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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode on the dean show. We're here every week, same time, same channel, broadcasting live from Chicago. So for those of you that don't catch us here at the local cable station at Cannes TV, you can view all of our shows at the D show calm. Now, today's guest. When we come back, you can see his story on how he accepted Islam.

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Imam Qasim who went from being a Baptist Christian, to the Nation of Islam, to Islam, which simply means surrender and submission to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, summed up with one word, Islam. Now, when we come back, we're going to be talking about his days with the Nation of Islam, because there's some people here who might be confused. Islam Nation of Islam was they have to do with Islam. So we're gonna try to educate the sincere, humble, true seekers out there. You don't want to go nowhere. We'll be right back.

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Maybe it's just to break the ice.

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In the name of the most compassionate, the Most Merciful. I testify and I bet witness

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alone is worth

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1400 years ago, in Arabia, he is the slave of Allah, and His Messenger, and he is the last messenger.

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Every Muslim believes that Mohammed is the last prophet. As for those people who say that another man is a province after Mohammed, like the black people, Nation of Islam, they call himself then there's no racism in Islam.

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The Prophet Muhammad, the real Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago, that there's no difference between the white man and the black men. There's no difference between the Arab and the non Arab except in one thing. The one thing is the degree to which you worship your Lord, you and your being him. That's the only difference between the people. All right, cool, well,

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good hamdulillah. Imam Qasim, here on the deen show. Once again, once again,

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you have a we have a show that we did with you. People can go to the deen show calm it was labeled. And we were actually talking about your days of being a Christian, and then how you went to the Nation of Islam. So people can go to the website, it's under the section Americans who have accepted Islam. And they can see this two part episode that we did. So very enlightening and interesting story. Now, today, we want to talk about a little bit about your days with the Nation of Islam, because there's some confusion out there. People think that this is kind of the same thing. Because you have the name Islam, which is used alongside with the Nation of Islam. So let's start with what

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are what is this nation of islam? Let's start right there. What is this? Well, it was easy for me to talk about what it was, yeah. And what it is now. Because I'm not connected with it now. And in a lot of the brothers who I know personally, now they're a part of the Nation of Islam. Most of them weren't part of the original Nation of Islam. So, so I'm not. So I like to talk about what it was because I was part of what it was. Okay. So when you were part of it back then what was it and you were actually five might say you were a minister, right? Yes. Okay. Yes. The Nation of Islam actually was an organization that was set up with more or less a nationalistic base.

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Actually, there was a strategy that I learned

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Later was a strategy by Elijah Muhammad to stop the African American or black people, whatever names we want to call him from from blundering themselves with the morality, and getting caught up in many devices that had been become popular here in America. And so the Nation of Islam, although it appeared on the on the at the outset as being a religion, it actually was a way to make the African American or black people focus on themselves and focus on improving themselves and improving their their outlook and raise the level of self respect for themselves.

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That's not what started. So what were the because now if we put it next to Islam, Islam, which is the Arabic word which means surrender, and submission, devout obedience to the One God right now, what is their? Or what are their core teachings? Can you tell us now what when you were introduced to this, what did you believe that you believe in a god? Do they believe in the last and final messenger? What was the creed the cross the foldable, the focus, the focus was, was reverse psychology. Yeah, because there are African American or black people during that time doing it, the 50s 60s, and so forth, even into the 70s. Actually, during that time with the creation of the

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original Nation of Islam, had been taught that the the white race was superior, yes. And then, and that the right white race, had been guilty of many, many atrocities that are very well documented. And so Elijah Muhammad, his idea, and his strategy was to make the black people focus on improving themselves. And so he used reverse psychology. So where we have been fed a complete diet of white supremacy, he began to feed a feed a diet of angry

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and vindictive black people, a serious diet of black supremacy. So he kind of reversed that psychology, you know, the mega focus on ourselves. So when we do so when we develop the morals, that he was teaching us at that time, that we shouldn't smoke cigarettes, we shouldn't drink, we shouldn't use drugs, we shouldn't use profanity, we should stay clean, and all of that, that he was teaching us that by doing that, we were actually doing the actual reverse of what the white slave masters wanted us to do. Because so so we so we actually, were cleaning up ourselves more or less as a grudge, we're cleaning up ourselves only out of spite said no, you're not gonna tell us, you're

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not going to feed us the drugs, you're not going to feed us the alcohol, you're not going to feed us profanity and X ray that movies, you're not going to feed that to us, you know, because just to spite you, because that's what you want us to do that we're going to stay away from all of that. And when we were taught that that was Islam. And so now, so that so the the language that began to echo across America, of the white man, being the devil, was seemingly justified by the treatment that white people have been given black people over the years, the slaves that were brought over to America, were treated worse than any slaves in the history of slavery anywhere in the world, that

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the slaves were brought over to America will not only be robbed of their freedom, they will not have their name rather than culture, you know. So it was easy to tell these people who have been experiencing all of this, what all of the lynchings and rapes and murders and things have been going on in America, it was easy to convince a country full of angry black people, that the white man was the devil, because only a devil would do the things that would have been done. So it was easy for him to feed us that and give it any kind of title. So so we didn't try to challenge any research that was that may have been done or may have not been done by large Muhammad, when he gave what he

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taught us, the title Islam, we just accepted that, okay, this must be Islam, that we're supposed to not drink and smoke, because that's what the devil who we believe in our mind was the white man wanted us to do. We shouldn't drink and use drugs and alcohol and, and stay filthy and dirty. We shouldn't do that. Because that's what the devil who brought us here, the devil who took our names, the devil that took our that's what he wanted us to do. So it's easy to convince these black people that this was Islam, he really could have given it any kind of title. And we would have accepted it anyway because we didn't want to trust anything white at that time. That's what was the climate of

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America at that time.

