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we taught our children to give sanctuary to the Jews. And that's why only somebody detached from history comes to those very outrageous conclusions. I don't know if you've heard of this turn Hannibal directive.

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They may know the Muslims proactively went out to rescue the Jews from anti semitic while protecting the Jews wearing the niqab. 2005. We tried to compromise Israel withdrew from Gaza could have been the biggest, beautiful resort on the beach. He was also a Zionist. It's not like I used to be a Zionist. As you mentioned, I'm a Holocaust survivor, he was able to leverage this media attention into several fundraisers where he managed to collect a whopping in and winning their hearts so much so that many of the Jews entered Islam. On the basis they thought our religion doesn't call on us for this. Our religion talks about emelec how we shouldn't really reporter II che Cohen investigated

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and determined that the story wasn't true. This is the day he

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was ready to talk about his

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faith show Welcome to the deen show, the Dean de show.

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Now my next guest Sami Hamdi is the managing director at the international interest, who is also political commentator. I'm going to get into this very disturbing clip. And I want him to give us his feedback and reaction to it. Because it seems like this is catching a little bit of momentum. So want to put this

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out before more people start to repeat some of these not facts far beyond fiction, we can no longer embrace this being Mr. Nice Guy, to the people who are in Gaza, because this is over 1000 years of mothers teaching their children grow up and kill Jews grow up and kill us slowly. Cool. Welcome, Sarah. How are you doing? I love having me. Thank you. Thank you for coming in. We get straight into it. You see, this is beyond fiction. I mean fairy tales. What do you call this? A call this incredible right wing propaganda, incredible Israeli multibillion dollar PR propaganda, and also Desperation, desperation in this idea that now you have people screaming down the microphone, saying

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that we shouldn't play nice guy anymore. But why are they saying it they are saying it because they are responding to a phenomenon that is unfolding, which is what I call the Great Awakening, which is that people are finally beginning to see the cause for what it is, which is an apartheid settler project against the Palestinians. And now there is this hysteria, because that sounds hysterical. There is this hysteria that is emerging, which is calling on people not to believe the Palestinian narratives that for the first time have finally broken through Israel's chokehold over the monopoly. I know that sometimes people when they hear this kind of thing, they think, you know, this is the

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reaction is going to be really bad. And this shows that things are becoming dangerous or the like. And part of that might be true. But it's also important to note that the widespread message, the widespread messaging of messages, such as this is a reaction to what they perceive to be a threat. And the threat they perceive to be here is not a military threat from Gaza or the Palestinians is the threat that after 75 years of portraying the Palestinians as barbaric and inhuman, the world is beginning to see them as humans, as mothers, as fathers, as the grandfather who has the bed where for years, Hollywood kept presenting anybody with a bed as somebody associated with radicalism.

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People saw a viral video where a man in the bed dressed in Muslim attire, who is holding his dead granddaughter and says, You are rah, rah, the spirit, the soul of my soul. I will be here for having video tomorrow.

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they are seeing this and they are human. These videos are humanizing the Palestinians in a way that is provoking that sort of hysteria. And that's why as you said, They're going beyond fiction in order to try to create multiple narratives in a desperate attempt to dehumanize the Palestinians after failing in previous attempts. With the stories of beheaded babies with the story, parents stories of rate with the apparent mistreatment of the hostages like all of which have since been debunked.

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You been a practicing Muslim, obviously, tell us what does Islam is this part of the team because you said for over 1000 years, Muslim mothers have been taught to just hate Jews as part of Islamic teachings used to hate Jews because they're Jews.

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I think that when it comes to this particular propaganda and messaging, it's important to note that those who say this are very much detached from history and the reason why I say that they are detached from their own history. And the reason why I say this in particular is that it's true that as Muslims, it's very easy to debunk this but it's important to highlight that even in non Muslim literature, there is a resounding consensus that the only example of real coding

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resistance between the religions based on justice and harmony has only ever truly existed in its objective form. In Muslim history, only it was Muslim and de Lucia, that was considered the epitome of coexistence between Muslims, Jews and Christians so much so that when you look at the rate of conversions from Judaism to Islam and the n de Lucia, they weren't as fast as Christianity because the Jews found that even within Muslim rule whereby Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, allowed them to operate within their own laws within their own societies. Inside the Muslim state. This was something ordained by Allah subhanho wa taala. himself when Isabella kicked out the Muslims from

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Spain and the Jews, the Jews found haven not in Krisztian Europe which had which had brutalized them, not in white supremacists, anti semitic Europe, they went to the Muslims because they knew the Muslim tradition encouraged the coexistence between the religions in a way that Judeo Christianity does not even when you look at the the only country the only city in Europe that has the nickname The Jerusalem of Europe, and before I go into Jerusalem of Europe, why is it called Jerusalem is because Jerusalem in Christian literature in Western literature, Jerusalem is considered a place of the coexistence of religions. But why is it considered the place of coexistence? It's because the

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Muslims rule Jerusalem in such a way that honorable Akbar, but of Allah and who brought back the Salahuddin.

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They brought back the Jews to live in Jerusalem after they had been kicked out by the Christians, and established a system of coexistence that became such a model of practice, that Jerusalem as an ideal became what people used to describe as the ideal form of coexistence. And the only city in Europe, Eddie, and you will know this as well, because you are from this country where the city is the only city in Europe that's called the Jerusalem of Europe, the Jerusalem being a reference that this is the only city in Europe that the Westerns like to argue is a place where coexistence works is Sarajevo of Bosnia. And Sarajevo became this Jerusalem of Europe by their own recognition. The

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reason why I avoided the Islamic texts is because the non we're talking non Muslims they said I'm saying even in a non Muslim literature, they called Sarajevo the Jerusalem of Europe on the basis that when the Muslims rule Sarajevo, you see the synagogue you see the church and the masjid because the Muslims believed it was incumbent upon them to facilitate that coexistence in a way that anti semitic Europe never did. And it's important to stress here that despite that idea, that even beyond the idea of Jerusalem of Europe, it's important for us to be very blunt as well, with regards with regards to the tragedies and the horrific atrocities that were committed, we should be blunt, and we

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should acknowledge them that it was the Europeans, the anti semitic Europeans, that guests, the guests, the Jews, it was anti semitic Europeans that put the Jews under the Holocaust. It was the anti semitic white supremacist that kicked out the Jews and massacred them in Spain. It was the anti semitic Europeans that did the pogroms in Warsaw in Poland that massacre the Jews for no other reason than they were Jews. It was the anti semitic white supremacists Europeans who came up with the Balfour Declaration, which was not supposed to be a gift of Palestine to the Jews so much as an attempt to kick out in their words, the alien Jews from our society in the words of the Daily Mail.

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And it's very interesting that when the Balfour Declaration was announced, it was a Jew as the only Jewish Member of Parliament who stood up and said, It's outrageous for you to try to kick us out of the UK on the basis of anti semitism that you believe somehow we don't belong here. Even in their own literature and even in their own literature. They acknowledge that they taught their children hate, we taught our children love. They taught their children to commit atrocities. We taught our children to build havens, they taught their children to massacre Jews, we taught our children to give sanctuary to the Jews. And that's why only somebody detached from history comes to those very

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outrageous conclusions. This is deep. I mean anybody so it wasn't Muslims and have this kind of pride. You mentioned everybody but the Muslims, Muslims are welcoming Jews. I want to build this framework this foundation so we can clear up any doubt that anybody has anyone does a little bit of homework looks into the history. They're going to come up with what you just mentioned here. This is interesting in Sarajevo said you mentioned Sarajevo that when the Muslims there at that time, they were actually I interviewed some some people for in Bosnia, they were saying how they were hiding the Jews and niqab. They were the to protect them in the cob when they saw me dress is that? Yes,

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yes. During the war to the Muslims and the bush dx. People in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina are protecting the Jews wearing the niqab. Especially in the cup. Muslims would put this on the dreamies to this way the hell being

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To hide the height of his house, so the Nazis wouldn't kill them. Yes, yes, it's to protect the Jews from the Nazis. Steve. No, but it's true. And also, the Ottoman Empire sent ships to rescue Jews from Spain. But we're not talking about the Jews turned up on the shores and we said, oh, okay, you know, let's take them in. No, the Muslims proactively went out to rescue the Jews from anti semitic white supremacist Europe. Even those pictures of the Jews from Europe who are coming to Palestine after the Holocaust after the brutality of what Europe did to them the unfilled abandons please don't do to us what the Europeans did to us with anti semitic white supremacist Europeans did to us.

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And that's why I find it fascinating that what white supremacist Europe tends to do the white supremacist is they try to reflect their atrocities or impose them on others in that they were anti semitic. So they accuse others of being anti semitic. Everything they did, they are trying to accuse the Muslims of doing and the reason why Muslims are so baffled by it is because the Muslims look at their own rich tradition in history. And they say yoga we did it already. We even today in the universities when they study coexistence, and the Lucia is the number one example that you will use. Sarajevo is one of the top examples that they use, they struggled to find a single European city

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where they can legitimately argue that there was harmony between the different religions, because white supremacist didn't believe in coexistence. They believed in subjugation they believed in massacres, even in the Hollywood films, you Eddie, even in the Hollywood films. I don't know if anybody has seen the film kingdom of heaven with Orlando Bloom, where they talk about Salahuddin and they they tried to paint Orlando Bloom as bedding as some sort of hero and there's a scene right at the end, where Balian says okay, I will surrender the city. But how do I know that you won't do to the Christians will be you want massacre the Christians? Because Balian is aware that when the

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Christians took Jerusalem, they massacred 70,000 of the population, Muslims and Jews. And he says how do I know you won't do that to the population in there? And Salahuddin goes because I am Salahuddin. I'm not you, you're not my teacher. And that's why I think it's fascinating that even in the Quran, when Allah subhanaw taala talks about the Dawa, he says woman is an economy medallion Allah, Allah Subhan will call it in an email and Muslimeen Is there any better speech no one who calls to Allah and does good deeds and says I am fundamentally mean we tend to forget that the next area gives context to that area, which is well a tester will have center to will say, the good deed

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and the bad deeds are not equal. They are anti Semites we are that doesn't make us anti Semites, they are Islamophobic that doesn't make us racist. They are racist. That doesn't make us in other words, just because they do vile atrocities. We've never taken them as our teachers in the way that we treat the Jews we never and the reason why these cities existed and the Lucia and Sarajevo and these other places where the Jews were able to live in the same era in which the Jews were being persecuted by white supremacists, anti semitic Europe. The reason why the cities were able to exist is because the Muslims even in those environments, never took them to be the teachers. They took

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Allah subhanaw taala where he says in the Quran, its viability as infidelity by Nico Urbino can only on him conduct yourself and that which is best for it may be the one who is an enemy today, tomorrow becomes your warmest ally. And we are seeing it today. One of the things that they find these white supremacist and those designers, the reason they are struggling so much, Eddie, is because they are seeing that as a result of the collapse of the Muslim at the data of the Muslims. One more and more people entering Islam, but to more and more allies are aligning themselves with Muslim causes. And you saw the Jewish cousins do the sitting in the Congress demanding a ceasefire. You've been to

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protest before you've seen the Jews join us and say we stand against the ceasefire. They're doing it because of the data that Muslims are giving. And also because those particular Jews know their history. They know that historically, there's never really been a problem between the Jews and the Muslims insofar as the Muslims living side by side with the Jews. And to finish on this point. Anybody who opens the book road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad. Mohammed Asad writes at a time before Israel is established. Mohammed Asad says that in Palestine, where he was living, the Jews, and the Muslims live side by side in complete harmony. But these the influx of Europeans coming in,

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particularly Europeans coming in are agitating and causing a rift in society that is exacerbating these differences because they refuse to engage with society, and look down on the Jews who support the coexistence. And the reason I want to finish on this particular point on this topic, is to highlight that Zionism in its essence, was always about ethnic cleansing and genocide. It was something that was so disgusted by the Islamic principle of respect and coexistence. They were so disgusted that Islam called for respect of Al Kitab. It was so disgusted that Islam would uphold a system of justice whereby I literally Allahu Taala and the fourth Qatif of Islam, would go to a

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court case, and he would be against a Jew and they would be arguing over a plot of land or the like, and the judge would would give a ruling in favor

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The Jew and then look at Alibaba Parliament say yeah about Hassan. You look upset with the judgment and earlier of the line who would say no judge, I'm not upset with the judgment. I'm upset that you called me a bad person, but didn't call him with a cornea. You honored me by quoting me by Konya. If you use Konya on me use cornea on him, if you will call me about harassing you call me about on his son, to elevate him in status to show you how Islam even in something as the title would which you address the Jew is something that Islam demands that you uphold justice in the Zionists were disgusted that Islam respected the Jew. So they want to do dehumanize the Muslims to try to convince

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the world that somehow we're the ones who are the ones who are oppressing the Jews. And you have a lot of academics, you have a lot of historian Jewish historians who also go ahead and are honest and they come out and say Islam saved the jury. I want to take it back to the last fundamentalist into mankind pro Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. Did he or his time have the ability if he wanted to if Muslims were really against Jews to annihilate Jews at a time did he have the power if he wanted to? The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he enters Medina, he's aware there's a large Jewish population. He's aware that Olson hazard is the largest tribes have given him

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allegiance. And he's aware that the Jews have a sensitivity towards the man who's just turned up at the gates claiming to be a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala bringing a religion that they fear will supplant their religion. They fear that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is about to bring about revolutionary change in Medina that might result in an existential crisis against the Jews answering your question. They believe that an existential crisis primarily because his message was resonating with the two main powers in Medina, and that these two main powers who had been warring for generations fighting and killing each other for generations, suddenly laid down their arms over

