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Jumuah Khutbah at the Clear Lake Islamic Center.

March 31, 2017.

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In a temporary law who do want to stay in or who want to study who want to stop when I mean surely and Pacino Missa tee Medina Maria de la palma de la la

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la la la la la la sharika was shadow under Mohammed Abu hora pseudo. Yeah, you're Latina. Amina taco, la haka, Takashi Illa. One Two Muslim moon. Yeah Johan NASA ora, como la comida wahala caminhada. However, I mean humare Jad and Kathy Ronnie Sir, what de la la de de Luna b1 in Allaha kennady camera Eva yeah you hola Dena. Taco La La Koo covenants De De De

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nada como para la comme de Nova Khun la hora Sula, hufa defassa, frozen Aviva. And by the law, all praise do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment and all the prophets and messengers and their followers. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship and Mohammed Salah low audio Selim his last and final messenger.

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Today, I would like to talk about building a better tomorrow. There is no doubt that every one of us looking forward for a better future for himself, for his family, for his community, for all for the world for the universe.

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And that's required from us, not just to wish to have a better tomorrow, but we should act upon that. As a community as a Muslim community today, we do have so many challenges, but I always feel the more challenges we have, the more opportunities we have. Because if we look and study the story of many of those who succeed in their lives, their success came after a great deal of challenges, a great deal of difficulties that achieved them and make them strong enough to face to face these challenges.

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To overcome these obstacles in life, and today, I would like to share a few principles that I believe it is very, very important for us as a community to reflect upon.

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And these principles has to do with internal issues inside our community. And also issues related to external factors that we and challenges that we live, or we face in our life today. And I think it starts with a very simple principle. If we serious about having a better tomorrow for us, we need to learn how to live without differences. We're not a mono community, we never were and will never go on to be we're always a multi culture community. We're always a multi

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med hub and, you know, even religious understanding of backgrounds in a sense that the way we understand and interpret the religion never was a mono white never was in any time in our history was just one opinion. It was just only one school of thought that control all the thinking of the Muslim never was. We always been a community that's very diverse in all aspects in all ways. We know for example, in our history, the former Madonna, the famous for Medina, the shastry, the Maliki the Hambali the canopies, with all the differences between them, did not stop them to live with one another, to pray behind one another, to cooperate with one another to learn from one another. We

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haven't even met learning from an Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and learning from his students. Mohammed Hassan Shaban. We have an Imam Shafi Rahim Allah learning under Eman Malika Hey Mahalo to Allah. And we have any amount of chef is saying to

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you, sir, you know, palace easy, you know, that head is better than us. You know, the head is better than me. There's, if you know about it that we don't know, inform me about it.

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With all these differences in these branches and areas in Islam, and in Shetty out, they all agree that they must love one another, care for one another, live with one another. And they all agreed on at the heady metabolically with takapa. That they all agree that hating or disassociating or creating a division in the community or in the society, it's absolutely forbidden. What are him alone and hedger hit him up on if the Da Da Da, Da, Da Da Fu v. Mohan. Also we need to learn with living with these differences, that to learn how to accept it as well. I still find it very hard for so many people to accept the fact that we might completely disagree in certain areas. And we don't

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know how to accept that I might live with it with with you know, with a little bit of you know, difficulty but still this is another level father is to know how to accept it. And even Ahmed Rahim Allah once asked his students who came to his class where you came from, then they said we were hit were hesitant a little bit.

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They said we were studying under a Big Query.

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I will cry for those who don't know is another scholar lived during its time and that scholar was very harsh against the name environment, he used to speak very ill of an environment and see things appropriate about him Allah and he disagree with many factors of Allah anyway. So in the said we state we were studying under that man, I will call a colony Mr. Raja, sila. What a great righteous man. Learn from him. Study under him. He said, Yes, ma'am. He's talking bad about you know, it's a killer movie, where Nando mink, but he speaks lfu and sometimes many times you criticize you part of what you say in hindi tv, in Rajaram. Sana to God. He said, What can I do to him? He's a righteous