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So our intention here with this show is to really because there are a lot of sincere men and women who are searching for the truth right?

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And there was a well known popular rapper named

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Snoop Doggy dog. And he just had declared his conversion to the Nation of Islam. So for myself, and many people who sit back and they see this, we see him going in the wrong direction. Because we know that messengers are sent throughout time, right? These messengers never called people to worship themselves to worship the sun, the moon, they all call people to worship the one God. They all called to the same message of surrender and submission to God alone, and not his Croatia, which is in Arabic summed up with Islam. Now we have the last and final messenger who came to Mohammed peace be upon him, right. But now when you look at this nation, what they call it of Islam, and like I

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said, we don't want to upset nobody hurt nobody's feeling we want those sincere and humble people who might have fallen into this, just like you were a part of this, we want them to see what truly Islam is that universal way of life that brings together the black and the white, doesn't matter from where you are, right? If you're from another planet, right? I mean, and you are,

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we are here for a purpose. And that purpose is not to divide each other according to our race and skin color naturally. Okay, so the thing is, now, what I want to know is, how could somebody who is stuck in this, let's say, we got Snoop Doggy dog's attention? How can we talk to him? and show him that? Actually, you gotta take a little deeper look into Islam, the Islam that was that was

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brought back revived by the last one for the Prophet Muhammad rather than the Nation of Islam. Right, easy. When I first started my response to you, I mentioned a strategy. Yeah, by Elijah Muhammad, I really do believe that his intention was to clean up the black people and make them focus on on, on paying attention to themselves. Yeah, without it without the distraction of any type of global unity, because that would have been a distraction. So I believe it was strategy, and we just needed to be cleaned up because nothing was going to clean us up before. Yeah, you know, I was a Christian. I was in the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church, I was in the Kingdom Hall as

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Jehovah's Witness and nothing gave me the inspiration to clean myself up. So Elijah Muhammad when he saw this country full of angry black people, that was his strategy to get them cleaned up. And he once he got them to that point, and he got their attention, the focus on cleaning themselves up and his mission was over. That's the time that Almighty God Allah was appointed was the eila caused the launch Mohammed to pass away in the honorable WD Muhammad, I call him honorable because he had a very honorable life. And he has impeccable morals that he ma'am WD Muhammad, took office in 1975. In 1975, things begin to change. That's when Elijah Muhammad's mission was over. He's like he came in

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and cleaned house, okay, it's clean, the house is clean now. Now let's go in and start enjoying this house. So Imam WD Muhammad took office, and he had already been studying the purity of Islam, he had already learned to read the Quran in Arabic became fluent in Arabic, you already began to understand a Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an, you already understood the real five pillars of Islam that make us a lot five times a day. They're praying in the proper month of Ramadan, he had already studied that. But he now had to use a strategy to gradually bring these former followers of his father into the true Islam. So he didn't cold turkey, this community he performed, might what might Some may call a

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modern day miracle, because from February 1975, to December 1975, almost a quarter of a million people took Shahada, or proclaim La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah, under the leadership of WD Muhammad, so what he began to do was said, Okay, now that you're cleaned up, I'm going to show you how to stay clean. Now, I want to introduce you to the real Qur'an, the real messenger of Allah, Who is Muhammad ibn Abdullah of 1400 years ago, prayers and peace be upon him. I'm going to introduce you now to the real month of Ramadan, which is according to the lunar calendar changes every year and doesn't correlate with the Gregorian calendar. And the real harsh the real pilgrimage is not to

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Chicago, Illinois, but it's to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. And so these are the things that we have to do we begin to learn on the lam WD Muhammad, and also more importantly, is that Islam has zero to do with skin color. The Islam has zero to do with nationality. Unlike what most people think the minority of Muslims of the world are in Saudi Arabia. Yes, the Arabs represent a minority

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of Muslims, the greater majority of Muslims are in other countries like Indonesia, and so forth. You know, so Imam WD Muhammad began to teach us in 1975, those of us who had come through that experience that Islam is colorblind, the Almighty God, Allah Who created us, he chose our skin color, there's no reason to be proud about your skin color. Because that's something that we didn't choose that he taught us that the only thing that we have a right to be proud of, is something that we made a choice to do, we can be proud of that to have accepted Islam. Because we made a choice, we can we can be proud to accomplish things that other people benefit from in our community. But we

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don't choose our skin color. We don't choose our nationality. We don't choose where we're born. We don't choose the date that we're born, we don't choose the date, we're die, the data we die, and all of that. But all of the basic moral ethics that were taught to us by Elijah Muhammad, mm W, Muhammad encouraged us to hang on to those morals, just to hang on to keeping our bodies clean, to not drink and smoke and use drugs and, and commit fornication and adultery and avoid, avoid profanity, and still dress modestly when we go in public. These are basic ethics that were taught to us by Elijah Muhammad, but the basic idea of Islam or the oneness of God, and not placing a one race of people

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over another race of people. This is what is this was the core of Islam, the man who began to teach us in the proper way to worship Almighty God. So so anything else, all the other things that we were taught in the nation, there was a lot of good in the Nation of Islam, the unity, the real unity, working together, building businesses, and so forth. All of that was good. The only thing that we left behind those of us who made a successful transition into the sun, or the proper way of some call orthodox Islam, the only thing that we chose to leave behind was the shirk, and that is associating partners to God, we were taught that God came in the person of master for our Muhammad.

