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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a woman named Rachel is talking about a woman named Siraction who is the ordinary man. She says that she saw Siraction's upbeat and emotional, and that she is the woman who is the ordinary man. She also mentions that she has been the ordinary man for a long time and that she has been the ordinary man for a long time.
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See let's move on to Jeep.

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Sir Abdullah

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the ordinary man once asked I shall have the Alana So Anna geven interesting question. cannula Aisha had defini and JB che are at fie salata. nebi saucer limbs.

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He said yeah. Can you tell me about something so unique, something, an incident or something happen any when it comes to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in relation to Salah. Something that you witnessed and it was a very special incident

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for Beckett, she start

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her talk

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with tears coming down from her eyes.

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And you know that what's coming is heavy.

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You know that what's coming is something so heavy for her to start her talk with with tears little the Aloha

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forgot that kind of nubby. So Solomon Delaila he was with me and that night and we were cuddling next to each others. And the bed

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be Johnny be happy hour.

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mob geria where we saw the

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from a Nevis or Salem con

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Rasul Allah. He does.

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He's leaving the bed. Then I said come on, let's just sit down. Lay down key let's continue cuddling and you know, being next to each others.

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Karla Isha parlodel Eenie, the Rini utter Abu Dhabi. Let me go worship Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Call to Lucky new Allah He or he buco Rebecca weather Kinney Hibou my you sir rock.

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I love for you to be next to me.

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But you know what, I love more. I love more the thing that you love the most.

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And I know that what you love the most is to pray.

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What a wise wife,

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a mother Allah and Ottawa

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and that shows you what a Salah means to Mohamed Salah Ariosa love

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Allah to Allah Allah kidney Hibou mindset rock the thing that make you happy.

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Carla for karma for Tata Hara for Salah for masala ki till kelela, toughie salatu he sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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Call it Hector Bella hijra, who Bell Bell Arbalet at Bain academy

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that specific that night specifically, he was spraying so much.

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And he was Salah Salem in tears, that it's not only made his clothes wet, that even the sands between his feet were wet and in front of him are wet because of all the tears that coming down from him salatu salam

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until Bilal came and he called the process I'm Sydney Allah. So Allah fetcher time, had the job Ilan you then will be solid.

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Further Mara and Nabil saw Salah MyBookie Julissa Bilal and Ababa

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Yep, key he came in he found the process elements such status tears so Bilal couldn't hold himself and start crying

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and just sat right there at the door

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can you keep up Caleb Okay, okay Allah so Allah I just saw you crying and tears I start crying

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from Mikado Salah tip Cuba de la for Allahu Allah come at UK at the moment then become a TA. You also like crying and Danny all your sins already forgiven. Whatever you did in the past and whatever you might do in the future, all forgiven yet is still in tears.

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What these tears for what's the reason behind it?

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Takada afara, hakuna evidencia Quran

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shouldn't be

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grateful servant to my Lord. Look at unzila to Allah year Leila ayat where you new Lehmann Cara Hoon Willem de Barone waha, the lady upon Messiah who Salah Solomon fellowship, the Minister of Tadelakt Ali Mustafa, and you Camilla GNOME, bad now have had an ayat which had to Kabbalah and Rashi right before he went to his bed he received several verses from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And he said tonight I received verses from Allah.

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It is not appropriate, not acceptable.

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not right for someone to know about these verses and will not reflect upon them will not pray with them will not recite them and focus on them.

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Then he recited

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the verses from 190 to 200 An Ali Imran the end of Allah Imran

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in FE rupees, you will all do your dealer fee lately one

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Allah leadin cool rune Allah happy

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to newbie him,

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that Allah Subhana Allah says in the heavens and earth are Signs for those who have wisdom for those who have a sense of understanding for those who are wise.

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Those who mentioned Allah Subhana Allah while they are standing while they're laying down, while they are sitting.

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And also in all situation.

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There those who

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reflect and contemplate on the creations of Allah subhana wa Tada. And they will that reflections and that contemplations, and these reminders that they see around them, will lead them to say, or a banana corruptor heard about the law. You have not created all this for nothing.

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Probably neither, but now. Protect us.

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