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Omar Suleiman
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To our religion with the knights on enter into our community and this is something that, you know, in the midst of all of the darkness and all the hardship that we are seeing and witnessing in the world today, there are these bright lights that we can't lose sight of. And so RJ I'm going to ask you to repeat after me in Arabic and then English.

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an la ilaha illa Illa ilaha illallah wa, Shadow, Anna, Muhammad Rasool Allah, I bear witness, I bear witness that there is only one guy that there is only one God worthy of worship, worthy of worship and unconditional, unconditional obedience, obedience. And that Muhammad is His final messenger is his final messenger

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community brother, Allah bless you and keep you firm and this is all your your family now. So enjoy your new family and inshallah we we do have a package for you by the way

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bless you

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congratulations. In sha Allah after the halted off everyone can please make sure make it a point to greet our brother but in the nighttime and hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen whatever the one thing that nobody I mean for people to admit chuckling a lot most of us no radical radical basilica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why not only he also he was salam to see him and Kathira

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the brothers and sisters, I wanted to speak to a sentiment and this is something that inshallah to Allah will be doing. over whatever period of time Allah subhanaw taala allows us to do this, but there is this concept that truly many folks as we see what is transpiring?

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This question arises of the plotting of the enemies, and the plotting of Allah subhanaw taala. So I wanted to reflect just for a few moments in sha Allah to Allah on this particular idea in the home yaki doing a Qaeda, what a key to Qaeda, Sama, halal, caffeine and homebrew EDA, they plan. And I plan, the plan and I plan and Subhanallah there's so much depth to the tough seat of this is specifically as it relates to the situation and Philistine and broadly, obviously, you see the most advanced artillery, the most advanced technology, the most advanced PR, a sense of arrogance on the part of the aggressor. And you see our brothers and sisters and you think how are they going to be

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able to overcome this and even the battle that we are fighting here of PR the propaganda against our Palestinian brothers and sisters And subhanAllah it might feel like they just have so much that they're able to do and so much scheming. What are we going to be able to do to actually be able to fight back with that and so I wanted to talk about this and reflect on this inshallah to add a briefly tonight. And it's very interesting when you study this concept of the plotting of the enemies of Allah subhanaw taala and the plotting of Allah subhanaw taala in return and there are three different ways in which Allah subhana wa Isata talks about plotting in the Quran the plotting

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of the enemies versus the plotting of Allah subhanho wa Taala three words that are used. Allah subhanaw taala mentions Elfrida which is deception. In the Mona Filipina, you hide your own Hola, wha hoo ha ha the room, that Verily the hypocrites seek to deceive Allah subhanho wa Taala and in reality, he is deceiving them. The second word is an MK one mark Carew, Wanaka Allah, Allah Halal marketing we're going to dive deep into these inshallah to Allah in a bit, they plot the scheme of course when you look at the English translation, these words become interchangeable, but they plot and they scheme and Allah Subhana Allah plots as well. And Allah subhanaw taala is the best of those

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who plots and then finally the word alcaide which we recite most frequently in sort of dotata in the home yaki doing a Qaeda what a key do Qaeda that verily they plot an AI plot, they plan an AI plan, and Subhanallah when you start to break these three things down, you see the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala and how he addresses them. And so let's take the first two inshallah to Allah and come back to allocate and then we'll we'll sort of build upon that in the nighttime specifically as it relates to what we are seeing today and the comprehensiveness of the Quran in this regard. When Allah subhanaw taala speaks about al Qaeda and al Maliki the two types of deception. Both of these

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are elements of scheming that involve a surprise

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Attack, okay, they involve the idea of deception in their own way. And there are two types of deception. There is deception in that you have a familiar enemy that tries to catch you off guard catch you by surprise. And there is deception in that you have someone that pretends to be a friend, and then deceives you. Okay? So surprise attack and surprise enemy, and you'll see why this is relevant as you're reading through the Quran. As for al Qaeda, Allah subhanaw taala only uses this word in regards to the internal enemies of the prophets lie some in Medina, he doesn't speak about this in relation to the kofod in relation to the disbelievers. The obvious enemies of the prophets

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lie Selim. He speaks about this in regards to the hypocrites and then we'll kureta Ben okay, no Cardinal Nullius in Medina, the tribes that are plotting against the prophets lie Selim. And they are pretending to be in covenant with the Prophets lie Selim and the people that are pretending to be in community with the Prophets lie some actually pretending to be Muslims. So you have Muslims that are or people that are pretending to be Muslim so that they can cause harm to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that's where Allah azza wa jal uses these words. So you have people that pretend to be on your side,