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That's not true. We didn't know that. But Imam WD Muhammad taught us that God doesn't have to appear in the person of anyone. And God doesn't need a son, a daughter, a wife, a partner, a mother, a father, the God doesn't need any of that, because he wills the universe alone, that, that we learned now, and many Muslims now are accepted Islam that never experienced the Nation of Islam. There's many Muslims throughout the world, and here in America, that came straight to sooner or some called quote, unquote, orthodox Islam, without the experience with the Nation of Islam. So they didn't, they didn't feel that struggle of that change, that metamorphosis that we went through. And that in

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that process, of, of changing from, from polytheism, to shirk, and now to tauheed. And so now, though, the truth of the matter is, is that some of us who did come through that experience, we can we can better appreciate and communicate with people who might still be addicted to or attracted to the racism that began to saturate what we thought was the Muslim community at that time was a Nation of Islam. So this is something that's very important that we want to if we want to really experience and live the truth, we have to clean our hearts of any nationalism, racism, anything that now I'm better than this person, because of my skin tone, my race, my nationality. This is a big No, no,

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it's definitely a no, no, no, don't get me wrong, Eddie. There's nothing wrong with paying attention to the plight of the people who you may identify with. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with with paying attention to the plight of the people from Bosnia or West Africa, or checkley, or Pakistan, or wherever, wherever you're from. There's nothing wrong with paying attention to the plight of the African Americans who may be needy who live here in America. Yeah. There's nothing wrong with that. But we can't confuse that with religion. Yeah, we have a responsibility according to the Holy crap, and they care about all the wayfarers. They care about anybody who is needy, we have a

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responsibility to make sure that our brothers and sisters who don't have what we have gets some kind of attention a lot tells us that because of the way fares, but also we have to be very very careful to not confuse that type of care that type of concern with with with religion, that the religion or law says that we have created too many colors and languages that you may get to know each other. And then some scholars added add a little quotation to that is not that you may despise each other. Yeah, but but the key is Ally has given us that ability. And this this variety, so we can communicate with each other. But before you can get to know each other, you first have to get to

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know yourself. Yeah. And so the nature in which we were created. see a lot of dresses according to our nature and our potential.

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He would addresses us in the Qur'an according to our nature and our potential. Yeah you Hello Xena, Amarillo, Amarillo, Sunny, hot oh you who believe oh you have been entrusted with this date or this religion What are you gonna do? What do you want to work righteous deeds. So a law says and when he revealed the order and the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah 1400 years ago in a cave, the first thing he revealed to him was the attention to the clock, because the clock represented potential is an accurate bismi, rubber kala, kala, kala Kala Santa May Allah recite was a name was added, already created man from a clot of congealed blood. So this this, this

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clot represents the potential. And so that's inside of us, the potential of all of us is to accept Islam. So if a person stands up and says, I bear witness that there's no God, but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is a messenger of Allah, their bearings have been giving birth to something, something's already inside of them, because Muslim means one who has the nature to submit to the will of God. And we all have that nature. And once we bear witness or give birth to that nature by declaring it publicly, that's what officially puts us in the family of the worldwide family of Muslims. And Muslim Cannot you can't put color labels and national labels on Muslim

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because when we die, and we go to the afterlife, and we stand up before Almighty Allah, who's upon what, to Allah, to face our judgment, there's no conversation about what country you came from, or what language you spoke or what color your skin was. Yeah, this makes sense. So this is a very important issue that any sincere person can see that now, we should get away from this. And if this is the teachings of any way of life that's from the Creator of the heavens and earth, it should have none of this whatsoever, because you didn't have you didn't have a say in what your color is going to be. I didn't have a say obviously. So let's talk about because we're almost at a time you

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mentioned this core belief, that facade Muhammad was God incarnate. According to their their teachings. Yeah, I didn't I don't I don't recall using the word incarnate when I was in the nation but but we just we were taught that God came into person of masterfile. Muhammad like he was God, we put his picture on our walls that this gentleman Yeah.

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That's a lot. So this person frog, Mohammed, you actually had a picture of Yes, yeah. And it may be some Muslims in the nation now brothers out, it may still do that. But I know we did. We had a picture of farm Mohammed on our wall. We said that's our law. And he was reading the Holy Qur'an. And when I took Shahada 75, and I looked back at some of my old pictures, I said, if that's really a lot, why does he have to read the Quran? Yeah. And he's the one who revealed what was his nationality? Was he rough at the time? First, we thought some of us thought that didn't they didn't have the in depth study of the Nation of Islam. We thought he was an Arab. Yeah, we'll find out

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later. He was Indian and Pakistani. Yeah. You know what, Pakistani God.

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Bottom line his skin was white. Yeah, so the whole thing was contradictory. Almost our whole

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experience was contradictory. Another thing that happened to me is that we were harder than remeeting, the the, those who were members of Nation of Islam at that time, we were harder on black people, the world white people, we ran the restaurants, we were less tolerant to our own people. I don't recall, I don't recall getting in any fights or beating up any white people. So now, Islam, the way of life of all the messengers

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purely, clearly teaches that God is not a man, that God's not like you are mean, he created men and women, but he's not a man or woman. So this, I think this is the very simple to understand message. And if somebody understands this, then he can naturally and this is something that you talked about being in your nature, when someone sees this, that you put a picture of a man and say, He's God, this is something that your nature would reject, wouldn't it? nature does reject it, Eddie, because the amount of WD Muhammad one of the most beautiful thing that he did when he first took office, and we were still calling in minister and 75 was the introduced us to really sitting down and reading

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the Holy Qur'an for ourselves. Yeah. And if you read the Quran, you'll see even in what has been called by the scholars is the most powerful is in our animals, powerful verse, which is called idol corsi. That's in Surah, two verse 255. When a lot says that you can't, you can't comprehend his vision. You can't You can't comprehend a shape or size of a law. You can't confine him to a physical description. Yeah, that should tell us right there, that certainly if God was not if but since God created the entire universe, and we were taught in the Nation of Islam, the dimensions of the universe Yeah.

