Can Muslims Celebrate Christmas

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How can I teach my explain to my kids the concept of Christmas? And how we shouldn't deal with it in school and with friends?

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Number one,

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I want to make sure that we understand Christmas no matter what people in my opinion, at least until today is still a very significant leap seen as a religious celebration is not a culture Yes, that is part of its culture but it is still a religious celebration. So we don't celebrate it as Muslim and it's such a shame when you see Muslim putting a tree and you know celebrating Christmas and stuff like that. Let's know that I mean, I know that just Allah smart Allah says Wilma and Amina and mushy keen I'm not from the machine again I don't do when they do they don't practice like they made a worship Allah like that. I don't do my religion the way they do urge in me so Salam said you are

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doing them and how that digital call me unipolarity when you are doing them and had the law also that you cannot ever show that love and support to anything that Schofer like the concept Jesus son of God or Buddha is God or anything of that nature they what I do what to shun Adam saying this because there's young people on this gathering and also this apply by the way to Halloween apply also to any religious Easter in India but Christmas is very distinguished very different

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one thing we need to learn and we need to teach our children and I want young Muslim to hear me out all young brothers sisters Hear me out.

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Be proud of lecom Dino community

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you have to understand and to summarize this you have your religion and I have my religion

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it is you and me

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I'm not you versus me

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now it's an it's not you on well it's not me on me.

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You have your legend on Amedda legit

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you celebrated you do it he this is part of your practice disparate if your culture, this part of your deen it's not part of mine. And I have to stand firm into this. I can't lose my dean over this I can't just you know became a blurry line that has certain things you would lie in this drill. And one of them is still hate.

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I came to accept the concept that you know what I celebrate in any form of race shape or close to that the concept of Jesus son of God. No, but you know what? I respect your religion. I respect your celebration. I suspect you this for you. And but this is not something I celebrate.

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it is important at this point, especially with younger children. Please talk to them about the cost of their hate. Why eternity is not a slack. Why treat is wrong from our progress Muslims.

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excellent time to speak about the concept of New Haven Trent. Hear it from me. Take it from your brother.

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Don't take the heat for granted.

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Don't think your children like you. Many parents have risen and grew up in a different time where their Eman their foundation of Eman is unshakable. No matter how much they fall no matter how much they send the safety net. The young generations do not have a safety net, no matter how religious they are. Now, realize how religious you are or your or your parents are. There is no such critical safety net and most of the cases it's a freefall of the fall we freefall. So make sure you inserted taught from an early age about the dual heat about Allah, that Allah is not a human being Allah has no son, Allah is no partner. I don't need to hear that. I don't need to be reminded of that. That's

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so part of who I am. It's part of my DNA. But that's not the case with my kids. I know that

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the kids will tell you why God cannot have a son. Don't get too angry.

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Explain to him why.

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Why do we don't believe in eternal why we don't believe that Christianity today have changed.

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That's an excellent opportunity for you. Also, please, let's teach our kids to respect other people's

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and to respect what they have.

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Let them do my religion. And that's it. And that space kept when it comes to the religion

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because sometimes, especially in circles, we became more marking using language was not respectful about others. That's not correct.

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And we should not teach them that to be disrespectful to other in Ibiza salaam when hear from people not Christian to Jews, people pagans. He treat them with respect. He listened to them he talked to them Hala ferrata, but what did you learn? You finish from what you want to say, can you hear me up?

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And he explained to him what he believes it.

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They also make sure that our kids

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don't turn out not in Bukit not supposed to be Ahmed Deedat at school

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or Zakir Naik at school debating everybody

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you know good school to debate everyone I'm became a debater make sure he knows how to carry a conversation, but I'm not looking for to debate people to stop by them. And I'll tell you many kids, I asked my kids this a lot, especially the older kids, they told me about you know, the moment we start interacting and they see how you know, we we practice and what we do these these curious Okay, what about this? What about that they asked you and he explained to him that you know, you need to know how to explain to them but if he never taught your kids they still hate the not gonna be able to explain stuff he does.

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And how all of this create curiosity from them to add even sometimes they copy what you say in sha Allah, Ma sha Allah, you know, my son use of giving us an arm he was asking me about Friday Night Lights in a he's he he moved to this period short period of time to Spain.