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man. But I am his Tustin life. Yeah, and he couldn't accept the fact that I disagree with him issues. That's why he gets so frustrated. But you know what, you still have a lot of good things you can learn from him. That's a Ford. That's not just he knows how to live with me courage to accept him to let his students go and study with him. And I'm Ash narrated from zero, which will be wide. What cannot

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Zulu rubbish Allawi and you probably know any other man

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What kind of roof moneylion you probably notice man and ID

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and atmosphere I studied under two scholars, one of them used to love and another thought it over. It's not in favor. it overlooks man, the two famous companions, and the other one used to love into favor of man over it. And he said, I testify that's what the armor said that they loved each other, so much for the sake of Allah, that I couldn't find anyone in Iraq or under Kufa like them, when it comes to how much they love each other.

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God will matter kalama helluva Murphy, Tata Mata, and none of them ever said bad thing about the other person until both passed away. What am you had this Abba? rot is the unknown who can act borromean who syndrome and whenever they will be together in a gathering of while one speak, will always look the other ones that are speaks because he's older than him out of respect.

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That leads me to say one of the most important principles and issues that we need to learn is the etiquette of dealing with those who disagree with us. And I'm not going to go details. But I want to raise an awareness. This is something we need to learn how to disagree with each others respectfully, how to be up to express your opinions and your positions about matters. And and what is based on what based on an evidence based knowledge, not just an ignorance and desire, and how can we accommodate those who disagree with each others, I don't want to talk about the etiquette of disagreement to be just a theoretical knowledge. It needs to be seen in our reality. It needs to be

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seen in our curriculum, it needs to be a subject that even taught dark children, schools and universities and centers, we need to train our young men and woman on how to accept and respect with these differences and how to deal with it and how to debate over. When I look to the internet. When I look at Internet social media, when so when I post something in my Facebook and I see the reaction, let's say something you've never heard of it before. Or I take a position that you're not familiar with the amount of people the amount of respond and hate and, and messages you get it make you wonder that even the basic language of respect is missing in the society today.

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And my brothers and sisters, these differences not only related to religious positions that we might take from one case to another, I might say I believe this is not allowed Islamic meaning somebody said it's allowed. No, it's way bigger than that. I found that, ironically, that we have more sense of tolerance toward these kinds of differences. But we have very less sense of tolerance when it comes to political issues, when it comes to social issues, when it comes to opinions that are just nothing but opinion. So if somebody, for example, will think that this is the best strategy to move forward in this area, political or social issues, as long as it has to do with the fifth, or the

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ruling issues, you will see some people get so upset and cook so much. For instance, if I believe that, for example, that certain approach is the best way, it doesn't mean to be the only way. And if someone disagree with me my approach in these issues, that means he is absolutely out of the circle.

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I believe we do another principle, which is our opinions are not facts. Our understandings are not a revolution from Allah subhana wa Tada. Not a revelation sorry, from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah did not reveal to you this opinion, to in order for you to use it as something absolute fact. And everything else is just a false hope. It surprised me. Sometimes, when I see people over the social media, it speaks either speaks on behalf of God. And just remind me of that

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medieval time when someone speaks on behalf of God and say, you know, God ordered me to do this or me to do that. And he's not a messenger of allies, not

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a prophet or anything like that. And sometimes he will say, what I say is the woman who will help, will tolosa wha hoo Baba. People use strong language like this. What I say is the absolute right

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The correct way to go on everything else is that Rahim Allah, ama token. Leia giussani akula Lima de la Christie, how are you? Well, I'm Tom for fee hibino sin, and the La Habra. mahato, Jabba hada Oh, how come Allah who we had, if you don't have an explicit text from Allah subhana wa Tada, or his messenger sallallahu Sallam telling you that this is the ruling, you're not allowed to say this is forbidden? This is absolutely obligatory, or this was a law intended or wanted, you can say that you can say this is my opinion. This is what I think is right. That's why I'm a mama Hey, Mama law, like admin was Shafi. Well, how you go home, they used to not use Word strong words like this forbidden

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or logic in the mechanical law, HIPAA law.