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We were taught the dimensions of the universe. And we were taught all of these things that God created the planet earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, all of the planets were taught and a God who created that couldn't have possibly had been a man. Yeah, and not only that, the Holy Quran, and that was revealed the Prophet Muhammad some of the law and it was some of them couldn't possibly have been written by a man. Yeah, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him was illiterate, and the things that were given to him of things that happened, you know, decades and decades and generations and generations and centuries before he was even born. So so the evidence of the of the miraculous

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revelation of the Holy Qur'an should also give us some insight as to as to how a human being is not capable, in the same argument of mastery for Mohammed, not being God should also apply to Jesus peace be upon him not being the son of God. Yes. And I went through that same metamorphosis when I was a Christian, I was learning and teaching and singing and preaching, that Jesus was the Son of God, you got to pray to Him, in order for God to hear your prayers, I started having a big issue with that. So and then when I came to the Nation of Islam, listen, I joined the Nation of Islam, not because I was looking for religion, I join the Nation of Islam because I wanted something to

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identify with that will give me some sense of belonging. And the majority of us who join the Nation of Islam, the brothers were called fruit of Islam fly, the sisters will call Muslim, the MGT GCC Muslim girl trainees in general civilization class, and those of us and many of us came to join the Nation of Islam, because we want a sense of belonging, we wanted something that only was just for us. And so the windfall from that is many of us develop impeccable morals. And some of us held on to those morals, even now in the Sunnah. When you go to some masters and see some brothers smoking cigarettes, those of us who came to the Nation of Islam, we don't understand that because we came to

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the Nation of Islam. If you smoke cigarettes, you weren't even a Muslim. Yeah. So the morals of the nation was beautiful. The only thing that we left behind that we shared and the only club that we took off and unzipped was the cloak of shirk it thinking that it was God needed a partner of God needed to appear in the form of a human being, or God had to do anything physical to satisfy us, because it's sort of backward or law says that those who believe in the unseen and we're talking about a lot. So again, no racism, and No, God men, that God is the one who created the heavens and earth, that he's not a man, he doesn't have a shape or size, a skin tone, skeleton, he has none of

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these things. And this is that pure teaching that all the messengers got to worship God, not a man or a woman or anything in the creation to worship the Creator. That's it, this is pure. Alright, so a couple more things, we got to come to a close the revelation, or the books that they would go by, you would go by I heard it's a mixture of some of the Quran and the Bible together. We used to teach from the Bible from the from the pulpits remember, yeah, or so forth. You know, and we will quote some verses from the Quran that, you know, that we felt comfortable with. So it was a mixture of both, it was kind of a mixture, but it was a telltale sign also that mostly but but, you know, our

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actual teaching, we use a lot of the actual facts and most of the actual facts meaning that the dimensions of the, of the planet Earth and in those things, and square mileage of oceans, and rivers, lakes, and all of that, that kind of science. But the other thing was that we had

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mixed, thoroughly indoctrinated nationalism into the into what we call Islamic teaching. Yeah. And it was easy, because those are facts that no one can deny. And that's why it was so easy. The fact that people, black people were raped and lynched and all of that those are facts, the facts, there was racism, that black people had to sit in the back of buses and all of that. This is the reason why it was easy, because you can't deny those facts. My only issue now as a person who who struggles to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a person who is really trying his best to hear to the Qur'an is the best as possible. My only issue is confusing

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nationalism with Islam, because Islam is only about purification of your soul and getting closer to Almighty Allah, the unseen God who created us all we want to get into, in short, explaining what Islam is the five pillars, but a few more questions. And the Nation of Islam, we there was a well known figure, Malcolm X, who actually would you recommend people to watch this documentary or movie that it goes on explaining his early life, and then also how he got involved with the Nation of Islam and then he went to take

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pilgrimage to Mecca, the first house of worship built by Abraham. And then this is the fifth pillar of Islam, he went to take this journey. And then he sat with the whitest of white, blond hair, blue eye, and people from all around the globe. And he came back and denounced these teachings. Can you briefly touch upon this briefly, you know, Malcolm did a great service. And the the movie is a good movie, I talked to a lot of the Imams that I seek advice from, and they all tell me that the movie is a good movie, it's pretty thorough. reading the book, I didn't read the book all the way through, you know, however, I haven't met any person who read Malcolm autobiography all the way through, and

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then read it and then join the Nation of Islam know, everybody who I've met around the country. I'm not saying they don't exist. But every person who I've met did read the book, took Shahada. Yeah, if they want to come to Islam, or either they didn't do anything at all. Yeah, you know. So there was a clear message there of the importance of this metamorphosis and his transition. And I think that's the service that Malcolm did, I think his biggest his biggest service was showing people that you can change your your ideologies, if your ideologies get to the point where they don't make sense. And I think that's one of the biggest services. I didn't have the honor, or the privilege of meeting

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Malcolm, I didn't know him, I didn't even hear about him till after I joined the Nation of Islam. And I began to talk with people who knew him personally. And so I didn't have that privilege. So I can't quote him or anything, but I can't. But I've met a lot of people who, who really have been influenced positively by the movie and the book, a few more points, we know we have a plethora of evidence, an overwhelming amount of evidence that proves that this man, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, was indeed a messenger, he brought what we have today a living miracle, which was compiled over 23 years, it has a overwhelming amount of evidence in it to prove that it cannot be written by

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man, but indeed is from the Creator of the heavens and earth. Now, in there, it also states and we have evidence that there is no more messengers to come. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was the seal of the Prophet, no more messengers. But one of the also core teachings is that this man,

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how do you say is they call them Elijah Muhammad, that he was also a messenger? Well, that's what we thought at the time. Yeah, so we call him and some people who still follow his teachings still refer to him as a messenger. Yeah, over law. But that's what we thought he was, until we found out more, but obviously, he cannot be a messenger, because we know there's no more messengers to come. So that was also something that is what some what some people did. And what we used to do people, for people that did debate it with us, and very few people did is that they will break down the word messenger. Yeah. And they will, and they will justify. And we even did it a few times, we justify calling him

