the Quran and Allah said that when you become 40 say this.

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So your 40th birthday. Instead of celebrating the birthday, this is going to be the celebration reciting this baby a chef I'm 37 and a half Can I say that?

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Sure. Can I say it? Absolutely. Even if you are seven, you can say this. Because this is amazing. But at 40 specifically SubhanAllah. Most people at 40 They became mature. They already have their own families they have you know they have established themselves Allah subhanaw taala when you become fully had either beloved, should he became mature. Were Bella Arbaeen Sana call and

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He hit the 40 He said, may Allah subhanaw taala bless us, bless our parents and bless our descendants. May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words Leila Illallah Lama somebody Allah Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad, please come to measure tomorrow at 636 00 long

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one how you buy you home?

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Who seen a two

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level math is Emma was the woman to know, man.

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Lizzie ashba

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Who in in LA magazine ad him wanna follow fell home was

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born IV che him in he in love EMA she

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was the Argonne co host

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in 101 I am who have go home

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early you love me

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