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They will say, I don't like it, I don't recommend it for you, I wouldn't encourage you to do that. Not necessarily, because he doesn't believe it's forbidden, because he wants to show a language that always keep a space for people to accommodate one another. A not to treat the statements that made by him and being the same way. That statement that made by Allah subhana wa, Tada. What I'm worried about that at one point, Muslims were reached, what are the nations of reach, which is they will start, and we see that even today, they will start treating the statement since everybody making statements on absolute truth. So in that what happened, people react to that. So instead of

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rejecting everything down in the road, even the statement and the explicit statement of a lion, His Messenger wouldn't be sent. You know what, that's even maybe.

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And it will be question, and it will not be taken. And I think that will be a natural, progressive progress to this attitude that we have, sometimes and exaggerating and how everybody's statement is basically an ultimate truth. Robert, email, Muslim and Sulaymaniyah integrated and Abby Carla cannot asuna leisel Allah send me the ammara Amir on allegation Oh, sorry. Yeah. I was

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also houfy Casa de de la woman motorhoming and Muslim in the Euro tomochain. Well either hasakah Allah hustlin for our ADO can touch Allah home the Mata la he was in Medina de la Mata la hora de mattina de

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l'homme de Metallica de Matos hubback feininger come into Pharaoh demonaco Medina masabi Come on, I mean, and to Pharaoh the Mata la hora de materasso Li Wei de hacer to Allah hustlin follow do Canton Zilla home Allah hoekman la Farah Tenzin whom Allah who Camilla, what I can and Xin whom Allah hoekman for in Nicola tatry to Cebu como la him amla.

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What the prophet SAW Selim saying basically in this Halle to one of his leader, don't speak on behalf of God. If people want to make a deal with you, don't sign it on behalf of God. Don't say you know that's what Allah wants the deal to be. That's the ruling of Allah. That's the ruling of the heavens don't speak on behalf of Allah say that's my treaty. That's my opinion. That's what I think it is.

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The prophets of Salaam teaching his companion that while in the midst of Solomon is still alive while in Ibiza Salaam in Medina, so what do you think of us today?

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One of the most important principle if we looking for a better tomorrow for us is to seriously building an a strategic and a serious aligns with each others locally and the level of the community and in the level and the level of the society and in a national level.

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And it's not

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whenever you study this to the history of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the history of Islam, there is a very famous path or treaty or Alliance, or

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basically an under a written understanding that was made between the people of Quraysh before the prophets of Salaam was sent as a messenger. But the prophets of Salaam said that that treaty, that pact that was made was an absolute Li a fantastic or a great idea. And he said if he asked me today to go sign with them, I will join that treaty, I will join that align. I will be part of that part. What is called infinite full moon. If Nicosia Rahim Allah said that very famous historian

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And scholar pada Balu academyhealth some activity and other, more honorable treaty ever signed by the Arabs. And the one who called for it is obey the son of Abdullah buddy. And the story is shirtless symbol, a man came to Mecca. He's a stranger and this a tribal society. So he has a merchant, he sold it to someone. And that person was a very powerful person, allow some new eyes, big tribe, very strong, big, big tribe, very strong man and well recognized in his society or his community. So he took the merchant and he didn't pay him. He said, You can force me to pay you give me my merchant back? No. So the fight or the merchandise, give it to me back. So he fought with that

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merchant. And they took he took the merchandise and he didn't pay him back. So the man went to the people of Mecca to the leaders to the other leaders, telling them that this man who was one of your leaders took mine merchandise and took my stuff and didn't pay me. So some of them said we will talk to him. Some said no, he's too big to talk too scared window want to make like a problem and a local problem. No, hopefully you will make it up later on, they just took dodging mostly say today. Then after that is available for sale that can happen and like they gather together all the tribes and the came together in one place. And in even some center, they put their hands in the perfume, then

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the plant shake hands with one another. And they said we will, we will

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basically commit ourselves and those who will represent that we all stand for social justice. So whatever happened in Mecca, any kind of injustice happened in the society will stand collectively against those who abuse others or misuse their power. And they went together and they took the money from us in wine, and they give it back to that merchant.

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From that time, that became known as helpful football that treated

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my brothers and sisters, this kind of Alliance, it is something that inspire us today as a community to think about building these alliances. Always the big question comes, who do we build our alliances with?

