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And the world thought the two can sit together, sit together we, we, we bought each other.

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We love each other. We lived in total harmony and peace for literally for hundreds of years. It got off in the so we were taken in by the Muslims and we live there and Flores they had the Muslim and then the Christian Muslim was the largest and the Christian was the second and then you had the Jewish community they lived together in the same courtyards babysat each other's children. In fact babysat I was just in fact that to do with this key because everybody families the most people from Feldstein they carry around the key Muslims basically gave the Jews their lives back they they were able to come to exist to go to flourish and have

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Illinois six year old boy was killed and his mother was critically injured when they were stabbed by a man who targeted them because they were Muslim. Islamophobia is gaining ground and with your support, we can push back Assam Lincoln brothers and sisters as your brother Eddie from the D show. And Islamophobia is real and it's hurting our community. innocent lives are gone and most people are unfamiliar with Islam's true teachings. So if you're right here in Dallas, in our country, I'm not talking to you right now. You're a solo we're trying to build out Dallas with the grace of God Almighty Allah the Creator and you by our side, we can help change that at the dissenter, we are

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spreading and sharing the message of Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation, combating Islamophobia, building community and expanding our media reach. Don't just watch from the sidelines be a part of the change. Click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you we are making history today I have two individuals. Here in the deen show studio. We have an orthodox rabbi and we have a Shia Imam.

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Without further ado, let's get into this exciting episode dispelling many of the myths that are out there showing the people the truth with my next two guests. This is the dijo

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam show Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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Rabbi Weiss the legend how are you?

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Thank God

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doctor you mom there Molly. How are you? And Hamdi? Let's say that they say a picture's worth 1000 words. But now video is going to be much more so we have a organic Gasan fellow Justinian Correct? Yes. And then we also have an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. And the world thought the two can sit together. sit together we we we love each other.

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We love each other

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before Yes. See the maintenance right now someone's tuning in and they've been watching Fox News and they're watching all the other Hannity's and all the other mainstream pugnacious. They're like, you know, it's a Muslim Jewish thing, but they're watching now they're getting a totally different story, I guess. Yeah. Well, with the help of the My First I pray to the Almighty to bestow upon me His truth, his wisdom that I may be worthy of conveying his message, and so sanctify his name and inshallah bring peace to the world. What you're saying it's, this is so much the Nakba. But this this colossal

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catastrophe, it has so many facets, but, of course, the slaughter and as our distinguished Imam was going to talk, I mean, we can't there's no words. Now to talk this. Sometimes. We say in one of the verses of the Torah that sometimes silence is what because there's no words to describe what is happening in Gaza. And the man personally has

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it's beyond words over 30 relatives with just murdered in Gaza. I mean, there's no words to describe this. But, but this is part of this week, I call it like a Lynx and a long chain of this. Herod Nakba. But, but the it's predicated its Zinus on their narrative, that it's like you were saying, a religious conflict when everybody who's from the Arab Muslim community or from the Jewish community, will we'll talk about how we lived in total harmony and peace for literally for hundreds of years. We lived and not only we lived for hundreds of years in peace, but we were saved by the Muslim community.

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Wow, that's so we're like remaking history. That's history. And we're making history here today. So you have the same thing here you have Orthodox Rabbi Yes. As a rabbi in the picture, is it well, it's I don't know who this person was

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a God fearing Jew, it's a Jew and a Muslim together, and they're holding hands, just like you guys were. Wow, that's amazing. This is. So this was before this is in Palestine before 1948. Right. And not only that, but we have to remember that throughout our history, the Jewish people. Unfortunately, Christianity had an idea that they have to convert

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or else, people to Christianity where else you're gonna burn in hell. And they tried to they made the Inquisition where they they tortured people to convert out of the religion. And so the Jewish people had to run away with the men who were murdered. But and also they were banned from the lands from Portugal and Spain. And and where did they go? It was the Muslim lands that took in the Jews throughout this history, although we have a distinctly different religion. But we believe in one God, and it was never an impediment to coexistence, even though we have distinctly different and there was no human rights groups to protect. We simply were embraced given a safe haven, and we

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flourished. We flourished in their lands, we put out our greatest total authorities, our greatest rabbis, and for hundreds of years, our communities grew and grew. And whether you go through all the Arab Muslim lands, whether it's Iran, whether it's Iraq, whether it's Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, wherever you would, and Palestine. So we and Palestine has a special story that when there was Jews were thrown out from Palestine hundreds of years ago, and was the Solomon.

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They took the Jews back in. So we were taken in by the Muslims, and we live there and Flores. So they had three distinctive communities. You had the Muslim, and then the Christian Muslim was the largest and the Christian was second, and then you had the Jewish community and with the different religions, but they live together in the same courtyards babysat each other's children. In fact, babysat, I was just, in fact, I recorded it just yesterday, I was at a&p conference. And there was an older gentleman came over to me, and he spoke about how his father

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that they used to go doing business or wherever he wasn't, the Jewish neighbor would take the children and his jewelry to protect because he didn't want to leave it alone. And he would take it over to this, his father's house to this Arab Muslims father's house, and they would leave them they leave it there with. So this is I mean, this is I could tell you so many beautiful anecdotes of both the Jews helped the Muslim neighbors in the maze, and I hope that you like like it should be

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And because because God says that we have to do kindness God has we have to be like, God is compassionate. And we got to do these people live together, God fearing people live together. So that's the basics. So it's really tragic. When you know, people today when they see a Muslim and a Jew, greeting each other, they say, wow, it's like a surprise. That is one of the core

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catastrophe part of the catastrophe of the Nakba. So over this is historically documented, it's known you're repeating the history. I mean, this is known amongst learning people. Unfortunately, many people don't read today and don't study history. But now for over 1000 years, Jews and Muslims live together in a relative peace, certainly, and Jews have fled persecution from the Crusades from inquisitions to Muslim lands, and there wasn't this, this hostility towards Jews, the contrary was at the contract. I say it was. It was a case where the Muslims basically gave the Jews their lives back, they they were able to come to exist to go to flourish and have communities and so it's like,

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that's part of the tragedy. And like, it's, it's, we have God's help, we have to talk about why what I mean, what, why does Zionism

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insist on a portraying like there's a religious conflict, what's happening here? What's their issue? What's that goal? We could talk about that? Yeah, sure. What do you think we know this history but it's different when it's coming from a rabbi, you know, an orthodox rabbi who's talking about this and we're seeing what the media is pushing. They're creating this division between the trying to make it like it's a Muslim Jewish thing and what are your thoughts

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and really appreciate what you're doing the truth, nothing but the truth and honesty. When we're together yesterday, you see, an A a hoodie, not

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always not zones, different between Jewish money Rabbi by the way, many Jewish friends from Iowa from Texas, call me about the load on in Gaza right now.

