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Do you find yourself listening to Lady Gaga and taking her as an example more then you do Islam? Then this is a Must watch for you!

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show and this week on the deen show before the youth get wild and for the ship sails, we want to make sure that we're doing the right thing at home raising our children the proper way so we don't lose our children because it's a jungle out there. So our next guest shake yacine here from the UK in Dallas. So we'll see how his UK accent with the Dallas Cowboy accent how this all fits in we're gonna meet when we come back here on the deen show.

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Been to San alikum walaikum salam O Allah, How are y'all doing? I'm doing fine. Did you pick up on the Texas accent here and while you're in Dallas? No, not yet. You still got that nice. British accent? Yeah, Mashallah. How are you doing? yourself How long you been in the states here? I've been in for six years Born in born UK in the UK. How's the transition been? It's been pretty peaceful. As opposed to the hustle and bustle life of London, the busy life.

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Choosing the suburb of DC it's pretty peaceful. handler a lot sent me sort of right community have a good team, people our work with good community handle, nothing's been going from strength to strength. So the time is short, just a brief introduction about yourself. you've memorized the verbatim Word of God. You've been studying as dean for a long time you've been tell us continue from there. I was born and raised in England, spirits of an Indian region and

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started memorizing the Quran from a very young age and after memorizing the Quran, I enrolled at Islamic seminary to study Islamic sciences. After graduating from there, I went on to complete my Master's in Islamic Studies at University of London, whilst also serving as an Imam at a local mosque in London. In 2006, I made a big move across the pond and came to the United States of America upon the advice of Imam Yusuf, another great senior, Yvonne of Dallas. And ever since then, I've been serving as an Imam here. Now, how did you overcome were you shielded? Were you protected? I mean, as a youth growing up in London, you got some wild things going on, people got wild over

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their drugs, alcohol, games, gaming, all sorts of things that are away from the organic way of living, we want to live a pure life, a good life, a life that's pleasing to the Creator, that happens, and now you went in the good direction, but many don't make it that far. What kind of pressures were you under that you overcame? So the youth they can kind of relate to say, you know, what, if he could do it, I can do it too. I was quite fortunate because my parents always guided towards Islam and hamdulillah you know, praise Allah. And, you know, the upbringing from the home is very important. My father was very conscious about how he snuck up rigging, especially performances

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of prayers. And you know, when a person performs their prayers, and all sorts of disciplines come into their life, and I was fortunate enough that my parents guided me towards the studies of Islam. So from a very young age, I was in Islamic seminary, so I was guarded, guarded and protected from, from the the trials and tribulations that most of us go through in England, having said that, I would come home on the weekends, and I would see my friends and people that I grew up with associating and things or, you know, engaging in activities that were contrary to the upbringing or contrary to the Islamic faith. And at times, it was a challenge, because you'd be invited towards

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those activities or doing things. And it's always been a challenge. And that challenge would never end because of the freedom afforded to the youth and in the countries that we're living in. So 100 of you know, WordPress allows protected from that I don't think anybody can be protected or saved unless Allah saves them. And of course, it starts from home. It has to be have a strong structure in the house, strong Islamic system. And also the community plays a big role in the upbringing of a child and to provide them that environment atmosphere, where they could be secure in their Deen and they could practice Islam securely. Now, before we go into you, giving us some advice for the people

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who want to start a family have a family. And before that, as I said, the ship sales, you know, we want to prepare it before the children get out there in the real world. We want to prepare them for the challenges of life. So at what point did you consciously make a decision because people have to come you go from being a young man, your child to an adult, and you have to make a conscious decision to submit to the Creator of the heavens and earth. So at what point in your life What do your father Your parents are teaching you? It's not but at what point were you like because even

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Some parents, they teach them Islam but they're like, still they wander off, but others they stop and think. And they're like, you know what, what my parents are teaching me really is the truth is based on proof evidences and they even did wholeheartedly get into it, did you have that point in your life I found that point came when I was closest to puberty. And then after completing the Quran, you know, memorizing for not understanding, the still wanting to learn what the Quran actually means.

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shaitan did attack me, and she told me no, you don't need to go seminary, you might become proud and arrogant. If you become an Islamic scholar, you might show up on pride many very many tricks and many avenues that shavon attacks a person, especially a student of knowledge is attacked greatly by shape on. So it was it was a at that point that I actually consulted my my teachers, my sure your My, my advisors, my mentors, who you know,

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I'm indebted to, and I have to pray for them a lot. Allah blesses them, God blesses them for their efforts. And it was at that time that they guided me, you know, this is this is the point where you need to start reflecting, and realizing God's favours upon you lost chosen you for this path. And you have to remain on this path and stay on it and stick to it. So it was it was at that point after memorizing the Quran before enrolling at Islamic Center, close to the age of puberty look for 1314 when I had that great transition, or that that moment in my life where I had to make a decision, do I go back to school now, after completing hips of Khurana memorization of Quran? Or do you now go on

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to learn what the Quran means trying to find in your lives and benefit others? It was at that point in my life that I had to really think about, what what direction I wanted to take in life. And

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you know, I never lost faith or never had.

