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Haman hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallam American in the Vienna Muhammad Juan Ernie he was gonna be a germanium about all the most wonderful Rahim Allah Jota. And if you could have any others on it any feedback before the liklihood half yearly? Yeah, humans should have fun. No, he says in his book entitled the garden to the righteous and the chapter of the virtues of the glorification of Allah, the glorification, the glorification and remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala the virtue of marriage mentioning Allah subhanaw taala and encouraging what to do so.

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Call Allah to Allah if he could tab Tabby, he was with the crew.

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What are the Corolla he Akbar? In the chapter of Allah and Kabu angebote Verse number 45 will call out to other further colonias quarter comb Surah Al Baqarah.

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Neil, come scene by the mere verse number 152, we'll call out to Allah, what's called Arabic If enough secrets a lot of our fifth year, we're doing a jihadi meaning of holy Bill, who do we well our Solly or alerta coming off in in sort of our off verse number 205. So these are, he mentioned a number of verses, but we'll just cover two or three of them in sha Allah. So Allah says, he mentioned the verse of Allah subhanaw taala, whether they could Allahu Akbar and the remembrance of Allah is the greatest thing. And the remembering and the praising of you by Allah in front of the angels is greater than in parentheses than your remembering and praising a lot in your prayers. And

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that's in the chapter of uncoupled.

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So the first thing is here, the meaning of vicar. What does dhikr mean? Brothers? is the meaning of dhikr

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linguistically just think it was vicar

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to remember right. Okay, so to remember or to recall something?

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Also we use both quarter law so what does that mean?

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What did we do this the salon the

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we do the other car and some narrations, the as

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is as some bizarre bizarre, right?

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It's a car well as car

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is the car but depending on where you're from, maybe as car right. So a vicar vicar can be in remembrance, it can be mentioning, and there's a similarity to them. So when Allah subhanaw taala says whether the Kula Akbar and the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada is the greatest thing. And here it's mentioned in parentheses the praising of you, oh Allah in front of the angels is greater than remembering and praising of Allah in the prayers, particularly the mentioning of Allah subhanho wa taala. As we hear this in Juma at the very end political Allahu Akbar Allah Yeah, animal medicine, their own and their remembrance of Allah are mentioning of Allah is the greatest thing.

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Allah Ya know, and Allah knows is well aware of what you do. So the mentioning of Allah subhanaw taala in general, is that which is great mentioning his name remembering him, and the connection between remembering and mentioning is that the mentioning is not done except that there is a word from a thinking and remembering him. So the first thing that one has to do is remember Allah subhanaw taala he called me he called me hard to remember Allah in their hearts in their hearts and when they remember and think about him encourages the real authentic vicar because after the Salah was missing, it's funnels funnels funnels funnels funnels was one was one was one was one was one as

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well. But we're not what

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we're not thinking we're not present. We're not a tentative

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it's just lip service. Right? And inshallah one may be rewarded because there may be a percentage of remembrance, and there's a beautiful Hadith Immanuel came brings in his books upon it's a foundational principle that we mentioned it here on the dusty we have Thursdays the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a beautiful Hadith and it's a foundation. He said, in an Abda the solid Salah when equity Bella who Elon is for her Illa through to her ilaha illa Homosassa had tabula rasa, the province of Assam said

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that one slave may pray a particular prayer and it will not be written for him meaning Mecca to Bella who Yana Uzi Ali, he or he may not be rewarded for it except a half or a third or a fourth or a fifth until he reached a 10th.

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Now this is a foundational principle in regards to actions being what accepted how how who can tell him

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how does this hadith a foundational principle with all actions in Islam actions of worship?

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The okay when we

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The intention what do we mean

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with dual cabling Lizzy ash and

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Ashley just in the mere

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remembering Allah but is it black and white

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what do we mean sunnah?

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so this hadith is explaining what

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what is this hadith explaining the process someone said someone may pray and they may not be rewarded for it except a half or a third or a fourth or a fifth until he reached a 10 meaning that what

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actually cultural concentration

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is there you know like okay I'm standing

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that could have happened in this prayer right now with all of us as a matter of fact it has

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inshallah will be from Illa shallot will be from when we said Allahu Akbar to cinematic Rahmatullah. But maybe in the third record for someone here the third rock guy we were like way out to lunch, we were thinking about lunch and we're thinking about dinner. We're thinking about our way back the fourth record for someone else in here it could it could have been thinking about work tomorrow, or the argument they just got it with them before they left it.

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Alone Bill Cirillo sent me I love CS Allah here's Allah is the accounting Allah at the same time, it's just so he may forgive you for that thought that you had.

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Right? Because at the very end, what do we say Sinhala. Krypton? What do we say?

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Why was it stuck for Allah

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for any shortcoming that possibly took place in the prayer board, if we just start philosophers

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we weren't even present when we said what

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a stock for stock for love another stock for

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so so many opportunities to what to come closer to Allah. Right? So this hadith is a foundational principle meaning that any action that you have, you may not be totally attentive the whole time. You come to the masjid and you say, I'm going to give charity for the sake of Allah you walk in, you put in that you see somebody and you want to be seen by them your intention switches like this.

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shaytaan can affect you like that.

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Right? If that happens, you and you feel it in your heart, I will do that stuff. And you continue. Right. So this is very, very important. The remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala is important because when you remember ALLAH, you mentioned something if, for example, you give a charity, you see that you're trying you want to do it to be seen a stuff for Allah, you remember Allah, Oh Allah forgive me for what just happened to me, because I was about to persist on that particular choice to want to be seen, or Allah forgive me because I was about to say something, or I'm saying something. And as I'm reciting Surah Fatiha and I'm thinking about the verses of the backbiting people. I see.

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Oh, yeah, that's so and so. So, you back with someone on reverse and backbiting.

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Right? But do you hold yourself stuck for Allah, what about me, you think about yourself, you come back. That's the process of the act. That's the process. So the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala is great. I think we'll stop here and verily is very, very important. That one remembers Allah subhanaw taala. When we say remembering Allah, it's remembering His names and his beautiful attributes and how they are manifest on us as human beings and all of creation and that is what will keep the vows will keep the inshallah from the Muslim to the movement in sha Allah to the

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moisten inshallah to Allah. So just remembering that the general form of vicar decrees remembrance, and that remembrance can cause one to do an action of prayer and from that is the action of mentioning him with our tongue, or doing an action that shows such as the Salah, which is accompanying It's a compilation of all these of all of your limbs, your tongue, your your limbs, and also you're moving in Sharla your heart is present with all of that. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that remember him she said on what Allah Ania will ask for Donna mica so those that seek his forgiveness and open and in secret yet I've been at Amin, Allah McFadden them in the Nubian

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Africa fantasy act in our toa phenomena broad Allah Musa Musa Dafina if he Philistine feel nausea Ramadan mean all our help our weekend destitute brothers and lasagna Robert I mean, or Allah forgive them for any of the shortcoming Jarrell but I mean all our increase their Eman from any of the shortcomings yada but I mean, or Allah Allah any pain that they face internally or externally be an explanation for any shortcoming Jerubbaal Alameen or Allah allowing our heart strength to call on them at all times in all situation, gentlemen, I mean, and to never forget them while we are in the comfort of our home gentlemen, I mean, all make us please with your calendar that you are

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predestined for us and predestined for them your ability mean and never make us displeased with whatever us predestined yatta yatta mean well Salah was something about it going to be in a Muhammad water it he was

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congregational prayer