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there as a result of the message of this man, an orphan illiterate orphan who had come from Mecca and they had offered him sanctuary. The Jews were concerned what this message would mean for them. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes to them and says, let us establish the Pact of Medina whereby if somebody attacks you, we promise to defend you. If somebody oppresses you, we promise to defend you. If somebody comes after and violates you, we swear before Allah subhanaw taala we will fight with you to the end for your rights, even though you are Jewish, and we are Muslims. But from Hamas, Allah Allah said and with the messenger from Allah Himself, doesn't say

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accept Islam or I will slaughter you doesn't say accept Zionism, I will massacre you doesn't say accept my message or I will eradicate you and commit genocide and ethnic cleansing and turfy from your homes, the way designers are doing to us. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, your homes are yours, your lands are yours. Your society is yours. Your laws are yours, your customs are yours, and we swear to protect it on the basis of this pact of Medina, and you will promise to protect us when our rights are violated, and the Jews were so surprised by it, then the hypocrites was so horrified by it, because the hypocrites hoped that they could cause a division

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between the Jews and the Muslims. And they were so stunned that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had ruined their plan with kindness, that he had ruined their plan with an injunction in Islam that imposed upon us an obligation to show respect and uphold the rights of the Jews, even though they are not Muslim. The hypocrites believed that we have a mantra like the Zionist where we should be massacring those who disagree with us. They were shocked that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was telling his prophet don't force them into the religion convinced them lie Accra 15 convinced them were Jordan on Belletti acid debate with them in that which is best we'll call it a better quality

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SN say to my believers that do that which is best woman, I still call him a dial Allah, the best speech is the one who calls to Allah, not the one who kills do not have for them. They were stunned that this man was coming in subverting all the traditions and customs of the people who came before him where they would be violent in imposing their views. They wanted Islam to be a religion that imposes itself by force, they were shocked to find that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was coming in and winning their hearts. So much so that many of the Jews entered Islam on the basis they thought our religion doesn't call on us for this. Our religion talks about ama like how we should

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massacre you know, women and children and the like, even when people talk about banal Kurata and the betrayal that happened afterwards. Bento kureta was Jewish law not Muslim law, because they implemented Jewish law on the side that no more either of you allowed to Allah and the Prophet Muhammad Salim says which law do you want to impose on them? Is it Muslim law or Jewish law? And so the more I said to the Jews and the Jews, they want the Jewish law implemented on them not the Muslim law is the Jewish law that is implementing a ban on Korea either. And that's the important distinction that is supposed to be made here in that when the Prophet Muhammad Salim entered Medina

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The reason that Medina covenant is studied even today is because it was revolutionary in its time that a man would come with a message from Allah subhanho wa taala. But tell people, I'm not here to force you into it, please give me a chance to plead with you to enter it. And I think that's why the prophet has to sell him. When the Jewish course was passing by him in a funeral. He stood up to show respect to it, even if Allah told him don't do it again, but it shows you the humanity in the heart of the Prophet Muhammad Salah isn't and his approach to the Jews, which is the example for us. And that's why I always say and I love Omar motto statement deliberate Libyan Liberty liberation leader

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were when they captured Italian soldiers and his soldiers. They said, Let's torture and kill them the way they did us. Let's rip their limbs off the way they do to us. Let's electrocute them the way they do to us. Amata looks at them horrified and says they are not our teachers. The Muslim says they are not the Muslim says they are not our teachers. And that's why I say it for any of everybody listening to this. They are not our teachers when we talk about our relationship with the Jewish population. Netanyahu is not our teacher. Blinken is not our teacher, Biden is not our teacher. These people committing atrocities are not our teacher, even when they commit atrocities we read in

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the Quran, well, at least they will have Senator. Well, let's say the good deed and the bad deed are not equal. Allah doesn't tell us to respond to the same atrocity. Allah tells us that bad deed is not equal to the good deed. And the Prophet SAW Selim is our example, in that when the rights are violated, we stand with them. And when they are oppresses, we were ready to stand against it. But the point is, the relationship is one of justice. Justice doesn't belong solely to the Muslims alone. It also belongs to the Jews and the Christians. And in their own history. This is where I finish on this point in their own history. Forget Islamic history in their own history. This is why

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I emphasized I started with their history, in their own history, they acknowledge that the only religion in history that gave sanctuary to the Jews, or any persecuted religion that was persecuted by the white supremacist of the Western world, they always found sanctuary in Islam, as some of the greatest writings emerged, not in Europe, but emerge in Muslim Societies because they had the freedom to do so. This is really deep. I mean, this leaves no doubt. You mentioned

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you mentioned a lot of things had me think when you said our cousins, this is like a term of endearment. What are you going to call someone your cousin you know, if you if you hate them, if you're you're teaching your children like Michelle Bachman former Congresswoman is talking about, if you have this hate, and you're being taught to kill them, and then you made a distinction between Jews and Zionism. For the average person who doesn't know the difference? How would you define and make help them understand Judaism between Zionism and the two? One of the things that is worth noting is that when you go to these protests, or when you see the Jews doing the sittin in Congress,

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or when you see the Jewish Voice for Peace, so when you see these other organizations, they are sincere Jews who are standing against the violence Zionism that's being implemented in Palestine, we see many Jewish rabbis come out and say, Zionism is not part of Judaism, the way ethnic cleansing and genocide is not part of Judaism, and I believe them to be sincere. And that's why there's a distinction between these Jews who uphold justice, even if it belongs to a people that are not their own, and between Zionism, which is a settler apartheid colonial project, which was founded by an atheist, secular Jew, or atheist Jew, who came out and said that we need to Haven one thing I will

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say is this. I sympathize with the roots of Zionism. And I'll explain what I mean. Zionism doesn't emerge from a vacuum. Zionism emerges because the white supremacist of the Western world are so atrocious, atrocious in the calamities that they that they inflict on the Jewish population. The anti semitism is so deeply embedded is so vile is so violent is so brutal. We're talking pogroms, we're talking mass massacres of Jewish populations. We're talking Holocaust, we're talking about the persecution in their jobs. We're talking about persecution. In society. We're talking about newspapers, doing horrific cartoons, where they show Jews with long noses and accusing them of being

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all these various different things. Zionism emerges in this environment where the Jews say to themselves, that these anti semitic white supremacist of the Western world who are today trying to preach morality and values that somehow they believe to be superior to everybody else, that the treatment or their treatment at the hands of these white supremacists was so violent and brutal that they believe the only solution was to establish a haven for themselves where they will no longer be persecuted. They wanted sanctuary and security from who not the Muslims that they claim today, or 4000 years, somehow their children were taught to hate. They wanted sanctuary from the white

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supremacist Western world. They wanted sanctuary from the white supremacist. They were willing to go anywhere, Argentina, Uganda, anywhere away from these white supremacists who was so racist, so anti semitic, that we can't live in this

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It is we need to establish a society for ourselves in this, I sympathize in the Muslim world, they saw justice they didn't see it in the white supremacist, anti semitic world.

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I sympathize with that. But Zionism became an idea of ethnically cleansing a land that did not belong to them for the sole purpose that somehow they believe themselves to be a chosen people. Allah says in the Quran, that when bento SRA used to treat people badly, they used to be told, Why do you treat people this way? And they used to say that it can be and then that Lisa Lena Phil Amina SEBI, that we then you can't blame us for the way that we treat an unlettered people or people who are below us. Designers argued Europeans, by the way, ironically, not the Jews of motherboard, the Jews of the you know, the Middle East or the Jews elsewhere, the European Jews turn up to Palestine.

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And they preach this idea of Zionism, in which they tell the Jews who are living in coexistence, that what do you think of the idea where we kick out? People who've been in their homes for 1000s of years, let's kick them out, take their land, take their homes and take it for ourselves. Because we are a chosen people. Why don't we commit genocide and the Nakba and kick them out in 1948 Look, kick out 700,000 Palestinians for no other reason, then we want their land and we want to establish it as an ethnocentric Jewish state. This is Zionism the idea that they want to commit ethnic cleansing of a land to secure a state that belongs solely to them whereby they can act with impunity against the

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rest of the population. The irony being is Zionism is the very copy of the anti semitic white supremacist ideology that they fled from. So they suffered under an ideology in white supremacist Western Europe that said, You're aliens, you don't belong here. This is a white state for Christian them and Jews don't have any place here. It's almost as if they graduated from that university, the Zionist and said with this model, though, were persecuted us. Wouldn't it be great if we did it to somebody else, and so they turn up on Palestine, they do exactly what was done to them. They massacre the local population, ethnically cleanse the areas to have them from their homes, impose

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laws to persecute, identical copy, the traumatized does do the same. The abused is now doing the same thing that abuser did very weird syndrome that is taking place. This is Zionism. And this is why the Jews were horrified by what design is did many Jews were horrified by what design is did the Jews who understand Judaism have come out and they've said that Judaism does not believe in the genocide and ethnic cleansing, some of you have gone gone as far as to say, the reason we don't have a stated because God doesn't give us a state because we betrayed our prophets. They have that in their own literature. Zionism is not a religious movement. It's a political movement designed to

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achieve the supremacy of one race over another. It's an apartheid supremacist ideology, almost identical to the very white supremacist, anti semitic ideology that they fled from and they were brutalized. And it's interesting you mentioned the Theodore Hertzfeld, who I call this as like more of the Prophet because these people are not really following the Prophet Moses. They're following someone who was an atheist and the founding members of the movement were atheists, they really didn't even believe in God, but they believe that God promised them the land. This is very, very ironic. It's like they say we don't believe in religion, but we'll take the path of religion that

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suddenly like

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you beautifully explained the medina charter. And probably Muhammad he had the power he could have annihilated every every Jew there, but this is a proof now. Allah didn't let him he didn't let Yeah, I'm not saying Prophet Selim ever thought about it. He never thought about that at all. But I'm saying he was a messenger from Allah subhanaw taala. So he was conveying the message of Allah subhanaw taala. So when he doesn't do that, it's because Allah subhanaw taala never asked him to do it ever. And then I want to just move on to

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one of the Khalifa of Islam. For the non Muslim audience like a president, what would you define that as leader,

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Khalifa, the elected leader.

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So now he's coming back, and if you can take this away, and he's coming back and taking over Jerusalem from the Christians, and for how many 600 years, the Jews were kicked out. And then now amado de la han he comes in repopulates Jerusalem Jews, this is correct. The story of it is magnificent. Because honorable Khattab on his way to Jerusalem. Yeah. He's writing mu Yeah. And Jerusalem at that time, bear in mind, it's a very prestigious global city and the Muslims have taken and more eyewear or the land who comes to Medina and says to me the money we have taken Jerusalem, we've taken it, so I'm gonna hottub gets ready to go to receive the keys of Jerusalem. As he's

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approaching. They say to me, Alma bukata You are the Khalifa and

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Out of the Muslim of the Muslims, surely you should be writing something more prestigious, surely you should be writing etc. Is that Emile? Emile you know, he's going to show you what these Muslim leaders were like. And yes, and he turns around and he says, Allah subhanho wa and we were humiliated people, we were a who couldn't learn or we were the most humiliated of people. And Allah gave us glory through Islam. And what Allah if we were to seek glory in anything but Islam, surely Allah will humiliate us once more, I will not enter Jerusalem to show arrogance on the people that we have conquered. I will not enter Jerusalem to say that Islam has arrogantly come in to subjugate

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them, I will not enter Jerusalem on the basis that I've come in to persecute in the way that Christians I will come in to show them what Islam is really about. And when he enters Jerusalem, and he orders that the Jews be restored to codes that they be allowed to come and live in those areas once more, that white supremacist Christian them anti semitic Christian refused to allow the Jews are stunned, not that they are coming back. But that's true that somehow argues that this is the Islamic thing to do that this is the Muslim thing to do. And there's another fascinating story in this is well, in that normal data is reported into the church to show how the Christian the white

00:31:18--> 00:31:29

supremacist are not our teachers. He enters the church and the Christians are saying to him, the time for prayer came in. They said to Him, yeah, yeah, Khalifa, you may pray here, if you wish we don't mind.

00:31:30--> 00:32:04

Now, scholars say that it's permissible for him to have prayed in that church. But he turns around to him and he says, I will not pray here. They say why? He says, I fear people will come after me. And they will say your amount of prayed in this church, and they will tear down this church and they will build a mosque on top of it. So he said it's better for me. You look at the foresight, that honorable heptathlon annual head, even in his treatment of al Qaeda, our cousins is as I say, as I say sometimes, in the idea that you think about it, what is it that made the honorable, restore the Jews to drusen? Tell them you can come back and live here after the Christians kicked you out of the

00:32:04--> 00:32:38

600 years. As you mentioned, what made honorable HotJobs say to the Christians, I don't want overzealous Muslims to come and tear down your churches, something that is forbidden in Islam. When people say churches are converted to mosques. It's usually because the Christians are selling their churches selling the land and the property it's never through taking violence by force. The point is, what is driving honorable hubbub to show this attitude to Jews and Christians that the Jews and Christians don't even show themselves? What is it that made Omar Al Khattab show this attitude to people who are not Muslim, that they those non Muslims were treating themselves in that manner. It

00:32:38--> 00:33:20

was an injunction. It was Islam that inspired the honorable Hatha you it was Islam that encourage honorable thought that the ultimate aim of Islam, if you are trying to get people to become Muslim, you must convince them freely to accept Islam. Allah does not accept somebody to be forcefully converted to Islam. And that will lay the foundations for coexistence in lack of Dino camellia Deen, and laid the foundations of the whole affair to do what was not being done anywhere else in the world at that time, which is to proactively facilitate the coexistence and that's why I want to mention I want to really emphasize this point, that it wasn't just the honorable hottub on his own,

00:33:20--> 00:33:48

oh, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are coming with human being thoughts on coexistence. They were being guided by Allah subhanho wa taala, who ordained in the Quran that this is what Islam is about. Islam is about granting the rights to everybody, irrespective of their religion. And that's when we're hottub comes in. It's Islam that inspires him to bring the Jews back and Islam that inspires him to uphold the rights of the Christians. And in my opinion, I'll finish on this point.