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I never lost trust in what my parents taught me. I always knew this was the truth. And you know, I was fortunate enough that God guided me towards How important is it because we know that's one verbatim Word of God is the Quran has been sent down for all of mankind. And it's a guidance, a healing for everybody. So one of the miracles is that we have it in its original memorized by millions, but some will memorize the Quran. But how important is it to memorize it, but memorize it with understanding how important is that thing is extremely important because a lot of other elementary is not caught on that we revealed this book. And it's blessed so that you can reflect

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upon its meanings. You know, in other parts of the Quran, Allah says God says, and we made this Quran easy for remembrance. So how does one take heed from it or take lessons from it derive a way of life or a source of life from it unless they understand it will truly reflect upon its meanings. I think it's extremely important that one when a person memorizes on, he has to understand he or she has to understand this is their path of life. Now God has chosen them for the Koran to be a true ambassador of the whole of the Koran, protects them preserve the Quran, not just preserving its literal words, but also preserving its meanings and actions in in conveying its teachings in

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teaching it to others. So I think it's extremely important that people understand. And that's why you will find people that don't learn the meaning of the Koran or memorizing it, they don't have true value for the whole line you will find, unfortunately, amongst those that haven't Rosa put on although they are in esteemed position, because Allah selected them from his for his words and for preserving his words. They don't tend to live the Islamic lifestyle that's required from the person that has learned the Koran. Now you've seen that, yes, I have, what advice do you have for those who are aspiring to memorize the crowd, their parents, maybe push them to do it, but they're dealing

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with this dilemma. Now my advice to them is that your journey doesn't end once you've finished allows, don't be nasty last chapter of the Quran, your journey has just begun. Because now you have a responsibility and duty to preserve the Koran in its true sense, and to convey its meanings to the people. So this is a path that Allah has chosen for you. And if you neglect this path, and you're it's like you're neglecting the fact that I was prepared for you. And I think it's a grave responsibility is a huge responsibility of parents as well. Once you've chosen your children to this path, learning the Quran preserving the Quran in its words, than they should allow them to excel and

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to learn a Deen Furthermore, and not just stop there. Has anyone asked you, let's say from our brothers and humanity when you mentioned the Quran and say, Well, how can I know that this is from the creator? How do I know why do you guys say this a miracle in short, what? How can people be confident that this is from the Creator, because the Quran is unchanged, on altered on edited, it's in the original form of its revelation. A lot of other God revealed this to the Prophet Muhammad and the source of its revelation is known it's solid came from God for Gabriel to Mohammed. Whereas other scriptures, the same cannot be settled than the preservation of the Quran. rigorous efforts

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were made by earlier Muslims to preserve its words. And you know, this system of health and memorization is one method of God chose for its preservation. So it's a it's a very, nothing you'll you'll find no contradictions in the book, you'll find that it's in the highest language. It's a miraculous words a miraculous rebuild at a time when people

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We're proud about the language took great pride in the in the way they presented their language skills. And the Prophet Mohammed being unlettered, not knowing how to read or write was conveying these words that are people with such with such authenticity and with such such strength and with such authority, it there's no doubt in the mind that this is Word of God doesn't before we go to break doesn't the Creator of the heavens and the earth in Arabic we say a lot. Doesn't he identify himself that he's the one that revealed that he's going to protect it? Yes, yes, this is a guarantee like stamp of approval. This is that as this verse of the Quran, the Quran says, We revealed the

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Quran as a remembrance and we will protect it. Yeah. Tell me this. Why is it true that there's a challenge in there? Someone says it's not from God, go ahead find one contradiction. Yes, exactly. See, unlike other scriptures, the Quran says that if you do they don't, do they not reflect upon the Quran, if it was from other than unlock, they would find many contradictions in the Quran challenges people that this is the word of man, bring something like it. That's right. And that's what we're going to be giving you the information on how you can save your family. So before we begin Word of God, and the teaching of the last and final lesson seven player kind of problem, Mohammed, we'll be

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right back with more. So stay tuned here on the deen show. It's like, when did you think that you had no purpose?