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but they seek to deceive from within. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in Al Manasa, clean, you hide your own Allah, they think that they are deceiving Allah subhanho to Allah and he is in fact deceiving them how the hypocrites plotted and planned and they sought to reap every benefit from being on the side of the Muslims, while causing as much harm to the Muslims as possible. And up until the Day of Judgment Subhanallah look at how they're in amount speak about this I even up until the Day of Judgment, they will think that they still have a chance. Why? Because they see the believers, the Muslims going forth with their lights, and they try to situate themselves amongst the

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believers. And then what happens those who have lights go ahead, and the hypocrites are left behind. And they say on the Runa Napa Tubus minority come wait for us we want to benefit from your light Penology ruwan A comb filter mizunara and the believers May Allah azza wa jal make us amongst them Allahumma Amin will say to them, go back and Kindle your light, go back to the dunya and see if you can Kindle your light over there fell to me sooner Quran and Allah subhanaw taala sets up a barrier between them. And all they have now is the punishment without the benefits without the light, whereas the believers had the sacrifice without the benefit in this dunya right. So now the tables

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have turned and they will think Subhanallah they will think even up until that very moment that maybe we can situate ourselves and we can fool Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in among African you hide your own Allah, Oh Allah the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is instead deceiving them when they think they are deceiving Allah subhanaw taala. So you have those that pretend to be your friends.

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And at the end of the day, they are seeking ways to undermine you. And one of the things that we have seen in this recent catastrophe May Allah subhanaw taala help our brothers and sisters and fellow Steen and liberate them Allah who I mean. One of the benefits is that the masks are falling, the masks are falling, right, those who are the enemies from within are being exposed in many different ways. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us alone. I mean, so you have al Qaeda, which is someone that pretends to be your friend, but harms you or seeks to harm you and unsuspecting ways. A marker is used more frequently in the Quran. So I'm going in order of rare two most frequent and

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mucker is used to refer to the disbelievers and those that were outward enemies of the prophets of Allah and of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And I couldn't tell IDI him is a general Emraan Well, Holmium Quran that you weren't amongst them when they were all sitting together and they were coming up with these plots. So they are clearly your enemies, but they're trying to catch you off guard. So it's a surprise attack or a deceptive plan. Even though they are clearly your enemies. You see the difference between the two clear enemies versus you know, pretenders? And it's not about them, deceiving you and who they are, but it's about them trying to deceive you and what

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they're trying to do. Right so they you know exactly who they are. They come together, they plot against you. And it also has that element of deception in its secrecy and Allah subhanaw taala emphasizes every time he brings up a massacre in the Quran that he was aware of it all along. I was aware of it all along. While my cuddle macaron were in the Lima Quran. They came up with their plan and it was already with Allah subhanaw taala. And even if their MCO encounter macaron, Anita Zona mineral Jeevan. There are two ways by the way that this idea

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They can be understood and they complement one another as their ultimate mentioned, even if their plots could move mountains.

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Allah subhanaw taala already has it and it's not going anywhere. Allah subhanaw taala will overcome it. And that is some of the scholars have to say like patata Rahim Allah He said we're in Canada circleboom Betta Zulu mineralogy Bob. So for example, on the last prints I mentioned a shipwreck, and he says that it could you know that the mountains would flatten and down the Romani, one of them that they dare to ascribe to a Rahman, a son. Right. So their plots even if it could move mountains, it's with Allah subhanaw taala. That's one way to understand it. Another way is that their plan could not even move a mountain even if they wanted to. So Lita, zoo letrozole not to get into too

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much details, but who do these people think they are? Allah subhanaw taala creates an alliance with destroys Allah moves and Allah subhanaw taala holds still, they do not have the capacity to move anything. So what makes them think they're going to be able to move their plan along when just like the mountains are set firm Allah subhanaw taala is decree is already set firm. It's a powerful example that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us in multiple places in the Quran. While Mark Carew Wanaka Allah and once again just like they think that they're deceiving Allah Subhana Allah and he's deceiving them. Likewise, they are making their plans their mucker wa Macker Allah and Allah

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subhanaw taala is making his plans to undermine them to catch them by surprise. Wala who Hyrule mercury and Allah subhanaw taala is the best of those who plot these Ayat came in regards to saving their East Saudi Salam Jesus peace be upon him. Right. So reciting his salaam, his enemies when they came together, and they said we're going to crucify him.