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the messenger to the skeptics, by saying anybody who brings a message as a messenger. So we justified it that way. But in but in the mind, of the religious person who thinks that they're on they're on a road towards God, in their mind, they're thinking about the messenger specific messenger of Allah. In that context. We have to, we have to correct correct ourselves and each other, that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the final messenger. he's a he's a seal of the prophets, you know, in that context, but but sometimes in English, we have a play on words. Yeah, you know, and we have a tendency to defend something that we want to do, or say or teach, because we

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feel comfortable with it. And so, in that context, many people who might still be loyal to that old teaching, might defend that label for Elijah Muhammad by saying, of course, he's a messenger. I'm a messenger, too. And you're a messenger to claim with words. Yes, play on words. Yeah. But but but but, but a lot of knows our heart. And if we're thinking in our mind that this is specific person who was sent by God with a message with a prophecy, then we're going to be judged by a lot. Yeah. Now we're going over a little bit of our time, we usually cut out at about 30 minutes, but we are requesting to go a little bit over because this is very important, especially when a pop star a

00:34:19--> 00:34:59

celebrity like Snoop Doggy dog, some of our uncles might not know who that is, but you have a lot of the youth, people in the community who look up to someone like this, obviously, obviously, they should not, but they might see someone like this, who accepts this way of life. And now we have to set the message straight on what true Islam is, and what this way of life is. So we covered that. true Islam teaches equality between the white and black and all of humanity, no racism. We talked about that God is not a man, which the Nation of Islam teaches. And we talked about

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

Now that the Elijah Muhammad definitely was not a messenger from the Creator of the heavens and earth, the law, and we talked about the famous Malcolm X, who also was involved with this movement, and then he went to the Hajj and he came back and he accepted and denounced these teachings accepted the true way of life of all the prophets and messengers, Islam tell us, can we? And I remember you mentioned before that this

00:35:32--> 00:36:16

our brother was the Mohammed. And he had left the Nation of Islam. But did I don't know if you mentioned this in the last show that actually larger Mohammed towards his deathbed, he also denounced this, his teachings and him being a prophet. Is this true? Yeah, I was told that he took Shahada before he passed away, you know, but I want to I want to briefly touch on what you said about Snoop Dogg because the young people bring that to me. Yeah, yeah, I'm not I'm not have they? Have they mentioned this to you? Yeah. And, um, but but be honest with you. I'm not impressed. Yeah, the Snoop Dogg. If anything, he does something like that. Because just as much as I wasn't impressed

00:36:16--> 00:36:56

when the rappers use profanity, and I'm not impressed when rappers talk about the illicit sex with women. I'm not impressed. When rappers or entertainers talk about using drugs or drinking alcohol or getting high or use or stealing cars. I'm not impressed with everything they do, just because they're famous. Yeah, I'm not impressed with that. If he wants to make it Snoop Dogg wants to make a conscious decision to join a nationalistic group. Fine, you know, and if it helps him to improve his morals, if any, helps improve his morals, the way join the Nation of Islam helped me improve my morals back in the early 70s. Then that, you know, I'll give them a pat on the back if that's what

00:36:56--> 00:37:37

he's trying to accomplish. Yeah, but but but I have a problem with disguising nationalism, with Islam, as we said earlier, so I'm, you know, I'm happy to, you know, if I have to weigh the good against the bad that there's some people that want to clean their life up, you know, but I'm not impressed or feel happy want to celebrate, you know, because he wants to call himself a Muslim now, and he hasn't really learned the real truth about what the Quran is actually telling us to do. This is no, this is not a criticism against the organization. You know, I'm not here to criticize the Nation of Islam as an organization. I'm only talking about as a former member, Minister at that, is

00:37:37--> 00:38:16

that like the one of the highest ranking Yeah, I was getting there. I was Assistant Minister. And then the month that Elijah mother passed away, I was supposed to go and meet him, I will become a full fledged minister. But I was doing the teaching, I was opening up temples around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you know, and so forth. I was doing all of the work, you know, but my point is, is that I know what attracted me, I know what cleaned me up. But then, but then I was only cleaned up from from physical vices. But then when I took Shahada in 1975, under Imam WD Muhammad, and I learned that there was a huge problem that I had, that I had to deal with a lot about, and that was

00:38:16--> 00:38:53

associating partners to him, and accusing him and his accusation, accusing Almighty God of appearing in the form of a human being, when I realized that I had to change and I also had to make tau. But once I found out what Talbot was Toba means, means repentance to me, I had to repent. First was saying anything. And then I had to go back to people who have been teaching and undo as a debrief all of these people, you know, and tell them say, you know, what I was telling you before, you know, a year ago or whatever, that was incorrect, the black man is not God, white man is not the devil, the Caucasian man is not just conquer the planet Earth, the black man is not the God of the

00:38:53--> 00:39:30

universe, this stuff that I was teaching and with learning, it's not even true, that the God of the universe is Almighty Allah who created the universe, who cannot be seen cannot be put into some type of container with a physical description, you know, and that no person is better than another person, except in their effort to please Almighty God. Yeah. And Almighty God is the only one who knows who's trying more than somebody else. Yeah. So, as you said that you're not impressed and we shouldn't be impressed. But you do have some some young Muslims who now may might be dragging their feet to totally submit to the Creator of the heavens and earth and they might be listening to some

00:39:30--> 00:39:43

of this. I call it junk that's out there. It's kind of it's almost like audio pornography, because all of the explicit lyrics and filth that some of these rappers use. Now,

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

obviously, we shouldn't take any of these people as as role models, we should take the best of examples, which is the last and final message of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. So So tell us now is it safe to say because such a beautiful name