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against completely war going on during

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the Nakba, 1948 airborne 61 and Gaza.

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My father have we live in a village called Fallujah. Now in Hebrew, Hebron, Hebron feroza Fallujah.

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You may I have a house. I have a Kia by the way and the Deidre antenna we have this.

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When I was in high school, I told my father I want to see my house. I say, No, it will kill you. Because they killed many of your uncle's, my father ran away from in Fallujah,

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1948, to Gaza,

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to Gaza.

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then I went there with the key, I knocked the door, because my second language is Hebrew, actually. And it says, This is my house. And it's not your house, I have the key with everything key and the deed. I have the deed from the Turkish, okay, that is without

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doesn't matter. You want to see the house. And he made me inside the house. But he the way he humilation used to be, but not us. You have the deed, I have another deed,

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another deed from home, from the government, whenever it says our houses, and I found out actually in Fallujah, in Fallujah, away, it actually didn't minister from Jerusalem, imagine axon, or many houses, many houses that don't. They know. But also, they are completely hated for, by me for the Jewish themselves. They hate us says they know they belong to us. This area broke doors when they migrate to Gaza. My father, my grandfather, we're going to Gaza. I've owned it since day one. Since I born

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in 1967, exactly. I was seven years I went to first year into school, they complete the attack on Gaza. My father, my brother has a husband that killed over there, and showed my school in that time was alive. Hundreds of kids and family die in that time. 19 6300s You mentioned the word now many some people might not be educated on this word. Zinus. So making a distinction between the two, you can help us understand. So you have so the the issue is here, between not Jews and Muslims, but Zionist who you would say have hijacked Judaism. Is that correct? Yes. Can you help the layman who's never heard this term Zionism? And is it true also, that the Zionism was created? This is what's

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ironic by Theodore hurts when the like we're actually atheists, right, this try with God's help to be concise American. Yeah. But first I carry around with me. Oh, this key was key was given to me. I went to badger barrage in a refugee camp in Lebanon. And they presented me with this key, because everybody family, the most people from Feldstein they carry around the key to show that they, they, they, they didn't give up their hope that they're going to be returning to their home and have back their homes. So I carry that key with me.

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And, yes, so let's try with God's help just very concisely to explain Zionism.

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Let's start the other way with Gods of Judaism is a religion of 3000 years ago, Moses also abandoned went on Mount Sinai, the Jewish people got up the Jewish people out of Egypt. And they made a covenant with God on Mount Sinai, and God gave them the Torah to the laws to follow the commandments of the Torah, 613 commandments, and we, we have to be subservient to God that we made this covenant that we will be subservient to God and how do we serve Him by following the laws of the Torah.

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And this is, we strictly adhere to the laws we're not allowed to change it because it's from God. It's not that we can pick and choose. Zionism

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is a transformation

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to nationalism. It started around 140 years ago under 50. And in these this time, a group of people got together, totally estranged from the religious they were not religious people. These were people who detested the religion, and they and they decided that they want to create a nationalism and national home with all the strap things of a national home and army, Olympic team and all these things.

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And that's what they were considering their Judaism and ersatz Judaism, a transformation to nationalism. Now, in every way you look at this Zionism, it's contradictory to what Judaism is. First of all, we, I guess, again, our issue is to be subservience to God to keep this spiritual with the laws of the Torah. While they are just using the facade, they're making a creation and nationalist material concept of having a piece of land a piece of real estate and with the strapping is a very like every country is have all the issues, but nothing to do with God. In fact, they declare today that they're a democracy oh if you don't practice do practice to whatever it's and yet

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they have the audacity to call Judaism a religion but that and then they add to that that when they say we need a home that one of the excuses they say we need or that home because who's going to protect us we have to have guns we need an insurance policy they caught so they so we say What do you mean who's gonna protect us? We are we are Jewish, we believe in God. This is our there's a God we pray to Him every day we work them from for protection. We was God they saved you know, just they spew blasphemy where was God? They ridicule us we was God who throughout history to protect. So the its predicate the whole Zionism is rooted in blasphemy and saying that, you know, they laugh and

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scorn at the people who look to God for protection. No, you need to get you need to take a gun. If not, you're a fool, you're a backward thinking. So that's the root of Zionism, blasphemy. And then the fact that the creating a state God for saw that there will be people who will not believe in him, respect him.

