Nouman Ali Khan – Amazed by the Quran – A Strange Thing

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the unusual elements of the Bible, including a constantly changing story and a perpetual liar attempting to sell lies and gifts. They also mention a statement about "strange things" and a "monster" who makes everyone's gods into one. The speaker questions the accuracy of these statements and the use of "monster" in the title of a book.
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Welcome everyone to another episode of amazed by the Koran where I share with you what I find amazing about the Koran today is a literary feature of the Quran. That is, to me quite baffling actually, because you know, you have suitors of the Quran that are revealed at different times that far apart from each other. Even in terms of location, the two swords I'm going to compare with you Assad, which is in the 30s, and cough, which is sort of number 50. So they're just decently apart from each other. And you find sometimes that there is in the schools that are very similar to one another, but there are some textual differences. So it will say the same thing but actually more

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accurately, he'll say almost the same thing, right? So instead of coffee says Balaji, boo, Anja homeowner romaine home for kollel Coffee Runa Hayashi Najib. Rather they are they find it strange that a warner came to them from among themselves. Let's qualify that statement. A Warner came to them from among themselves because they thought of foreigners as someone to come from the outside to bring news from a faraway enemy, I've scouted the enemy they're coming and so he comes and he lets them know there's a danger but there's also a shadow Miss from among them and he's telling themselves as far away danger that that's coming if they don't listen if they don't heed his

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warning. So they say how can they be a wonderful among us for color? kaffee Luna hace una Jeep so disbeliever said this is a strange thing. So the statement is that this believer said this is a strange thing. Now let's compare this a little bit wild you will enjoy a home with a romaine home and they found it strange that a warner came to them from among themselves. Sound familiar? was almost exactly the same in sort of off color coffee. Luna has a saccharin kozub disbeliever said this is a magician and a perpetual liar. Now that's new. That was not enough, right? Giada Ali Hata illa handwara? Did he talk did he take all of our gods and turn them into just one. Also not

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something we found in the previous in Nadella, shavano job that certainly is a pretty strange thing that we found before. So there are the beginning and ending elements, they found it strange that a warner came to them is there in both. And disbeliever saying that this is something strange is found in both, right. But let's count.

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In the first case, they found it strange that a warner came fine. In the second case, they also found a strange little warning came but additionally, they said this is a magician.

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Now you would think magician is an insult to the province. But actually, if you analyze it, it's a compliment.

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It's an acknowledgement that what he has to say cannot be explained away through common sense. There is something mysterious, something inexplicable, something in the unseen something unseen to the naked eye that's going on here. And when you talk about something that is beyond reason to you, you cannot make common sense of it. You call it What magic and think about that. What what rabbit out of the hat is he pulling? He's saying words? How are words considered magic, the effect that it's having on people can only be described as magic. So that's it, it's in of itself, in that insult embedded is actually an acknowledgement of the divine power of the higher power. It's supernatural,

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at least that much they admit. Right. The second thing they call them is perpetual liar. Because that because that means someone who lives over and over and over again, like a kabocha someone who may makes bread over and over again, or a Wahab is someone who gives gifts over and over again. So he makes lies over and over again. They found that very strange, why. And by the way, in that insult, embedded in it is also a compliment. Why? Because a liar tries to sell you a lie. You don't buy it. Now, you know he's a liar. He knows he can sell it to you again. So he finds a new customer. And he goes in lies to them. If he if he gets called out over there, he's not going to come back to

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the two of you is going to go find a third sucker. That's what a liar does.

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But this man, we're accusing him of being a liar. But he comes back and he tells us the same thing again.

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And we call him a liar. And he comes back and he tells us the same thing again. We have never seen a liar like this. liars once you call him out, leave you alone.

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How is he a continual perpetual liar? And it's not even by the way when you get one one lie gets caught? What does a liar do? He goes on to a new life. When that one gets caught, he goes on to a new lie. But this liar we don't understand. He's sticking to the same quote unquote lie.

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He's not changing his story at all.

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The the commitment of the prophets of Salaam the consistency of his message on this level Islam, his relentlessness, and his unwillingness to give up on these people is captured in their insult comes up.

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Yes, from their point of view, it is an insult. But deep inside it is actually something about the prophets eyes on them. Anyway than that

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The next so they call the magician they call them continual liar or repeated liar. Third, and Allah Allah Why did they take all of our gods and make them into one? What do you

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all this? This entire mythology is no good. I'm gonna get rid of all that. Just one

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just one. You know, this is they found it strange now if you compare there are three things additional that they found strange to the previous text Yes.

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And because in the previous text they thought a warner came in That's weird. This one they thought a warner has come It's weird. But additionally, he's a magician. Additionally, a liar and addition Thirdly, he took all of our gods and made them into one Now keep in mind three. Okay, go back disbeliever said hava Shea on our Jeep. This is a strange thing. That's what they said. In this ayah it says in Dollar Shave Club now. Pay attention is.

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First of all, this is no doubt about it.

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The first is said this is a strange thing, this one saying no doubt about it. This is a strange thing. There's one additional layer of emphasis in what words no doubt in Okay. Now that lashay no doubt truly this is a strange thing. Truly the law in lashay is not found in the first tire. So how many additional layers of emphasis to

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their they said strange. Here this arrow job extremely strange job is a hyperbolized empowered form of the word ajeeb. third layer of emphasis, this statement is three times more emphatic than the former statement. And this statement has three more things they found strange compared to the first

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How do you keep track of that?

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How do you say that statement and this statement are very similar, except this one has three additional things. So the emphasizes at the end should correspond. And how do you say something and keep in mind wait a few months ago I said this and therefore I should emphasize three more times here compared

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and all of this in speech.

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you're not recite he's not even like referencing the other Ayah This is another pseudo altogether.

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And this is happening in the Quran, things are said and things are said slightly differently. And if you analyze the language, you're just left baffled, like how does the Quran keep up with this level of accuracy? This level of consideration the comparative textual analysis in the Quran? Actually just leave you with this can only be defined that's that's what it leaves me with every time I study this stuff. This is why he says so panela Why don't they reflect deeply on the Quran? Look behind the words. Because if they would well oh kinda mean undegraded la la vida to feast in Africa to help him from other than en la they would have found a lot of conflict in it. You keep finding

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consistency on top of consistent in ways that linguistically speaking I've never seen any anything else. Anything even close. May Allah azzawajal continue to make us amazed by this incredible book. barakallahu li walakum cinematical

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