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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of calming people during busy holiday seasons and advises listeners to pray for forgiveness and stay away from hot cars and distractions. The speaker gives a recap of the benefits of listening to the huddle and not drinking gum, emphasizing the need to prepare oneself for upcoming events and listen to the heartbeat. They also give advice on maximizing one's benefit from the gym and sharing knowledge with others.
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Number One

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confirming to the master prepare killing me to the master making psychologically prepare don't delay don't tell my own work so many times we have chance to come earlier that we just drag our feet we have choice to come in at the beauty salon in Davao the farther we get the consumer that's why in the salon himself as one of the first point in relation to attendees will put

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an emphasis on the importance of calming by using two words

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they become so

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that's why you heard what I recited the first one and listen

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to me

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face wash come quickly

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prophets of Allah will send them comers 100 Say hey, by the way, the current Elmo Jumanji cannot accommodate him in a boardroom Mr. Mehra, you have to move them into the Mercy agreement as any fraudulent damages in law.

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want to

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cut them out slowly

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what Denison is

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sort of mysterious to me with

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that the products on the last element anything behind your mission himself that out of the gates of the muscles, there will be angels writing the names of Washington

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the earliest one will be like someone who donated for the Center for what can then come later this is donated

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in the site's small can then she whenever we gave the chicken

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the pointers the dollar used everything and when the Imam stand up and the members started giving the football The angels will close the book so you will not be able to your name will not be written in this book. That means your name will not be represented before

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if you came after this call and you enter after the anonymous call during that altitude of coming to recognize them remembering these meanings will also be to benefit tremendously from it. In this video I'm similar

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on Giwa working

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for him

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in Gmail and it helped him know that

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we're in your whole area call me mom and

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dad and the mom come into this heavy function the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that His people will come late intention to July they have the opportunity to come and become such people that they will be delayed intergender

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as in according to their actions and their attitude towards

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the public sector and they deserve to enter earlier. He said those who delay the coming to do my intention

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they will be delayed and enter into

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this hadith shows you the importance of coming early to the Jamak

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some people will be delayed into indemnify because they delay their attendance to do more I pray

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you can every one of them will help me to benefit from the football to prepare yourself

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you pay to it and Mr. Kind of normal somebody's funny I shall

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tell a seller he will pray to

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manage obviously the alarm for sale

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and then the VSL Allah

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I am assuming from my

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from my

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from my own security that the camera Malema in

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that the person in front of San Juan cakeshop himself, dressed nicely put a perfume came to the master and when we come in over Frank didn't separate two people mixed each other

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Over the shoulder, and you come closer to the camera and you listen to the hotbar the prophets Allah wa sallam said that you pray as much as you can enter the image of the Prophet, you sin will be forgiven whatever sin would commit it between this and the previous 1/3 of the next month.

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For the whole week, the saints the minor sins will be forgiven, wiped out. But the point is, you pay as much as he can you prepare yourself you read.

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Why, because that's when cleanse your heart will wake you up now to listen to the reminder. You ready now to move to be moved or the person

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up here will

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with that my son can now can

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affect you and it will have a great effect in your home when you really close your heart

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number three,

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what we'll have to get some benefit from

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Did you follow the proper etiquette of listening to the huddle adapted

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such as you don't talk while I'm speaking.

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Also, you're not allowed to drink, chew gum through whatever it was that was going on. You know, I even to make certain videos, I like for example, somebody sleeves, you don't tell me what you can see him going a lot secretly, you show up on time and a lot of other OpSec electrician with a purpose. You don't even ask them the center of law, you can say it solidly. Even in the practice someone's name mentioned somewhere else. And when you say secret, out of respect all this while I'm speaking, you're not allowed to play with things to text message to write, to write things unless there isn't necessities for the Imam appointed you to do that. But other than that you should be

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attentive, listening to the Imam and then say to the next one. If you want to benefit from the hot

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listen to the hot button here.

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There's a big difference between listening and here.

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Listening to the hawk now includes you observing understanding what the Imam said,

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try to comprehend what you say absorb what he says. But hearing the football just notice somewhere. Somebody does screaming somebody's talking I don't know what we're talking about. You know, you're not supposed to consult, he listened carefully

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when you think it shouldn't have to come closer to the EMA

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and not to stay farther. If you choose to get that focused attention to

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why the * is not one hour or two hours long speech because it's helped me to focus

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it helped me to listen carefully to it.

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So that's one of the things that will help you tremendously number four is to listen to the hook but not just to hear

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and listen to the hook

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it's also now how you're to analyze and understand and comprehend and a lot of time we don't listen to the heartbeat because because even to help him says not very good. Or because the subject is something I think oh it is like I know this already or I can relate to this or sometimes we will listen to the sermon because I don't can stand this man who's speaking I can't I don't like it. Um sometimes you can listen to the hook there because I'm just too busy picking on the Habib's grammar mistakes and picking on his you know how he dressed. You know, he were always colorful

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ties or whatever, you know his hairstyle, or sometimes in picking on the mistakes that he makes, I can post it online after the football what everybody thinks that people have all good intention, whatever it is. That's what prevents you from listen. You know what put all this aside for a moment that wisdom is the thing that every believer should be seeking, no matter who's speaking.

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So even if he don't like him, for whatever reason, listen to what he said, You know what focus on the wisdom of the person to deliver the message, even if it's not the greatest eloquent speaker try to benefit as much as he can.

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Number five,

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if you really want to benefit from the hope of the gym and to maximize your benefit tomorrow.

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Share what you learned with someone else.

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After this book was shared with us, go ahead and share it with whoever riding with you in the car Honda. Shares today spoke about how to maximize our beautiful footprint. He mentioned urban