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With the far left, who may be too liberal for us? Or with the right, who are in many times you find individual who islamophobe

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we're where'd you go.

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For us as a community, I do see our community, generally speaking,

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especially the practicing Muslim will come to the massage, generally speaking, the more conservative community. But if you look at the big picture of the Muslim community, those who come and who don't come, I found it in my experience, the mostly the our central Central Community. They're not really towards the far left or the far right ideas, they leaning more towards the liberal ideas or to the love, generally speaking, as most of immigrants are in this country.

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So I think it will be much wise, when we start talking about Alliance, it shouldn't be based on not ideology, or a political entities, but it should be based on cases and issues. And that's what should be our alliances build upon.

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Because there are so many political and social issues in our society today. We need to stand up collectively for it. Not only Muslim issues, it's an American issues, not only a Muslim issues, its immigrants issues, not only Muslim issues, it's African American communities issues, not only African American and Muslim issues, its issues related to those, the poor and the society. There is a general issue that impact us and other people. And we can just expect that only the thing that we care about is the thing that necessarily related to my direct impact to my community, but in us in general as a society, because we are a part of it. I think in many cases, when we build this ally,

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we need to learn that not necessarily that you approve every point that other people have, and they don't have also to oppose every point that you disagree with. You just personally be passive about it. That's not something I will adopt our promote and also not going to oppose because politically that's what the right way to go

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forward. We need to keep in them in our mind.

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That I'm not you know, you can be part of Democratic or Republican or libertarian, whatever political party you can be part of it. But in the end of the day, you can be conservative, you can see yourself liberal, whatever it does. But in the end of the day, I think us as a community will always should put a priority comes, which is what will be the thing that we can do to protect and to advance our community in the society as a Muslim community, regardless of what your

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alliance politically or socially is, we should not generalize. We, as a Muslim always suffer from generalizing. We always complain about people paying us with the same approach. So we should not do the same to other people as well. Not every republican is a racist, or not every democratic is a leftist liberal has no moral code or moral life. You know, not every person voted for Trump is a racist or hates immigrants. Not every person voted for Clinton, it means he's like, you know, a person who don't care about religion and morality, all these kind of top not every meet, not all the media, our enemy, not all the social, not all the government agencies are just conspiracy against

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the Muslims. The FBI is not all doom, the police is not just after us. Your generalization is just wrong, flat wrong.

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We need to stop doing that if we want a better tomorrow. And we because be those people this kind of mentality will never bring us will never advance us. It will never take us farther. It will always hold us back because it prevents you from being connected with other people.

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It is important when we build these Alliance, that we focus on the big issues, not around the small issues, even among our communities. As a Muslim community. We should not build our alliance over branches floor. It should be over the assumed the principal the major issues. Every time in Houston here with Muslim community gathered together. And the first thing they said we want to come to agree upon the age or photo shouldn't be moon sighting or calculation, I know that this deemed to fail, this kind of gathering will never succeed.

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And believe me for the last 15 to 18 years, then seeing meetings like this Not a single one of them succeed. Why? Because that's not what unified the Muslim. They should move sorry, recalculation This is a branch This is a very small area. That is a bigger issue to the Muslim community have to be basically unified upon before we go to the small issues and branches.

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So we need to learn to let these small things Yes, I know it's hurtful. I'm not under estimating the value of it now. But this will come down the road you have to be patient.

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It has to start with building alliance with local with the people who are close to us melas, Canada Anna and Jaco.

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When you're

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in Africa, eponymous me to Mr.

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Sato, Samana, Milena, via

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I think if we look into a better tomorrow, one of the principles that I want to remind everyone,

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which is something that I believe in, and that's one of my codes in life, lead, or lead, or get out of the way.

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Say that again. Either you leave, or learn or get out of the way.

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I don't see like three options for the option. If we want to advance our community, in our society in our country, either you take the leader, the leadership, or you take the lead, or you follow those who leaving, what do you just simply get out of the way, don't be an obstacle.