00:33:50--> 00:34:34

This is why there was so much animosity to Islam. The animosity to Islam, in my opinion, was never about the battles or about the Conqueror or about the conquest. So it was never about any of that. The animosity towards Islam was that it was so incredible and majestic in the values it preached and the transformations it brought about in individuals, that Kristin them and Zionists were so horrified by what Islam preached. They were so taken aback by it, of the kindness of the way that Islam promoted that coexistence that it's sort of like no, I can't have people believe this message. It's too nice a message is to wonderful a message. I need them to be brutal like me, I need them to

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

commit atrocities like me. That's why they hate Islam. It's the fact that it inspires justice where they want to uphold injustice. I'm going to push back just a little bit for the skeptic and someone who's out there. That's their propaganda. So we covered a new eloquently you went and gave context to at that time, we see what the prophet last and final message is sent to man peace and blessings be upon him. He wanted to establish peace. We're going to protect you. We're going to work in heart

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Many, then you have treachery that was committed. Okay, so now you're breaking the rules, and you're trying to assassinate the head of state consequent treachery. So if somebody tries to bring up isolated into the general, what is happening, we're trying to live coexistence. You have your rights, you can go ahead and even according to God's law, Sharia, now you can govern according to your religious. You have your own religious rights. It's not like something can be amended in the law. And now you can be taken out, it's guaranteed rights, the people of the book, is that correct? Yes. So now what do you like to say when people try to bring up maybe some isolated incidences? They

00:35:37--> 00:36:05

all look here? They were oppressed, or in this situation? Have you had this come up? And how do you like to address that? I think the main thing that comes up has been UCLA, which was that when the after the Jewish population betrayed the Muslims, when they were really that's the main thing you see, the main thing, they always bring it up, they say, look what the Muslims did to the Jews, in the way that the men and the men were killed, and the women enslaved and, and they always mentioned, and we're not scared, scared to discuss these things, not scared to discuss these things. And I'll tell you why. Here's the context.

00:36:07--> 00:36:08

In Islamic law,

00:36:09--> 00:36:32

and I'll give two examples. In the Battle of Oxford, for those who are interested in reading about it, it was a defeat of the Muslims at the hands of Quraysh, who were beating so the Muslims were winning, and then the archers on the hill. They got excited about the spoils of war, they abandoned their position, and Halliday mobileread who would later become the soul of Allah and Muslim comes around the mountain and he hits the Muslims from behind, and the Muslims are defeated in that battle.

00:36:33--> 00:37:12

Understand that military law, those who came down from the hill should have been executed for disobeying the law in American military law in UK military law. It's established military law, that the punishment is usually court martial. Allah subhanaw taala says down in a welcome Tafadzwa little Colby lamb for a woman Holic we are Mohammed if you are harsh on them, and you apply this rule, the rest of your people will leave you so Allah says for and home was tougher Allah home, will shower home for them or pardon them, ask forgiveness for them. And not only that is a show in front of bring them back into your consultation after they have led to the defeat of the Muslims in battle.

00:37:12--> 00:37:32

Shall we'll bring them back we always say I forgive but I'll never forget. Allah tells him bring them back. And Allah tries to assure the Prophet and says if you fear they will make the mistake again for either Assumpta fatawa, Allah Allah, once you've decided not to put your trust in Allah that He will protect you from the effects of their betrayal. The point I'm saying is, look how Islam deals with

00:37:34--> 00:37:45

betrayal in the military sense. And now look at the betrayal of the interest of the Muslims. When the Prophet SAW Selim is about to launch his army to go to Fatima to open Mecca to go to Morocco itself.

00:37:46--> 00:38:24

Quraysh don't know the Muslims are coming. This is often treated for Devi has been broken when the Kurdish killed the Muslims. A man worries about the fate of his family. So he leaves Medina under the cover of night and he tries to go to Mecca to tell them the Muslims are coming. Prepare yourselves. In other words, he's telling them get ready. He's betraying the Muslims. He's saying they're coming. Prepare yourselves. I'm giving you information in advance to give you an advantage over the Muslims because they're coming a military advantage. When they catch him and he comes back. This is a betrayal of the full magnitude. What does the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam impose on

00:38:24--> 00:38:46

this individual when the Sahaba saying he should be executed for his betrayal? The Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim says he fought in butter. How do you know that Allah has not forgiven those who have fought in better. In other words, they forgive the treason. The reason I say this, look at the capacity in Islamic law for pardoning even a crime of treason.

00:38:48--> 00:39:29

Now, let's look at Jewish law, which was what was implemented on bonacasa blucora. What was implemented was not Muslim law or Islamic law, which has room for pardoning crimes, including treason, as we saw in butter, as we saw with the person who tried to betrayed the Muslims embedded, they wanted Jewish law to be implemented on them. And that's why sometimes when they use these arguments, I keep I always say, I say maybe if they had asked for Islamic law to be implemented on them, it wouldn't have happened. But the Jews insisted on their own law being implemented on them. Surely, in many ways, it's a sign that Islamic law might be a bit better for the population than

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

usual than Judaism. And that's why I think for these issues when they bring isolated isolated incidents, the reason they bring isolated instance is because the context kills them. The context makes them feel uncomfortable to tell somebody that was Jewish load on the Judaism, not Islamic law really hurts. It's like you're trying to say Islamic law is better. And as I said earlier, the epitome of coexistence Muslims, the epitome of justice, Muslims, the breakthrough in sciences that led to Adam Smith and his theories, Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala inspired us with this knowledge

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

And that's why I always argue that context is important. Because once you encourage the context, they discover things such as how Islamic law dealt with instances of treason. I'm not saying it's unethical doesn't have punishments for treason, such as, for example, like other things and execution and the like. What I'm saying is, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam demonstrated that there were instances where even something like treason could be forgiven, something that didn't exist in Judaism. So when you look at those atrocities, I always say to them, guys, it was Jewish law that was implemented, they want the Jewish law to be implemented. And I wish sometimes that it

00:40:34--> 00:41:08

was Islamic law that had been implemented for it might have turned out to be better. I mean, if you want to get technical, they should be actually because they end up denying, they're waiting around for a messiah, which is actually Jesus. And then if they would accept it, then they end up accepting Prophet Muhammad, and then they would they wouldn't have to be committing this genocide based on certain verses in the Bible, which if you look at chapter five, verse 32, is the dress it's specifically addressed to the children of Israel not to kill innocent men, women and children who they're coming emelec. And you have these cases of genocide straight into the Bible in the first

00:41:08--> 00:41:31

five books. I I've spoken to many different scholars, they think this is where they change the text. But one thing also that is that is very interesting. Yes. Is that this idea that when you're talking about the the Jewish populations and the Christian populations or the like, it is worth noting that one of the reasons that they dislike the context is that even with benaco data, which is the main example they use,

00:41:33--> 00:42:11

when the hypocrites go to the Jewish population, and tell them, this is the golden opportunity to wipe out the Muslims. So when we're talking about we're not talking about the southern names, people turned up and oppressed the Jews, the hypocrites the mana filthy, and they go to the Jewish population in Medina, and tell them if you guys stab them in the back, if you go and hit them from behind, all the Arabs have get, we can wipe out the Muslims. But this is why I think a lot of Zionist don't like context. Because the reaction of the Jewish leader before he agrees to the treason, he actually says, But Muhammad has treated us well. But the Muslims have treated us really

00:42:11--> 00:42:42

what for what reason? Would we betray them? Why would we commit treason when we've been treated better probably than they've ever been treated? In this particular city? Yes. Ultimately, they agreed to betray the Muslims afterwards, that particular community. But the point is that that context, think about that statement. We've been treated so well, by Muhammad, it hurts them. So you're they're saying that the Muslims were vile, and they were this and whatever. By your own admission, this is why I've started a lot of a lot of our discussion. I keep pushing back when he keeps saying what does it say in Islam? And I'm telling you, no, let's let's do what what they said

00:42:42--> 00:43:21

yes. by their own admission, he says it's recorded, even their books. Muhammad has treated us well. Why does he say that? And I think that's what has been the most in their own texts and their own text. Okay, so we covered a lot. And I wanted to build this purposely on this foundation to dispel this narrative that's being pushed on Fox News on all the major networks, that it's a Muslim Jew thing, people who are motivated by hatred, they hate Jews, they hate Israel. And we just dispel this, anyone who's sincere looks at this. I mean, there's no shadow of a doubt left. So let's go in the future. Now, let's come and date and then you also, you talked briefly on the Nakba, what

00:43:21--> 00:43:48

happened. So Muslims and Jews were living in a relative peace for over 1000 years in Jerusalem. And then they came over fleeing the anti semitism from the Christians, not the Muslims, and then they came over to Palestine they welcomed and then what happened? You had the displacement of almost over 800,000 innocent human beings who had welcomed you in your home and they were talking about briefly about this.

00:43:49--> 00:44:25

What was called the Nakba, is it also, I've heard that this is something that you can't in Israel, you're not supposed to even talk about this. You can't bring this up because there's a law against it. So the British have the mandate of Palestine. They've taken it from the Ottomans, Ottomans have lost it off the First World War. The Ottomans have lost it at a time when Sultan Abdul Hamid, the second is toppled in the early 1900s. The Young Turks come to power. The Young Turks are a secular group, they they already lay the foundations of bringing down the caliphate, which they create a very Turkish centric state, which is one of the reasons that encourages or gives allows the Arabs in

00:44:25--> 00:44:57

the Arabian Peninsula to create a semi legitimacy to revolt against the Ottomans. They turn around and they say, look, the it's no longer Islamic empire. It's become a Turkish Empire under the Young Turks, we don't owe any obligation to it. And then afterwards, the Ottoman Empire collapses the British take over the Paris Palestine order, but they struggle to rule over Palestine at the same time. However, when they're in Palestine, the Muslims and Jews are living side by side. Balfour declaration comes in which they say to the Zionist movement, you can have Palestine you can start moving in. Problem is many Jews are not moving to Palestine. So they end up providing financial

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

incentives in order for the European Jews to come in

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

When the European Jews turn up, the society starts to become agitated why the Muslims and the Jews are used to living side by side. They have a lot of relationships, business relationships, someone even marrying between Muslims can marry al Kitab. And the point stop there. If Muslims hate Jews, how are they allowed to marry, to marry? Exactly, that kills the argument. So So and there's a lot of intermarriage as well. There are families with Jewish and Muslim, you know, relatives, blood relatives as well. The Europeans turn up, they've been brutalized, they've been tortured. They've been persecuted by white supremacist, anti semitic, Westerners anti semitic here, they turn up but

00:45:35--> 00:46:15

when they turn up, they don't respect the coexistence. They look at the Jews who are living side by side with the Muslims as almost self hating Jews, as traitors as those who are not committed to the cause of ethnic cleansing and creating a state exclusively for the Jews, where no other people live in the Jews as the same with the same rights as the Jews. So they start agitating the Muhammad Asad in his book road to Mecca, Muhammad Asad was born a Jew, his name was Leopold Weiss. He was born in Austria, he was an Austrian Jew, who later became Muslim. So at the time when he's in Palestine, writing, he hasn't become Muslim, yet, he's still a Jewish journalist in Palestine. And he writes at

00:46:15--> 00:46:56

the time that Zionist who are coming from Europe are agitating a society that was by all means, quite harmonious in the way it was operating between the religions, when they come, design is start agitating and putting out propaganda calling for the displacement of Palestinians and establishing of a Jewish state. At that time, they're a minority, so nobody's taking them seriously. But in 1928 1929, there are gangs that are emerging that are provoking the Muslim populations and we're seeing scuffles take place on the streets and the Arabs essentially respond to that and the big riot and revolt takes place, which results in a number of

00:46:58--> 00:47:06

aggressions taking place that leads to Zionism, securing a greater sympathy amongst the local Jews.

00:47:07--> 00:47:14

As a result, more gangs are created that later become the IDF later become consoliads IDF later on.

00:47:15--> 00:47:54

As after World War Two, there's the Holocaust, the world is sympathizing with the Jewish population as a result of 6 million Jews being killed by who by anti semitic white supremacist Europe, they commit an atrocity, of which the Muslim world has no equivalent by any stretch of the imagination. It's something that somehow I always argue that the white supremacists are experts in in terms of these kinds of things, putting Jews in gas chambers, and guessing them be innovating in the way that they kill the Jews. And the like. The horrors are such that there is the sympathy towards the Jewish population, the Zionist take advantage of that sympathy to begin to mobilize their gangs, to

00:47:54--> 00:48:33

surprise the Muslims who their deen is telling them to uphold coexistence and to uphold the rights of their cousins. The Jewish gangs turn up one day in the nighttime, and they start kicking out the Palestinian families one by one, the Palestinian families are stunned, shocked, they have no idea what's happening, no idea what's going on. They're being killed, and they're being turned from their homes. And so they move out 700,000 neck, about 800,000 Palestinians are kicked out of their homes, the Arab states, many of which are still colonized are so horrified some tried to invade. But the white supremacist, anti semitic Europe sees an opportunity to keep the Jews there to keep that we

00:48:33--> 00:49:11

don't want them coming back to Europe. So if they're being invaded, we'll help you, we just don't want you to come back to your own, we'll help you stay there they are invading you will help you keep the state and and that leads to 1948 the first defeat and then afterwards, when the Arab states start getting liberated from colonization, they make another attempt again, that fails, then you have 96 719 73. But the point is that generally, it happened in a way that can only be described as barbaric, but also the agitation of the society began with the arrival of the Zionist Jews from Europe and the Muslim population were taken by surprise, because and it's very similar to sometimes

00:49:11--> 00:49:41

we look at trends. Initially, when we read Fox News or the like, once upon a time we used to laugh at Fox News, we say this is a minority trend that can never have any influence. Today, we see the Fox News, the way it spreads for fake news and and all these others, it's become a serious problem that needs to be addressed. And that's very similar to how the Arab Street Zionism in that it was an idea that nobody truly believed would become something would manifest itself in the way they did. They were taken by surprise, anti semitic Europe didn't want the Jews to come back to Europe. So they said, we'll keep that state over there. And as a result, it's developed into this very awkward

00:49:41--> 00:50:00

relationship, or I want to get your response to this. This is what's commonly pushed out there in the media, and is one of the major talking points. I want to see how you respond to this. I cannot remind you enough how many times Israel has tried to compromise with a two state solution. So let me just read the facts because I don't speak on emotion.

