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Waleed Basyouni
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My brother and sisters originally a salad was ordained 50 prayers a day

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50 prayers a day, then it was reduced to five which we have today.

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That means every Salah if yours it's supposed to be equal to what? To 10. The question is, is your salary equal to 10? Or to 10th?

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Is your salad really in its value in its essence and its focus equal to 10? Salawat?

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Well, only a 10th of your solid is the one that worth called Salaat

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or fourth,

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or fifth,

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or whatever percentage it is.

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Colin Nabi SallAllahu Sallam comes from and JB hin

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de hamara. Eman indica la Jana.

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Five things if you commit yourself to them with Eman you will enter Jannah the five daily prayers Well, it's whoo ha hum so Salawat now what when what occurred hidden Noah so due to the Henault RPT in

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and also fast Ramadan had gel bait and give this a cat and Adele Amana and basically fulfill the trust this era Salah what's the trust? Is it also on Janab to take a shower from Janab sexual impurity either because of * or with Dream.

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faith in Allah Azza della mia, Adam Allah she in mendini IRA. It's a trust between y'all Nobody knows if you have Janab or not Allah subhanaw taala the only one knows, nobody knows if you wash yourself perfectly or not. A lot of people ask me this question why there is so much emphasis on Genova in the modern days, we don't see the big deal because it's so easy to take a shower. But in the old days, it is so hard to get a water it's very far and it's costly. And it's

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done. Send your test. The man is saddled with a delicate read and yeah and you have to suffer you had to lay over Euro for Canada you should did a nice job at Tata hotel Carmen. Well, Allah couldn't hydrated Matt modality and cause

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a general Goosen. The point is that in the old days, that is very small amount of water. So a lot of people they might cut short, their Geneva's whistle, because they want to save in the money, they don't want to go all the way back and come, you know, it's like, I don't know if that's even applicable in any form or shape. But today, sometimes when you don't have your heater on, and the water is so cold, and you don't want to take the shower, you know, you might cut some, you know, parts of your body and he just, I don't want my whole back to be touched with the water just quick and get out of it. Or, you know, it's some it's not very applicable and modern days, but it could be

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applicable to other than us today that people try not to fulfill their Geneva their hosel.

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My brothers and sisters,

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use of the son of Abdullah Abdul Salam and was called use of by the way, in the visa Salam named him uses Abdullah bin Salam, the famous Jewish scholars who became Muslim he brought his son to the process Allah Minister della Sala, I got a boy the name is a solemn basically prayed for him and he called him Yusuf. Anyway using Abdullah and said I'm traveled to where to Damascus, either Villa de sham

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for the Magette vida de sham jetted out of the Allahu Anhu Ottawa he came to us with data data on the Allah Allah then Allah Allahu Yahad in you could have Nila fat for me Enos it's my time to die so call people for my buddy I had no the left until the all gathered in his house and outside the house.

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But then use of came back and sat next to him then he said

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young men what brought you

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Carla in who can have been Have you ever been a cassava?

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Me my father and you were good friends. Then he said Who's your father? He said Abdullah had and he said um, he remembered now who he is because he was young. He never saw him. Maybe when he became older.

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Then he said well the Allah Allah.

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Allah big societal KGB heavy.

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This is the worst time for you to lie right before to die and to meet Allah. Yeah. And so so I talked about

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her Palo Alto kidney. Reid had data concurrently NASA Mr. Martin and Imam Abdullah. He gathered everybody in the city to tell them this important Hadith right before

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already died.

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So the worst thing to do is to lie right at this moment.

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And Allah's my witness I heard Muhammad salallahu Salam saying Mantova bar for us and then we'll do the mahkamah for Salah Karitane you see movie in the Crouwel Huzoor the master of fear Allah, Allah for Allah who Allah

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that anyone will pray to rock house after this person perfect their will and ask Allah forgiveness Allah will forgive their sins.

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Allah will forgive their sins.

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Luca riff This is in Syria in the shower. In Iraq, there is an alternative sitting in Kufa or bustle

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California Canada and national coalition with people quite gently saw this man praying

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and maybe this actually, when he was in Mecca, I'm not sure right now. But it could be in Hijaz before he it wasn't in lira, but in the positive Rahim Allah He lived there anyway he saw this man you saw ego Mussolini you sold it you sold he pray pray pray that people around him they told him or like this man I don't know and this night he will enter Salah with eat with Schaeffer or whatever. He prays so many kind of criticizing him. Then will Tara said let me talk to him. Then he went and he said yah yah yah yah yah yah yah your old man. I saw you praying too many are you keeping count of how many protocol you pray.

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So, you know, you're going to end with Richard or chef

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solely has Salah kala heltah and chef and I'm with Ron Sutton. Hibiya salata, Cal tarrif comes to light. Carla in controller AlFalah Huya Arif, if I don't count how many I don't remember how many Allah knows how many I prayed.

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When I came to Nebia, sallallahu alayhi wa salam Acharya, but the process Salam said, Men Citadelle Allah He said You get up Allahu Allah who will be here Hassan will help you here and who say yeah, one of the one of our who we had Raja, kind of authoritative, feminine and partner with

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kind of Raja to tell us how to sell jewelry.

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To Mooney Illa Sahib Rasulillah. Salam,

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Li Raja Fahad Bhima, had better be here without, without him the Prophet. The man said of the process, I'm said, anytime you make such that ALLAH, ALLAH forgive one of your sins, reward you for it and raise your one level agenda. Then no matter of said God, you said I'm a Buddha, the person companion and he went back to the group of people who, you know, yeah, and he asked him to go to talk to this old man. He said, What a worse company you guys are. You have forced me to call and pick on someone who is a Buddha, the process alum famous companions. But anyway, he told me this hadith and had narrated the Hadith to them. And the story of Mr. Lehmann Muhammad Rahim.

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