In Love With The Quran #26 – How The Prophet Recited The Quran

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The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet sallahu Alayhi wa sallam's teachings during a sermon. They encourage listeners to listen to the Prophet's teachings and use them to influence their actions. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not reciting the Prophet's teachings in a manner that is not appropriate for their personal taste.

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How would you feel if you were given one opportunity to listen to the Quran being recited by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi aussehen

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I want to share with you a story. The famous companionable not really a long line. He says the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed at night reciting a single iron one iron until the morning time. And he would do ReCore and sujood. He would basically pray his entire prayer, one iron,

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what is the ayah? Allah subhanaw taala tells us into active home for in the home revalue, this is referring to a specific dua that was being made by Prophet recyling. What tell Fetullah home for in naka

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la-z is Hakeem, if you punish them, they are Your servants. And if you forgive them, you are the Almighty, the all wise. So imagine this and the Prophet reading it over and over and over again. When the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, a walk in the morning, without a said to him, or messenger of Allah.

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You continue to read this ayah

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until the morning time, and you would bow down and you would prostrate and you would just use this one is for the entire prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I asked my lord for the shofar the intercession of my nation and he gave it to me, it will be granted insha Allah if Allah wills to whoever does not associate anything with Allah, Prophet Salah lorrison is reading the Quran and living through the Quran and making dua with the verses that he comes across have mercy or punishment and his thought, my own my own ignorance, I am Rahim Allah, He says, If people only realized what they would find, if they recited the Quran with deep reflection, they would do nothing

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If they recited it, while thinking about it, and they came a car across a verse or upon a verse, that they needed to heal their hearts, then they would repeat it again. And again and again indeed 100 times and indeed even the entire night.

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It was mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala does not listen to anything as he does to the beautiful voice of a prophet reciting the Quran, out loud and pleasantly and there are so many stories from the time of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam that can be lessons for us to implement and move us emotionally and spiritually, to follow in his footsteps. SallAllahu wasallam just imagine you're listening to him repeat this ayaat or repeat this particular idea over and over and making dua and the DUA was not for himself. It was for us.

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Listen to the story. Al Qassam reports the nephew of articial the Lorena he said when I would leave my home, I would begin by going to the house of Arusha only Aloha on how to see Salanter so he would start at her home. One day I went to her home and she was standing and glorifying Allah subhanaw taala and she was reciting from Surah to port for men, Allahu Allah ina will walk on, or the bus moon, Allah seamless, the people of gender are talking Allah saved us and protect us from the punishment of the fire. He was merciful to us. She would make your art she would cry and repeat the idea over and over. He said I stood up until I got tired standing. And then I left to the

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marketplace to fulfill some errands and needs and then I returned to her house later on. And I found that she was still standing and she was praying and crying from this aisle. Now of course we can assume she learned this from the Prophet sallallahu Ariosa to ponder upon the Quran, internalize its meanings for you. Meaning take it as an address for you. And when you find something that is moving you even slightly repeat the ayah repeat it and repeat it and repeat it What was she reciting know the Lohana that impacted her so much. It's about the people of Jana. Imagine you're in Jana, may Allah grant us paradise with our loved ones. And Allah tells us the people of Judah will turn to

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each other wealth with a valuable Manoa Valley atossa dune Palu in Khun Na kabhi Luffy Nina, Marshfield clean. The people of Jana will say before all of this reward we used to be with people with our loved ones in awe of Allah. For men, Allah wa Lena walk on the moon and Allah graced us and He protected us from the torment of the heat of the fire.

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And then the end of this is what in couldn't come

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in who was bad walking, indeed we used to come

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All upon Allah before used to make dua and Allah is the most kind, the Most Merciful. Think about these ayat as you read them and make sure that you are internalizing them. I'm loving our model. Only Allah Juan Houma one day he was reciting Surah Campbell coffin. And he recited yo maya, former NASA and beyond, I mean, on the day in which mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds and he started to cry, and cry and cry until he actually fell on his knees to the ground, and he could not move on to the next ayat.

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Read the Quran and pause and reflect whether you're reading it or listening to it or reading the translation and internalize it and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. Question for you. What verses of the Quran move you the most and why