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Look to the Almighty for our sustenance of life and to help and to live. So when we will get taken out of Egypt by God, but the Almighty through miracles given take, we will take it into the Holy Land, the walls of Jericho, sunken it was everybody saw the miracles was done in front of all the million people whoever were there. But then God stipulated that we have to be on a very high level of holiness of purity, if not, the land will reject us like a body rejects a foreign objects, it's very sensitive the land. So we will eventually 2000 years ago, that's 1000 years from if the we took the Torah, we were rejected, we were sent to tax on all the prophets. This is not like my idea,

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Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, anybody who just reads the prophecies, and you'll see that the Torah warns that if we're not going to be on that proper level, we will be sent into exile and the prophets in the Bible itself. It says in the Five Books of Moses and the prophets warn the Jews that that's coming and that happened with the destruction of the temple 2000 years ago, we were then once we were dispersed amongst the nations, not because of our physical lacking that we were didn't have a strong army, but clearly we say every Jew says in his prayers, Mcnay Hutto Aina, Galena, me are saying, because of our sins, because we were not on that level. So we you know, it's because of our

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sins. And God brought this about, yes, it happened to the Romans, the Greeks, but that's because it's because of our sins. And then we will put on the oath by God that we are forbidden to attempt to return and mass in large numbers make a Jewish state, even if it would be not like the State of Israel, even it would be a religious concept of serving God, we would still stand entirely in opposition to this concept, because God put us in exile, and only God, only the Almighty can take us out. And he will do that one day we believe, but it will make a miracle we're all humanity will believe in God and everybody together will go up and serve God. That's the Jewish belief that all

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humanity one day will stop being atheist, they will come together and serve the the Almighty, there'll be a metaphysical change. But till that day comes, we are told by God have patience. God is compassionate. He sees what suffering, do not attempt to leave this exile do not make a Jewish sovereignty, even one inch, one centimeter of Dusa is forbidden. And that's why for 2000 years, we went through the Inquisition crusades, there were times in history in 2000 years, when there was Jewish communities that were rich enough to cause it. So sorry, I did close it before, I don't know what happened. Sorry, I apologize. So we had that there were times it was called Golden Age of

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Judaism. And, and, and, and yet they never. And there was letters to the my mom that is Rambam about great leaders. And they and they told people Yes, maybe we should try to make a lead. No, they were told it's forbidden. And the answer we'd never attempted to make our own sovereignty. Zionism is a movement that just relative recently, and they totally ignore all the 2000 years that we were in exile and that we suffered and yet we didn't make a statement. So they're gonna come along and they're gonna make us sick because they want to because they're nationalists. Nothing. No respect for the rabbi's. No respect for the Jewish who is on top of that, if they will make a state and an

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empty land, which they wanted to make in Uganda and Patagonia, they were going to buy it, because it's practical, it's lush, they wanted a productive way. And that was before that

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I love technology that was going. But when they started Zionism like 100 years ago, but then they had a meeting in 1890s in Basle, Switzerland, they decided, no, you need a lot of backing a lot of support for a state. So they're going to go to Palestine, and they're going to make the state there. They're going to make the state and Palestine. So the world will say, Oh, the grand acoustical say, Wow, children of Israel are going back to the land of is, it's, it's a terrific opportunity. They're going to use the Bible. But you're going to ask them what do you with the Bible? You're not religious, you don't want that? You will not but but they don't have morals because they don't have

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the morals of God that you notice. The timing people that fooling people, they're using some results, somebody else's identity, why does it bother them because they're ready to sacrifice on the altar of Zionism, the people of Gaza, the Jewish people, and anything that stands in the way to reach that goal. So the creation of a state is expressly forbidden for Jews in an empty land, even in an empty land. But being that they decided to go to Palestine, Palestine, the inhabitants with the largest community were Muslims, then there were the Christians and the Jews. Let's just leave the Jewish issue is on the side, the Jewish community, but they're creating a state by basically

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usurping it by taking from the Muslims and oppressing them killing them, what we see is 75 years of death and suffering. So this is a double rebellion. Again, it's it's it's rooted in blasphemy. It's created status, a breach of the laws of the Torah that warns us not to try to attempt to leave exam and on top of that they're doing it by killing and stealing. So that's totally antithetical to Judaism. It's contradictory to Judas and all the rabbi's. We put out a book called The rabbi speak out it's a compilation, also called the rabbi Speak out 130 year record of religious Jewish opposition to Zionist Zionism. And this you can see from the rabbis from around the world, every

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country that without talking to this 10s of 1000s of rabbis, with these were the major codifies of law and everything I always I turned to this page of its time because everybody in all the world uses his books. He codified condense the laws, because it goes up massive, and he put it into a condensed it it's called missioner. Brewer. And so everybody follows his teachings. And he says, I quote him, the Zionists are dead limbs of our people, which causes the entire body to rot. And there's just one example of the many reading rabbis what they what their opinions about Zionism, so and he wasn't night, he passed away. 1933 was his name. He was called rabbi, you throw mayor, her

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Kohane Cohen means from the priestly tribe, and he was he was passed away in 1933. It was possible before a thank you for the A was late but design ism was flourishing already then. So the rap was so plenty before to stay? Yeah. And I'm going to just say it I know I'm being a little thing, one more issue, if it would just be like I say that the the rebelling against God and the stealing and killing everything that's against God is. But on top of all of that, is the fact that we are required by God to show gratitude for good that is done to us. It's part of the Torah we are taught to so got it to Moses didn't smite the word that by the 10 plagues that he gave, he didn't smite the

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one that it should be turned to blood, he gave an errand to do it, because he said, what the water protected when he was a baby, they put them in a wicker basket. And, and it was hidden, the so because Pharaoh was slaughtering the children. And he was lindo. So he said, How can I smoke the word? That's what we teach our children, you have to show gratitude, even for water even for everything. So here, here, how dare they designers in order

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to try to solidify to create their state? They have to make a narrative because there are people there who are fighting back who are standing up and say, what do you do? Are you stealing my name? So they said, Oh, they tell the world. They're anti Semites, they hate the Jews, they're evil people. And they successfully for 75 years, built on that and built on that till we have today in Gaza, that people are watching for 50 days, almost now it's 50 days. Everybody sees it live, minute after minute, another person another person 50,000 2000 3000 be withholding by 16 the world and the world is because because they dehumanize the people of Palestine with the Zionist narrative that

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they're evil when in truth. These are the people who took us in who gave us a home who gave us life. How dare they to vilify people who save their parents and grandparents. So the rabbi's stood up around the world and stood up and fought not only in Palestine, the chief rabbi of Palestine. Now when I say the chief rabbi of Palestine, I don't mean the Zionist rabbinic these the star David, they named the Israel they make a rabbinic a Chief Rabbi all to make it legitimate, kosher, and that they could tell the world that they're spiritual that God

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We have you stand. Something's wrong here.