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

Such such a beautiful teachings, that a human being, and you so eloquently put it one time, that something that, you know is is in our very nature, that to submit and to surrender to God alone the Creator, being obedient to Him being sincerely devoted to him your whole life revolving around your your Lord. This is summed up with one word Islam. So if someone takes this word, and put something before it or in front of it now, and confusing people, can we just say that? You know what, as ones who follow the true teachings of all the messengers, say, Look, I don't even want to call this Nation of Islam, maybe call it and this is just my opinion, you correct me and give me your opinion,

00:40:45--> 00:41:23

maybe call it Muslim or fair carnism or not even give the privilege of being associated with this beautiful word Islam because we can see like when we really get dig deep into what it teaches racism, nationalism, and again, we're not trying to step on anybody's toes we want those people who are truly sincerely humble and truly seeking the truth to really see what Islam is the purity of Islam and what this way of life is and how unnatural it is. Well, I'm hesitant yeah personally to

00:41:24--> 00:42:03

to give it names like farrakhan ism and that because I'm not I'm hesitant to try to say anything that may appear your opinions and we don't want to Yeah, no no, I'm not I'm not comfortable yeah with was was was trying to make it seem like I'm trying to insult Minister Farrakhan Yes, I call him this call it farrakhan ism. I'm also not comfortable with telling people that they're not allowed to call it Islam. You know, I'm not comfortable with it. I think the biggest job is not trying to change what somebody said, gotcha. The biggest I think our biggest job is to change people's thinking. And one of the best way to change people's thinking and do it in a respectful way is to

00:42:03--> 00:42:39

for the Muslims who say they follow the deen I mean to true Islam, the follow it properly. Yeah, there's issues in the Sunnah, so called Sunni community that are that are given a bad rap to Islam generally, to the, to the to the outer community, you know, and I and if we correct that, then everything else will fall in place. Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam said that if you reconcile with Allah, He takes care of the people. You know, Minister Farrakhan happens to be a friend of mine, you know, but that's not why I don't, that's not the reason why

00:42:40--> 00:43:20

I'm hesitant to insult him. I don't want to insult him because he's a human being. And and he is, and he's a great leader. And he's, and he's a he deserves respect. And I don't want to insult my brothers and sisters, who are part of the Nation of Islam, because their brothers and sisters, who also Children of Adam, and they're my brothers and sisters, and Alon commands me to treat people the way I want them to treat me. The law says so till now, and I 126 that when you catch them out, catch them out no worse than you want them to catch you out. My issue is not trying to change the what the Nation of Islam is teaching or what they call yourself or what they want to call Islam. I don't

00:43:20--> 00:43:56

think that that's, that's my role. My role is to try to encourage Muslims who claim that they're Sunni Muslims to be a better job of being Sunni Muslims. We have Muslim Muslims who are smoking cigarettes and blowing smoke in children's faces. We have Southern Muslims that send their daughters out in the public with skintight pants on and cleavage in their blouses, and not even covering their hair. We got some Muslims that go in and out of X ray that movies and using profanity, we are certainly Muslims, they won't even go to Juma prayer because they're afraid to leave their jobs and miss out on a couple of bucks. So we got some Muslims that beat their wives and are guilty of

00:43:56--> 00:44:19

domestic abuse. We got some Muslims that are joining gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, you know, so I say let's clean up the house, before we start pointing to somebody and telling them what they're not supposed to do. It's true that I disagree with with a couple, a couple of small teachers of the Nation of Islam is no question. It's no secret. I have an issue with calling masterformat Muhammad.

00:44:20--> 00:44:54

God in person, I have an issue with that, you know, but that doesn't give me the comfort to want to insult them or want to attack what they want to call something. I'm my, my effort is Dawa is to encourage the Muslims to be real Muslims and encourage those who are not who are not who have not accepted Islam to explore Islam and look at the best examples so that they get the right idea and the right composure and the right attitude about what real Islam is. And if I do it right, then I won't have to call it anything. This is a double audition here with Mr.

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00:44:58--> 00:44:59

Khan and former

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

Minister with the

00:45:02--> 00:45:48

nation. And we're clearing up some of the misconceptions some notions people have might have had trying to distinguish what is correct what is not. And we're trying to explain and give a deeper understanding to those humble truth seekers, trying to enlighten the people who are out there really wanting to know the truth, who might have got confused with a lot of the things that are out there and who best to help us explain this than somebody who was a former minister with this group. But all praise and thanks to the creator that he guided you and guided many of former people I know myself, many who were with this group who ended up coming over to the true teachings of Islam. Tell

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now, that

00:45:53--> 00:45:54

what what is the Savior's day?

00:45:56--> 00:46:36

Well, saviors day at the time when I was in the nation was it was the day that all of the Muslims in the country in America, the members of the Nation of Islam, made a pilgrimage to Chicago, Illinois. That's the hedge for them. Yeah, but we didn't know the board. Yeah, you know, yeah, it was just savers day, we all got together, those of us who could make the trip went to Chicago to hear annual address by Elijah Muhammad. Okay, now let's talk to start talking about the true teachings of Islam. Let's talk about this first pillar. Now, let's explain to the people somebody we got their attention, and they might even be a part of this nation. And now

00:46:37--> 00:47:22

they want to know, how can I get with the real deal? How can I be a true submitter to the one God, ie as a Muslim? What is the first thing that you had to do to cross over from being with this nation to being with the being in Islam? What was let's talk about the five pillars now? Well, the first pillar was a declaration. That's the very first thing that WD Muhammad taught us. Yeah, you know, that, to declare a publicly, it is no God, but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. He taught us before he taught us about that Shahada, who was called us or how to attain or bear witness to two things. He first taught us what Mohammed we were talking about yet. Tell us now because

