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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of healing and sharing information on Twitter, a gym, and a point. They emphasize the importance of keeping track of points and offer tips for achieving success in the future, including preparing for a job interview, following proper etiquette, and not being too busy with activities. They also emphasize the importance of maximizing the benefits of a hotspot and encourage viewers to choose what they want to pursue.
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hoping to maximize your benefit.

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Share what you learn with someone else.

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After this book was shared with symbols, go ahead and share it with whoever riding with you in the cover and share today's talk about how to maximize our beautiful healing mentioned 11 points, let's see who can also when you say, when you go home, share it with your family.

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you out to your friends and talk about. And because of this, I just launched

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a hashtag on Twitter.

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And you can use this is a hash tag, click gyms, C LCG M S. And I want to see that after I just launched this hashtag, I posted the first gym that

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I posted today, before I came to flip it to July. Anytime you hear something benefit beneficial, go ahead and share it to the world. You know, come to share it with you. And I will

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go ahead and share it with your friends. Go ahead and post it on your Facebook. Go ahead and bring your pigs and talk about one of the things that I liked so much about running almost. I shared the football with my family. I teach my wife was in Houston, I teach my kids not maybe that committed to the Master, I bring the master to the home after every job has great.

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That's what maximize your benefit from the

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number six.

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Quite what you know, roughly,

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what if there is a good point that you need to commit yourself, write it down, if you never why? If you don't want to achieve your goals, then we give it straightforward to if you don't write them down, and we don't have federalize them all the time. It's very hard for me to see how you're gonna succeed.

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And maybe this is through posting it or share it with others. And sometimes you're right, that one point. Let me ask you a question.

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Do you remember last week,

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when they talked about the thing that will help you to protect to bring loss protection and insurance to you about? How can you receive alerts?

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I mentioned templates a few minutes before me a few months before me, there is a perfect default toolbar here. Why five accounts? How can the father play an effective role in his hand and his wife

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to remember the points that he mentioned?

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Those who wrote it down and even if you don't remember, he can go back to these points

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and keep their information fresh.

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Plenty of

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feminine at the antecedent was

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one of the things that allowed you to preserve the knowledge destroyed down. Number eight.

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What will help you to maximize your benefit to

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be part of

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an old mustard we've been encouraging this since day one, we moved to this place.

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Participate mostly in giving the hope it's a distinct talk. And take it further by suggesting the subject and the points that is related to the subject. Don't just say share what he talked about, for example, the importance of

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you can bring to me something an article points that you share about how can you commit to this? Or how can we be more modest, or how can we adapt good habits in our life. We'll talk about good habits and good luck and this forms the ocean. And as you know also you share your point you participate in the hope you might make a comment you might make a drink out from them or an email that you can share you can have some content

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on a post it under the screens in some of its stock like this. I will

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I will post it there so people can remember the points I'll share in the email list of the most are posted in every single photo we have you it's posted on our website. Just if you didn't know it is w w w the mustard that org you can make the football you can make a comment on the football and if you're on the coach's size, you can send it in a private message. We don't allow it to be on public. You can send it in private manners and email to the hubby Is it me or anybody else?

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You drop it in that suggestion box and your way out. That's how you Max that's how you live it it became popular. Your concern is not something it's only one

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concern as a hobby.

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Number nine

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if you want to maximize your benefit the hotspot

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is very interesting.

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Share your experience with the email.

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Come and tell me how that affected your life. I gave last year a football about time management

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didn't really any one of these points benefited you.

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Because if it did, that will allow me to emphasize only because the best things in human experience and managed if it didn't help you at all, you come to tell me so they need to focus on next. It will help us as a community to grow, give you a feedback, shared experience with the speaker and have a tremendous amount of effect on him to make you more committed, and me as a speaker as well. So share your experience with with us.

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number 10

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Don't have one specific place in domestic that you always come to it. Even the prophets of salaam said lions had to confront nested level networking come up Rocky, don't be a candidate who they have one particular spot to only come back to change your spot. And the must know there is always people I can close my eyes on point here or here and I know who he is.

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Yeah, I appreciate it. But you know what? Choose.

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Sometimes when you change your spot, you became more changing the Si, si aim of me.

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You you like it better? You know who knows. So one of the things that changing that it will allow you to benefit more in the

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clip and this is something I tried

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to reserve a spot for him.

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There was

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the last point is that 11 point is always ask yourself before you walk out with a Master, what benefit from this hotbar. And what I'm going to do about how I'm going to make the step a part of my lifestyle.

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One of our chapters,

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I know that every copy will give you an action items I gave you today.

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But not too soon. But even if I don't make that point, ask yourself what the actual I don't think you can do 11 points at once. That's why I'm saying it because they are different. What are the action items of today? Every July make this your number one question when you're doing the ad copy after you do that call? What's out my action items for the hook of today.

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And that is the

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handgun transfer the selection items. That's the question that everybody asks himself or herself about. So remember, you get prepared for

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the hook up by taking shower, dressing up for the football coming early. All this part of that preparation. also change your slump in the master. Tell the Imam about your experience. Write down what you have learned. Share what you have learned with others. Don't forget the hashtag nothing said about follow the proper etiquette of the Hulk about don't talk. Don't be busy with things playing with it during the quarterback. Make sure that you pray that to hate and mustard before you come to the master. read Quran. Pray as much as you can. Make sure that you come early to the prayer to be psychologically ready and your heart cleansed already through all these worship and this early

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attendance to pray to preserve and to understand and to comprehend whatever message that the hoppy is giving these points might help a little bit. But it will only help if you have the intention in the world. Now last time if the minister

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alarm off within a

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certain amount of time.

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To Subhanak in a criminal body mean willful unavailability in our trauma

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law minister could hook up to power off of our dinner at Univision at UCLA how's it can to a woman's a Ka Antonia you

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learn to Subhanak and the commitment of what I mean? Who said 11 muscle demand and a V and a Muhammad