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Let me tell you the phone I don't know why I keep up causing it. I don't know what it's doing. I think design is

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here so you see the chief rabbi in 1920s of the religious Jewish community. What was his name is?

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Zion. He's the chief rabbi. I heard he sent a messenger to Britain saying that I think I think you told me this last time we spoke I spoke to a rabbi Shapiro another rabbi. You know, Rabbi Shapiro, there's Jakob Shapiro maybe Yeah. Especially person. Yes. He's very nice. He, I think he was telling me that they sent a this chief rabbi, he sent a messenger to the British to say, look, we don't want this right. We're good. And then they assassinated this, this messenger. Oh, I'll tell you that was it was

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ductus ro Jakob de Haan. That is going to be event. This is we put out our AXA of the two religious Jewish opposition. I'm sorry, the true religious Jewish position on our AXA and here. So one of the statements is, and it's the he sent, I'll just quote it here.

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It is critical to know that Rabbi Yosef Haim Sonnenfeld, of blessed memory, the anti Zion is Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish community of Palestine, which was from he passed away in 1932, before the state from 1844 1848 to 930. So already in 1929, he issued a statement in Arabic in a local leading Arabic newspaper called El Salam. And he clarifying and stating the unambiguous Jewish position in regard to Al Aqsa and the Temple Mount. He said, I'm quoting, the Jews do not want in any way to take that which isn't theirs. And they certainly don't want to contest the rights of other inhabitants to the places held by them, which they regard with honor and consider holy. In

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particular, there is no foundation to the rumor that the Jews want to acquire the Temple Mount. On the contrary, from the time that because of our sins, we were exiled from my land, I will hold our holy temple was destroyed, and we have been lacking the purity required by the Torah, it is forbidden for any Jewish person to set foot upon the grounds of the Temple Mount until the coming of the Righteous Messiah, who with the spirit of the Almighty will rule righteously for the good of all creation and return to us the purity required by the Torah. This is the Jewish like I say, the Muslims, by the way, so they use you would think that maybe they feel threatened because we believe

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that will come under sigh and no, because they know we say when the Almighty will make the coming of the end of time we believe a certain way they Muslims believe a certain way when the end the time will come was you know we certainly we this wait muzzle says. So that's not a problem because we're not taking any action because we're forbidden to make any to try to preempt this. So the Zinus with their creation of the state in every facet, everything they're doing they

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they're rebelling against God with the creation the state fully and the rabbi's. I said though the rabbi here and the rabbis on have felt a blessed memory went with and met with the king of trans Jordan and and wrote newspapers, this is the 1920s and said, We do not want we want to be loyal citizens. We don't do it. And then when he passed off, because it's a lifetime, the next chief rabbi was robbed by the Schinsky, of blessed memory and robbed by the Schinsky was at the time of 1947 90, where they wanted to create ratified the state. So he spoke to the United Nations in this United Nations documents. We went to the delegations and he said, We furthermore wish to express our

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definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine. This was the view of the Jewish community that was living there for hundreds of years. And, and then he passed on that we took up another chief rabbi, he could see the 10s of 1000s of Jews when we took up the next chief rabbi. And, and these are the communities that are living there. Just the thriving there. There's still the anti Zionist 1000s of Orthodox Jews protests. Bibi Netanyahu is Bibi Netanyahu, is he also an atheist? You know, secular. I mean, he's a rebel against God, whether he wants to claim he believes in God I'm not gonna go into besides vile to,

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to, to, how would you say to

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play around in excrement? You know, so I don't I'm not gonna go into what he is what he isn't what he says he believes he doesn't. But one thing we know he's a, he's a rebel against God. He's the the he is Rebel head of the den of thieves. He's the head of what you would call the mafia. And this Zionist state of Israel that he's the head whether he would have a long beard and roll his eyes and talk about God all day does nothing. It's he's leading the rebellion against God, the murder, the mass murder of people, but I'm saying even if you wouldn't do a mass murder

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But the the occupation is every second that it exists as a rebellion against God. We're not allowed to kill not to steal, we're not about Occupy. And it's rooted like I say that God doesn't protect us. And he said that was just a few months ago, he said, you know that people have to come to Israel again, because that's that's us. But here, this is in the United States is in front of the White House when it came to nothing you can do with the President. So Obama then so we always have all these different I just have a I just took try to bring certain pictures of ties, but we do this every year, we go out and demonstrate when he came to visit the President, when all through the ages

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when they come to the Prime Minister, Israeli prime minister comes we go out and demonstrate 10s of 1000s. And say they have you know, like it says, Israel has no right to rule of any part of the Holy Land, Bibi Netanyahu, and the State of Israel does not represent world Jewry. And I just don't see it. And we this we do not only it we do that in Palestine and London, in Canada, we demonstrate and there, what happens is when you demonstrate, they get viciously beaten, they get children or children you can see children by it's not only police, it's the army old men, and they assassinated you were mentioning ducted The Hon. Dr. de Haan was a diplomat who lived in Denmark. And he was

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very, he was very friendly with the King of Denmark and he decided to become religious. He was brilliant man opposed to them. There's a monument for him in Denmark. So he went to the king of Denmark scored him he decided to become richer, he's going to become a Zionist, he's going to go to Palestine. That's what he thought he went there. And he was a serious person who was looking for the truth. And he right away became aware that the Jewish community, the religious community, is anti Zionist. So he went and he started, he was a brilliant diplomat, he just started, he started protecting the Jews, Britain, this was before 1924 2224 and that the Britain required of the Jews

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when they had the mandate that they should register onto the Zionists. Imagine that they come in these interlocutors designers came in days. And so he went and he fought them, and he was able to extract it, the Jews don't have to register it. Then he said, I'm going to go to Parliament and I'm going to make them aware that the whole issue of the so called Jewish movement to have good control over that it's not the Jewish populace. It's not the Jewish community of hundreds of years there. So the Zionist war and I'm not gonna that was the today that's that's today the IDF is terrorist organization. That's a pretty cool Israeli Defense Force, you know, all psychological they're gonna

00:32:38--> 00:33:04

that was gonna say they want him they're gonna kill him and they assassinate him cold blooded in front of Sharon said the hospital in the streets of Jerusalem. And yeah, that just showing you that the, the, the going, Doctor, is this che is this something that's common knowledge between the, amongst of most of the Palestinians, Muslims and Christians there who lived that they know this differentiation, this is these are the Zionists who are doing this and they know the difference between the Orthodox who are against this.