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

In 1936, Peel Commission Israel accepted Palestinians rejected 1947 un Partition Plan rejected and then the Arab League's waged a war the next day that led to the alleged Nakba of displacement because they said get out of here. Let's kill all the Jews and you'll take the land back the next day 1967 Khartoum resolution rejected by the Palestinians 2000 Camp David summit, Arafat and a hoot Barak rejected by the Palestinians 2005 We tried to compromise Israel withdrew from Gaza could have been the biggest, beautiful resort on the beach and the best piece of land that they had to offer. Instead, they turned it into a terrorism haven 2008 hudl Merritt offered a Palestinian state and it

00:50:37--> 00:50:50

was once again rejected. You hear this and it paints a picture like they've always tried to have peace. Or how can you have peace with someone. And she lists all these years they tried, they tried and this year and this date, and they were like rejecting peace?

00:50:52--> 00:50:53

One of the things is

00:50:54--> 00:51:07

when it comes to spinning that particular narrative, it's wonder if you've heard this, I've heard this. It's wonderful when you take things out of context. Yeah. The idea being that, you know, if let's say,

00:51:09--> 00:51:13

let's let's do it this way, everything she said is correct. Everything she said is absolutely correct.

00:51:14--> 00:51:37

The bureau commission suggested, you know, estate for the for the Jews and state for the Muslims. So the Zinus were harassing the Palestinians, preparing to draw them from the homes announcing that they wanted to build a state where the Arabs wouldn't exist. They were saying that they were prepared to go to great lengths in order to achieve this. And in this context, they were saying, give us a state or we will kill you.

00:51:38--> 00:52:10

1948 90 foot seven UN says let's partition let's put into context. It's true. They said let's politician and Arabs rejected. Let's put into the context. The UN was saying, Guys, design designers really want to take your land, they want to take your homes, they're prepared to use force, they're prepared to kill you for it. They're prepared to drive you. We don't really want to stop these people from committing the injustice. We want to legitimize the theft of land, and we'd like you to agree to acknowledge the theft of land, we'd like you to agree to the injustice, we'd like you should accept it and swallow it. We'd like you to say yes, please take my home. We'd like you to say

00:52:10--> 00:52:45

yes, please take my land. We'd like to say yes, we're going to leave and we're going to give it to you for no other reason. Then you have violence and guns and the like. And we're presenting this offer that look, we want to do this nicely. We want to take your land nicely. We want to kick you out nicely. We want to seize this and make this state exclusive for us. We want to do it nicely, and we're offering you a chance give us your home oh we will kill you what a wonderful merciful offer that was Eddie. And then the Arab decided to invade when the Zionists go out and kick out the Palestinians from their home, when design is going to kill the Palestinians, when they test them

00:52:45--> 00:53:20

from their land, something that is illegal under every legal code on this Earth. Even here in the United States of America. If someone enters your land without permission, you guys have arms here. I've seen you guys with your gun and guns in your glove box is something that coming from London is quite horrific to see. Although somebody did respond and say you have stabbings in London. I'm like, Okay, fine. I get it. But still to see guns there. So is the US law you have it if someone enters your land without permission and refuses to leave? What do you do, Eddie, you're allowed legally to shoot him? It's a very strange thing for me. But I mean, under every legal code, this is absolutely

00:53:20--> 00:53:52

outrageous. She's right when she says that they propose the state for the Palestinians. But why did they propose the state because they wanted Palestinians to say would you take give us the land or we'll kill you. And when they proceeded to kill the Palestinians and take the land, the Arab States invaded. So she's right, the UN offered partition, the Arab states rejected and invaded. She's told the half truth you had been to hell. And let's let's finish the full truth. Let's finish all of it. Let's talk about why it was offered. Let's talk about why the Arab States invaded. Let's talk about why they invaded in a way that the US would invade a country if another country like Russia invaded

00:53:52--> 00:54:27

Ukraine or to drive the Ukrainians out of their homes. Let's talk about why they invaded in a way that the European states would invade in order to rescue one of their allies if their allies were invaded by a foreign entity that came in and tried to take their homes and their land. Let's talk about 1967 they provided a a peace agreement and the Arabs broke it what peace agreement, a peace agreement in which you are trying to say to the Palestinians, okay, in 1947, or 1948, we took this bit of land now we want this bit of land, and we're giving you the same offer again, we're ready to kill you. We're arms already. Our guns are loaded. We are coming in, we're coming in. We're giving

00:54:27--> 00:54:59

you a chance sign this deal handing it over, or we're coming to kill you. And when we talk about the Oslo Accords, same thing now we've got this much land who is getting bigger now this the State of Israel taking more land. Israel makes the same offer again. She's perfectly correct. They made the offer for a Palestinian state. What was the offer? The offer was We're coming for you. Our guns are loaded. We want your lands. We're going to kick out as we're coming. We're coming J and J and we're coming. We're coming. We're giving you a choice. Do you want to do this peacefully? Or do you want us to kill you? We want you to leave your home.

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

because we believe we have 1000 year old claim to that party, we don't care even if they're hundreds of years. We don't care. You lived all your life there. We don't care. The land belongs to you. We don't care under UK law, it belongs to you. We don't care that under US law, it would belong to you. We don't care under every legal code that would belong to you. We want it because we are the chosen people were coming to kill you for it. So we're making you an offer, which are the Oslo Accords, give us the land, give us the security apparatus, or we will kill you. 2005 they withdraw from Gaza. She says golden opportunity to build a resort in a wonderful piece of land. So Subhanallah you

00:55:33--> 00:56:09

turfed the Palestinians from all of the rest of the territory. And you put 2 million people in what David Cameron, the former UK Prime Minister described as the largest open air prison, and then you're saying to them, Look, it's a wonderful opportunity. Yes, it's a prison. Yes. It's a concentration camp. Concentration and concentration of people in a camp. Yes, we squeezed. Yes. We've taken your homes. But we're trying to be nice, Eddie. Yes. We slaughtered your family. Yes, we're taking your land by force. Yes, we've committed ethnic cleansing. Yes, we are building an apartheid state. Yes, you have to go through six different checkpoints, just to get to work. Yes, we

00:56:09--> 00:56:42

believe you to be inferior. Yes. You don't have equal rights. Yes, we will even get Yes, we do all of this. But we're being nice here. Eddie. We're giving you a chance to establish a state we're coming with coming with our guns. So you have to decide do you want us to kill you? Or will you leave peacefully? And give me that wonderful Villa that your grandfather built that I want to live in? Why? Because in Brooklyn, my flight is too small. So I will the Israel told me I could move here. And Jacob says if I don't see that somebody else will. And that's the point that I want to make here. Everything she says is correct. But she doesn't finish the truth. Because if she finishes

00:56:42--> 00:57:15

it, it condemns her. If she finished it, it invites her and we have a saying in Islam. There is an A in the Quran which says what attackable salat wa Antrim Sakara, if you finish it halfway, this is one of the only verses Well, you're not allowed to stop in the middle because it gives the wrong meaning. Well attack Abu Salah do not approach prayer. If you stop the area there, it means don't pray, you have to finish the area in order to understand the context. What Antrim Sakara. And you if you are intoxicated, she's done well, at taco salad. He had been to hell and finish one, Tim Sakara finish the rest of the context. And that's why I think that sometimes even to that verse, you keep

00:57:15--> 00:57:49

going because supposed to be drinking. Exactly. Even that verse, you keep going. And that's why I think that even when you look at that spin, this is why it's very important. This is why if you look at a lot of the way data is given, it's given in the sense of a rhetoric and speech and to use speech which is best, because Allah acknowledges that that kind of speech sounds reasonable to somebody who doesn't know about the issue. And that's why it's incumbent on us in order to give the context. Nobody said Muslims, and you shouldn't live side by side. And we spent a long time in the beginning of this podcast, talking about why, but she wants to neglect it, to give a half truth, to

00:57:49--> 00:58:22

say, yes, we offer these suggestions. But on what basis did you offer these suggestions, and she will never talk about that because it will condemn her and give the real truth of the matter. Professor Norman Finkelstein, when I interviewed him, and he touches upon the point that they always looked, they always the Palestinians always worked towards going towards peace. But they always would set these things up as a sabotage. They always tried to, to make these things. There's one context to give for the public, but then they're on the side, they're sabotaging these things from happening. No, of course 100%. And I think one of the things that's quite fascinating, isn't it, and

00:58:22--> 00:58:59

they really don't want it. They just want to be given an excuse a pretext to go ahead and take more land, but to give general public the idea that they're looking and striving for peace, but they really the intention is not peace at all. One of the things there are two things worth noting one Netanyahu always says in the Hebrew media, that I am the reason that prevents a Palestinian state, I have refused and rejected all the two state solutions. Yes, I say it in public, but that's only to provide the cover for us to continue doing what we're doing. And that's why I always argue that the reason I am against the two state solution in every single way, is because the two state solution as

00:58:59--> 00:59:37

it's being proposed is merely an umbrella through which to prolong negotiations and prolong a window through which Israel continues to take more and more land. And I believe that the two state solution is merely a ploy that is deployed in order to allow Israel more time to annex more territories in the hope as Netanyahu proposed at the UN one week before October 7, that he can wipe out Palestine from the river to the sea and make it all just one state of Israel in which the Palestinians are second class citizens. As Mark Ray gave the former spokesman said on Sky News, he said they must always remain an inferior people, they can never have equal rights to us. The two the reason that

00:59:37--> 00:59:59

the Palestine issue offends the very sensibilities of non Muslims as well is because the FITARA is screaming at the glaring reality which is that while the world can see apartheid now taking place Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are using the words apartheid to describe Israel, that while the world sees that there is an apartheid regime that is set on purpose

01:00:00--> 01:00:38

picketing and denying the rights of the Palestinians, the reaction of the world is not to uphold their own law, which is to restore the rights of the people. Instead, you see this horrifying legal terminology being deployed, in which they say, We don't want to restore the rights of the Palestinians, we want to discuss how much theft we can legalize, under the pretext of the two state solution. So the discussion is not about right of return. The discussion is, look, these guys have already taken land, we have no interest in restoring justice in restoring Palestinians to those lands. Instead, we want to discuss to what extent are Palestinians willing to accept the theft of

01:00:38--> 01:01:15

the land? So okay, they stolen this much land, can we say, you know, you accept this much, or you X, that's what Tuesday solution is about? It's not justice. It's we've stolen the land, and we have no interest in restoring that justice, your choice is not justice, your choice is to decide how much land you were willing to swallow and accept has been stolen. And that's why the two state solution is unjust, in its very premise in and of itself, and also why talking about the future instead of the past, is also why the Israelis are panicking that there is a debate taking place in America and in their former allies over the legitimacy of the foundations of the State of Israel. Do you saw the

01:01:15--> 01:01:50

Sky News interview with the UK with an Israeli ambassador to the UK, where he asks her three times? Is there do you believe in a two state solution? And she doesn't answer and then she eventually says no, but you saw the horror on the face of the present. And now we've always we've always known this, but look how for them. It's like a wake up call he looks at he says what do you mean? Like he's absolutely horrified and stunned why? Because in her answer, she has revealed to him face to face that I don't want equal rights for the Palestinians. I don't want Palestinians to have a state. And I don't see a role for Israel itself. And think about the one of the things that has come out and

01:01:50--> 01:02:23

why I call it the Great Awakening three months ago, Edie if you had done a show here questioning the foundations of the Israeli state, no, no one in America would have probably taking you seriously or taking any of us seriously. Now, the very allies of the US. This is why in the hell there was an article by Zionist writer where he writes in the conclusion that while Netanyahu may win the military battle, the damage to public opinion is such that our allies may no longer rush to our help in future as a result of the damage that has been done. Today, people are not talking about whether, you know, apartheid or like people are now questioning the very nature of the Israeli state the

01:02:23--> 01:03:01

ethnocentric nature of the Israeli state. So that's the point with regards to a two state solution, or they like the idea that they have sabotaged it, because the aim is not right for Palestinians. The aim is the genocide of Palestinians, and adopting a marketing strategy that makes it look ugly and merciful. And that marketing strategy is a two state solution. You mentioned his term apartheid. I don't think anybody now if they looked back at South Africa, anybody at this point would try to reason and say, yeah, we've supported that we support that everybody just it's clear, it's clear that this is something evil was some horrific, it was some racist. Now you have this term being used

01:03:01--> 01:03:43

for, for the state Israel. Let's just touch upon this. So you mentioned you have human rights organizations, even Israeli? Is it true that Israeli human rights organizations to label it an apartheid state, Jimmy Carter, did Nelson Mandela, is this clear? And how could someone now who supports this? It doesn't support apartheid South Africa, but now human rights organizations, former president I mean, this is Nelson Mandela, people who are experts in this area of law. They're saying this is an apartheid state. So how can someone support it? And would you question their humanity and them not being racist if to support so even Jews, Jewish rabbis and others you know, will come out?