00:47:22--> 00:47:35

people hear Elijah Muhammad and they confuse it with the last and final message is, we were we were in 1975 mm WD Muhammad taught us that the messenger the real messenger, Muhammad,

00:47:36--> 00:48:19

who was the real messenger of Allah was not the one who we thought it was. It was not his father. Yeah. That we had to recognize, understand that the last prophet that was sent to mankind was, was sent over 1400 years ago. And he explained that to us, before he started telling us that we needed to, to make this this open declaration. Once we got that clear, then he told us to do that is something that you're going to have to do now. Yeah, you know, and he taught this to a whole country full of people, you know, and so the majority, the overwhelming majority of those people who have been following his father, you know, made the open declaration, and myself and many other people are

00:48:19--> 00:49:01

part of that experience. Now, you said an Arabic word for some of our non Muslim listeners, you said that there's no God but Allah, explained to find when you say Allah, Allah, Allah is the proper name for Almighty God. Allah says in the Quran, they call him by any of his beautiful names, Muslim, Muslims don't have a hang up with language. You know, we're not we don't get uncomfortable. If someone says, Jehovah, Yahweh, a lord, Master, we don't get uncomfortable. Other religions may get uncomfortable other societies of people may get uncomfortable when we say Allah, but Allah is the proper name of Almighty God, the Creator of heavens, and the earth is not a separate God. He's not a

00:49:01--> 00:49:40

separate god, he's not something. He's not some entity, that physical, and is not some entity that is separate from the God that created everybody else. That's just his proper name. And so the Muslims are more comfortable with that proper name, though, though, we don't express any discomfort. If somebody around us just wants to say God, yeah, or they want to say Yahweh or Jehovah or whatever. You know, we don't have that, that that discomfort, but that's the proper name. So we try to make that clear. And another thing we make clear to is that if if people really understood the definition of Muslim Yeah, then more people would accept being caught Muslim and realized that's

00:49:40--> 00:50:00

what they already are. Give us the definition definition. A Muslim is one who has the nature to submit to the will of God. That's a lot put that in the nature of everything and everybody who we created, animate, as well as inanimate, that everything he created must submit to Him, everything that he created, that there has as a time of

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

beginning and ending, everything is just a visit. We're all visitors on this planet Earth. We're just visitors running here for a little while. And everything that we experience is only a visit. Life can only visit us by the permission of Almighty God that can only visit us by permission of Almighty God use can only visit us by the permission of Almighty God and age can only visit by the permission of God, wealth and poverty are visits they visit us they visit our life. And even law says in the Quran is sort of like a store, that we that when you visit the graves, you know, the mutual piling up of wealth of material things, you know, until you visit the great great going to

00:50:43--> 00:51:29

the grave is a visit. When you go to the masjid, it's a visit. Those are the masters of a law shall be visited and maintained by those who fear the law, believing along the last day, and then and then we can allow blessing with wives and spouses, we visit our wives. So everything is a visit, which lets us know that in this life is only temporary. And Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. He even told us, he said that, that that surely surely in this my nation, my community, my alma mater, those who follow me, there's a mercy on this community, that their punishment is not in this life because the punishment is not in the afterlife, excuse me, because the trials are in this life.

00:51:30--> 00:52:10

That's what the prophet said. He also said that when when adversity strikes a believer almost immediately thank Allah for three things. One, that it's not worse than it is to that it happened in the material world and not in our Dean, and three, Dean or our religion, and three that it happened now and not in the afterlife, because this life is only temporary. So and then the law says in the Qur'an for in number three, use raw that's in store or chapter 94 of the Holy Quran, which says, with every difficulty comes ease. And a law is telling us that for the believer, the ease is connected to the difficulty. So we should be happy when something negative happens in this life.

00:52:10--> 00:52:50

Because we know that it's going to be over when this life is over. We should want we should expect that Allah will give us relief in the afterlife, because whatever joy we experience in the afterlife is going to be permanent. But if we have a difficulty in the afterlife, that's also going to be permanent. So to prepare for the afterlife, they wish to worship God now, as if the afterlife is going to happen tomorrow. And so that's the main core and the crux of what motivates the person who have accepted Islam and a lot of sense of the Quran. accept Islam wholeheartedly, we don't know whether or not we've accepted whole heart. Oh, it's a whole heartedly until we get tested. Allah

00:52:50--> 00:53:30

says in Surah 29, Angkor Wat of the Quran in the second on the first is just three letters. Alif Lam, Meem. But then he says, Do men think there'll be left alone on say we believe without being tested? A lot of times we think we know ourselves, let alone trying to know each other. We think we know ourselves. But until we get tested, then we begin to find out things about ourselves. So when we so a lot of us in 1975 was tested, because we found out what we had to find that what are we actually looking for, when we came to what we thought was Islam. If we're looking for God for real, if we're looking for salvation for real, if we're looking for the beauty of following the real

00:53:30--> 00:54:09

Prophet Muhammad for real, then we embraced the Shahada team, we embraced Sunni Islam, if we're looking for for real, but some of us, we found out something about ourselves. And we weren't really looking for religion, we weren't really looking for God, we weren't really looking for for the salvation, we're looking for just some kind of organization that would make us maintain a grudge against some things that happened with some people who made who made bad judgments and treated people wrong. And we want that we want to hang on to something that made us feel a sense of belonging and some some physically motivated group. And whether we want to no matter what we want to

00:54:09--> 00:54:48

call it, what label we put on it. So that's how we find out about ourselves. And in 1975, those of us that took Shahada under mmm WD Muhammad, we found out that we really were searching for God, we found that we really were searching for spirituality we found out but when on the other hand, some people found out that they weren't really looking for God. They just wanted an organization worship one God alone, not his creation, anything in the creation cannot be the Creator. So and the last and final message you have to accept in the Prophet Mohammed which included accepting all the other messengers, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, no, etc. That's the Shahada. Then we have four more pillars. We