00:33:05--> 00:33:09

Before I say that some very important, I believe.

00:33:11--> 00:34:02

Many people are gonna watch this, this shows number one, I'm talking about the people in America, not the state of America. Please, brothers system, Muslims, Christians, and Jews and edges, all kind of religion. We have really, to really appreciate what the rabbi to listen to the rabbi, he is saying the truth, nothing but the truth. Islamically Islamically same thing we were even you were quoted, Tamra sort of Moses a bit in the Quran. Also, many stories in the Quran and the mother of the Quran. Moses B three, B three. The key. We know that we know when I grew up, actually, unfortunately, I grew up with a cremation. I grew up with cremation. Since I grew up, cutting and

00:34:02--> 00:34:52

getting and getting continuous getting through my family. Of course, my brother following my art he got killed. My point is, is technically we are here agree with everything he says is agree 100 lesson number two, us as American our us. I believe a lot of Jewish believe the truth. But to get the position that Biden Trump and Congress and Senator and AIPAC, especially the AIPAC they're controlling our government 400 person does Islam you are an expert in the Quran and the Hadith. does it teach Muslims that this theology of Islam teach to hate a people who are Jewish? Absolutely nothing. We're not certain. When you when we

00:34:53--> 00:35:00

fight and if I say do not kill a person is a civilian. Do not kill

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

Especially a woman, no one, no choice, not even a road a tree a tree. Do not do that only whoever fight you and Allah say that. And so that

00:35:13--> 00:35:26

was the first chapter 68 verse in the Quran where Allah God Almighty is saying, Allah does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you because your religion or driven you out of your home.

00:35:27--> 00:35:33

It got off in the there's no no across don't force anybody for the religion

00:35:37--> 00:35:52

lumenal Right. Allah know what the truth, bleep agree. But he's saying actually that real thorough. Give attention. A real thorough noun in Palos blight occupied Palestine, the chain that our everyday

00:35:54--> 00:36:23

not the one I learned. When I grew up, I learned the Quran. That's wrong, because I'm a Palestinian, we have to second languages Hebrew, well, and we are under occupation, we are speaking that language. So I read the torah, the torah, in the beginning, when I grew up, almost the same thing yourself. Now, when I went back, I was reading different, so sorry, my, the majority is different, different many, many things, many things different now. My point,

00:36:24--> 00:36:55

however, in white non Jewish over there, actually not Jewish Zionism? No, they are not believing in Sabra not believing in what Allah said to Moses be Musa. Moses, which we are peacefully about, can we compare has me thinking when Moses peace be upon him when he went up for to get the 10 commandments. And then you had people who ended up going astray and worshipping the calf is the same story in the Torah that you have. I

00:36:57--> 00:37:38

said it very concisely. So So can we equate these are similar same people who deviated at that time, people who are deviating at this time? Can we make the code can we make can we make a contrast there are there? Yeah, it's it happens to be that some great rabbis the chief rabbi of Palestine, Rabbi Teitelbaum bless marries me summer Abbey, used to say that sometimes because it goes into the soul of a person, the sinners, like they come in reincarnation and stuff. So he said, they are the people who did that. reincarnated, like, doing evil, and they do it again. That evil so it's possible, but I you know, we don't Yeah, we don't yeah, they don't these things, but that's how the evil Yeah,

00:37:38--> 00:37:51

when we talk about orthodox rabbis, how is it if someone now who's living in that environment, and they're following Can you tell us about certain rabbis who are very popular there? Such as use of odia?

00:37:53--> 00:38:37

Yes, yeah. How where do they stand the people like this? Yeah. So you see, no, just because somebody can be very knowledgeable. Yeah. A scholar. I know what I'm talking about. Yes, yes. He's not alive anymore. Yeah. And then he has his son also, now who's taking the somebody could be a computer. In his mind. He could be brilliant. But that doesn't mean he's God fearing. We had. It happens to be that that Yvonne Yasser was a student of anti Zionist, great holy rabbis, he was yes. And unfortunately, just Zionism in order to give themselves that legitimacy, that aura of legitimacy of holiness. So they paid for rabbis,

00:38:38--> 00:39:01

that so you've always find amongst 10s of 1000s of brands, you can always find somebody who's sold their soul, so the soul, and so he was unfortunately sold his soul, and was, unfortunately it was the front the face of Zionism because he was very knowledgeable. At the same time he did he he stood as the,

00:39:02--> 00:39:44

the, the weapon of Zionism, because he's using the Torah, to justify to, to legitimize the to give it the stamp of approval, the State of Israel. It's an hour rabbis bind you the same time that he was chief rabbi, and so forth in the State of Israel. We had a rabbinic, we had great rabbis, who are God fearing, and we still have, but I'm saying, you know, and we had no we didn't look at them with, we wouldn't take him into a quorum. We wouldn't use them to pray with them. We wouldn't pray with them, we wouldn't go in the same room as them. We consider these people sinners, sinners, and even worse, I mean, they're the evil to the core because they're rebelling against God and every

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

concept what there is to rebel against God, that God can protect us and so like I say, it's it's, it's rooted in pure blasphemy. You know, that our children not only that, but that kid they support the Israeli army that the people should go to the Israeli army, these Chief Rabbis and so forth. Our