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And you can imagine the element of surprise, when he sadly has Salam descends upon this earth once again, and he never was crucified. But we saw him on the cross, we killed him, right? One out of Cthulhu one masala who Allah can should be hunted, they thought they killed him, they thought they crucified him. But it was only made to appear that way to them. So Subhanallah you notice here a common theme already, that as long as it goes, it can go for years, centuries generations, but the mecca of Allah subhanho wa Taala will always overcome there's the plan of Allah will always be superior to theirs when a Saudi Saddam comes descending once again to this earth. And Allah subhanaw

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taala grants victory on the hands of a Saudi Salam, even when people thought that they humiliated him and they crucified Him on a cross and Allah subhanaw taala shows that their plan failed and his plans succeeded. So a marker is this idea that you know, your enemies think and Allah azza wa jal was speaking about them when they're plotting, and they're thinking about how they're going to kill the Prophet salallahu Salam, and they're whispering and they're in, you know, they're in got an edge when they're talking to themselves. And Allah subhanaw taala hears every single thing that they're saying.

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Their plan is with Allah subhanaw taala.

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And they think if they talk lower, he won't hear them. Right? They think if they use sign language, then they can deceive the divine. It's not working.

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We're in the Lima Quran, Allah azza wa jal already has it with him. Right? The third one, and this is the one that we're going to spend a little bit of time with is allocate. Now, there isn't mentioned about al Qaeda and Subhanallah, there have been books written about these three different things, by the way, and the Tafseer is rich on it. alcaide, which is a plan is sort of like the comprehensive strategic plan. So it can include an element of al Qaeda or an element of an MCN. So it's sort of like the whole sub plan, the whole strategy, they've got the whole roadmap planned out, it can be hidden, or it can be public. The point is, is that they've got their plan put together,

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they've got their strategy put together, the scheme is there. And it includes the elements of deception, the elements of power, and they're ready to execute.

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But Allah subhanho Tada says, in the home yaki Jonah Qaeda, what a key do Qaeda

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they plan their plan, and I too, am planning. Some of the scholars say that of the power of these ions, by the way, is that last contact did not say an Allah plans to Allah set an eye to in planning,

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their planning, and I too am planning summer hidden caffeine and Hilmar way to leave them, leave them And subhanAllah the next surah is some very small because Allah focus on glorifying your Lord, glorify and praise your Lord because Allah subhanaw taala will take care of them. Leave them to me. And look how Allah subhanaw taala talks about al Qaeda in the Qaeda shaytani Khanna or Eva, that the cave the plan of the devil is weak. And Allah subhanaw taala says will only

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The home in the KD Mateen. My plan and Mateen is a hard word to translate.

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But it is stable, there are no cracks in it, there is absolutely nothing

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that can cause the plan of Allah subhanaw taala to unravel. So they've got their plan and they think it's bulletproof. And at the end of the day, it's weak, it will fall apart in places that they don't understand, and in ways that they don't understand as for my plan, it is Mateen it's perfect,

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perfect, and it cannot be defeated. It cannot be overcome Subhan Allah their element mentioned several benefits of this as well that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah plans against the oppressor and he plans for the oppressed.

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Such as the example in Surah Yusuf, on Allah Subhana Allah to Allah mentions that Jarocho bodies that have said to his children, failure key do not count Qaeda, that they will plan against you law talks us through yada yada, what ticket for your key do like a Qaeda don't mention your dream to your brothers because they will plot against you. And Allah subhana wa says at the end of the surah that this is how we planned for use of it is that I'm kidding, the use of that we were planning against those who sought to harm use of Islam and we had a plan for use of Friday's Salam all along and so the scholars say subhanallah that Allah azza wa jal plots against your enemies, and he plots

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for the believers, plots against the enemies and he plots for the believers at the same time. And both of those plans are absolutely perfect.

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And Allah Subhana Allah mentions what

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what interests me rule, what sets apple so long as you are patients and you have taqwa, you have God consciousness, now you'll go to Roman law eurocon that you will not be harmed by their plan in any way whatsoever. Was kind of Allah there is so much to benefit from these ayat as you read through them. When Allah subhanaw taala is assuring the believers that their plan is going to fall apart and I am already planning against them.

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And your plan that might seem like it has absolutely no way of coming to fruition, I am planning for you.

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So put your trust in me.