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Are you worthless.

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The value comes from purpose.

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Your purpose in life is to worship the Creator, not worship you design itself, not worship, social pressure, the celebrity culture, or worship the thing that's much higher and transcendent, above and beyond by worshiping God and seeking His pleasure, you get pleased. So you have double pleasure.

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Back here on the de show Shakedown scene. And we are humbly trying to really relate to the people out there, you know, the message, the beauty of the purpose of life, that's from the Creator. It's not an organized religion, organized by man or men. It's indeed, a way of life a system that's for all mankind. And even in here tells you how to raise your family, how to bring up righteous children. So you have memorized this book, we talked about it being a miracle. So the person now that got to hear a miracle from crater might continue to listen. And you've also you went through those pressures, you know, have some experience. So what advice do you give for parents before the

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time comes, and he comes knocking on your door? Because you're the mom, and they come knock on your door, say, hey, my son's joined the gang. Hey, my son, he just smacked me upside the head. My son's cursing using Jeez, I didn't teach him French. But he's, you know, he's speaking French. You know what kind of French I'm saying, right? So before it comes to that, what advice do you give to parents, I think it's important for parents to reflect once they've made this decision of having kids and bringing kids into this world, children to this world, what their responsibility is, as parents, we have, we have rights, children have rights upon us. And we have duties that we have to

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fulfill related to the physical upbringing of a child, and we're all aware of that Muslim, non Muslim, it doesn't matter. Everybody's fulfilling that right of the child, raising them, nurturing them, nourishing them, when it comes to nutrition and giving them rest and giving them a home, giving them clothes to wear, when it comes to the direction in life that there needs to lead the spirituality of the child nurturing that molding them on a way of life. That's where many people fail. So it's really important that parents change their direction in life before they start to bring children into that as well. Because having children is a great responsibility and duty for any

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person. It's not an it's not just the physical responsibilities of the child that we account accountable for being part of a law, we are shepherds, we have to lead our flock towards the right direction. And that destination is gender. And the last panel is pleasure. So it's important that we make this conscious decision to choose the right way of life before we bring to your children as well. And once we do, we have to, we have to bring Islam as our life wholeheartedly, not this pick and choose Islam that we're living by, in present time. Not a buffet, exactly. It's not a buffet meal, where you can go I like buffets, by the way. Yeah. Eat all you want, you know? And that's why,

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you know, that's a second way I think, a lot of wasted a lot under the right place. And so going, going back to the question, you know, we choose and pick and choose what we want to follow. And Allah says regarding the people before Muslims, before Islam, they used to say we believe in in some of it and we will reject some of it, not many of the round one that will be wrong. And we don't want to live that sort of lifestyle that says enter Islam fully. So when we bring children This is what we have to realize we can't have this pick and choose Islam, we can't be hypocritical in our in our perception of being. Otherwise, if we guide our children towards something and we're not practicing

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ourselves, they would never have we would never have any effects on our children. Therefore, I think that parents needs to be role models. Number one, they need to have the right direction in their own lives, after they've adopted those qualities and they have a very strong structure in their own lives, and they

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molded around, they would like to have molded around the children would pick up from that instantly. If your day starts with fajita Sala if your day ends with arratia if you're if you're if your structure around the house is modeled around the prayers, timings, if you go out to the mall, you go out to grocery shopping, but you're conscious about prayer timings. And this is just one one example of prayers itself. And then speaking about law on the dinner table, speaking about a light everywhere you go, you go into the car with your child, he speaks about a law. He asked him about a lot of light in the Koran when he speaks to his son. And he says to him that if there was a mustard

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seed hidden somewhere who would bring it Who would know about it, only Allah would know about it, oh, son, perform your prayers, enjoy and good forbid evil, be patient, and he's advising his son, all these different advices about his character Do not be, do not be haughty to not be proud, you know, be arrogant to not both. So this conversation has to take place. It's a it's a question of impression in our children. They're on online, most of the time they go to schools 40 hours a week,

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the constitution to go everywhere. And whatever they see around them their impression that they're impressionable. And if we're not having these conversations with our children, we're not speaking to them about a lot about chastity and morality, you know, the values that we want to instill in them as Muslim, then somebody else is having that conversation with somebody else is taking that precious time away from us. today. Unfortunately, we're not spending enough time with our children. And time is a huge factor. How many times do we do we do we go out with our daughters as fathers. And how many fathers take their daughters out and say, you know, for a day out on a Saturday, she's looking