00:29:17--> 00:29:41

Leadership is very important. And we need to learn how to trust our leaders in our community, in our society. And we give them chance. And we advice and we have a chicken balance. And that's important. That's why one of the reason of the success of America is that we have a chicken balance always that's been our history.

00:29:42--> 00:30:00

And what we see today, politically, it just a manifestation of that concept. That no ultimate power. But in the end of the day, we need to learn how to follow the leader, how to trust the leaders, how to trust our Imams, how to trust our organs.

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As Asians, even if we disagree with me, on it can tell you, our country today, our society, our communities, in a great need of strong wise leaders

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worldwide and national life and and in the in the in the community level.

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We need to always make our friends before we need them. You can make your friends whenever whenever you need them. And there is many things I have any to be said about this, but they think that you get the point. Point is, is changing our attitude towards life. We need to be more optimistic about the future. We need to face the future with big smile, the big hope and an open arm. We should always look at the future. While we know that Allah Subhana Allah blessed us on his site in the Lima and Edina, Valentina tomasino. Along with those who have Taqwa, those who perfect their act of worship, and perfect their actions, we need always to look at life as an opportunity for us to

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improve opportunity for us to help. Live is not just about what I accomplish. It's about what I contribute. Live is not only about the money that I made, but it's more about the change that you can make. Live is not only about the

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impression maybe that you leave when you meet someone, but it's about the impact that we can leave behind us, in our cities, in our country, when our family when we leave. So just don't focus on what you don't only focus on learning, you should also learn how to teach how to get not only to improve yourself, but to improve others. And in the end of the day, I'll tell you, my brothers and sisters, that the legacy and the tomorrow that we want to leave for tomorrow's generation is absolutely based on the one we are living today. So if we are living in a legacy that we want to leave it for our children or generations to come, we have to start working on it today. And I ask Allah subhanaw

00:32:27--> 00:33:07

taala to make us among those who makes difference other people's life, a positive impact on our lives and other people's life. I asked him to bless us and to bless our community to press our society and ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins and to be pleased with us. I asked him to forgive our parents and family. I asked Allah Subhana Allah to protect us and our family and our society and our country. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to bring peace and blessings to the whole world. alarming So to conclude our trip our latifolia now on to the new for Sonata PLA. One two, the Santa Fe romanza, kaha salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad over the Satya

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ma. Hey yada,

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yada Palmetto, sobre todo de Palma, Allah, Allahu Allahu Akbar. Oh.

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So what did you do?

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Just before you pray, I just want to say that we have a group of students or guests today coming in, I just saw them in my way. And so I just want to welcome you all. And thank you for visiting our center, just in case I didn't get a chance to meet you personally. And that's number one. Number two,

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I want to say that the brothers would pray in the extending area. Sometimes we have room in the in the mustard sphere left. So would it make any sense for someone to pray that meant for overflow, otherwise, we should all be praying together here.

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

So please take that in consideration unless you have an emergency. You have to leave quickly. Every year we have the wall the mural in the world are present a theme of the year and as you see the year this year, it's called about support. And this wall made of bricks. And in these bricks there is words written by the artist like compassionate giving, but there is many bricks left empty. And the reason for that because today after salon, I have an exercise for you that

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You will find the charts in front of that wall. And this is the only wall we should build the wall of brotherhood, the wall of love the wall of support, in my opinion. So what I want you to do after salon after you donate to the Masters, then in your way out, you go to the charts are these coloring and you write one of these things that you think the wall of brotherhood should be made of. Maybe you say love, maybe you say

00:35:35--> 00:35:53

empathy man, whatever, whatever you think of you know, something that you think of you can write it in Arabic You can write it in English you could write in Spanish, there's some Spanish written as well. You can write it whatever language that you want. But if you're either with a language other than English please write what it means underneath of it if you can thank you very much.

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A long

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in lady in

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be learning

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samyama Honeyman

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Allahu Akbar.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah salamati Kumara. Tula

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inshallah we have our youth camp and April 14 to 16th. Please make sure that you register age restriction 13 years and up. And also Dr. carmouche. will talk about child obesity in April 8 next Saturday at 8pm here in the mustard also