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

The children that are living there, the hundreds of 1000s of Jews that that are and they're anti Zionist, they refuse to go and there's mandatory military service. So what do they do? They, they, they refuse to go and they get they become criminals. Imagine every boy and girl who turns 17 becomes a criminal from our community because they refuse as he said, Girls, not only boys and the man, the morality that's going a girl into an army with people who are not religious, you can imagine what's happening there. So they don't refuse to go. And but that's we refuse to go because we don't want to stand and support and be part of the State of Israel, you know, there's a rebellion

00:40:35--> 00:41:11

against God. So they go and they get arrested. They just part of the psychological warfare they put on them this way, we have a force on them to where instead of prison guard, the Israeli army, God, you see a girl here, she's crying, she's saying Psalms, she's praying to God, because they arrest every single boy and girl can't travel it's such problems, you have no idea how the Jews are being oppressed there. I mean, like, you know, with there's so many pictures 1000s of these pictures of the brutality that it's used against the Jews. And here this spraying them with stink water that destroys the clothing, and it discourages people who are damaged because they're poor, it ruins the

00:41:11--> 00:41:47

clothing, they bury smell from the link water stay cold, it's got it's a chemical that they use, because that way they know that they don't have more clothing. So they end but it doesn't help we still go out and demonstrate. You will be 10s of 1000s more who will be out in the streets not only there but in the United States. When we demonstrate we get threats are we this two weeks, weeks ago, not very many before was one of the demonstrations that when I came back the tires were slashed from the car and the mirror broken and the the slash your target broke here, and this is nothing that's nothing to what the threats, death threats and so forth. But here, thank God, God, this police that

00:41:48--> 00:42:32

so so we're protected. But, but in other places in Israel, the police are the ones that perpetrate the crime, not only the police, they have the army that come out in the streets as you see and brutally beaten and assassinate the people like the 100. I mean, the history has a long history. Maybe the first famous Martha was this Dr. de Haan, who was a Jew? Why do I Why do you think now because you're seeing this is anti semitism. This is attack directly on real Jews real Torah. That's the following. So why don't we see the mainstream media here because we're talking about anti semitism is growing because of what's going on. But have you had the media come to you and to share

00:42:32--> 00:43:17

these stories? Well, the media come to this toss to it's to talk about Yes, Zionist, right, who are doing the anti semitism we talk about it. I mean, I was you, you were showing me a clip. I had many times that I was attacked, while we were demonstrating that there was full of press there. I don't see it happening in France. We went to in France. We were I mean, I could go. You don't see that people make an issue of it. I have a colleague. He's an old because that goes against the narrative. Yeah. And he's in his 80s. He's 120, a dean. He was the dean of a school. He's a distinguished rabbi who speaks up against Zionism. His car tires was smashed. 10s of times, they shot into his house and

00:43:17--> 00:43:19

the police so fun never never.

00:43:21--> 00:44:01

New York, no Manchester, England, I'm just saying England. So people you see when people see this, but that resign is due to the ones who are speaking up against them, that they know what they're doing that we've ever accused as ins of being slouches. Oh, you know, they know what they're doing. When they have this, what they accomplished, his people are afraid to speak up. Unfortunately, it will still be like I say 10s of 1000s of more Jews speaking up if it wouldn't be for this intimidation, the attacks, but the chief rabbi of Palestine, Rabbi Teitelbaum moved out when he was in 60s and 70s, Chief Rabbi, he moved to New York, and he urged his followers, he said, If you can

00:44:01--> 00:44:42

move away, move out, because you're giving support unknowingly even by being there. So 10s of 1000s moved away. Now, we have an all around the world. We have schools that are followers of it's called sarcoma. And so he urged people he said, Go out, demonstrate so he said, at the course of your life, we have to tell the world it's not Judaism, it's not the religion and and and it's not the Jewish people who are true to the religion who are supporting who are doing this. People think that the more that religious the Jew, the more you are pro Zionist, after all, it's the end of Israel. It's so ironic. It's so sad. That's part of the Nakba, because we totally how many tears we cry with the

00:44:42--> 00:45:00

people of Gaza now, you have no idea now synagogues how many people this is now I've been trying for the last 75 years. I remember I mean, older rabbis will not sell a few good few of them aren't alive anymore. They remember their sin they remember when and when they would talk about

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

They would grit their teeth, they will talk about, well, how to design is that doing this crime against such good, lovely, beautiful people, our neighbors, and people were so good to us. And so what can we do? So we pray to God and we go out we demonstrate, then that you was mentioned, you're literally saying the same. You're literally like these rabbit crying for the Palestinians 100%. This, we have they accused now like I was saying, how could they perpetrate a crime that was just this last link in this Nakba. This Gaza, the murder of so many people that everybody's minute by minute people who are watching and, you know, the time doesn't allow us to talk about into the

00:45:40--> 00:46:22

visual that we should be spending days about each individual life and how they how they died. I mean, it's just tragic. And then somebody's lying in excruciating pain. They don't have medication, and they don't have a food, water. And under the rub. I mean, this is a conversation for some and it just, it's beyond words, like we just were stopped. We were crying, we were hearing a taste of some of the some of the people at the ANP would describing what happened to the relatives over there. So I mean, there's one and yet the Zionists are doing this, because I can say they dehumanize to the world, the people of Palestine, and they were successful in doing that. And they declare anti

00:46:22--> 00:47:01

semitism, and that is the way they're able to occupy because they say that they've taken that they came a bunch of integrals and took the land. No, they have a narrative that was an empty land more or less. And there was just a few people there who hated Jews, you know, because nobody had at that time internet. And so there was a few media outlets, and they had control of it. So they kept you hearing some problems over there. Oh, it's just a few anti Semites, you know, continuation of the Nazis or something. They're anti Semites and they hate so they were able to solidify that narrative, make that narrative stick for so many years till they were able to come to this level? What's