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for that when she's a teenage girl, she's looking for a father, somebody, a male figure to take her out and teach her how a woman should be treated, you know, to give her some quality time to ask her how her day has been? Who are her friends? What does she like in life? What are the things that she likes, what her dislikes, how many fathers know that about their daughters, how many sons, how many fathers know that about their sons, you know, they shouldn't be living in fear of their parents, there should be some respect and parents needs to be parents and will same parents have to be friends. But they have to have these conversations with their children, they have to talk to them

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all the time constantly remind them not imposed, not forced from a very young age, talk to them about law, talk to them about their direction in life, talk to them about morality, about chastity, about the Prophet Mohammed, and read stories with them leaving the house, I think it's so important for the structure of a Muslim household. Five minutes a day is extremely effective. Read the book higher Sahaba stories of the Sahaba read a book of elders quality gardens of the pious, just read from the two three ahaadeeth everyday narrations of the Prophet Mohammed delight in them, relate to them stories from the Koran, about the prophets, talk to them, how do you have the conversations

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with them, and you'll find that they will be impressed by this, they will have a great impression of Islam, and inshallah it will lead to a strong structure in the house in the household in Sharla. Also, the community plays a huge role in this. And one of the differences I find between US and UK. And although this is a question, I know you've been asked this question, but I think one of the main differences I found was that in England, there was a strong

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educational structure for for all Muslim kids, all Muslim kids in UK growing up 90% of them, I would say enroll at a local Masjid after school five to seven on a daily basis, during school year. And in fact, even summer holidays we were in and out of. And they went there they learned on of course, but they also learn Islam, they learn Kitab, they learn, they learn how these narrations they learned see another biography of the Prophet Mohammed. And it was a structure every child went through. Whereas in the US we don't have the structure we have Sunday school, even that is some places it's strong, some places is weak, many children are lost. Many children were we almost gotta go to break.

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So in short, I'm gonna ask you some more questions I have a lot more to ask you. But you know, sad that the time is always short. So if you can try to get everything out that I throw at you to the people. And the next question, I will know how important is it that we teach our family the pure way of life, the pure way of life that was sent from the Creator. I know we love our culture and our customs from back home. And now we brought our families here to America. And now we're teaching back home culture and now how much of it where's the thin line that we don't cross because at the end of children like an attack parents have been teaching me 70% culture and a 23% Islam or whatnot for

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instance, give you just one example. For instance, we know that the dowry as for the what the the girl the girl, but it's sad to say some people have taken a cost custom and they do it for the what for the for the man right? So these customs and cultures that conflict now with Islam, where's the board? And how do we know? You know, so we don't overwhelm the kids. And at the end? You know, Islam is something that changes a person for the better is the best self defense, from gambling from alcohol from all the evil vices. So how do we make sure we're doing it God's way, not our desires.

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I think education is really important. I think many people that come from from other countries and they settle in this country and they choose to to raise a family here, they themselves aren't aware and educated in Islamic masters. And they, you know, they practice cultural. And they're not they're not. They aren't aware that the cultural practices that they adhere to have no basis in Islam. I think education starts from the parents. And of course, the masjid, the Imam, the shoe, the scholars, they have a leading role to play in this where they have the you know, they have the platform, the member the pulpit, on a weekly basis addressing 1000s of people to address some of

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these challenging issues. where many people need to be educated on the status of women in Islam, the status of women in status of youth in Islam, some it's only differ in the cultural problems that we're having, or we're facing needs to be addressed on from the message from the, from the pulpit.

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If the parents themselves aren't educated on these matters, then it's very hard for them to teach pure Islam today to get to know your deen. Exactly. Get to know who your Creator Yes, what he wants from you. That is the key right there. And you know, some people say, look, I lost the ipco right? What was real some I gotta get the PhD so we get things. Okay, get down to get the knowledge of the deen first knowledge of the deen is essential is for the hereafter. Yeah, now you can you can educate the masses, which is your responsibility, but we were going to die one day. And the reality is we're going to face our crazy now mostly we don't know our Deen, then you know, we're setting

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ourselves up for failure. All the degrees are going to help them right now. We'll take a break, grab more here and again, show you think these things are gonna bring you happiness. You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep getting going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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Think you're happy? You're kidding yourself, is really

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what we are offering in Islam. What we have found in Islam for ourselves is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent. We are pleased with what we have.

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Back here on the dean show will shake your scene. Now let's talk to the to the youth now parents, we talked about them doing their role connecting them with the Creator, educating them spending family time, quality time, how about for the youth now they've kind of they haven't had that they're tuning in to friends have turned their life around. And they're trying to call their friends to goodness, the sitting watching the show that they don't think it's cool to be a Muslim. They don't think it's more cool to quote Lady Gaga said according to profit, you know, what do you got to say to them?