01:03:43--> 01:04:20

You know, against a we have one set of laws for us another set of law for for non Jews, you can't go down the street if you're not a Jew, touch upon this. I think that one of the reason this phenomenon is emerging recently and didn't emerge 70 years ago, is because there is a phenomenon that I celebrate wholeheartedly, which is social media, and I celebrate social media, and I know that there are many problems with social media, but social media broke and this broke the monopoly on the narrative, and also decentralized information. I understand that it promotes fake news from time to time. But the decentralization of information gives us access to information that we did not have

01:04:20--> 01:04:59

access to before. The reason why apartheid is now being used in mainstream discourse is because those brave Palestinians those courageous Palestinians, recorded their daily life. They recorded the checkpoints. They broadcasted the reality they broadcast the atrocities. They broadcasted the crimes that Israel is committing, they broadcast the apartheid state in such a way and everybody amplified their voices and algorithm only only likes popular videos. So when 1.9 billion Muslims amplifying those videos for the Palestinians, it breaks the algorithm it makes it instead of Cristiano Ronaldo at number one it makes it you know, I know Americans don't like soccer terms, but instead of Tom

01:04:59--> 01:05:00

Brady, you guys

01:05:00--> 01:05:34

as having your activism, instead of Tom Brady being number one, you now have Palestine 1234 on the list of the social media, what they're seeing, when people saw that it became undeniable, they had heard about apartheid. But when you hear something, you might doubt it this time they saw it. And that has led to the change in rhetoric with regards to apartheid, there is one particular account, which is very interesting, where she records her commute to work, which, in terms of kilometres, it only takes 10 minutes to get there. But as a result of the checkpoints, it takes her three hours every morning to get there at 5am. In the morning, she has to wake up when she records that when

01:05:34--> 01:06:10

American professors are now going to Hezbollah or going to the West Bank. And then the Muslim guide says, you can go there or meet on the other side. And the professor says, Why can't Why aren't you going with me? And they say, legally, I'm not allowed to walk on this particular street. And he's horrified. And he comes back to the US and does an interview on Democracy Now and on CNN, and say, I went to the West Bank, and I saw with my own eyes that these people can't even walk streets. And as a black man, this reminded me very similar to what America used to be like that social media has broken that hole and resulted in people using the word apartheid. And not only that, as a result of

01:06:10--> 01:06:43

representatives in Congress, I understand they're very controversial, I understand many people are many issues with them, such as Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar or like, I'm not interested in that debate. Today, I'm focusing on something that they've done, which has been spectacularly good, which is that in Congress, they delivered that language to the Congress floor, they stood up and use the word apartheid. For the first time in the history of the Congress. They stood up and called it a genocide for the first time in Congress's history. Not only that, I remember when they censored Rasheeda Talib, which was 250 votes, something 292 And many people were like, look, Congress is

01:06:43--> 01:07:17

still standing with Israel, they censored her 250 votes 292 And I turned it on. I said, But guys, have you ever seen 192 Congress people defy design this line? Have you ever seen 192 Congress people betray the Israeli line? Have you ever seen 109 The point is, you can see that Israel is losing its ability to influence. When I see a Zionist girl in LA, I saw the Tick Tock video recently, tick tock, which I know many people have problems with. But I can't lie to you after this because I think you should Eddie, may Allah preserve and protect Tiktok for us as a means of communication, you know, and my algorithm Alhamdulillah is all soccer games and Islamic reminders and whatever. It's

01:07:17--> 01:07:57

amazing how you can fix the algorithm to make your own bubble. But the reason I mentioned the bubble is Look how loud the Palestinian cause is that even in my algorithm bubble, even an algorithm bubbles Palestine is penetrating those bubbles. Tik Tok was supposed to create a world where only you live in it. Pallister the role for Philistine has been so loud chief Eddie, that everybody's bubble in social media has been penetrated by the Palestinian voices. So much so that I saw a video of a girl in LA, do a video where she says I'm not going to try the accent cuz I can't do it. But she said, I lived all my life in a Zionist environment. She said I lived in LA, I never heard

01:07:57--> 01:08:38

Palestinian voices. Tick tock brought Palestinian voices, and I can't unsee what I've seen. And as a result, she says, I'm going to do a video every single day exposing what Israel is doing to the policy. That's unprecedented. That's unprecedented. And that's what I mean, at the heart of this change is not necessarily a and awakening of conscience that came by itself. It's that the bombardment of the information coming out of Palestine, and the decentralization of the medium that people were using to receive the news where people now I mean, I don't know about you, but I receive my news. Every morning. I don't go on BBC, Dakota, UK, I go on Twitter. And I look and I see the

01:08:38--> 01:09:18

headlines what people are saying, you know, real real news kind of, that's what everybody's getting the information from on some people in the nighttime, they watch tick tock and they see the videos. But the point is that decentralization of information has resulted in an unprecedented accessibility to information that Israel was trying to hide. Israel was always putting this hijab this sort of, you know, block, you know, between the access to the that's emphatically broken. And in this environment of freedom of free speech, the irony in this environment of freedom. Israel's arguments are collapsing one by one, to the extent that Biden here is falling in the polls here in the US is

01:09:18--> 01:09:32

falling in the polls, and I read the Reuters article, check it and you probably read it as well. I, the Republican and Democrat pollsters who analyze this poll said the reason that poll is extraordinary, is because it's because of two things. The first

01:09:33--> 01:09:59

is not just the economy that is resulting in the fall in the polls. They said that his stance on Philistine is resulting in the fall in the polls. But the second and more extraordinary thing is, is that the polls, he's falling in the polls over a foreign policy issue where America doesn't even officially have troops on the ground. Usually the reason a war affects the polls is because Americans get tired of their boys dying abroad. This is unpretty This is one of the first times ever

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

We're probably the first time ever, where American boys are not dying in a conflict abroad. But still, that conflict is resulting in a fall in the polls, which means the only reason Biden is falling in the polls, is because the breaking of the monopoly of the narrative by social media has meant that for the first time, the information is spreading in unprecedented ways. And that's why more people are using the word apartheid. That's why they're using the word genocide. That's why they're using the word ethnic cleansing. That's why they're calling genocide Joe. And it's also an unfinished on this point. I asked some friends in France, why did Macron call for a ceasefire? And

01:10:35--> 01:11:07

they said literally, this is literally they said, they said, Macron is not that he believes in it is that everywhere he went in France, he just kept hearing people saying, What's your president on please? Ceasefire now, and he got so frustrated, and that he just said, Okay, I'll give a speech ceasefire. But Israel has the right to self defense, the media only focus on ceasefire, because that's what social media seized upon. And that has sparked and encouraged the momentum, calling for a ceasefire as well. It's social media. And I always make a semi joke, although it's probably more serious. And he's joking. May Allah bless and guide the creators of social media, who broke that

01:11:07--> 01:11:46

monopoly on the narrative and allowed us to deliver our voices in this way. There's a few more talking points that are appropriate. They're very popular out there. And they constantly on the social on the on the news networks, they're always pushing this, I think you answered this one in the reaction to the PBD podcast guests. But if you can answer outside of this one, why? So they'll say that well, they pulled out in 2006? Was it that they pulled out and they could have made this? They could have had Trump Towers there, they could have had a nice theme park, they could have made it paradise on earth. They left they pulled out?

01:11:47--> 01:12:20

How can they be occupied? If they pulled out? How would you address that? One of the reasons that the Israelis pulled out was because they were concerned that there was a real push for a two state solution amongst the international community. So they wanted to give some sort of breathing space for the Palestinians whereby they could deny them a two state solution, the idea being is that we sort of make a semi compromise in order to ensure that a two state solution cannot come about and also, we squeezed them in that Gaza strip so that they will always be a hotbed that will always allow us to ruin the idea of a two state solution. And that's why allies in 2015, when CC really

01:12:20--> 01:12:53

wanted to demonstrate an affinity for Israel, and began to really shut the tunnels under the Rafah crossing, Wall Street Journal reported that the Israelis told the Americans Sisi is way too overexcited in his persecution of the Palestinians, please tell them to calm down. Otherwise, he's going to lead into a lashing out. And that will force us into negotiations of a two state solution again, in order to bring that de escalation down. I think that when they withdrew from Gaza, it was not about trying to facilitate freedom for Palestinians, it was about trying to prolong the idea of a two state solution, because that's the umbrella through which they were hoping to annex the rest

01:12:53--> 01:13:26

of Palestine. And not only that, after they withdrew from Gaza, they're focusing on the West Bank. So they withdrew from Gaza and went and started reading Jr. refugee camp, they withdrew from Gaza, and went and started attacking the West Bank, there is all sorts of like a shifting of priorities. It was like okay, we'll give this to as the for now, in order to buy time for us to go and conquer the West Bank. And that's why I think that actions speak louder than words when it comes to what Israel is doing. Yeah, the rabbi, one rabbi, he gave a beautiful example. He said that they pulled out it's saying like the people with control the guards of the prison, they just went home, but they

01:13:26--> 01:13:54

still have control over the prison, the people who are in the prison, and they just sort of expanded the prison. And that's why one of the things I find is that right, so they're controlling their air, their water, their calorie count, the list goes on located it they don't have access to the sea, they can't import they can't they control permits. If they want to build a house or build a home, they can't do everything just in bearable. Impossible. And that's why Francesca Albanese. I hope I pronounced her name right the UN repertory she said, you know, she'd quite bluntly, she said, on the legal definition.

01:13:55--> 01:14:32

Israel may have withdrawn from Gaza. But it is still the occupier in every single legal sense. This is according to now international law, international law. So the UN also acknowledged acknowledges this is an occupation. That's not apartheid acknowledge, we got no shadow of a doubt left. This is according to international law and experts. This is an occupation. This is an occupation by every legal term, even under international law. And that's why the point was made that you know, the reason Israel legally doesn't have a right to self defense is because an occupier is always in an offensive posture and therefore cannot defend itself against an occupied people even in

01:14:32--> 01:14:59

international law. And that's why even little details tend to go under the radar when they push in context, like the video you showed me earlier, in that for even the party that was taking place, you know, on October 7, just outside and for the record, and it's important to highlight here, Muslims do not shy away from condemning crimes that are committed by Muslims. By that what I mean is Muslims condemned civilian deaths regardless of who commits it and I've given you Islamic example, when fairly didn't and will either have Allah who was sent by the Prophet Muhammad Salah

01:15:00--> 01:15:35

Listen to a particular tribe. Reports reached him that credit had transgressed against some of the population of that tribe. And the process of is on record as saying Allahumma in the abre, alayka me my father fell it, Allah, I am innocent of what hell it has done. We have a tradition in Islam whereby we don't shirk away from saying things, like we condemn the death of civilians. That's not something that's hard for a Muslim to say. It's easy to say without undermining the resistance or undermining the rights of the Palestinians or the like. The reason why I say that is that to the point is, when you think about it, she had the and I want to put this in the minds of those who are

01:15:35--> 01:16:17

watching this, there was a party taking place on October 7, were on the border of what's described as the largest open air prison in the world. Think about that, a persecuted population in the largest concentration camp, and you're raving and partying at the walls of that concentration camp. That's, that's insane. When you think about it, you know, like it's, it's, it's like the Germans, you know, doing a rave next to Auschwitz, for example, you know, like, like stuff. It's even when you think about the way that we have become desensitized to the way we talk about this issue, which, thankfully, social media has helped to remedy some of it, that even the sentence of there was a

01:16:17--> 01:16:51

party next to the walls of this concentration camp didn't evoke the outrage he was supposed to evoke in the first place. And that's why even in the point of Gaza, the Israelis withdrew. But okay, they withdrew in name only in de facto terms. They essentially control everything in the Gaza Strip. Yeah. What about the common argument? You know, I think it was the hospitals that are being bombed schools are being bombed un facilities, but excuses, always human shields. How do you like to address this? I think Bassem Youssef. You know, Bassem Youssef had a phenomenal interview with Piers Morgan.

01:16:52--> 01:17:27

And while you know, many people hesitated because he played an integral role in facilitating the coup in Egypt, that led to the toppling of the democratic transition there. We'll leave that as a separate topic. But I say that to show that still I acknowledge and appreciate that Piers Morgan interview, where he gave that very personal example, we said he called his in law that was in Gaza. And he said, you know, RMS, you know, telling you, you can't leave Gaza, because they want to use you as a human shield. And he said, No, they're not, we just can't leave because it is really bombing. And basing this was a joke, he says, You're lying, you're lying. Ben Shapiro, Ron DeSantis,

01:17:27--> 01:17:59

are telling me that Hamas is telling you you can't leave, basically showing how ridiculous it is that the person on the ground is telling you? No, they're not. We just can't leave because of the bombs and somebody 1000s and 1000s of miles away saying no, they're using them as human shields. And I think that the argument of the human shields what it did more than anything else is, is exposed the semantic gymnastics that analysts are willing to do to justify and give nuance to genocide and ethnic cleansing that is unfolding before their eyes. Because on the one hand, you're saying that this is the most sophisticated army in the world that is capable of surgical strikes that is capable

01:17:59--> 01:18:31

of precision strikes or the like, but yet you see 400 people killed in Obama, the Jubilee refugee camp. You see, for example, like hundreds of people being killed women and children and Dettol, this isn't surgical precision strike, this is either this is you just bombing everywhere left right center, which suggests either you're trying to commit genocide or ethnic cleansing, or either your army is quite pathetic and capable of surgical strikes, and you don't you're not as great as you think they are. You're condemned in either way. And that's what I think the issue of the human shields as well, even when you think about it, you've got 2 million people in a very small stretch

01:18:31--> 01:18:52

of land, that you have turfed from other areas, and you force them into refugee camps. Where are those people supposed to go? You haven't allowed them to go anywhere else. So you don't want to allow them to go to their homes. You don't want to get let them return to their lands. You don't want to give them equal rights. You don't want to one state solution. You want to take more of their land. You've got their eyes on the jean refugee camp you want your aim is to take all of their land.

