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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season three, Episode 21.

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And welcome to day 21 of your heart detox challenge. Now, we're in our last 10 days of Ramadan, I hope you guys are making the most of the last 10 days and really taking advantage of the nights. No procrastination no unproductivity, you guys are milking at least 10 days for as much reward as possible. Now, for today, your article is a continuation of yesterday's first part on finding peace and contentment. And that's those articles on the idea of going through problems does having problems mean that you are not blessed. And it is a very beautiful Hadith which says, it was narrated from most abans that his father said, I said, O Messenger of Allah, which people are the

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most severely tested, he said the prophets, then the next best, and the next best, a person is tested according to his religious commitment. If he is steadfast in his religious commitment, he will be tested more severely. And if he is frail, and his religious commitment, his test will be according to his commitment, trials will continue to affect a person until they leave him walking on earth with no sin on him. Now all of us know that no pain or anxiety or suffering before a believer except that his sins are expected except for instance, are forgiven. And so it's through these trials that we are being forgiven for the things that we've done by Allah subhanaw taala. And so

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this article looks at how we can embrace trials and make the most out of them.

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And this idea that we can see trials as a positive thing as a way to get closer to Allah as a way to get tremendous reward. Because sometimes there are calamities that happened to people who we look at, and we say, you know, they don't deserve this. They're so they're so great. Look how many good things that they do. And when I think about that, I remember the story of a valet seller, who had a great life. And he was never ungrateful, he did. So he was doing so much a better he was really taking care of his community. And Allah afflicted him with some of the most difficult trials that a person can imagine. And people used to say, Come on, this is a prophet of Allah, and look what is

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happening to him. And I remember there was one point that I found really beautiful.

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There's a part where you buy less lambs wife asks him to make dua to Allah to stop this from happening to remove the suffering and eel, very slim, flayed. Tell me for how long did I enjoy good health and riches. And he says, for 80 years, she says, for 80 years. And then he says, For how long have I been suffering like this. And then she says, seven years. And he tells you that in that case, I'm ashamed to call my Lord to remove the hardship I have not suffered longer than the years of good health that I have enjoyed. And from this, you can see like, how much you appreciated how appreciated the person that Allah given him, because one thing that we tend to do when we go through

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something difficult, is we think that Allah doesn't love us. We think that unless clearly trying to punish us for something any difficulty that happens to us is definitely Allah punishing us. It can't be that Allah is trying to test us So Allah is trying to give us good reward. And what tends to happen then is we become ungrateful, we forget the million blessings that we still have from Allah, one of them predominately being our faith, most people don't realize what a blessing it is to be a Muslim having a man in Allah being able to glorify Him and worship Him. And instead, we just focus on the problem that we have.

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So this article will inshallah help you to on your path to peace and contentment for the rest of your day your tasks, to buy some cookies, and share it with friends or family or work or anyone, basically be the provider of free food for someone today. And then the other task is to think of someone who you have wronged. So maybe it's someone that you used to speak very badly about, maybe it's somebody who you you really had and you're going to take a course and and you're going to donate it to the masjid in their name. So that from now on anyone who picks up that God and and uses it, that person is going to get hassled net and they won't even realize until you're there and they

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see the reward of it on the scales. So these are your tasks for the day. If you have a wonderful day. Make sure you take advantage of these last seven days. Make sure you're staying fit and healthy, not eating lots of junk food and inshallah I will be with you tomorrow. So they might have to lay over again.

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Hey everyone, this is Mira here now just before you hit the pause button I want to let you know something we are having a giveaway this Ramadan to win the productive Muslim audiobook along with a free one year subscription to the productive Muslim Academy. So this is the same Academy that gives you access to the Ramadan course and all other great courses to help you be super productive. Now the exciting thing about this giveaway is that the more you share with your family and friends, the more entries you will have to win this prize pack. So check it out by heading over to productive Muslim slash gift that is productive Muslim slash gift. Thank you for

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listening and have a great day.