00:47:01--> 00:47:40

happening in Gaza? Now, I You said as anti semitism is yes, they, let's think about anti semitism. anti semitism means that you create a hate against Jews, because the Jews, who is the greatest creator of exacerbating anti semitism, not to say that anti semitism was before then Jews were killed by Hitler, my grandparents died in Auschwitz, the majority of my family, my father escaped from the Nazis, when they came to Hungary, but almost all film, but who was the ones who are exacerbating anti semitism today, and the last 75 years in the greatest form, that you don't even have Jewish communities and a lot of the Arab lands, they disappeared, where we will flourish for

00:47:40--> 00:47:53

hundreds of years, then nothing existing, or maybe a little remnant who did that. There was one thing that changed, not the religion, we lived together for hundreds of years, there was no human right, one thing changed the introduction of

00:47:54--> 00:47:57

an ideology called Zionism, the

00:47:58--> 00:48:44

the implementation of the State of Israel, on the the foot, on the, on the, on the neck of the Palestinian people, that is what changed, nobody. It's logical. It's just simply based on logic that God gives a person to understand the only thing that transpired is, the change is the creation of the State of Israel. And since not since the creation of the state before them once they started making Zionism which 1920s by the 10s. Since then, there's endless rivers of bloodshed. So who wait, the Palestinian people, and the Jewish people with a cold bloodedly beat and murder, and even their own Zionist, there's a river of blood that because they want to implement this thing. So people who

00:48:44--> 00:49:26

fall or get caught by the food by the who join them, whatever they reason, it may be maliciously or not, but they're dying. So 10s of 1000s of Jews also died to the history now all because it's so who was an anti Semite tell me who is anti semitic, they are the personification of anti semitism. They are the ones who should be labeled as a case example of what anti semitism is, is the state of Israel what they're doing in Gaza we did the world do not be silent we cannot be settled besides everything that we're talking about what they're doing to Jews what they're doing to destroyed the Jewish communities and all the Arab that with the with the Palestinians that they were giving a

00:49:26--> 00:50:00

refugee camps in squalor and those have a life for three four generations and maybe five already but now every day in Gaza it's to show the world that the world has to see that to think back be introspective and say what happened to me what happened to the world that they could be silent when they're seeing the that because they say they keep announcing probably with with a force that because there's some terrorist commands we're not gonna get into what that or that they're excused. But so I'm asking you if you take a man who's a

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

murderer runs into a schoolyard with his 1000 children there, which country which governing body will say that you're allowed to throw a bomb on the 1000 children because you want to kill somebody. I mean, it's the divisor. They're insulting, common sense of the of humanity in what they're doing. And that being support, we dare not be supported. I don't know what we can do. First we have to pray to God. The Almighty is compassionate, that we because we don't understand when he brings a plague to them. We don't understand why this, but we we have to pray to Him, they should stop it. And we have to, we must not be silent. We dare not be silent. I can't bring back your relatives. We cry we

00:50:40--> 00:51:02

there's no words. But we what we have to do for the people that are still alive, we cannot be silent. And because we're Jews, we must speak up and we do speak up, not as as much as we can. I'm not blaming people because of the attacks they're getting. But we must pick up but we try to when we bleed with the world. We played with our president, we played with the political figures

00:51:03--> 00:51:37

you wouldn't make who would something want to dwelve into something about Islam, you would respect the Islamic Korean leaders. If you want to speak about Christianity, you can expect the Pope and then if they have something to say about how come the Jewish people who have these beautiful the largest concentration of religious Jews, God fearing is Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there's that one Israeli flag there in Jerusalem Mayor Sharm these are the communities that have the following the religion that didn't divert from the village and they give the licenses they they pay for schooling that private school each child causes fortunes and costs fortunes and they have large families and

00:51:37--> 00:51:48

they pay that poor they have the they pay for their clothing for the kosher food how and when it comes to Israel they all against Israel. What are they crazy? If it's such an important thing to

00:51:49--> 00:52:26

import, they're against it? There's that Israeli flags not theory made sure but there's Palestinian flags there. By the way, the same thing is in Stamford hills in London, were invariably any country with a very religious to anti the state. So how come our president Why does the respect why does he turn to the Jews and say look, we haven't problems that people are dying. So as up you Jewish people who are the distinguished scholars say that the problem is because they're going away from the words of God we live together and we can't live together we want to live together as they pretend with the United Nations. We can't can't we do that we can live together in peace we have lived together and

00:52:26--> 00:52:43

we want to live together and it can be done history attest to it. The only impediment to peaceful coexistence is the the implementation of this flawed selfish state of Israel as ideology called Zionism.

00:52:44--> 00:52:59

Your thoughts before we conclude Dr. Damali honestly, last year I was with my family my nieces and I was planning actually when I go over there to teach my nieces and my nephews swimming and those my nieces

00:53:01--> 00:53:06

and my nephew don't really get killed and all the things you actually won't believe it

00:53:07--> 00:53:10

No, I really appreciate what you just said

00:53:12--> 00:53:13


00:53:14--> 00:54:02

situation now my my sister and my brother my cousin actually more work on the hospital or the text me many many pictures and videos more we're not allowed to build in social media not in the Facebook stuff it is the massacres literally massacres you know I have a picture actually cannot show it actually. I don't know because I gotta stop the my social media and Facebook and Twitter and this kind of stuff but completely if I shared this picture even made the shot the show also if I showed the picture, but the massacres by the way, I cannot imagine it you can't imagine this case, the slot and the kids don't know we don't we don't know what to say we don't we don't have words. It's it's

00:54:02--> 00:54:48

it's been done in our religion and our thing. We can only continue to work together. Yes, there is a key Yeah, we're making history here today. The key showing that a Muslim from Palestine or Palestinian and Orthodox Jew, Muslim can sit together and like you said is beautiful we can we have and we want to live together in peace. We will oh god willing, yes, yes. Yes, it is. He always say we will Inshallah, I believe sooner or later. Sooner or later we wake up no sooner we're going to pray to God. It says in our Torah, it says God says, Why are you rebelling against me? It will not be successful. We are certain that will rabbis constantly say that there will be an end to this

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

occupation. We don't know when when our profits. We pray to God every day should bring it back because God is compassionate. He can make anything happen that he should bring about speedily and peacefully because he can make anything happen like the USSR.