01:18:54--> 01:19:31

Like, what do I want? Exactly? Do you want? You know, really, it's one. The Norman Finkelstein been studying this for 40 years. He talks about how was the opposite when he read all the reports from Amnesty International all the human rights organizations, he said it's actually the the IDF. They're using the Palestinians as human shields. There's it's actually it's flipped. It's not it's not that the the this is actually a false statement. It's the other way around. No, and I agree entirely, and I think no more Philistine, you know, he has a wonderful way like in the way in the way he uses his words to expose the hypocrisy and, and also like he,

01:19:32--> 01:19:59

one of the reasons that I think his phenomenon is quite fascinating is to have somebody whose parents suffered in the Holocaust, the Holocaust, they suffered the Holocaust, but he still has the capacity and the empathy to be able to see similarities with what's unfolding with regards to the posting, but also is the understanding that he demonstrates that suggests that many Jews demonstrate as well, when he gave that answer in the Piers Morgan interview at the end where he said, you know, what would your parents say if they heard your stance?

01:20:00--> 01:20:33

And he said, Look, my parents did not have a good word to say about the Germans for the entirety of their lives. And he said, I understood that after what the Germans did to them, and he said, That's why I understand like, that the Palestinians have the right to hate the people who turned to them from the land, who turned to them from their homes, who slaughtered their families, for no other reason than a people turned up claiming to have chosen right to me to be chosen people with the rights to the land, and suddenly decided to tough people who lived there for hundreds of years. They have every right to hate people who persecuted them for no reason who slaughtered them for no reason

01:20:34--> 01:21:08

who took their lands for no reason. It's a perfectly legitimate reaction. And that's why I argue that one of the things even with October 7, bear in mind October 7, was not a surprise for many people is Netanyahu was warned even by CCM by others, that your approach to trampling on the Palestinians phenomena will lead to an explosion. It was a consequence of the actions. Everybody knew it was coming. It's not about whether it was right or wrong, is that it's a natural reaction. It's look, it is a pressure cooker pressure cooker that is going to explode in the world is trying to fit it doesn't explode. Do you think some just brought this to my mind? Do you think some are

01:21:08--> 01:21:26

saying that he allowed this to happen to use it as a as a pretext to do what he's doing now? I don't think so. I think that to be honest, I think that Netanyahu was lulled into a false sense of security, because the week before he had given that speech in the UN where he said that, you know, he presented that map that.

01:21:27--> 01:21:57

But he also said that normalization of ties with Saudi Arabia would be the greatest deal since the end of the Cold War. He also sat with Erdogan for the first time since Erdogan came to power in 2003. And I remember the Israelis were really showing off their image here, here, look, look, look Erdogan sitting because everybody wants that gas pipeline in the eastern Mediterranean, and he's worried about the Middle East corridor that might bypass turkey. When Netanyahu came, even the UAE ambassador in the US three months ago, I think he was talking with kind of your Brooking and this and Brookings, and they said to him, you know, has normalization achieved anything for the

01:21:57--> 01:22:07

Palestinians. And he said, you know, we haven't achieved anything with regards to normalization. We haven't achieved anything for the Palestinians. But he's willing to do anything for the Palestinians. But you said,

01:22:08--> 01:22:43

you know, it's now on the future states that normalize, to try to secure something for the Palestinians. But that will make us you know, reverse normalization because look at the trade deals we've signed, look at how many flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, essentially, even the Israeli ambassador to the UN, just to emphasize how much Nitin it was lulled into a false sense of security. When you look at the Israeli ambassador to the UN, he told camp television just the week before October 7. He said that the normalization with Saudi Arabia, he said in his words, quote, means the complete Arab abandonment of the Palestinians. And when the government sees the opportunities that

01:22:43--> 01:23:20

presents, they will sign off on the normalization is by opportunities. What he meant was, he meant the military buildup in that week on the border with the Jeanine refugee camp, as the Israelis were preparing to annex the Jeanine refugee camp. The point is, Netanyahu believed that in 2019, when he wanted to annex the Geneva refugee camp, he's had to stop because Trump told him we want UAE to normalize, so delay it. And then when he was preparing against six months later, he was toppled from power. Then Naftali Bennett tried to annex Jeanine, but he failed because they killed the just renewable Achla the LGBT journalists, so that heavy pressure meant they had to withdraw and stop the

01:23:20--> 01:23:33

the invasion. Now Netanyahu is back and he wants to annex the junior refugee camp again. And that's on the West Bank. We've seen so many attacks, like there's no Hamas in the West Bank, but it's still attacking the West Bank, because the aim is to go into a next step West Bank, the point being is that

01:23:34--> 01:24:04

I don't I think Netanyahu was genuinely taken by surprise. I think he's actually fighting for his political future. I think that after this has finished, he's most likely to be kicked out of power. I think the reason the war is being prolonged is because while everybody, including the Americans are saying there's really no strategic aim you can achieve here like this is how it looks. Netanyahu is the one who knows if he stops now, he will be kicked out of power because everybody's turning against him huge protests in Tel Aviv. I heard all mayor, you mentioned them earlier. Yeah, ILA Pete and these others are all coming out asking him to step down from power. He was taken by surprise,

01:24:04--> 01:24:37

because he was hoping to begin an invasion of Jeanine, but was hit from behind me as I like what you said earlier that we have no problem because Islam causes us to be just God Almighty, the creator tells us in the Quran, also that if a fasik if a untrustworthy person comes to you, so on one end, no problem condemning killing of innocent people, no problem. We have no problem with that. If it's proven to be true, no problem. On the other end, we have a clear verse from the verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah, the Creator is saying that if a untrustworthy person comes to you with news verify, check it up.

01:24:38--> 01:24:54

So we have an untrustworthy source coming to us known to lie over and over and over. So when you look at this, this event, and you see independent journalists who are investigating this, and they're showing that there was a Hannibal directive, I don't know if you've heard of this turn Hannibal directive.

01:25:00--> 01:25:00


01:27:31--> 01:27:39

flew the NIF Guca to Finn by Schlumberger three year vision Muscovy in bucket marine alga deal with the muscle genic muscle to be taught not

01:27:41--> 01:28:07

to remove Allahu Falbo Havana in his go to FEMA me Chris I'm not sure hell no honey balcony Ray. Albus, which love ki Bikeshare video shot Tifa as me Adam was the only band of a Hannibal shanann with a manual of Kula Islam Chanel who note the wreck of God me as in a coup dabba de who is Nasmyth? visitado yuneisia lephalale Is it Cigna post? Cannibal Amani

01:28:08--> 01:28:25

ammonia ammonia production Boca del Valle Fe machine I'll call Sergei cleric of lemonade am sure you are going to finger gambling they are Mysamma became Shaheed Lyza hot Villa signature Su and yudansha. Misha Yalow he moves by add that mommy

01:28:26--> 01:28:31

mascara him or Sue it called Masumi flu bleach likability

01:28:35--> 01:28:36

to find metanx shallots all

01:28:42--> 01:28:55

the homeless people now we're not in a bubble look at Angela tuck her young woman's belly to Vaughn manipulation Pugacheva company My name is turn to toe because your show Mr. Kim O'Malley know that you guys can only watching the Chicago

01:28:57--> 01:29:11

Manual Why is he claiming that we shall abide? They're showing that interviews with generals and commanders in the army and they're showing how you had a patchy elevate Apache helicopters and they were told to

01:29:12--> 01:29:48

empty the belly. And they would just just destroy everything in sight. And then you had tanks also coming and destroying everything and then this cause burning and this causes, you know, annihilation of everything in sight. So what do you have to say about this? You know, a lot of these things, kicked off the 40 beheaded babies and it was pushed by the media, these rapes and all this other stuff that you're like, hold on. It's like someone telling you that someone who is known to be an extreme like vegan, right? That he's eaten bodies eat meat raw, right? So this is something that's totally opposite to Islam rape, killing innocent human beings. So you're naturally you're going to

01:29:48--> 01:30:00

be kind of, you know, sensitive to be like, hold on. Yeah, and when we condemn any of these actors, horrific, horrific, all human life is precious. But on the other end, you're stuck here between the whole mass media

01:30:00--> 01:30:32

And they're pushing all these things but then when you look to it, you have a few independent journalists who are really doing what journalists supposed to do. They're uncovering facts that most people they they're not digging a little deeper and seeing, what do you think about I think first of all, we can add one extra area to the justice which is what I usually remember Commissioner Coleman Allah Allah Do you know who acaba Taqwa do not let an linguistic can suggest double meanings. So do not let your hatred over people or their hatred of you, lead you to be unjust be just this is closer to truth. Before you go deeper. I want to add to this and then you have also uncovered you have a

01:30:32--> 01:31:14

lot of some of these organizations who are pushing this out. I forgot what they're called. These stories are coming from disaster relief groups that are fighting for media attention in charitable donations. These groups are in the business of raising money. And right now, atrocity fundraising is a gold rush. Very wealthy and very emotional. Jewish Westerners are opening up their wallets to organizations and charities. And these organizations are jockeying for position as the best charity to give money, and nothing raises money like a good story. For example, Eli bere, the president of United Hatzolah went on a media tour around the United States telling audiences that babies were

01:31:14--> 01:31:58

placed in ovens and baked to death a little baby in the oven. They put them in these bastards put these babies in the oven and put on their oven. We found the kid a few hours later. This propelled him and his organization to the forefront of the media for several days earning tons of awareness for his organization's work, he was able to leverage this media attention into several fundraisers where he managed to collect a whopping $50 million from shocked and appalled donors. But of course, the entire story was a lie. Israeli reporter II che Cohen investigated and determined that the story wasn't true. Another Israeli journalist time Lenin said had this to say about ELI beer and the

01:31:58--> 01:32:43

bull* of instore, like any good Jew who sees the rich he thought about the money and told a story that does not exist. But this lie not only raised a ton of money for Eli beer, it did considerable damage to the ceasefire movement and cost 1000s of Palestinian children their lives. These organizations that are out there, they're actually getting money, collecting money from pushing many of these lafc There is a sort of race to the bottom taking place right now, between competing Israeli disaster relief groups. It's a competition to see who can tell the most disturbing story United Hatzalah isn't alone in doing this. They have a competitor and the disaster relief space

01:32:43--> 01:33:26

called Xhaka. And this group Xhaka is responsible for some of the most obscene atrocity imaginations, these people lied about beheaded babies, they lied about mass rape, they even lied about a fetus being cut out of its mother and just like United Hutsul Sokka is hungry for money right now. Go ahead. One of the things that is worth noting one of the the biggest thing that Israel is concerned about is not that the Palestinians can secure military victory, but that the Palestinians will be humanized. Yeah, if you remember, in the first part of the in the first week, Al Jazeera published a video where they showed Palestinians there's a woman frightened holding her

01:33:26--> 01:33:50

baby and the Palestinians are shouting was through her house to cover her cover, you know, show her that we have a humanity that the apartheid regime lacks on channel 12. That is really channel when they interviewed somebody who was one of in one of the settlements, one of the settlers that she said what they asked her what was the experience like? And she said, yeah, when they came in, we were scared. But then he says to me, I'm not here to harm you. I'm Muslim. And you have a literal reaction. It is.