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So he was telling me you know, the school that he's in or the board isn't

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he said most of the kids now say all this is haram. Why? Because there's like four or five Muslims in the group. Some big slick

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it's a soccer academy. So most of the kids there they keep saying you know, they're not some majority but there's four or five Muslim there. So they learn Nate Oh, that's haram we don't do that. That's halal. You know, so he said he really became funny like you wouldn't be one we play FIFA and you know somebody and do like something like follow someone he said that's around it now they became like involved that culture Muslims wrap them quickly. So what I'm trying to say here you know so many sisters they didn't even start the conversation

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it just people approach while you were to conjure up oh what's Islam What's this? And a lot of people became curious on what many people will make kids will come to the messages to pray to see how Muslim pray so make sure that you basically Adam come out how many times I'm gonna come in tell you I mean the brothers here telling me so many times about how just friends and people and colleagues became interested slam because the way b but when the See you distinguish but if you became a me and do the same thing I'm not curious to know what you have

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if I do everything you do what's the point that is no different between me and you?

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But wouldn't get people curiosity Wouldn't they know the job principles and breaks and now I don't do that I'm Muslim.

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Also I want to say

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celebrating Christmas that doesn't mean that you don't wish for example he many times when people especially have some people relevant or related to him you know muscles when you celebrate Christmas what he can do you know what are neighbors I really wish you a very happy time with your family

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a phrase like this there is nothing wrong with that at all. Because what you are most people in America today when the Christmas for them it's a good time for family to come together not about that religious concept. So you specifically mentioned this and if that's what you mean by say I wish you a very good time with your family you know have a happy holiday with your family you know we should do kind of any words in that concept that is allowed it is allowed

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I do have

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I'm not comfortable with using the word Merry Christmas

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I'm not comfortable with using this turns for Muslims because it has an religious connotation to it.

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You know so I think you should replace it and we have an M Jaffa to adolescence so you can say Happy Holiday happy because somebody's telling you hey Merry Christmas you don't get you don't need to give him a lecture by the way I don't celebrate Christmas I don't believe in happy we it's it's a drive thru and Starbucks

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okay, it's just as a cashier and you know, martial law, there's a long life. You know, I don't need the lecture

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to turn it to me and debate like, hey, just want but you know

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somebody's telling you that they think you you didn't need to be on the routes and I don't celebrate Christmas even ask you to celebrate his slimming Episode No problem thank him there is a time for you oh you guys always would know I don't

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because some people feel that there is less duty that I have to do someone tell me Merry Christmas I have to tell him I don't celebrate Christmas

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thank you for you being nice thing any interesting as a compliment. He's not trying to convert you to Christianity. So don't take it any too. Too much too far than what it is really? Is that make sense? Okay.

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Also what if he gave me a gift

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and you don't let us give to not allow somebody give you a Christmas store as a cross or not allowed to accept you see, kindly you're a candidate. But what if it's not unlimited somebody give me a gift in Christmas.

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I do believe you're allowed to receive it. Because receiving it it does not mean to me that you are actively participating in the celebration of it. Like your

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mother in law or father in law. Somebody gives you a thank you

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you know, they know they don't celebrate but it's a gift for them. It's a happy occasion for them that's why they give it to you. And there is no religious significance in the gift in itself and its nature

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to what about me giving them a gift if you give them a gift during Christmas that's participating in celebrating Christmas and I don't believe it's allowed. But what you can do you can give it before or after you know around the holiday you know hey the holidays come end of the year happy new year I want to give you a gift

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and you know what? I tell my son My in laws

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you know you guys give us a gift and Christmas we give you twice and the filter isn't AHA

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so we're more generous I mean we give you two times mentioned and giving them gifts and eight so they know also

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and you might be lucky and they start giving you a gift and you're late to so you get three gifts died so so I hope that explain it.

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And what about work I know this little children work if they give you the work gifts and stuff like that it's the same thing. You can accept it as long as not a religious or haram gift and it's somebody gives you Jack Daniel like whiskey for Christmas now you can take that to whatever they give it to me share what I do with it

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and the drainage for that it as shift can I carry it to my house to drain it? Yes, he can. was not allowed to carry it to drink it or to serve it to someone but to take it to destroy it or to basically get rid of it. It's Allah can I give it to non Muslim as a gift? Somebody gave me a wine can I give it to non Muslims ago, the majority of the VA said it's not allowed the vast majority of people God but anyway to him a lot. Others said it's a lot but I don't lean toward that opinion at all. They