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The Scholars say in regards to the prophets of Allah and how we can understand the way that ALLAH SubhanA wa gave victory to the prophets over their enemies that the plotting of the enemies actually turns out to be against them that the very things that they did to harm actually come back to haunt them. So for example, the brothers of use of it his Saddam threw him into a well to get rid of him because they wanted their father to love them and stuff and what ended up happening yeah Kobani Islam is love for us to find Islam only group that's number one. So it failed on that account. Yeah, cool was love for use of Islam only grew stronger. Secondly, they did them the greatest favor, he

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went and became the king of Egypt.

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Right? Eventually at the end of that path, at the end of all of that hardship was use of it Saddam on a throne. They threw him in a well he ended up on the throne and they ended up at his mercy needing him to give them something. There is any why end up seeing that Qatada Rahim Allah mentions that use of Islam told one of his sons, this is actually and of course these are all stories that are not from the Hadith. They're from the tifosi. And so there's benefit that we can take from them so long as they don't undermine the Quran and the Sunnah that use of Islam told one of his sons, go serve your guests. And he said, Who are these guests, he said, these are your uncle's, his son. At

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this point, US Vice nama has gotten married in muscle and Egypt, and has had his own kids. And his son says, You mean the same brothers that threw you in the well they tried to kill you that threw you in the wall and got rid of you.

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And he says to his son, that they did a favor to me. They showed a sound to me without even knowing it. They didn't have the intention to do good to me. But if it wasn't for them, throwing me into that well, and if it wasn't for their plot, then how would this have come into being? So there is a blessing that came out of this likewise with the Prophets Allah Allah Islam so whether you're talking about use of Islam Joseph or you're talking about Essenes that I'm Jesus peace be upon him right? And the great honor that Allah prints out bestows upon him as a result, or Ibrahim alayhis salam, they threw him into a fire and liquid ended up coming of him. That with the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they wanted to erase his name from the planet. They wanted to kill them in Mecca, get rid of him,

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and they ran him out of Mecca. I want you to

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to ask this question to yourself and just think about it, what Islam really have been the Islam that we have without Medina. Can you imagine Islam without the unsought Can you imagine Islam without Medina to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the city of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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but they're harming and persecuting the prophets lie some built character in the existing companions, and then led to the establishment of a city that would give light to the world in Madina, Munawwara and the unsought and those great companions that came from there and instead, the prophets like Selim, does not just rise on Safa, as an accepted messenger with the 10s of followers that he has there, he comes back and he stands on a sofa with 10,000 followers from around the world. So their plans that they conduct to try to hurt actually come back to haunt in the home yaki Duna Qaeda. What are key to Qaeda, Allah subhanaw taala is telling you each and every single time

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they plan, and I plan, they scheme and I scheme, they seek to deceive, and I'm deceiving them

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all along the way.

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Now, what does this mean for us, dear brothers and sisters, and I'll leave you with this. Because these are the days that these ayat of the Quran, these verses of the Quran really have to be read, with a great level of conviction, with a great level of faith with a great level of, of certainty.

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What it means is that you don't have to see the plan to trust the planner. Just like when you supplicate and you make a dua to Allah subhanaw taala and to morphine, honorable ejabberd and you have full certainty in the answer.

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You don't have to see that you're out that supplication, show up with any manifest material way for you to know that your DUA was answered.

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The same thing is true when it comes to the plants, the plants.

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I want you to understand that as you're watching what is unfolding in Palestine right now that every single plot against the believers in Philistine will actually come back to be in favor of the people of Philistine and the unloved Muhammad Sallallahu. And he was saying that their plans will actually backfire. That their plots will actually backfire. Not because of us, not because we know what we're doing.

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Now we do our part. We try our best, but it's not because of us. It's because of him subhanho wa Taala

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whether that shows itself in 10 days, or 10 years. In the home yaki doing a Qaeda was a key to Qaeda in hospital with tactical said the historical area. You focus on your Saba on your patients. You focus on your taqwa on your god consciousness, you focus on your tests via on your glorification of Allah subhanaw taala. You focus on your planning.

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But know that Allah subhanho wa Taala his plans are greater and he plans for the believers and he plans against those who seek to harm them. May Allah subhanaw taala be with our brothers and sisters and Philistine May Allah subhanho wa Taala support our brothers and sisters in the BUZZA in these difficult times may Allah subhanaw taala foil the plans and the plots and the scheming of those who seek to harm them. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah foil the plots and the plans and the schemes of the hypocrites around them. May Allah subhanaw taala allow them to find shahada and death and to find greater meaning in life. May Allah subhanaw taala restore to them their lands May Allah restore to

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them their dignity and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us all to pray in a liberated Masjid in Oxon Allahumma Amin wa Salam o son and daughter cannot be in a Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine was said I want to combine as well.

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