01:33:52--> 01:34:28

I was a bit surprised, but I felt relaxed. And then what did they do what they do? They worked around my house for two hours. He asked me if you could have a banana? I said yes. And he left. Israel was deeply concerned about these stories that were coming out, not from Muslim media, but from Israelis themselves. They were deeply concerned that there was suddenly a humanization that was taking place of the Palestinians, which is why they sent that I 24 reporter to come out and begin the story of the beheaded babies. Even though you would think that if there was a story beheaded babies, the Israelis would not hesitate to provide proof, but they did it and what made things even

01:34:28--> 01:35:00

worse for her was that the IDF when they were asked they said we haven't seen any evidence will be headed babies. The idea for themselves said it, but I 24 still went on with it. And CNN did 24 hour wall to wall coverage on the issue of the beheaded babies. When social media demanded proof when they demanded proof when they demanded that the evidence be given for this issue, beheaded babies and social media was rifled. Where's the proof? Even I remember Bell true one of the journalists. She reported on it. She tried to take the caveats to say look, I haven't seen evidence but but

01:35:00--> 01:35:34

He was lambasted for even regurgitating it because the independent ran it with it on the front page and put beheaded between quotation marks, as if to say legally, we're not saying we saw it, but the damage was done. We know what media is like you put the image out like that's it, because they were unable to provide proof and evidence. Eventually now nobody's talking about the beheaded babies anymore. Like, even when Biden said in the White House when Biden said I've seen the pictures, the White House came out and said the day after Biden hadn't seen those pictures, they denied Biden because even though stuff in the White House realize that guys let's be serious, it's coming from

01:35:34--> 01:35:34


01:35:35--> 01:36:04

We know what they like we know they lie through their teeth, right? It's not you know, Shahadat, Shahid Amin Alia, you know, their own people were testifying against them. They uncovered with the Shiva hospital, they were saying someone was under the knee, and it could disprove, even though Biden said, I've seen evidence there is a command center on the ship hospital, they deceive us what they didn't find it underneath. But there's a reason why they get debunked. And this is the point I wanted to make here. The reason it gets in the bank is not because Biden or Netanyahu are calling these news journalists and telling them please uphold journalistic integrity. It's because on social

01:36:04--> 01:36:44

media, it's so loud. The demand for proof is so loud. I when she said it, I've never seen journalists apologized for their coverage of Palestine in Israel. I've never seen journalist apology. And I don't think you've seen it either. Mashallah, I assume your young man still but older than me, certainly. But you i You've probably never seen it either. The point being is why did they apologize, they didn't apologize because he got this from Israeli embassy. They apologized because there was such a loud denouncement of the poor journalistic integrity online, that meant that they felt they had to come out to apologize to push back against that we are the ones with a loud voices,

01:36:44--> 01:37:15

forcing them to at least consider returning to that journalistic integrity. Even Clarissa Ward on CNN, some of her reporting was horrific. The bomb would be like miles away. And then she did this whole thing where she went on the floor, and she went, Oh, I can hear the bombs. And then you look at the Palestinians in Gaza, a bomb comes into doing an interview and they go, and they continue giving the interview. So clear. So you're miles away. They're within the vicinity of the bombs. Why do you react this way for in order to give, you know, some sort of exaggerated response in order to create some hysteria, whereas the Palestinians who are there, given the interviews are not reacting

01:37:15--> 01:37:51

the way that he reacted. And the point is that eventually Clarissa Ward, when you look at the latest report of CNN going into Reza when they went in, it's markedly different from how she was reporting before. And that's because of the pressure that was placed on CNN as a result of the public backlash over their failure to uphold journalistic integrity in looking at looking deeply into the allegations that are being made by the Israelis. And if you notice she headed today, Israeli still pushing out accusations, but none of them gain traction anymore. Even the rape. Hillary Clinton came out to help with that PR campaign. She came out and said you don't know what Hamas is like, and they

01:37:51--> 01:38:28

committed. But even Hillary Clinton, that momentum, I haven't heard that statement being made now about the rape, at least for the past week or so. It's been debunked, because they all said it. But and the reason why, because Dr. Asim Qureshi from cage in the UK made a very good point when I was on Twitter. He said, The reason why is that Israel is telling us what's happening with the Palestinians are showing us what's happening. They're telling us but these modalities are showing, that's the difference. This time you're actually seeing the beheaded babies from the bombs. Exactly. So you're saying, okay, Israeli saying they're beheaded babies, but they haven't showed us a single

01:38:28--> 01:38:35

image. Palestinians are showing you mutilated baby, there was a video stuff reached, there was a video

01:38:36--> 01:39:11

of a man saying he had the bag and he's collecting the limbs of his children. The limbs, he said, I can't find the arm. He said Has anybody. He's the limbs of his children, that and you're seeing because he holds the bag. And he's like, you're seeing it with your own eyes. And the other reason that's really hitting the Israeli propaganda really hard is and you will have seen this interview because it came last week, they asked the hostages, how will you treat it? And she said they played cod with us. They said they taught one of our kids, like, you know, like, like, like a new skill. They, they they ate food with us. They were very friendly with us. They were us. Somebody said that

01:39:11--> 01:39:40

the Israeli hostages have Stockholm Syndrome. You know, like, for example, the two old ladies in the beginning when they were released, and they turn around, they said shallow Moloko you don't shake hands with them. Or the other ones, you know, like they were smiling, you know, 111 You know, like that to her to her house to the to to to the fighters, you know, to say, you know, as if it was a pleasant experience, and they said that these people have Stockholm Syndrome and I saw a lovely response. They said, Okay, let's suppose it's Stockholm Syndrome. Why don't any of the Palestinian prisoners being released by Israel have Stockholm Syndrome? Why are all the Palestinian prisoners

01:39:40--> 01:39:59

being released from Israel? They come out in a headlock or they come out, you know, when the call is being dragged? Why is it every Israeli hostage has Stockholm Syndrome, but not a single Palestinian representative has Stockholm Syndrome and that's what's making them panic with the PR in that for the first time since 1948. The media is struggling to uphold the narrative that Palestinians are

01:40:00--> 01:40:34

Human, and for the first time people are seeing policy. And that is an unprecedented and permanent change, there's a lot to unpack is you're almost out of time. But you reminded me that's a whole different topic, you know, the 1000s, how many kids are being held without charge in maximum security prisons out there? It's like, unbelievable. We started with this former Congresswoman and I want people to just replace the term that she's using. Imagine if this is this is the kind of the rhetoric that at the time when people were trying were committing a holocaust is this evil acts that we condemn, this is something evil, and then they were they were fleeing to Muslim lands, as you

01:40:35--> 01:40:54

explained in the beginning. How would you interpret as we started with this woman will end here, the words that she's using, and I want this to stick with people tomorrow that because she was a former Congresswoman, she has a big responsibility, big platform. She's also the dean of a Christian college now. So

01:40:55--> 01:41:24

are these the leaders that we want representing us? I ask our friends and neighbors out there? And I want you to let me know how would you interpret these words, when it's time that Gaza ends, the 2 million people who live there? They're clever assassins, they need to be removed from that land, that land needs to be turned into a national park. You see why give little intro to that. So just how do you I mean, this? I mean, it seems like it's inciting isn't that you you've studied from the national international it is, I mean,

01:41:25--> 01:41:51

it seems like this is inciting genocide, not just inciting genocide. It's inciting insight. And not only that, and look, I show deep respect to victims. And I don't like to politically play with the Holocaust, or the suffering of the Jews under Nazi Germany. It was horrific by every stretch of the imagination. But robot might be the wrong word.

01:41:52--> 01:42:35

I think there are very dark, almost identical statements being made by what we've heard here, and Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's PR car, I think it's almost identical the way they describe them as subhuman. And bear in mind, it was gurbles, who paved the way with his PR that paved the way for the Holocaust, by going after the Germans and pumping them with that information to say to them, This is what the Jews do. The difference this time, however, is that we're Gubbels dominated the entire media in Germany, social media doesn't allow them to dominate the entire media. And that's why I think that it's ironic even Jonker, even blinkin blinkin had a statement in the UN where after

01:42:35--> 01:43:07

Russia bombed the hospital in the Ukraine. And you know, Blinken said, it's not normal, we can't normalize bombing hospitals. But here we aren't fast enough. And they're bombing hospitals. And it's perfectly fine. We see John Kirby, John Kirby wept, and he cried, you know, like over over Ukraine, but he's making every semantic gymnastic to justify saying the Israelis, I'm seeing them take great effort in order to ensure not to kill something and gather casualties when 15,000 had been killed. That's clearly incited, and actually, by law, she can actually be prosecuted for that she can be prosecuted can be process according to our international law, good intention, she can be prosecuted

01:43:07--> 01:43:42

for that. And in the UK, we've actually seen lawyers come together, in order to threaten politicians to say if you keep making these unsightly, we will take you to court. And we've seen some MPs actually tone down their language, because they feel they can be prosecuted for that as well. And that's why I always good you brought that up, people need to hold people like this to account. And that's what I mean, in that here in the US. I understand that people feel under pressure with regard to what's happening as, but hey, you do have laws you can use to push back against that you do have resources to deploy to legally push back against that, because it's illegal to incite hatred in this

01:43:42--> 01:44:16

way. It's illegal to incite genocide in this way. And that's why I think that the difference now as opposed to 911 911, no Muslim could justify what happened on 911. It's true, but the reaction was one of panic and being insular. The difference this time with Reza is the community is no longer going insolate they're going out to say, look, we want we condemn what is wrong, and we uphold what is right. This is a genocide, apartheid and ethnic cleansing, abundantly clear. And everybody knows deploying the resources to do it. The reason why they're making statements such as this is because they are aware that the social media has changed the public opinion. One thing I will say is if

01:44:16--> 01:44:17

you've had is, is this,

01:44:18--> 01:44:58

the hysterical reaction. The Hysteria with which they speak with correlates directly to their perception of the threat to Israel's monopoly over the narrative, the more ridiculous and outrageous the statement, the more they are terrified over the shift in public opinion. In other words, when I hear that statement, it's inciting genocide. Yes. But for me, it's also a reflection of a deep concern that that rhetoric is not resonating with the population, that that rhetoric of the past is not resonating. And so there's a need to up the ante in order to desperately try to restore some control over a narrative that has been lost. Because we're seeing so many people who are pro Israel

01:44:58--> 01:44:59

yesterday, today become pro Palestine

01:45:00--> 01:45:31

In, I saw a rapper who said, Look, I don't know much about Palestine, Israel by no genocide when I see when I see the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium coming out calling for sanctions against Israel. I see the Spanish Spain say that we know we're ready to recognize a Palestinian state. I see Macron calling for a ceasefire and rolling back on his statement where he said we need an international coalition against Hamas. He said I didn't mean we need to wipe out because it's so I've seen that when the US tries to establish an alliance in the Red Sea to counter the Houthi missiles. Saudi Arabia refuses to join UAE refused to join France withdrew, Spain withdrew, Australia refused to

01:45:31--> 01:46:05

join. I'm seeing that in the UN vote when they did the Security Council vote. I'm seeing delays in the vote because US diplomats wanted time to convince Biden and they pleaded with Biden and said, Please don't use the veto. We're becoming a joke in the United Nations. I'm seeing the Daily Express a right wing paper in the UK say people are increasingly no longer taking the US seriously anymore. I'm seeing the EU say we can't rely on the US anymore. We need to move forward. I'm seeing g7 diplomats in Financial Times saying that we can no longer rely on the global south to support us in Ukraine anymore. I'm seeing Biden desperately tried to rally support for his plan for the day after

01:46:05--> 01:46:44

and failing miserably. The point is, that statement is outrageous. But I read it from as coming from a position of weakness because they know they're losing control of the narrative. They know there are consequences to losing control the narrative, they know the world is waking up, they know that people are shifting to pro Palestine and that his steer hysterical language is a response to a hysteria over the fear that for the first time since 1948, the world is finally seeing what's really happening in Palestine. And that will have sweeping ramifications for the future of the discourse with regards to this conflict, very similar to apartheid South Africa, when when public opinion

01:46:44--> 01:47:09

change, not even Margaret Thatcher, the UK Prime Minister was able to stop the world from imposing sanctions on South Africa that led to the fall of apartheid regime and Mandela coming to power. What do you think that just came to mind? I'm enjoying listening to you. The are saying that since the radical design has hijacked the ones who hijacked Judaism, they're trying to take over now Masha doxa and build the Third Temple. What are your comments on this?

01:47:11--> 01:47:15

You know much about this? No, no, it's not that I'm trying to word it in a way

01:47:16--> 01:47:21

that, that this is the real agenda. Now. This is this is a doctor but explain what I mean.

01:47:23--> 01:47:30

The former country Prime Minister Hamad bin Jessen put out a tweet one day where he said there is a Gulf state that is buying land from the Palestinians and giving it to the Israelis.

01:47:31--> 01:48:02

Now I thought because Qatar UAE don't like each other might be exaggeration. A few friends of mine came back from Palestine a few months ago. And I asked them about it. And they said that they've realized that family that they have friends who have sold land to Arabs. And then the next day they've seen Israeli settlers turn up on that land with the title deed. So this isn't settlers occupying the home. This is settlers saying we bought the land, because it was given to us by the Arab who bought the land from the Palestinians.

01:48:03--> 01:48:35

I set one. So my job for those who don't know is basically I advise companies how to navigate political environments. For example, all this week, I've just been in meetings with clients every morning because of the time difference with the US where they've said, Look, we have our ships, they're approaching the Red Sea, should they cross and and when will this Houthi threat disappear? Because right now, we're losing millions and or they will say for example, Erdogan plus hello in 2013, no alcohol after 10pm. And alcohol company will say this will result in a fall of 35% of our profits. We want to know what to do and win next year or not. If he's going to win next year, we'll

01:48:35--> 01:48:55

turn down like real back our alcohol sales when Qasem Soleimani was killed in 2019. You know, all the companies they were saying will there be war between Iran and the US because we have our operations. We don't want to get caught up, it will cost us 50 million to roll down our operations. We really don't want to do it. So we need to be certain there's going to be war before we make the decision. And then you turn there's going to be no war. That's my job basically, as a political analyst.

01:48:57--> 01:49:00

Some of my clients or a foreign ministries of Western governments,

01:49:01--> 01:49:21

and I set once in a room with diplomats in a closed door room as part of the consultancy process. And I was asked the question, as an independent expert. I'm not likely to be an expert, but that's what they said. It's not me. They said that. Do you think that Saudi Arabia would hand over Al Aqsa to the Israelis?

01:49:23--> 01:49:32

I said, no, that sounds ridiculous. They said, because there's something that we find quite puzzling. What is it you can find puzzling when we talk to our Israeli counterparts?

01:49:33--> 01:50:00

They've told us this is a done deal. But when they speak about Al Aqsa being handed over to Israel, they don't say there's maybe or when negotiating, they talk about it like it's already a done deal. So we're quite confused about, you know, this idea. Is that what the Saudis have said is that whether you you have said and the reason why I was shocked by it was not because it's the first time I've heard it, but because if you remember there was an attempted coup in Jordan last year, where King Abdullah arrested his half brother and he

01:50:00--> 01:50:36

He arrested Saudis man in Jordan, which is who was once untouchable. And then there was sort of a diplomatic crisis between. And there's also been reports in the Arab media as well like for the last couple of years that bin Salman the Saudi Crown Prince has been pressuring Jordan to share the custodianship of Al Aqsa. So for those who don't know, the king of Saudi Arabia is heading Haramain a shady faith that Mecca Medina, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and King Abdullah of Jordan is a custodian of Al Aqsa bin Salman has been pressuring Jordan to hand over the custodianship of Al Aqsa to Saudi and UAE as a joint tripartite thing in the hope that he'll take it as well, when you

01:50:36--> 01:50:41

put with these European diplomats have said, and this immense pressure on Jordan from the Saudis

01:50:43--> 01:50:58

and the destabilization process in Saudi Arabia and, you know, you know, the fatawa coming out of Saudi Arabia, which is, don't talk about it as because it's a fitna and I have a friend who was going to who's going to Amara, I won't say who so they let him through gender.