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

only got a couple more minutes. Quickly go over them. The praying five times a day. Did you pray before now five times a day minimum? Talk about this. We pray five times a day but when it wasn't

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

A lot we made a do or supplication. That's from the Nation of Islam. We didn't know about salaat we just we just raised our hands and we made a prayer and I just call it the nation. I don't even want to call it God or whatever nation, nation nation. You know, when I was in that organization, we made a dua in English five times a day. Yeah. Okay. But now we learned that we have to actually order our body to respond and pray and prostrate and bow to Almighty Allah five times a day and specific times Khattab. makuta. Allah says occur and the prayer is fixed on us. Exact calculated timing. And then we have this cut. The cut is not charity. Yeah, the cut is a tax on your wealth. Yeah, charity is

00:55:44--> 00:56:22

sonica. They can be in any form, it could be extra money, could be a smile, could be good deed, clothes, food, but it's a cut specific tax on your wealth. And if you don't have any wealth, then you become a recipient of that it's a cut with that, that turns it into sonica when you become a recipient of it, that's the third pillar now, right? And then the fourth one is fasting during the month of Ramadan. In a nation of islam we fasted every every December. Yeah, and we call that Ramadan. You know, nowadays in the modern day Nation of Islam, I believe they fast properly according to the lunar calendar, the proper month of Ramadan, Uh hum de la. But But, but we learned

00:56:22--> 00:57:02

that we learned from him and WD Muhammad and those of us who came to the Sunnah after that, that the month of Ramadan is a celebration of the Holy Qur'an. It is it is the anniversary of the particular month, where the Holy Qur'an began to be revealed in the whole book wasn't revealed in the month of Ramadan. It just began in the month of Ramadan, it took 23 years to reveal the Qur'an. But to celebrate that importance of that revelation, then we would abstain from food from food and, and drink and sex during the daylight hours, and break off at night. During that lunar calendar to celebrate the battle. That's the fourth pillar, the fourth one, the fifth one is pilgrimage to the

00:57:02--> 00:57:41

holy city Mecca to visit a sacred house. It was built by Abraham, or rebuilt by Abraham and his son in that and that was built on the site where Adam came down after he was forgiven by God after sin. We want some closing comments, suggestions, because it clearly says in the verbatim Word of God, that the only way of life that's acceptable to the Creator of the heavens and earth is complete submission obedience to Him alone, which is IE in Arabic Islam. So the person that might want to take a buffet, you know, mixing up all the religions, you want to follow the nation. This is a very serious issue to be worshipping God as a man, this is an unforgivable sin. If you die on it. You

00:57:41--> 00:58:26

don't repent, we want those people to be in paradise. We want them to be our brothers in faith, talk to them, give them some advice, please, do accept Islam wholeheartedly. To accept this, Islam wholeheartedly is to become in accord with your nature that Almighty God gave it created us in and if you really want, if you really want the salvation from Almighty Allah, find out what your nature is and submit to that but and submit to and cooperate with that particular nature. We if you really want to avoid the punishment from Almighty God and you think that you want to pick around with something is you want to have a buffet, you want to have a buffet in this life, you might want that

00:58:26--> 00:58:54

with a buffet in the afterlife, but that buffet is going to be filled with fire. Because Almighty God Allah does not compromise. And he says, Oh you believe save yourself and your family from a firehose, fueled as men and stones. He doesn't use gasoline or propane or kerosene. He's people to keep Hellfire hot. Anyone who does it without being in total submission to God will be fuel for that particular hellfire. So you can't play with Islam. It is submit, submit to Almighty God completely.

00:58:56--> 00:59:35

Or you just get polished. Thank you very much for being with us taking the time out of your busy schedule. And just real quick, you got the manner that you're involved with. Tell us Muslim lives in North America, America was established. Under the leadership big amounts Raj Raj to make sure that none of the needy Muslims on the inner cities of America or needy families for that matter get overlooked. This is a very serious effort. Right now in America. There are families that are displaced. There are orphans in America, there are Muslims who are getting released from the streets to the streets from prison, about 3000 a day getting released to the streets with little or no

00:59:35--> 00:59:59

support mechanism. One of the one of the main important things that we really have to focus on is is healing and reconciliation and everyone needs to be reconciled and everyone needs to reconcile what's Almighty God in order to make the Alliance complete? So Manoj is trying to be in the forefront of encouraging all the great organizations to work together, to reconcile and to and work together so that we can heal

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

Anything that's causing us to to stay away from or to avoid unity in Islam, there has to be a unification process for us to be able to enjoy some progress for the upliftment of humanity and for the betterment of the quality of life of the oma just talk about how to make God Almighty Allah rewards you Thank you. And I like thank you for being with us again on another episode of the deen show, I hope you got to benefit. We got to explain what the nation is and what the way of life that was lived by all the messengers, including the last and final message the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It was that way that way of submitting your entire self, to not a man to not a woman, but

01:00:43--> 01:01:19

the one who created man and woman, the Creator of the heavens and earth, nothing in creation, anything that came into existence is not the Creator. And there is no more messengers to come after the last and final messenger problem hum peace be upon accepting Jesus as a messenger Moses, Abraham, Noah, these were all messengers of God didn't call people to worship themselves, to worship saints, idols, or anything in the creation. They called you to worship the one God. And this is the true teachings of Islam, not calling a white man a devil are black men and devil. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said clearly that we all like the tooth of a cone that we're equal, what

01:01:19--> 01:01:33

separates us is our God consciousness, our piety. And this is the true teachings of Islam. And we hope to see you again next time here on the deen show. Until then, are Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you?

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Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah Who

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are you?

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