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can also Lake Ibrahim Ibrahim, in Hamidah Majeed

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Allah, it happens 52 times a year.

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So repeated event that we go through it or practice it, or

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it's a learning experience that is repeated 52 times a year, we spend almost 26 hours every year in this learning experience.

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It's a very unique experience. It's an experience that it's taught maybe with a fewer number, but it keeps increasing, versus so many of other learning experiences start to shrink. But this experience it's taught, usually in a smaller number, gets bigger every minute. It's happening every single week. And you have to

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attend. You have to be attentive, you have to listen, you have to obey, you have to do it as a missile.

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It's an interesting that the number of people who go through the same experience are not motivated by money, not motivated by

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Paths, men meditate on them to go through that learning experience. They're motivated by their belief and faith and love for Allah subhanho wa taala, because they know it is one of the most beloved artificial, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So one of the obligatory is of Islam, one of the obligations of Islam, that every Muslim must fulfill.

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It is a learning experience where people are equal. It is given to the men and women. It's given to the highly educated and those who have no education, the rich and the poor, the smart and the people will try hard

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and to the people who

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are defending religion, those who are righteous and those who are not that righteous it's an experience that everyone must come to it's not only meant all the people who are like have high levels of email attended No actually, it's most of the people sometimes come to this live experience, not that committed in their daily life.

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It's an interesting experience.

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It's I believe, is all female. It is the

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the gym offered to attend every single week, the Juma prayer that we attend every single week.

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It is because of this prayer that you are now witnessing this day became one of the most beloved things to Allah.

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As Allah subhana wa Tada said about this particular prayer

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he called upon the believers, because only the world is stronger dose of faith to motivate, to bring them to make them alert to make them committed to come to me. In a new gear, the selection the young drummer, when the call of the Juma affair is called. So what is the reaction first

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rush one, come fast

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to the Quran, Allah.

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Allah which is remembrance mentioning Allah subhanaw taala because that's what this all it's about.

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They both said, submitted via Salado, it will send them

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we showed the prophets I send them in we heard the prophets Allah while he is in his members, then even his mentor and

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family to hear

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what they

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have and do our general

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emphasize that they heard the pastor Salam said, if those people who don't attend to the Juma who don't attend regularly to the jungle, and they don't start such practices, Allah subhanaw taala would seal the heart and it Mr. Green Muhammad have said that he intentionally leave Joomla three weeks in row three times. This will be sealed with the sale of

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In Minnesota Allah wa sallam said that this is the day when Allah subhanaw taala had created it. This is the day where he looked Adam into paradise and this is the day where he sent him down to earth. And this is the day when the Day of Judgment will start the day of tomorrow. And this is the day that the process of absurd, this is the day that tomorrow will be started. And in this day, there is a short period of time, no one will ask Allah subhanaw taala something unless Allah will answer his or her call.

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And because of that, Allah has chosen this act of worship this, this to be in a such a great way to be in a such unique that to be in a such important because it's a such important

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every time I think about football to Juma how it is happening all the time. There is no excuse we don't stop. There is no drop off. Every July we come in, in a time before the time of peace in a time of things and the time of hardship we still come to tomorrow. It's raining is not ready. We still come to tomorrow prayer.

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And the question that they always asked myself, me and so many Muslims, especially those who give us

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we give a summary when you say Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. And by the time you look at your other side, and you see this people rushing out the door,

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isn't the because they were so bored by the

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is it because they're so bothered by being captive audience?

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Those who sleep during the huddle and not and busy with their guides, and writing or text messaging, or those who are playing in the carpet and drawing things on the carpet or on their palms or whatever?

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I didn't want to be doing this because we don't value the hotbar Jamar.

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Is it

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also, when you say that the person comes home late to the about the end of the football, people start coming in rushing? People ask you sometimes Chef, what is the Juma? Then you tell them? It is 130? They said no, I mean, the salad.

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Is that because they really don't think it's worth their time?

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Is it the happy voters, the people who are oppressing the people, or the people who are receiving?

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Isn't the speaker? It is the listeners?

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And that's a good question. Is it really because of other people really don't value the fact that it's always rules and regulation was inferred? Because I'm just tired. You know, she ever No, I'm just sleeping because I'm tired. Nothing with what you said.

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Is it because you're really not benefiting from it? Is because you just, you know, just something popped my culture.

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And today, I would like to talk to you about this issue. The issue of how can we change our attitude towards the bottom tomorrow? How can we maximize our benefit from corporates?

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How can you really work out every week from this from this. And we know that this form is seven have made a difference in my life. It has changed something in my life does improve your birth because I can tell you,

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there is always a space for growth. And if we don't

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if we don't constantly change and grow and improve ourselves.

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Because when we did things the thing that doesn't grow and doesn't move forward.

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So that's why let's few I have

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combined 11 points. Maybe you don't need to do all

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that in the perspective in the lessons because I gave the same talk to my colleagues and

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myself. And I remind myself of other points about how to make my football as a speaker affect that now what about you for the one who listen to my speak to attend the football? How can you benefit from the football to the max, how can you make your experience in football from July is different to every week regardless who's the speaker? Regardless if he's a good speaker electron speakers or not?