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Well, it doesn't take a scientist or rocket scientist to figure out that way of life is, is disruptive. When we look at celebrity lifestyles today, you don't find any happiness in any of the in their lives. I mean, you find Whitney Houston just committed well overdose, and Lindsay Lohan is in rehab. Britney Spears was in rehab. So we this is what we know about celebrity lifestyles and there's no happiness. There's no, that sort of lifestyle is destructive. When when there's no God in your life. When there's no one says a note or hating your life. There is no purpose, a sense of purpose in your life. What are you working for? What are you living for? So my message to the youth

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that wants to aspire towards that sort of lifestyle, and they think the Islamic lifestyle is on call? How long is it cool for to be cool, you know, quote, unquote, when you're going to age one day, we're going to age humans today, somebody told me I'm an uncle, because now I have three kids. I'm only 30. I don't feel like an uncle. But we are going to age and we aspire to the wrong things from now and we don't. We're setting ourselves up for failure later on. So my message to the youth is that choose a role model whose way of life is fulfilling, it's satisfactory. Why are we finding so many people flocking to the religion of Islam? Why are people finding eternal peace in the

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religion of Islam? Why are people finding eternal peace in this unknown Hamas life? Why are we not studying Islam deeply? Why would it look Why are we not looking into this lifestyle rather than being influenced by by other things by pressured by other things? So I would advise the youth to study to read to connect with their local masjids to the

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Top a Muslim youth and look into that lifestyle and and read the merits of it. And they'll find peace and tranquility in their lives. Death is a reality. And after death, the Day of Judgment reality, Hellfire is a reality paradise. And these things are a reality that we're going to have to what we do this live will be a carnival so at the end, Hellfire paradises is where all the messages of God taught. So we got to get it right now exactly, definitely. It's a reality when the discussion of hell and heaven is as old as the discussion, as old as the creation of man. Now, as soon as, as long as man has been in this world, the discussion of heaven and hell to place is a reality is

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undeniable. Nobody can reject it. Therefore, we have to

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and adhere to the teachings that will take us towards paradise. Refrain from the hellfire. Last closing comments and suggestions, a one real briefly we got a woman left to the parents are struggling with their children and the children who are really, you know, having a hard time growing up here, you know, so much temptation. So many things, just secondary minor way they get caught up in all the different things of the tenten positions of this life, and they're having a hard time to submit. What do you got to say, to the parents, my message is that if you, you know, continue trying make dua supplicates, or las panatela, to God, to help you in this path, raising children, everybody

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needs the help of God. Nobody can do it without the help of God and the guidance of God, and God guides when he wishes, nobody can guide who says God wishes to this guide. But the effort has to start from home, we have to be very strong in our efforts. We have to be very wise and use tax and wisdom. That's very important to the parents. My message to the youth is that do not succumb to the pressures in society. Do not keep up with the Joneses. That's not what we're here for. We're here to follow the prophet Elijah love, we've given a pure and pure way of life studies, read about it, learn it, and try and adopt it. Thank you very much

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for watching pbmc salami. And thank you for tuning in to another episode on the deen show. No time lost when you're sitting. And you're learning something that can benefit your life. When you're hearing the good advice, you're putting off all the hip hop, new music and the rock music and all the other things of their of their no benefit. When you sit and you take time to reflect over the creation of the heavens Earth. What's my purpose of life, or my goal when I die? And you'd be seeking the help of the Creator of the heavens on earth? Because you can't do it on your own is one God He sent messengers to guide us. But how are you going to know what the guidance is if you don't

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ask the creator for the guidance. And I'm just going to share before we end because we're here in Dallas, y'all and one of my teachers is here. And he shared something real beautiful me that just stuck with me. So I was listening to him to a person analogy and it's stuck with me with something good and hopefully you can benefit from his good. He told me that we need to work hard in this life fill in our grave with good deeds before we visit the grave because we're all going to visit that place and we need to work to please hard our Creator before we meet our Creator and we need to work hard to disattach ourselves from this life before this life says bye bye to us. And that is great

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advice that we can all benefit from because we're going to be leaving this life is transitory and the Hereafter is forever Hellfires. Real paradises for real and we want to shoot high. And as for Jenna, so let's work hard to please our Creator. before death overtakes us and if you have any further questions, visit us at the de show.com every week and call us one 800 662 Islam Operators are standing by to answer your questions. Or even if you want to accept the way of life that Jesus Moses, Abraham, all the messages of God live, they all submitted to God, they worship the Creator, not the creation, you could do it to call us. We'll see you next time peace be unto you.