Names of Allah Al-Mutakabbir (The Rightfully Proud)

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monastery you know what a stone Pharaoh when are we will be learned even surely and fusina woman say here Dr Molina

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Maria de la Willa woman you will follow her Dianna

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in Nepal surely you

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want to shadow under Mohammed and who also know some more morally You are early he will be he was suddenly in Tasneem and cathedral

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or Eva the wall. We'll see come on FCV talked about Arizona.

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Camo Subhana which

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burned the rules will be law him in a shape on a Vadim. Bismillah he marshman Ibrahim yeah Yohannes Interpol of the community Caulerpa milewski Wahida what color come in Huzzah. Jaha what Beth I mean Houma region and Kathy are on when he saw

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what double la la

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luna be he will have

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in no more Hunka eco Marathi Eva.

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My brothers and sisters.

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Today we learned about the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala le moto capital.

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l mucha capital, the one who is rightfully proud, but one who has the right to be proud

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and you want to accompany him is seen in the Quran in one place verse number 23 of sorts to hash out as we see many of the other names of apostle kind of water island being mentioned. Allah subhanahu Bucha and says, When will long lead ILA either in

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and money could produce the Salah, McMinnville, more Haman alliances and above a limiter campaign Subhan Allah He usually Allah subhanho wa Taala affirms that he is unwanted can't be the one who has the right to be proud. Now usually when we think of this word, proud, being proud or the word pride, we usually tend to link it with arrogance. And we'll see examples of that in the second half of the hooklength show among to Hannah, to begin Allah subhanho wa Taala as a captive shows us that this is one of His Names which indicates a description of a wasp Hanuman winter item, the description of having pride and majesty without being arrogant. This type of pride and majesty is an indication of

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how ALLAH SubhanA wa winter Allah is unique and how he is special

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala is unique, there is none like him

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and so on.

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La has every right to be proud of who he is. And every rights upon everything and every one of his creations. So he is unique and special. And from Allah subhanho wa Taala comes a lot of things that are special and Muhtar Kent Beck is rightfully proud over all evil. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha Allah is the One who created everything. But when we think of evil, he is above that. Allah is above all evil. And only good comes from Elementor campaign. Only good comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala hell. Now many of us think to ourselves in our lives, well, if only if good only comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. If there's only good that comes from him, why do we see evil on the face of this

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earth? Ask yourself, think when we hear people say, pride. Are they saying that in the obedience of Allah? Or are they saying that in the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala I

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the way of Allah His command, his Sharia his method that has come to us doesn't include doing evil

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and want to compete is above that. He encourages us to stay away from evil, stay away from following our knifes our desires, stay away from that which brings us lower in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Now when we think of Allah, as omega Captain, we think of him as being high. And we think of ourselves being low. But Allah subhanaw taala has raised us in status from amongst his creation, from amongst the creation of Allah subhana, which Allah has blessed us with an Archon the ability to think the ability to reason. And because he's blessed us with that he expects more from us,

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compared to the rest of his creation,

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along with the campaign

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is the one who is above and does not impress his servants. Now many of us when we think of limits are kept there. We think of Allah being the one who is rightfully proud. Some people will say, Oh, Allah is arrogant, whenever you have to be loved, and that he How can Allah be just unfair? If he punishes people in the hereafter? How is that possible? How can he be allowed to come there and not be the one who is arrogant? Well, it's simple. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't punish the one who is obedient to Allah. In fact, his mercy is so vast, that he encourages mercy from him upon us. We know that only 1% of the Mercy of Allah subhanahu into Allah is shared with us in this dunya. And when we

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think of how merciful Allah has been upon us in this world in our lives, it's mind boggling. But if that 1% is mind boggling, then how will the 99% of his Rama be upon us in the hereafter?

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That's even more mind boggling. That a person who may as we know many Hadith and many stories of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated, you know, mentioning, people who have committed sins their entire lives.

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People have murdered over and over the one who murdered 99 people, and then murdered another person. And yet that person was coming closer to Allah. And because their distance traveled in nearness to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah was more precious and valuable. Allah subhana wa Tada has mercy upon that one as well.

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mind boggling to you and I would say 99 People forget it this person, John, no, that's it. But we are not the judge. We don't know what's in the mind in the heart of the person that we sit next to, we don't know what's in the mind and the hearts of our spouse, our children, our parents, our siblings. We only have an idea of what's within us. And so we ask ALLAH SubhanA which added to shower His blessings and mercy upon every single one of us. The way that ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah has designed this life. The way that Al Motta campaign has designed this life for us is a way that is perfect. And he owns the right to be proud over that thing.

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He owns the right he has the right to be proud of what he has created and how he has created it and what he has legislated for His creation. I'm going to probably stop there. Well first of all in number one

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala have never too late to be in what was suddenly what was suddenly more identity indicating, at a fallen soldier to attempt to sleep on my back. My brothers and sisters, now that we've affirmed

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and confirmed and know and understand that a loss of had avoids it, that is

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the one who is rightfully proud. What does that mean for us? What do we need to do now? Well, to begin with, we worship Allah subhanho wa taala, which is, which is an indication of our submission to Him, that we submit ourselves to the one who is above us, we submit to Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah in our salah. We submit to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in our belief, we submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala in our fasting and recitation of the Quran and our business dealings and transactions, we submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the way that we speak to one another in the way that we raise our family in the way that we treat our spouses and children. We submit to Allah

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subhanaw taala in the way that we embrace what he's blessed us with, and appreciate the wealth, appreciate the air, appreciate the nature appreciate the oxygen, appreciate everything that Allah Subhana Allah has given to us.