01:50:59--> 01:51:03

But when he was in Istanbul, he told my wife that tells me that

01:51:04--> 01:51:36

I received the WhatsApp from the tour group, they told us don't bring Kofi is to Saudi Arabia, and don't record yourselves making dua for Gaza. And I told my wife, I can't go in a room and tell people this what's happening. When I was in LA last month for a convention, I had dinner with a group of people and I said, Guys, I'm hearing that this is what's happening. And one person at a table went no, no, it's not a rumor. I'm going to hombre next month. Here's the WhatsApp. And the WhatsApp says it's with a heavy heart that we inform you that we've been told by the Saudi authorities. No, Kofi is no records. And even I don't know if you saw today.

01:51:37--> 01:51:49

From the time of this recording, Turkey, the two Turkish teams were supposed to play in Saudi Arabia. The teams wanted to unfurl a banner of Turkey S stands in support of Hezbollah, and they want to put a quote from Ataturk.

01:51:50--> 01:52:26

The Saudis have said if you're going to unfurl a support a ban of support for Gaza, we won't allow you to play the game in Saudi Arabia. Jared Kushner, two weeks or three weeks after October 7, was in the heart of Saudi Arabia, the devils in the desert foreign saying at a keynote speech, that the Palestinians wanted to ruin normalization between Saudi and the Israelis, and they will fail in this. And the Saudis didn't respond to it. They allowed him to say in the heart of Saudi Arabia, and when Kushner came back to the US, he told The Hill or CNN, that as a Jew, I feel safer in Saudi Arabia than I do on the US campuses. Meaning that he didn't receive any backlash over what's what

01:52:26--> 01:52:58

Israel is doing. But he received backlash what Israel is doing in the US he didn't receive in Saudi, but he received it in the US, or Oman, close its airspace to Israeli planes or the like, Saudi still hasn't closed this space to the Israelis or the the point being is going back to your question, when people are suggesting that there is a possibility that the Saudis and UAE will entertain the prospect of allowing Israel to have their way with Al Aqsa. I think that based on these dynamics, there is a very real possibility. And this isn't me saying when the Saudi ambassador went to went to meet Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, in when the West Bank,

01:53:00--> 01:53:12

the Reuters reporter, so I don't know if you remember Ben segments into Fox News where he said, you know, we're getting closer to normalization every single day. And he says we're willing to accept anything that makes life easier for the Palestinians doesn't talk about Palestinian state.

01:53:14--> 01:53:47

Reuters reported that the Saudis had informed the Americans that as long as they get a NATO style security agreement, and nuclear technology, because they don't want Iran to have a nuclear weapon, and they don't have one, and support for vision 2030 They were willing to set aside the demand for a Palestinian state. And then they invited the Palestinian Authority to resolve and offer the big cash package. And then they sent their Saudi ambassador to Ramallah. The Saudi Ambassador wanted to go the whole way and pray in Al Aqsa to sort of say that this is being legitimized religiously, and the Palestinians told him, We will not let him set foot in Al Aqsa, because we know the Saudis are about

01:53:47--> 01:54:20

to betray us. So I'm saying what about my point is even the Palestinians are aware that something ugly is afoot with regards to this idea of Saudi seeking custodianship over the Al Aqsa masjid. And so to answer your question, I am very uneasy to hear European diplomats tell me that the Israelis are telling them, that normalization will mean that Al Aqsa is handed over to them, and that they will have their way. I don't know if it will happen. All I'm saying is if these senior diplomats are saying it, somebody is saying something somewhere.

01:54:21--> 01:54:44

And the Saudis are not doing enough to rebut it, because they could have said to me, Israel's saying it and Saudis are categorically denying it. And I will say one thing, final point. The other thing I find deeply disconcerting is that the diplomats that I speak to say, and bear in mind, these are European diplomats expressing shock at this phenomenon. They said when we talk to our Saudi counterparts, they don't bring up because

01:54:45--> 01:54:59

they talk to us about Neom and vision 2030. We bring up because in the conversation, and we're a bit surprised about this, and that's why I think that one of the reasons Israel has continued its offensive, in my opinion, and this is my responsibility.

01:55:00--> 01:55:07

I'm saying it I'm not saying you reflects the opinion of anybody that didn't show that like. I think one of the reasons is that Saudi and UAE privately,

01:55:08--> 01:55:45

are telling the Israelis go get it. If it's Hamas, go get Hamas officials. Some of them are in prison in Saudi Arabia. If you open a lot of beer or Saudi media or UAE Media, you could be forgiven for believing that it is Israeli media, the way that they blame the Palestinians, the way that Saudi commentators online are calling Palestinians ingrates. The way they are saying that it's their fault, that they shouldn't have done it as if somehow they should have just sat there and waited for Jeanine, to be annexed by the Israelis. Really, you sort of feel like the rhetoric coming out, is one that lends itself to the suggestion that when Netanyahu said We thank our friends for

01:55:45--> 01:55:53

understanding those friends, he will talk he was talking about where Muslim nations not the Western nations last question here

01:55:55--> 01:56:34

on the premise that and this is what Islam teaches us, the Quran revealed by the credit heavens on earth that all human life is precious and you you've said it multiple times that we don't have a problem condemning evil and being just unfair. And I've interviewed many people who are former Zinus former idea of Special Forces Miko Pillet, I don't know if you know about him, his great grandfather was somebody who helped to one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence for Israel, his grandfather was a genuine Israeli army. He's one of the strongest voices out there today, who's speaking, who's speaking on the side of truth and justice and against the apartheid and

01:56:34--> 01:57:05

oppression. And many Jews also who are in the side of humanity, who their humanity is on who are against the killing of innocent human beings, the oppression of human beings. There was one talk he was, he was on Piers Morgan, his name is Gabor Matta, I don't know if you've he's also visited, I don't know if you've met him, he's visited Bosnia also, and, and he was talking about, he was also a Zionist. It's not like I used to be a Zionist, as you mentioned, I'm a Holocaust survivor. Zionism was very important for me as a salvation of the Jewish people.

01:57:06--> 01:57:54

Until I found out that the state was founded, based on the extra patient, the explosion and multiple massacres of the local population. And that's not historically controversial. And then he just could not His humanity was on and he could not silence it, seeing the oppression. So he, these are people who are going against the odds. And then he also now he was talking, he had some resistance, obviously, from his father and his family members. But after some time, they also came along because their humanity, people go through a state of cognitive dissonance. So what are you seeing and and what what would you say to the people who are witnessing this, and so they don't have to go to a

01:57:54--> 01:58:30

long state of cognitive dissonance. And, you know, and tomorrow be on the wrong side of history to be on the right side of history. And to look at voices like this, Norman Finkelstein and others who put their neck on the line. What do they have to win, they have a lot to lose, but they're on the side of truth. So for the audience is listening a lot of this, we went through so many different points, you addressed it very clear what you have to say for the person who doesn't know much, but now they're learning. And they are. They've been programmed with a lot of the programming that's out there. What would you say to them? I think one of the things that is worth noting is

01:58:32--> 01:59:06

we call it humanity. Yeah. In Islam, there's a concept of the fitrah we say the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam was sent as a message to mankind. He wasn't sent to a chosen people, he was sent to mankind. And the reason being is that we believe as Muslims, that every human being has a conscience and that conscience we call the fitrah, and the Federal resonates with justice, and hates naturally hates injustice. Every human being is capable of this. And that's why I argue that the reason we have so many allies now with regards to what's happening and Philistine, and we see Gabor Ma Tei and normal peoples is their fitrah is screaming out that there is an injustice that is taking place that they

01:59:06--> 01:59:47

can offer. And the role of justice in Islam is so important. That biblical dune said Allah had to assess to be horrible a man justice is the foundation of Old Dominion and oppression heralds the end of a dynasty. And what mo Tamia said was even was even more profound mo to me actually said that Allah will preserve a non Muslim state that is just but destroy a Muslim state that is unjust, for Allah tolerates kufr disbelief with justice, but does not tolerate Islam with injustice. The point being is that this is why for the Muslim themselves, justice is at the pinnacle, regardless of who it is Muslim or non Muslim. If a Muslim doesn't stand for justice, they are abandoning one of the

01:59:47--> 02:00:00

basic tenants of Islam that according to ignore Tamia will lead to the destruction of the Muslim state, no matter how many mosques it has, or how many people are praying in those messages. The reason why I say this is

02:00:00--> 02:00:27

To show you the link between justice and fitrah, the link between justice and how it resonates with people who are now coming out to the sacred the Palestine or the like. And that's what I think the reality is that when Mohammed bin Abdulaziz and I'm giving these traditions to show how it resonates with the feta, Ahmad bin Abdulaziz received a message from one of his governors and he said, I have unruly tribes, the same way that people Israel is trying to say that these Palestinians, you know, they're barbarians or they can only no force. I'm giving advice to the Israelis from Islam.

02:00:28--> 02:00:39

When the governor sent, he said, please send me a relief force an army so that I can control these barbaric tribes. Omar Abdullah Abdullah says replies and he says so he says, you know,

02:00:41--> 02:01:15

the word that he uses her Sinha I want to fortify it with an army and umlaca reply, Omar, Abdullah, these replies has sent her blood fortified with justice, you don't need an army, give rights to the Palestinians, give them justice, give them the right of return. Let them have their lands back. Let them have their homes, but they were unjustly kicked. And you will find that the Palestinian vendetta was never against the Jew, the Palestinian vendetta was never against the Jewish population. The Muslims never had a vendetta against the Jews. The Muslims only had a vendetta against injustice, whether it was the Jews or whoever, who who stood with injustice. Muslims don't

02:01:15--> 02:01:49

have any problem with regards to the Jews or the Christians or the like. It's only with the injustice, restore the justice, and everybody loves finding peace. Everybody loves finding coexistence, because it's injustice that leads to the cycle of violence over and over again, the same way that Gabor Ma Tei told Piers Morgan, it's the injustice that leads to the cycle of violence over and over again, if he used the example of the Hungarian Revolution, he used the example is the injustice that leads to this never ending violence that we're seeing, everybody's focusing on the symptom and not the disease. When you restore the justice, there's no need to resort to these

02:01:49--> 02:02:23

violence. I'm not saying that violence is justified. I'm saying that violence doesn't emerge from justice, it emerges from injustice. And that's the point I want to say in that now we have all these allies that are emerging, who are resonating with their fitrah is resonating with the justice. And that's the point why I want to emphasize even to Muslims who are listening, when Allah gives the example of Dawa, that we mentioned earlier, and he gives the next area where he says for the one who you had enmity with today and enmity he could be that they supported injustice before. Today they support justice. You gave the example Gabor Ma Tei says, I love the idea of Israel before until I

02:02:23--> 02:03:01

saw its reality, many people are now seeing that reality. And that's something to celebrate something that we can welcome. Because what humanity agrees upon is justice. What humanity agrees upon is that justice is the essence of coexistence and the way that we operate in society. The reason we Muslims believe that Islam is a true religion, is because Islam shows you how to achieve that justice in its interaction with other religions in the way that we explained earlier, the coexistence in a way that Europe never managed to achieve under the white supremacist, anti semitic, it was Islam that created the Jerusalem of Europe, Sarajevo, and created Cordoba and Granada, which

02:03:01--> 02:03:34

became the Amanda Lucia, that it was a slam created something that Christendom never created, that Judaism never created. That's why we're asserting that we have we know what Justice looks like. But I think it's a wonderful phenomena that people are now seeing the justice for what it is that we see more allies emerge. Gabor Ma Tei. Norman Finkelstein has always been in that position and the like, but we'll see ordinary people also start to read and start to ask, because what prevented the Palestinian narrative from being delivered was a desperate Israeli attempt to prevent it. And that's why I think that there was a really interesting Tiktok video, where they showed an African American

02:03:34--> 02:04:03

doing a video where she does she doesn't like a sketch where she says, you know, she's pretending to talk to someone and she says, you know, oh, my God, they attacked us on October 7, and you know, these barbarians and they kill civilians. Oh, my God, why do they do that? I don't know. They just barbaric just humans. Oh, my God, I'm scared. Like, what kind of world is this? Where people can just get up and attack you? You I need to read about this. No, no, no, don't read about it. Don't read about it. No, no, no, no, I need to don't read about it. And then she looks at and says, Oh, you've been hoodwinking me all this time, about what's actually happening. And that's what I think

02:04:03--> 02:04:37

that what they're resonating with first and foremost is an innate sense of justice that exists in every human being a fitrah. And hopefully, and as we've seen in this Reza thing that fit or ultimately leads them to ask questions. And we've seen a wave of people entering Islam as a result, because they realize that there was a wall that Israel had erected, and when that wall was smashed as a result of social media, when finally people ask questions, when finally they read about the issue, when finally they wanted to understand what was happening, they found that there's only one truth and that was letting out Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, beautiful, beautiful way to end I like

02:04:37--> 02:05:00

that, where people are looking, who've already been searching and thinking, what's the purpose of life, they're seeing people's life destroyed, they're still holding on to that purpose of the La ilaha illa. Allah the Kalama that there's nothing worthy of worship. So the credit to heavens the Earth. Muhammad is his messenger, thank you very much for being with us and helping us and the people understand the history here and what's brought us here today and some

02:05:00--> 02:05:02

The solution is easy. Thank you for having me.

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