00:55:00--> 00:55:12

He didn't allow us and so he can make it happen. He can make it and we pray to him. At the same time we say, Do not be intimidated. You're not anti semitic. If you speak up against and get

00:55:13--> 00:55:51

gold, speak to anybody who you think can have some influence, whichever politician, don't be afraid to speak, speak up and do and do and do and support and send whatever help you can. They're not letting help into Gaza, but do and do and do. As much as humanly possible. I think we've shown here I mean, for anybody who has been watching the mainstream media they're tuning in here this is we've dispel this myth, you went into the history you've shown for over 1000 years, there was a relative peace between Muslims and Jews living together and Christians there in Jerusalem. There wasn't this kind of chaos that's going on. So that far is this is a straight out just lie that's being the

00:55:51--> 00:55:57

narrative, like you said, they need a narrative. They're pushing this narrative, we're combating this narrative right now, by making history.

00:55:59--> 00:56:45

In the Quran, in pallidum in home, except of the Jews become the real Jews. Wala who I know knows the best, but only a few, not the majority of the US and he's writing that they're not alone. Beautiful, beautiful. Rabbi Weiss, you want to say in closing? Yeah. So again, first of all, do we speak to the people of Gaza, they should know that we are praying for them constantly around the world in Feldstein, my brothers and sisters and the one around the world, we are hurting with you a feeling with you. And, and we all know there's a great God who's compassionate. And we went through hit five, six years, like I say with to now blood, so we know what it means suffering. I mean, I, I

00:56:45--> 00:57:28

could also tell stories of you know what we went through that time of the murder that and atrocities and so forth, but we didn't lose trust in God, we don't and we will not. So we pray to God is compassionate. And God will bring an end to this suffering, and inshallah he'll bring an end to the whole occupation, which is, in this case, the cause. And then you will see, you will be surprised to see so many so many Jews, the true to the total and all the Torah that they that there will be hugging, and and embracing the Palestinian say, here's the land but, but not only that, there will be many, many Jews who are misled by Zionism. The Satan, we say always fools people. But when this

00:57:28--> 00:58:08

is going to pass, you're going to see that the people are going to are going to be totally broke by what they did. And they're going to look for ways to repent on this. We hope that that will happen. Many people today are changing their views from the Jewish evangelist because that they see they see what this total row but we're saying God will bring it up. And this is to the people of Gaza that they should hear and to the people in the refugee camps but to the people around the world the non Jews please do not use ours don't call it the Jewish state don't call it Judaism because when you say Jewish state when you want to talk about it they right away the ones I'm talking the ones who

00:58:08--> 00:58:46

was trying to do for the for the peace by saying the word Jews or Jewish state you're playing into the hands of not to know and then because they want to be able to say oh, he's anti semitic it's not anyways a Jewish state that Zionism it's hard to say it because it looks the core of the Jewish stereotype. They there's a minus want that. But in Iran, for instance, they're very careful. That's why they hate Iran so much design is because they the Ayatollah Khomeini was very careful in differentiating between Judaism and Zionism, and they have synagogues that have the Jewish Hebrew letters. People go pray that I went there many times. And and and in all the leaders in Hizballah,

00:58:46--> 00:59:23

and Hamas, yes, yes. All these leaders, they they publicly announced that they're not against Jews, and the Zionist want them to say Jews, so then they can accuse of being awesome. Don't say that. Be careful. And we pleaded with the world. Everybody should do what they can and we're pleading with the Jews use again, common sense, how come the very religious, the authorities of Judaism, whether it's brisk, whether it's an Athenian, Hasidic, how come the very religious that give their lives for the for the Torah observance? How come they're anti Zionist? If you're looking for the truth, then you step back and realize you're being fooled by the Zionist propaganda by the teaching, by the

00:59:23--> 00:59:51

facade of the chief rabbi, so let us all embrace God His Torah and do what he wants with God should help the removal of the impediment to peace, design, the State of Israel, that we can live together in peace and harmony, a free pass that we'll be able to give the Palestinian people that lives returned to them. And ultimately, we pray for the day with all humanity recognize one God and serving them in harmony. You also you had so many

00:59:52--> 01:00:00

organizations, Holocaust survivors who have also spoken out and knowing what had happened is evil event.

01:00:00--> 01:00:44

that Muslims condemn Islam condemns this holocaust. And that slogan was often never again. So now anybody who has a heart who believes in God this is a chance to truly never again it's not never again but now you're excluding the Palestinians This is never again for anybody for Jews for for Musa for anybody for this to happen, but it's happening in 4k, and people are watching but they have a chance now like you're saying, to speak up to create awareness. And thank you for Edie for the show. Really, the best things for other the whole world to watch this to see us that mean that the robot is in the truth. And I'm so so happy. I really appreciate the sitting here. It's second time,

01:00:44--> 01:00:56

third time together. But now with the deen show millions of people can watch that God one maybe soon, soon. Free Free Palestine in Sharla.

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Thank you the deen shows an old show ready? Yes. White Beard

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doing God's work to spreading the word and thank you.

01:01:13--> 01:01:50

Thank you. Thank you guys for tuning in. Thank you go ahead create that awareness. So we can truly be people like the rabbi was saying that we can he showed the history Yes, we did live together in peace. We can live together in peace and we want to live together in peace. Don't be fooled by the narrative. And do your part so we can stop this eradication of human beings babies that are being killed Thank you very much peace be with you. A Salam aleikum Lee without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran, go and visit the deen show.com will take care of the postage and

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