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And so we worship Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the first step. In addition to this, we show humility to Allah.

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In every aspect of life, we humble ourselves before Him. When we feel oh, I've reached a status of, you know, a position of status and honor, and people are praising me and people are saying good things about me and people are elevating me and status and rank in our professions or in our personal life or in our social circles. we humble ourselves

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towards this woman to show what

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada raises those who he wishes to. And he has the ability to debase them to throw them down,

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to put them down in rank.

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And so we are humbled before a loss of Commonwealth what's happening. Think of your prayer. Think of your report. When we make our court when we make our such stuff in prayer, we bow down in rapport, and what do we say a wall above a limiter Khabib is a

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LKB. Allah subhanahu wa Bucha Allah is the Greatest. And we say Allah, Akbar, at the beginning of our prayer and we're standing.

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Usually, when a person is standing, what happens if they're standing with arrogance, their shoulders go back, their head is up in the air, their nose is pointing towards the sky. But when we submit ourselves in prayer to Allah, even in the standing position, we look down at the place of frustration.

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We're standing, then we say along and we bow down in record, we lower ourselves.

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Then we come up praising Allah and glorifying Him, then we say, Allahu Akbar, and we go to the ground. And we put our heads to the ground, our head, which contains the one thing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha, Allah has given to us that makes us as human beings better than all of His creation, the ability to reason to choose, as we mentioned earlier, and we put this to the ground in submission to Allah, for he is a backbone and Moutere calculation. So think about what Subhana Allah is Al Motta campaign, the one who is deserving, the one who we submit to, and the one who has every right to be proud that his creation knows what is right. His creation is doing what is right and

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because of that, he will reward his creation His servants those who worship Him with the best of this world and the best of

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my brothers and sisters. We are never to show arrogance to a loss of Hannibal.

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IBLEES showed arrogance to Allah azza wa jal we know the story very famously, Allah subhanho To Allah says in Belize has stuck our cannon in Alika fieri in Iblees. He showed arrogance.

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Do Allah subhanho wa Taala to add is that what kind of mean on caffeine? And he was from amongst those who are ignorant those who disobeyed those who rejected Allah cannaboids.

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Does that mean that he did not affirm the lordship of a lot? No. But he refused to submit to Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah shows us multiple examples within the Quran. He shows us the example of our own for Allah Subhan, which Allah says, was that bow who our julu Allah subhanaw taala says that in this world, Futurama and his army, they were arrogant before a loss of kind of one time without the right without the right to be arrogant. Allah had not given him the ability or the right to be that person that takes from the people what you took.

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Allah subhana Medina shows us an example of the people of nor

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the people of Nora Hala has Salam. And how he says football to Sofia water back from India who can have a far he would tell them seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. Constantly and what did they do?

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They ended up putting their fingers in their ears, blocking the message from nor how they have set up. And then they called or draped their cloaks over their heads ignoring him. And Allah subhanaw taala shows us that no hallelujah salaam complained to him saying that they became arrogant.

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Allah subhanaw taala shows us the example of the people of whom would I lay his setup, and sure I live under his Salam. And who would Alayhis Salam, the people of many nations of the past who were arrogant and what came to them and what is to come for them is with Allah subhana wa Tada. So my brothers and sisters, we never show arrogance to a wall, we submit ourselves to Him with humility, we are humbled before him. And when we pray, when we send when we talk, when we walk, when we buy, when we sell, when we are at home, resting, whatever it is that we're doing. Remember, the omens are kept.

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He has every right for me to sleep in the position that he wants to sleep in the way that he wants to wake at the time that he wants to submit myself in a prayer at the time that he wants and to do everything in my life, the way that he doesn't want a cup Bill wants and in that we will find happiness, pleasure and joy in this life as well as in the hereafter. Along with Saudi Arabia Mohammed Vida Ali Mohammed Kemosabe Tada Ibrahim are the early Ibrahim Hamid Majeed or Bay Area Mohammed Vida Ali Mohammed Ibrahim earlier on you might make a Hamid Majeed, a lot of children our young men were having a lot of mental health one minute or a minute and now slowly higher acaba

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walking in Allahumma ZIL Islam I will Muslim in a warm area ZIL Islam only Muslim in Allahumma. NZ snowmobiler Muslim in Ottawa please make it easy for us to submit to you in the ways that you have prescribed upon us as well. Please make it easy for us to grasp and appreciate and love the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to follow and submit your message that has come to us in the Quran. Allah please make it easy for our children to learn to appreciate to instill the values of this Deen within their lives and make it easy for us to show them that this is the best way to live long please, please Please do not make us from those that are arrogant that Allah save us and

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protect us from arrogance. Allah make us from amongst those that acknowledge that you are unmotivated, that you are deserving of all praise and all glorification. A lot please make it easy for all those that are going through hardship and difficulty both in our families in our communities those that are ill those that are sick, our loved ones make it easy for Iranian and the son of our brother Fahad in the community who lives back in the hospital for the third time this year elbow granted health and strengthen E is lol you are a Chevy rental chief. Yet while you are a Sheffy rent every single one of our community members she thought they are on well please make it easy for all

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those that are suffering and struggling in different parts of the world. Now lovelies Grantham is lol bring ease and happiness and joy to their lives. Allah make it easy for us to continuously remember that in our Dora, Allah Dora is what we have it is our connection with you that will make it easy for us to be a means of reaching out to you and asking and begging you to reveal the hardships that they're going through an Indiana could either mean in no money or be lucky what you're saying you're into is an affordable way inherently to fracture you're getting my buddy yeah people are looking to the Carmen was a while here for calm for all your city level political body

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Hello and welcome

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to ally line Allah

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As you're going to

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be Salam

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